Toaru Jikken no Saigo

A Certain End of Experimentation

B-Ba Bum,B-Ba… Her heart stopped in an instant. Misaka listened but she wasn't breathing either. She showed no sign of life.

Tears poured down the electro-masters face as she sobbed hoping that this was just another nightmare, another horrible illusion. She'd rather face a million demons and monsters more horrible than humans could imagine than be forced to face this reality.

The Queen was just as similarly stunned. She honestly hadn't meant to kill her. As much as she said it she wasn't even planning to kill Misaka, just make her miserable for her arrogance.

She shook her head, getting refocused. Just as she did Misaka stood up and turned around, the most frightening look imaginable on her face. The Queen quickly tried to regain control but it wasn't working. WHY WASN'T IT WORKING?! She had been more than powerful enou…

Her eyes widened as she saw the streak of blood on the girl's face radiating a jet black energy that that began to travel all over Misaka's body, turning from a black cloudy mass to an electric blue glow that surrounded the electro-master. Colossal bolts of lightning discharged from her forehead leaving deep black burns in the concrete where they touched.

The Queen's life flashed past her eyes as Misaka raised her hand to her and a massive bolt of lightning hit her directly. A millisecond after it hit she fell to the ground, her body smoking.

Misaka was still shaking and breathing hard and several second passed as she turned to make sure that Kuroko was still in the same state. She was, which set off even more sobbing from the girl.

Suddenly an unfamiliar voice spoke up. It was light and calm and though the Japanese was flawless there was an unmistakable accent. "An unexpected outcome to be sure," the voice said. Misaka looked over to see a tall white and blue robed man with long white hair walk into the room. He bent down and pick up the CD case which had been flung onto the floor earlier, "Even ignoring the theoretical impossibility of an ESPer being able to do that, I still would not have expected someone so new to the art to have performed such a complex spell after encountering it only once before."

"Spell? What in the world are you talking about? Who are you?" where had this nutjob come from Misaka wondered.

"My name is Lammington but I doubt that has any significance to you so suffice it to say that I am the one behind this entire conflict. From a little hypnotic suggestion to the principal of your school to arranging the battle to you standing here right now." It was a half-truth. He was ignoring the roles of his superiors and subordinates in the conflict. It was his project though so he accepted full responsibility for the results of it.

Misaka's fists clenched as the lightning which had momentarily subsided rose with even greater intensity, "It's your fault? Why? Why in the world would you do this what can you possibly hope to gain."

Lammington sighed as he walked over to where the Queen lay unconscious. "To explain would take far too long only to have you scoff at what I had to say. If you condense it down I did it because I wanted to help increase the potential of ESPers. If you condense it down further however I suppose it all boils down to the fact that I was told to."

"YOU WERE TOLD TO! THAT'S YOUR REASON?!" She screamed as she fired a powerful lightning bolt, equal to the one that had fried the Queen. Lammington frowned at this and raised his hand. Two small silver points of light shot out the sides and traced out a circle with their comet like tails just before the lightning bolt was fired. It crashed into the center of the circle and, despite there being no visible barrier, splayed out in all directions, hitting the floor, ceiling and walls.

"In the end that is how it is. I could attempt to justify but justification is useless. I will not make excuses," he said as calm as ever despite the powerful lightning striking an inch from his otherwise unprotected palm.

Misaka's furious, seething anger was further enflamed by every word and her lightning got even more powerful, "YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A REASON?! DO YOU KNOW THE PAIN YOU'VE CAUSED?!" Now over a billion volts, more power than she had ever had rushing through her at once, struck the circle but still none pierced, each lightning bolt split deflected with greatest ease.

"For that I suppose an apology is in order. I did make attempts to minimize casualties but no matter how hard I try collateral damage will surely be sustained."

Misaka stopped her lightning assault… "Collateral damage…" she repeated slowly, "so that's it…" she took a deep breath and fished a coin from her pocket, "that's all it is to you? That's all she is to you? Well she's a little more important to me you know. An apology isn't gonna cut it. Not for what you did…" she flipped the coin in the air. She didn't care how strong that shield was, she would shatter it into a million pieces, "I'll never forgive you for taking her from me!" She yelled as she flicked the coin.

As she did Lammington dropped his hand to his side, disengaging his shield spell. After all, the shield would easily block even such a powerful attack if he left it up. "An apology isn't enough," he agreed. As the coin sped at over 2500 meters a second through the air, hitting him directly through the lower chest, blasting a massive hole through his torso and making an even larger hole in the wall behind him as red and silver blood sprayed out behind him. "You might want to get her to a doctor or something," he said with a smile as he fell to the floor, more blood pouring out of him by the second.

Misaka's eyes widened. She'd… She'd… She ran forward only to run into an invisible barrier, blocking her from getting closer.

She shook her head, She'd worry about that later… he was right. She needed to get Kuroko to the hospital… maybe there was a chance she could be brought back. There was nothing she could do for him.

She hefted the younger girl into her arms and ran out of the building.

A tall suited man walked into a spacious white room in the middle of the still ongoing construction of the Vulcanus companies newest rehabilitation facilities, going over to the blood spattered opposite wall and the two bodies that lay there. He was quivering slightly but he tried to keep a level head.

The man touched the black, white, and vermillion flower pinned to his lapel and sighed in relief. He looked at the man in the white robe which was now stained red and silver by blood. "Such a terrible mess you made," Vyers began in French, his voice beginning to calm as well, "don't you think you should have made your suicide a little more tidy?"

"It is acceptance of consequences mon ami, not suicide," the seemingly dead man corrected as he looked up at the man in front of him, " If I had thought that she could have killed me with that attack then I wouldn't have let it hit me. For right now I am fine. What about little miss Maid of Orleans[1], Kuroko I believe her name was?"

