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Steve Rogers woke with a start. The shouts and gunshots of his nightmare were already fading and giving way to reality. He sat up slowly, taking in the dark environment of his suite. Steve had gotten used to the nightmares during the war, especially after he had lost Bucky. He never thought they would haunt him for this long.

Steve flipped the covers off of him and headed to the high tech bathroom in his suite in Stark Tower. He had insisted on staying in his simple apartment in Brooklyn, but Director Fury claimed at least two Avengers should stay in the headquarters at any given time. For now, it was the Captain and his best friend, Tony Stark.

Quickly deciding he was not going to go back to sleep, he washed his face and threw on a thin grey t-shirt before heading out into the corridor in his pajamas to see if Stark was awake. The smaller man had a tendency to work in all hours of the day and usually through the night, so there was a good chance of finding him working in the shop.

He hit the elevator button and stepped in to begin the descent into the lower levels where Stark built his workshop. None too soon, the doors dinged and opened to a wide hallway. He could hear the bass from the band AC/DC coming through the walls already as he knocked heavily on the thick doors, hoping to be heard over the noise Stark called music.

The double bolted doors made a soft whirring sound before unlatching and sliding open, revealing the dramatic mess that Stark considered his work station. The music proved to be much louder now that there were no sound barriers between Steve and the speakers.

Jarvis's disembodied voice greeted him. "Good morning, Captain Rogers." It was not uncommon that Jarvis would simply allow Steve into the garage. Tony did not mind his presence. Steve was the only one, other than Pepper, who could walk in and be welcomed. Other times, Fury would have to override the systems just to get inside, much to his annoyance.

Tony's location was predictably in the farthest corner of the room, where all 18 custom model cars were. Surprisingly, nothing was set aflame as of yet. His brilliant cursing could easily be heard from across the room, mixed with the harsh babble of song lyrics.

As Steve stepped into the wild environment of clanking metal and music, he could see a pair of legs sticking out from underneath a red model car from the 80's. A robot was rummaging through a large tool chest, idly picking at the utensils before pulling one out and leaning towards the vehicle.

A soiled hand darted out from under the car and snatched the tool. Not even four seconds later, the tool was whipped back out, jabbing the robot in the side with an odd echo. "Damn it, I said the twenty two centimeter spanner, not the ratchet. Jesus, Dummy, if you give me that one more time…" Tony groaned and scooted his way from underneath the vehicle. Tony didn't even notice Steve standing there; he only turned his back to him and scowled at the car.

Steve chuckled as Tony yelled at his robot. Knowing better than to ask Jarvis to turn off the music in order to be heard, he made his way through the maze of mechanical contraptions to his friend. By the time he had made his way over to the corner of the shop that inhabited Tony, the only visible part of him was his rear end. Tony's top half was currently bent over the exposed engine of the car he was working on.

The sudden thrill of adrenaline that ran through his system at the sight caused Steve to blush slightly. He looked away awkwardly and cleared his throat loud enough to be heard, trying to make the rush of color go away. Tony's surprise was easily noted in the way his shoulders tensed. The engineer eventually relaxed and let out a strange sigh. He responded without turning around. "Hey, Cap. Good morning… err—after noon..? Shit, what time is it, Jarvis?"

"It is currently three fifteen a.m. sir." Tony seemed to cringe when the time was announced. He had probably forgotten to eat again… or perhaps he missed a meeting by several hours… or both. It wouldn't surprise Steve in the least.

"Huh…" He drawled out, spinning around to quirk an eyebrow at the soldier. Tony's hands lazily wiped off the oil and sludge onto his pants as he spoke, "You're up early. Need something?" His eyes were bright and curious, looking at Steve like he was seeing something specifically strange.

"Nah," Steve said, still trying to remove the sight of Tony's rear sticking up in the air from his thoughts. "Can't sleep. Just came down to see what you're working on."

The soldier ran his eyes over the old fashioned car. He knew it would have been considered 'The Future' in his time, but compared to cars in this day and age it was probably an antique. Steve finally managed to meet Tony's eyes and offered a playful grin. "I'm almost worried that you haven't blown anything up yet. You feeling all right?" he joked, knowing Tony was notorious for making things blow up unintentionally and it had been a while since Stark had exploded something beyond all recognition.

Tony's mouth quirked in preparation for a smart aleck comment, but when he caught the way Steve's tired eyes watched him, he made a worried noise. "You all right? Need something to distract your thoughts?" Tony offered Steve a genuine smile, stepping up to him and patting him on the shoulder. "We could go blow something up. That usually helps me sleep."

The thought of explosions sent Steve reeling back into the nightmare he had woken up from. The grenades detonating mere feet away from him and the trees shattering from large caliber guns still troubled him. Even though his shield had protected him, others he had known fell around him.

"It might not be a good idea to blow anything up right now, especially if you haven't slept or eaten yet. We don't need you to pass out in the middle of something like that," Steve remarked dryly. He quickly wiped the memories from his facial features. Steve could only hope that Tony hadn't noticed. "How about we go upstairs and get you something to eat? I doubt that you've eaten within the last twenty-four hours… or slept for that matter," Steve managed to actually sound convincing as he turned and gestured for Tony to lead the way.

