'Say you'll stay, don't come and go like you do. Sway my way, yeah I need to know all about you.' the faint sound of a melancholy singing made its way out of the bar and into the hotel lobby as the doors between the two opened and shut. Nina and Jack glanced occasionally at the room opposite them as they made their way towards their hotel suite, both making independent mental notes to come back down to the bar after they'd showered and changed. Jack pressed the button to call the lift, and glanced at the mirroring around the panel. He got a perfect view of himself, worn brown t- shirt with an embroidered horse on one corner, and a pair of green khaki shorts, with a buckle holding them pinned between his legs. He wore black strapped sandals on his feet, beneath his sandy legs, his legs felt tight, the hair appeared almost crystalline, probably from the salt in the sea water - there was still a layer of sand over his skin - he glanced down at Nina's legs - not a trace of sand, only streaks of white salt.

The lift doors opened and he followed her inside, a curious smile on his face. She'd told the lift attendant their floor by the time he took his place at her side.

In the reflective door of the elevator, Nina noticed Jack's smile and gave him a quizzical look. "What?" he queried, turning to her rather than talking to her reflection.

"What are you smiling at?" she asked, sliding a thumb under her bag's strap and hoisting it further up her shoulder.

"That too heavy?" he asked her - there were valuable items in that waterproof rucksack, and she couldn't drop it, it wasn't particularly heavy - so Nina had been carrying it, but Jack wondered if that was such a good idea now.

"No it's fine." She replied, now happy with the position of the sack - "What were you smiling at?" She asked again, persistent.

"You have no sand on your legs." He commented, and then turned back to face the lift doors, they were now more than half way to the floor with their suite on it.

Nina let out a short laugh and then smiled. "I also don't have any hair on them." She pointed out, turning back to the doors just as they opened.

Jack took a step out into the hallway, "And?" he queried with an accusatory look on his face. He led the way down the corridor to their room, pulling out his key as he walked.

Nina scowled - how could he not see such obvious links. "So they're easy to brush off." she prompted, hanging over to one side of the doorframe as Jack slipped the key card through the magnetic lock.

Jack smiled and nodded, making an obvious, appreciative glance down at her legs before he pushed the door open.

They were greeted with complete and utter chaos - the furniture was upturned, the sheets ripped off the bed, the drawers open - the contents of their suitcases spread around the room. Their room had been ransacked at some point during the day - the perpetrators seemed long gone. It didn't look like anything had been broken, and by the sheer volume of clutter - it was unlikely that anything had been taken.

"Oh God!" Nina muttered under her breath, she followed Jack as he took a few steps into the room and turned to survey their room. They'd left the door wide open. She glanced up at Jack, he was angry and weary - the expressions on his face far loud than the movements he made. "Do we clean it up? Do we even know what they were looking for - if they took anything?" She asked.

"Silence." Jack whispered, but she heard it. She retreated into herself a second, and watched as he took a few steps to the other side of the room and turned on the hotel radio. Clicking it to the channel it had been on recently - the local classical network.

He looked at her from across the room and then walked back to her. He wrapped her into his arms, and for a moment she felt consoled - until she realised it was a cover.

Jack pressed his lips to her forehead, and then leant the distance down to her mouth to kiss her there, she responded, and then he pulled back, kissing the space in front of her ear. "Are you sure everything we have is in that rucksack?" he asked her.

Nina had kept her eyes closed since the kiss to avoid any look of surprise. "Yeah." She whispered as she faintly nodded her head.

"Good." He replied. "Don't open it - at all. There may be bugs in this room somewhere." He said quietly and to her ear. He pulled back and stroked her cheek - encouraging her eyes to open. "You okay?" he asked her, more audibly.

She nodded before she responded verbally, and then looked around the room for something to start organising. She walked across the room to pull her suitcase out from underneath a dresser drawer. She would empty the contents and re-pack everything. She didn't want to pack something that would give away their location.


Nina watched as Jack chucked another drawer onto the bed - completing their little collection of hotel furniture that had been reorganised. They weren't going to stay here, they couldn't - they were going to pack their things, go to the airport and get a flight back as soon as possible.

Everything was in their bags, save a clean set of underwear so that she could shower, something she was about to mention to Jack. He was angry right now though, and she didn't want to reveal any intention to him, other than to help in his effort to protect them from the Spanish Military.

She took a step towards him, clutching her underwear in a hand. She swerved to let him swing around with another drawer and he stopped, noting her sudden movement, and how close he had come to swiping her. "Sorry." He muttered.

"S'okay. I need a shower, I want to get this sea salt and sand off of me." She explained.

Jack nodded, looking around the room and eventually back at her. He smiled lightly, realising how easy it was to slip into personal contact again, and leant forward, kissing her passionately. It was hard not to become aroused by her response, as she gripped his shoulders and clung to him, not breaking away until after he did. "I'd join you.but I should be in here in case they decide to join us again." He replied.

She nodded, and balled up her underwear in her fist. "Ok." She responded with a cheeky grin - annoyed that she didn't have either company or enough time in the shower.


Jack tapped his flight information on the customer service desk as he waited for the young, blonde, obviously American assistant to finish typing the details into the computer from the previous visitor to the counter. Nina stood beside him, and just next to her, the trolley with their belongings on it. He had an arm around her back, and she had both of hers gripping the trolley handle, except the occasional touch to his forearm.

"May I help you?" the woman asked. She'd quickly assessed them as being British or American, and made a quick language assessment.

"We'd like to move our flight back to the earliest possible flight." Jack responded, impatiently.

The woman nodded, fiddling with her tight hair-do. "Certainly sir." She began, her free hand tapped the keyboard, and she continued when her other hand was out of her hair. "May I see your tickets."