"I did as you said. I put her body into stasis as quickly as I could after she got hurt. She'll be fine until she gets to the hospital, Asclepius will take care of her once she gets there. I think the other girl got a bit frightened when her friend's heart stopped beating, seemed to mistake it for death…" Vyers explained as he knelt beside his friend, "up we go Lammington,"he told him as he helped the man up. The blood soaked into his suit, thoroughly ruining the fine silk, but he found himself utterly devoid of care for this inconvenience.

"I don't believe he goes by that anymore. It gets slightly confusing I know, I met him when he was called something like "Iron-Crutch Li" or something. Regardless of his name though I trust his skill, she will be fine. Even were it not him she has potential, and power. I doubt such a wound would take her more than a day to heal from," Lammington leaned on his friend, shrugging off the immense pain. The wound had already stopped bleeding by now and was slowly beginning to heal, but this left him weaker than his wound and blood loss had already made him dizzy and weak. He needed his tea right about now. "This brings back memories doesn't it Vyers?"

"I guess," Vyers replied as he walked his injured friend outside, "Must be 74 years ago now since we were last in one of these situations though. And besides, that was an execution by firing squad. I've dragged you away from hangings, burnings, drownings, shootings, stonings, and that one unpleasant experience with a guillotine back home during that awful revolution. This is the first injury either of us has sustained from a railgun though, and it was definitely the messiest scene I've had to drag you away from. All that blood worried me you know."

"I'm sorry for worrying you my friend. But this time I actually hurt someone else, even if it was beneficial in the long run, so I deserve to get hurt. With this method the one I hurt gets to express their displeasure and I can be get the consequence I deserve without being killed. If I hadn't deflected that guillotine blade then it would have killed me, and I hardly deserved death for that silly little incident."

Vyers found himself laughing as he helped the bleeding man into the car that was waiting outside, "I suppose if it keeps your conscience clear then it is all right. As long as you survive and stay with me. Now come on mon ami, we need to get to compiling our report."

Lammington paused to consider this and he looked at the CD that was in his pocket, "artificial magical and natural AIM field enhancement coupled with modulated output and resonant amplification… he is really planning on awakening that hellspawn Kakine isn't he?"

"The aspect of Isis cannot be mastered naturally, not since the fall of Samael. The closest that they come is a magician of the void like yourself. The entire point of Academy City's power development program is to create a master of Isis artificially. They cannot be awoken naturally either so this 'Call of Rapture' that he designed is the best chance he has of doing so. Our work along with the body crystal that the Kiharas designed."

At the mention of that name Lammington's face twisted in disgust, "an evil I haven't seen in years runs through that family. Which makes me question even more if it was right to do what we did. If it was the Railgun we were enhancing perhaps I would find the sacrifices that we have made to be fitting, but our target is not so righteous, and the power he has is more than Aleister seems to have reckoned. He does not respect hell nearly enough, he does not understand its power. My only comfort is that Kakine does not seem to either."

"I am not agreeing with the concept of it, in fact I am a little disappointed that it succeeded. It might have been better if it had failed, if the power of a level five's AIM field was enough to rip them apart when enhanced, then the hellspawn would have less potential power to abuse. Though as much harm as he could cause he could also do good as you have done with your similar power. Besides if we had not done it then someone who cared less about collateral damage would have."

"...Speaking of that, what will happen with that other girl, the unpleasant, bossy one with a cruel streak worthy of the good Marquis Francois[2]?"Lammington asked as he settled into the hot leather seat of the Bentley. Lammington was not of greatest disposition to the English but he did like this car.

"Master Crowley has already arranged to send someone over to deal with her. I was assured that he would treat her with mercy," Vyers told him as he climbed into the driver's seat. He was confident in his boss's ability to handle things, though that ability to handle things also worried him as the man would just as soon send an assassin as a jailer.

The Queen slowly began to wake up. Her head was aching and her body hurt. She felt something beneath her chin and she could vaguely feel the presence of someone else standing near her. She slowly opened her eyes to see where she was and who was near her. She was in the same room that she had collapsed in, but it was empty now; empty except for the beautiful girl who was crouching in front of her. The girl was around Misaki's age, perhaps a bit older, clearly foreign with long, straight naturally blond hair-unlike her own which was dyed-, a dazzling smile, and a pair of the most stunning jade green eyes. She was tall, her breasts only slightly smaller than the Queen's, though that was with the pads in so naturally she would be bigger. She wore a sky blue blouse and skirt and had a six pointed star dangling from a pendant around her neck.

The green-eyed stranger held up The Queen's head with a hand placed below her chin, tilting her head so that the injured girl was looking up at her. "You poor girl…" she cooed in a beautiful voice, "look at you, so battered and hurt… Don't worry though, I'll make it alllll better,"she consoled the pitiful girl in front of her. As the blond said this her voice shifted to a harmonic, hypnotic tone; a voice of silk and spikes. The Queen's eyes widened as she realized what the other girl was doing, but it was too late. The stranger's jade eyes glittered as she spoke in her voice of silk and spikes, "You should know better than anyone just how easy it is to control a human's will and make it your own. You did it so frivolously without a care who you hurt. Are you really so arrogant, though, to think that you were the only one who was capable of such manipulation and that you were immune to it yourself?"

The Queen found herself helpless and more than a little scared as this girl paralyzed her, making her unable to even activate her ability, "Don't worry though,"the blond continued with a pleased smile, "I promise I'll take good care of you…"As she spoke she drew something out from behind her back that made the Queen's eyes widen in fear, "now… would you kindly…"

[1]: The Maid of Orleans refers to the nickname of Joan of Arc.

[2]: More commonly known as the Marquis de Sade.

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