LBOB Chapter 3

No flaming.

They then go to Piggy Land, and Yellow Bird, for no reason, flies into space.

"Why is today so weird?" Red Bird said.

"No reason." Blue Bird said.

Yellow Bird squishes Blue Bird.

They go to the castle.

RPG Battle:

Angry Birds: 1400


Mustache Pig: 1800

Mustache Pig exploded for no reason!

The Angry Birds won, who then exploded!

Everything else exploded!

RPG Battle End:

"That was weird." Black Bird said.

"I agree." White Bird said.

They then go to a even bigger castle.

Final RPG Battle:

Angry Birds: 2000


King Pig: 4000

Purple Bird uses Flatten!

1424 damage to King Pig!

Red Bird uses Slingshot!

53 damage to King Pig!

King Pig gets mad!

White Bird uses Egg Bomb!

643 damage to King Pig!

King Pig uses Shockwave!

426 damage to all Birds!

The weaker Birds fainted!

Black Bird uses Explode!

1799 damage to King Pig!

Wait...What did King Pig do? !

King Pig regained all HP!

The Birds scream!

Wait...what's that sardine can doing there?


Mighty Eagle uses Ultimate Smash!

235 billion damage to King Pig!

King Pig fainted!

The Angry Birds win!

The Angry Birds obtain the Eggs!

Final RPG Battle End:

"YAHOO! WE DID IT!" Red Bird cheered.

They all cheered, and returned home...

...but not before Orange Bird exploded again.


No flaming. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll make another Mario Kart-based fanfic soon. It may be 5 to 7 chapters long. Or 6.