Tony only squinted at Steve skeptically. "Are you going to cook me breakfast? Because, if that wasn't your idea, we have a problem. Thor somehow managed to break the last coffee machine we had before prancing off to Asgard to check on his bastard brother." He dipped his head towards the door, still eyeing Steve with great suspicion. Without another sound, he began trotting to the door, making sure to step into some plush slippers before walking ahead of Steve.

He made idle suggestions about what Steve could make for him as they went through the maze of Tony's projects. "But you know, if you don't feel like making me anything—I can always get some more scotch." He smiled at Steve, but his excitement couldn't hide the tiredness in his face.

Steve scoffed at the smaller man's response. "Scotch is not food, for the last time, Stark. You need something other than liquor for your body to run properly, including that genius mind of yours." He followed Tony through the huge metal doors and headed to the elevator. He hit the button and turned to his friend. "What do you like to eat? Scrambled eggs? Pancakes? My culinary arsenal might be a little outdated, but I'm sure those are still around," Steve chuckled slightly.

The elevator arrived and they stepped in, standing in opposite corners. Steve felt the additional pull of gravity as the machine made its way upward. He had to ignore the slight nausea that always happened when he was in small spaces. He was about to say something else when there was a loud grinding noise and the lights flickered. The elevator stopped with a jolt and the lights went out.

The faint glow of the device in Tony's chest through the material of his shirt dimly lit the small space. They looked at each other in the darkness, waiting for the elevator to correct itself. Steve began to worry when it didn't. Small spaces weren't exactly his best friend. They reminded him too much of the cluttered, compact train where he had lost Bucky.

"Soo, uhh…" Tony began, his voice quivering slightly as he shuffled his back against the wall. He lightly patted his thighs to keep him entertained, and even whistled awkwardly. When the elevator shook slightly, there was a sharp intake of breath from Steve and Stark was suddenly right next to him. "This was your plan all along, wasn't it? You wanted to get me stuck in a small compressed space with you. You're going to do something evil… " His tone was low and teasing, and he jabbed a finger in Steve's general direction. "And just to think you got me with the temptation of blueberry pancakes." Tony scoffed playfully, folding his arms over his chest and partially covering the soft glow of his arc reactor. It angled the light up to his face, making the whites of his eyes shine.

Steve chuckled nervously, grateful for his friend's attempt at distracting him. Tony already knew about Steve's mild aversion to elevators. He tried to think of a smart-alecky response through the fog in his mind and ended up stammering, "Y-yeah… It was my plan all along to trap you here in the middle of the night so I could so unspeakable things to you." He might have sounded convincing if not for the slight tremor in his voice.

The only thing that seemed to help distract Steve was just concentrating on Tony's face lit from below. It set shadows that accented his handsome cheekbones and the lines of his eyebrows. Glad the darkness hid his face, he looked away from Tony and cleared his throat. "So..." he began pitifully, "Blueberry you say?"

The chuckle that followed echoed in the small container of the elevator. "I knew it! But wait, why would you want to trap me here with you? Trying to steal my innocence are you?" Tony exaggerated a few words; Steve didn't have to look at his face to know he was smiling broadly now. "I would have thought that I would be the one trying to get you alone to defile your innocence. You have so much to learn…" Tony trailed off, not entirely sure where he was going with that.

Instead, he stood beside Steve with his back to the wall, and tried for small talk. He could probably already sense that Steve was becoming somewhat unnerved. "Well, I haven't actually had a pancake in months. But I do love blueberries, I like the way they pop in my mouth." Tony couldn't help but talk with his hands, even though he knew neither of them could really see what he was doing. "What kind of pancakes do you like? Do you make them thin and crispy or thick like cake? I used to like mine with Kahlua."

Steve felt the blood rush to his face again and felt thankful for the lack of light in the small space. His innocence was a topic he hadn't ever thought about, let alone talked about. "I… uhh… I used to make them thick with chocolate chips and bananas," he managed to say.

It wasn't the tiny space that had made it hard to form coherent thoughts anymore. It was the way Stark's lips moved when he talked. Since that was the only thing he could see, Steve had already memorized every movement of those velvety looking lips. As the mental image of what it would be like to feel those lips entered his mind, he forcibly removed his train of thought from that track.

The Captain tried to shift awkwardly away from his friend and teammate, but he only managed to move a few more centimeters before he was smushed against the wall of the suspended elevator. Steve involuntarily thought of seeing Stark pressed against the wall and had to let out a slightly shuddering breath.

What was wrong with him? Tony was his friend. His male friend. His straight, male friend. His taken, straight, male friend. Either way, Tony wouldn't return Steve's confused feelings, whether he was with Pepper or not.

The soldier had grown very fond of the genius/ billionaire/ playboy/ philanthropist. Ever since he had thought Stark was dead after guiding that missile to the other dimension, things had changed for Steve. He didn't want to lose another friend, no matter how much they argued, and now it seemed as if there was something more going on within Steve. He hadn't felt this way since Peggy and he felt strangely guilty for that on top of everything else.

