Chapter one: Korra

It was a long day. Korra had to" re-bend" about forty five people today. Training for the refurbished pro bending championship was brutal. Six intense hours of training for two weeks now and only one more to go. But today, Korra was in high spirits because it was Friday night and Tenzin's family was visiting Katara, so that meant it was time to party it up! She grabbed her pelt and quickly wrapped it around her. Hehe, wait till I show'em these! Korra planned to surprise Bolin, Mako, and Asami with tickets to a play that Korra has been dying to go to. It was around nine at night and daytime shops were closing up while daring clubs were just about opening. For the first time, Korra felt completely at ease wondering the streets at night. Amon…..Noatak, was finally gone along with his creep of a brother.

Korra finally reached the probending arena. The tickets clutched in her hands. Oh boy! This is going to be the best play ever! Lots of fighting, action, and best of all, I'm going to go see it with Mako! The thought of him being her boyfriend still shocked her, but it was a nice kind of shock.

"Hey Korra! I mean….Avatar." Korra could recognize that voice anywhere.

She turned and saw him jog up to her with some grocery bags in his left hand and Pabu on his shoulders.

"Bolin! Hey! I was just about to come inside and ask you and your brother something!" Korra held up the four tickets in front of his face and grinned like she airbended a tornado.

Bolin examined the tickets and an enthusiastic look slid on to his face.

"Hey! These are tickets for Water Knives!"

"Yeah! I was about to ask if you and your brother can y'know, come along" Korra hoped that Bolin sensed her tone of voice and realizes that it wasn't an option. He and Mako will go to the play with her.

"Oh yeah! We've got nothing going on tonight, so sure! I bet Mako would love to see this play. C'mon, I've got to put these groceries away". Korra followed him inside the arena and up into the attic.

"Honey I'm hoooome!" Bolin barged into the room and started singing in an opera like voice.

"Trololololololol, hahahaha!" Korra rolled her eyes and laughed. Bolin was such a nut case sometimes.

"Bolin! What the hell did I say about singing that damn song!" Korra turned her head at the sound of Mako's voice and saw him in only his undershirt and his pants. Hot damn!

"Oh, hey Korra, didn't know you were coming over" Mako walked over to the kitchen where Korra and Bolin were standing.

"Oh, y'know, I just wanted to see my boyfriend's beautiful face again today". Mako rolled his eyes and grabbed some of the groceries.

"What did you break now Korra?"

"What did I break? Well, I was about to ask you and Bolina and Asami to help me break out these SUPERFABULOUS PLAY TICKETS!" on cue, Korra ripped out the tickets from her pocket and shoved them in Mako's face.

Mako examined the tickets with a skeptic look on his face, much to Korra's despair.

"I don't know…..the title sounds a little weird" Korra's brow furrowed.

"Oh c'mon Mako! PLEEEASE?" Bolin's eyes widened and extended his lower lip. It was as cute as looking at a full grown man in a dress and a lollipop.

Mako rolled his eyes "oh all right".

Bolin squealed and started humming as he put away the groceries, which soon turned into opera once more.


"You guys have no taste in music" Bolin said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Later, the trio met up with Asami at the entrance to the play.

The four sat down and wait in anticipation for the play to begin.

Mako leaned closer to Korra and asked "what is this play exactly about"?

"Oh, you know….Psycho on the loose in a Republic City. He's a waterbender and kills people then guts them for fun…the usual".

"Oh. That's interesting"

"You bet it is!" Korra couldn't wait for the play.

After about five minutes of waiting, the theater darkened and the only light was coming from the stage.

The group of four walked out of the theater.

Bolin was ecstatic.

"And did you see the way the guy gutted that cow?"

"Yeah! I thought that was real cow innards!" Korra was excited about the play as well.

"Wasn't that play awesome!"

Asami shrugged "a bit on the gory side"

But that was the best part!

Mako said," it wasn't even scary" truth is, it was.

Korra couldn't believe her ears. You guys have no taste in plays"

"Yeah, well I have to get going. My uncle's waiting. Bye guys" The group waved bye to Asami as she started walking the other way. She's been walking more recently, as opposed to riding satomobiles.

"Yeah, I gotta get some sleep. Gotta wake up early for training tomorrow" Korra yawned as a nearby clock struck twelve thirty.

"Yeah, same here. See ya tomorrow avatar" Mako lowered his head and kissed her cheek. Korra hid a smile and walked towards Aang's Memorial Island.

After waterbending herself there, she walked over to an alter and silently thanked Aang's spirit for giving her this glorious day.

Just as she was about to waterbend back home, a figure tackled her and had her landed on her back.

"What the hell man! Get off! Ugh! Get the fuck off me!" Korra pushed and just before bending, she felt jabs at her arms and legs, rendering them useless.

"Who are you! Let me go!" Korra squirmed under the weight of her captor, but to no avail.

"Oh, Korra, I think you know exactly who I am". Korra froze at the sound of her captor's voice. She could recognize his voice anywhere. She felt as if her blood turned to ice.


So I hoped you enjoyed this chapter...Definitely gonna be some lemons in the next chapter...and the story will gradually get darker. :)