Jack flattened the tickets on the counter and slid them across to her. She let out a soft smile at no one in particular and opened the small airline ticket wallet - retrieving the information out of the wallet and typing it into the computer.

"Right, sir - your tickets are open ended, so I am able to put you on the next available flight back to Los Angeles without any charge." She began, as she scrolled through a list of data on the screen. "Unfortunately all the flights to Los Angeles are full for this morning."

Jack glanced at Nina, she looked dubiously at the agent. ".and this afternoon." She reported. "I can check tomorrow for you if you wish." She informed him.

Jack nodded, and then felt Nina squeeze his arm. He smiled at her as though nothing was wrong and let her stand ahead of him at the counter. She heard his voice as she looked around the room. "Can you get us a flight to Great Britain?" She asked her.

"London?" The assistant queried, not looking at Nina, focussing on her control panel.

Jack noticed the cause of Nina's concern. The periodic patrol of military officers made its way around the airport, Jack searched the group, trying to ascertain if there was anyway he'd seen any of them before - trying to be as innocuous as possible.

"Or Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Edinburgh." Nina prompted.

He caught the woman nodding out the corner of his eye, and Nina leaning against the counter. "I can put you on a flight to London - Gatwick.departing in an hour - you'd have to board immediately." She told them. "But we would have to charge you for the detour in England."

"That's fine." Jack piped up. "And you can terminate our tickets there, we won't need passage to the US from there." He stood squarely behind Nina, and placed a hand on one side of her, the other around the handle of their trolley.

He heard Nina breathe a sigh of relief and he stroked her back before tugging her to him and kissing her forehead - after all, they were still married. The assistant typed on the keypad in front of her, making all the necessary plans to get them out of the country quickly, for reasons she had no idea existed.

He held Nina fast against his chest and breathed as she did - her out, his in and vice versa, maintaining the small space between them and the counter without pressing her against it. He held his breath as he saw a military agent walk along behind the assistant, excusing himself in his native tongue. "Okay, that's all sorted for you - boarding at Terminal 43."

Jack nodded, "Wait." Nina began, "Don't we have to check our bags?" She queried.

He idly wondered if she was considering checking the painting and putting it in the cabin hold.

"I can do that here for you if you like." The hostess offered, they nodded, and watched as Nina moved the cases onto the belt, ready to stop her if she lifted the painting, ready to say: "Darling, let's carry that - it might break."


As it happened, she didn't put it on the painting on the belt, so he didn't have to stop her. She'd left it on the trolley, and then after the ticketing woman had labelled their baggage Jack had picked it up and hoisted it over his shoulder, and then they relinquished the trolley to an attendant and Jack had stood on the opposite side of Nina to her handbag, placed a hand on the small of her back, and guided her towards the end of the row of customer service assistants.

They'd stopped at a payphone on the corridor to the boarding gate and placed a phone call to an un-named number that Jack knew to be British Intelligence, pretending to have a casual conversation, but placing in all the code words and requesting somewhere to stay for the night and passage on the next available flight to the US from an allied base.

The plane had finally left Spanish Air Space, and Jack finally felt he could relax. Nina was tentative only until he was, and managed to settled down not long after her soothing motions on his arm began to take effect. She leaned in. "I take it we're okay now then."

His entertainment system was plugged into the channel displaying the passage of the plain. Hers was simply off, a copy of Louis Bris' "Wisdom of the Crocodiles" sitting open, face down in front of her.

"Yah." He replied, offering her a soft smile like he had done many times in the last half hour. This time it held no strain, no false sensibilities - the Spanish authorities no longer had the jurisdiction to force the plane to land. He shrugged his arm free of hers and stood, walking out of his seat and opening up the overhead lockers, checking the bag for the presence of the hard drive and painting, all was intact, all was present. "We're fine." He whispered, taking his seat once again.

The plane was dark - it was a night flight, and so as a matter of courtesy, the default position of the cabin lighting was off. The flight was only three hours long, but many patrons had chosen to sleep for a while - leaving specific instructions to the air hostesses and their computers, phones and other equipment to wake them in a short period. Jack could count the number of lights that were on in the first class cabin with one hand.

Nina smiled, coolly, and shifted in her chair, phaffing with the blanket, and pulling her hand out again to grasp his. He accepted it, and then tucked it away, rifling in her blanket for the other one until she realised what he was looking for, and produced it herself. Jack ran his thumb along the engagement and wedding ring coupled on her finger. She squinted at his movements until she caught his eye, and then placed a kiss on his eyebrow.

Jack laughed and pulled her into a more passionate embrace. "Mrs Archer." he muttered, pushing the handle to the upright position between them, and scooping a hand under arse to pull her onto him. Breathless and aroused a few seconds later he took a quick look around the cabin. The six awake passengers had all averted their eyes - if they'd been looking originally - and he pulled her ear close. "You know I always wanted to join the mile high club."

She laughed. "You know, the density of the air aside, I've always postulated that the effect on orgasm at several thousand feet is always more intriguing because of the adage that goes with it."

Jack used the arm he had trapped under her legs to push her off his lap and into the isle. "Shut up." He growled at her, and then, with a hand between her shoulder blades, he led her towards the first class toilets at the front end of the plane.

"Reckon the pilots will be able to hear us?" She queried. Jack just gave her a look. "What? Do you want me to be quiet?"


Yep - 'hell' wasn't supposed to be a typo - it was deliberate. Who better to call you to hell than good ol' Nins? In case you didn't catch the drift - they fly to the UK and go to one of the American bases and catch a military jet back. Hope you enjoyed the far-too-long ride. Sorry :-D