Tony laughed in his throat again. He tilted back and slightly to the side, pressing his weight into Steve's arm. "Honestly, that sounds absolutely disgusting. Dark, white, or milk chocolate?" Tony's hand absently scratched at his goatee as he contemplated something, the look on his face going blank for a moment before it twisted back into a wry smile. "You know, chocolate is a natural mood enhancement. The chemicals release special endorphins in your brain. I can think of a couple of better uses for chocolate besides food."

Steve's mind went completely blank at the suggestive comment and the feel of Tony's slight weight on his arm. Steve leaned against Tony a bit, feeling more of the comforting weight. The skin to skin contact was slightly unnerving. "I-uh... I didn't know that actually," he responded slowly, more thoughts were entering his mind about the simple feel of Tony against him.

"Ahaha, of course you didn't! But that's why having me as a friend is such a good thing." Tony conceded, patting the back of his hand against Steve's chest lazily. "Next time you come to my suite, I'll have to show you a lot of things." Tony's eyes glanced down at the slight twitch on Steve's lips, and he stared for a moment before laughing softly at his expression. "Now I feel like I'm starving. This is your fault. If they don't fix this elevator, it looks like I'll have to eat you instead of pancakes." He paused, tapping his finger on his nose in silent consideration. "Or I could just take a rain check and skip straight to the drinking."

A small smile escaped Steve's lips and he shook his head in mild exasperation. No matter the situation, Tony always seemed to know how to distract Steve. The nausea was gone, but the guilt remained because the image of pressing his lips against Stark's was still fresh in his mind. The lights flickered back to life and Jarvis's voice came over the speakers, "I am terribly sorry for the delay. The problem with the power to the elevator has been corrected." The elevator moved again and dropped the duo off on the floor with all of their suites and the communal kitchen. Steve led the way, pulling Tony by the wrist to the kitchen.

Tony allowed Steve to drag him along with little struggle, his eyes bright at the prospect of food despite his obvious fatigue. He left the shorter man near the counter and continued on his way to the fridge to get the ingredients for the blueberry pancakes. Feeling slightly awkward in the silence, Steve tried to fill it with small talk to distract his thoughts of the elevator. "So, what were you trying to do to that car downstairs?"

Without his coffee and scotch, Tony's impatience began to show through. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he was tapping his fingers along his biceps. "I just got that one yesterday, actually. It is a Camaro IROC-Z. She originally get's around 18 miles per gallon." Tony said with a spark in his eye, obviously getting easily excited at the mention of his newest project. "I was adding a nitro engine because I like to go faster than fast when I drive." He shifted himself to lean against the counter by Steve, meticulously eying what the man was doing. Tony's lips curved in a wry smile again as he quietly said, "Eighty-six thousand dollars…"

Steve's fingers tensed on the mixing spoon that was stirring the pancake batter. It was just a quick and easy recipe he learned as a kid. "Eighty-six thousand!" he exclaimed. He never would get used to the way Stark seemed to throw around what would have been a fortune to Steve like it was pocket change.

The soldier shook his head and went back to the pancake mix. Deeming it ready to cook, Steve got out a griddle from one of the cupboards and doled out the mixture onto the pan. "How big do you like your pancakes?" he asked, glancing over at Stark.

Tony waved off Steve's surprise with a wave of his hand. "I dunno how I want them. I usually just tell Pepper or Happy to get what I like. They seem to know more than me." Tony said nonchalantly, making his way over to the fridge. "Just do whatever. As long as I get food, I'll be happy." He smiled tiredly, pulling out a jug of orange juice from the fridge. He snapped off the cap and drank straight from the container.

He drank about half of the container before speaking again. "Oh, I should add some nitro to your silly little scooter! You should beef it up to a 420, at least." Tony was talking with his hands again, somehow managing to not spill juice everywhere while he waved the container around. He spoke with a toothy grin, "You know, there's actually a Harley Davison brand cruiser called Captain America?" Stark took another swig of the juice before practically tossing it back into the refrigerator.

"It's not a silly little scooter!" Steve defended, eyeing Stark with horror as he drank straight from the carton. "It's a classic! And I'm not letting you near it. It doesn't need whatever fancy upgrade you think it does." He waved a spatula at Stark to punctuate his point before flipping the generously sized pancakes. He had to remember to not drink any orange juice until a new jug was bought.

Steve shook his head and served the fluffy blueberry pancakes onto a plate and slid it across the counter to his friend. Stark managed to eat in relative silence, occasionally telling Steve a little bit more about the car he was working on. He even tried to convince Steve to let him make a few tweaks to his motorcycle which Steve ignored.

Once Tony was done eating, Steve walked him to his suite. He didn't trust the eccentric Avenger to go to sleep and he wasn't satisfied until Stark plopped down onto his bed. Steve allowed himself to steal one last look at the sleeping man before snapping himself out of it and closing the door behind him.

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