Chapter 1: Love on First Sight?

Not every island in new world is as crazy as punk hazard or some others, this was also one of those. Thousand Sunny was docked on the harbor, there was no sign of any crew member on the ship except the green haired swordsman who was casually taking a nap. Atmosphere was peaceful enough to force Zoro to sleep, lately it had become more difficult to get this much peace around, especially now that they are in New world. They have already formed an alliance with Shichibukai Trafalgar Law, quite the swordsman, even Zoro had to admit but definitely not better than Zoro himself. After wrapping things up from punk hazard, their next target was a Yonko. Definitely one of the most difficult fights of their lives, Law had left to his former crew-members to make some necessary preparations for their oncoming plan, so straw-hats decided to take a break until then.

It's extremely difficult to survive in New world without the name of a Yonko, but Luffy wasn't the one to work under someone like that plus they have already picked a fight with one. For now, fortunately this Island was under Red-haired Shanks' territory currently most popular one even among the four Supreme ones. Zoro personally had a huge interest in this Shanks guy. According to Mihawk he was the only one able to stand against him as a swordsman, of course that doesn't mean that Mihawk is stronger than Shanks, that isn't decided yet, but as a swordsman Mihawk is indeed the best. So, Shanks was one of the milestones in Zoro's path. He would love to test his skills against one and only rival of Mihawk.

Sleeping peacefully on Sunny's Deck, there was pure silence, except faint snoring of the swordsman. One would say that Zoro was completely blanked out, but this thought vanished in an instant when suddenly an arrow that was shot right at Zoro's forehead was caught by his left hand with the arrow just a few centimeters apart from his head "the hell? I can't sense anyone wild nearby" Zoro cracked open his eye, carefully analyzing surroundings specifically he gave a look to the arrow in his hand. It had a piece of paper wrapped around it, looked like a message, now this was surprising who in the world would send a message this way now a days? Anyway, Zoro un wrapped the piece of paper and read its contents.

"Roronoa Zoro of Straw-Hat Pirates, we would be honored to meet you…" The hell? They threw an arrow right to his head…anyway, he continued "Our mistress wants to meet you, please head to north east from your ship, I'm sure you would also like to meet a fellow swords-fighter" Well…that was surprising, way of invitation and all but the idea of invitation from a swordsman isn't a bad one. A smirk appeared on Zoro's serious face "Heh! That's interesting." Without giving much thought he threw the arrow in ocean and jumped on wooden floor of harbor, still holding the piece of paper in his hands.

"Now then…" Zoro scratched the back of his head "…where's this north-east…" Pausing for a few moments, Zoro looked at the paper once again and found something written on its bottom.

"Considering your sense of direction you wouldn't understand the meaning of north-east. So, for your ease, head to the biggest mountain in forest to your right side." A few veins popped on Zoro's forehead. How the hell this person knew that he isn't good with directions? No wait! It's not like he isn't good with directions, it's just that…its…well…whatever.

Zoro started walking towards the mentioned direction always keeping his eye towards the mentioned mountain. It sure was the biggest one on the whole island. For quite a while Zoro's been walking in the forest now, his eye still in front towards his target. Clearly now he could sense not one, not few, but a lot of presences ahead some distance apart and around him as well.

"The hell are they thinking? Trying to ambush me?" If these were from same organization which sent him the message than they should be idiots, despite knowing so much about Zoro they thought they could ambush him like this, but that was not the case, next moment few figures jumped out of the woods and stood in front of Zoro.

"What? I knew nine of 'em were following me but…all are women." Zoro wasn't even surrounded, they were standing in front of him, one of the woman stood up and walked towards Zoro, from the situation it was clear that this wasn't an ambush.

"Welcome Roronoa Zoro! Our mistress is eagerly waiting to meet you, please follow me." said woman turned around and waited for Zoro's response which she got in form of a grunt. Now Zoro was following that woman and was followed by other eight. After quite some time of walk in the forest they were on the other side of mountain, a building resembling a fortress appeared before Zoro's eye which surprised him a little. He could see many guards on different places of the fortress, but yet again they were all women.

"The hell is going on? Luffy was on an island full of women but…what is the meaning of this? Let's just wait until I meet the so called mistress." Carefully keeping his eye on everything around him Zoro kept following the woman silently for the moment. After entering the fortress Zoro was led to a big room with every kind of convenience in it. More importantly besides a large serving freshly made food, there was a lot of booze on the big dining table as well; it looked like a big banquet.

"Go inform Kushinada-sama that our guest has arrived, I'll stay here to accompany him." That woman ordered others which they obeyed and left the room. Without caring about any formalities Zoro went ahead and grabbed a bottle of alcohol.

"Don't mind, I'm gonna take just a little bit." Zoro opened the bottle with his thumb.

"That's fine, this is for you after all." Her tone was quite humble, a surprise for Zoro yet again.

"Now I'm getting really curious to meet this 'mistress', That's pretty neat…" he took a big gulp from the bottle "So, how about telling me about this mistress of yours, judging by the name 'Kushinada' you used earlier, a woman as well I guess."

"I see you are very observant, that's to be expected from you, but you have to wait just a little bit longer, your questions will be answered very soon, I don't know why Kushinada-sama is so interested in you either." Just as she finished her sentence the door opened and a woman almost of Zoro's height entered the room. She had waist length long black hair, wearing an open Kimono showing a part of her front and was wielding a katana in her right hand.

"I'm pleased to meet you again, Roronoa Zoro!" Her tone was calm and collected, only one Zoro has seen with this much calm and mature attitude was Robin, on the whole she was a mature and beautiful woman, but of course none of that mattered to Zoro, because he was least-bit interested in anyone's appearance.

Looking at Zoro's reactions that woman understood that he was confused and doesn't remember her "Looks like you don't remember me." She let out a disappointed sigh before speaking again "I guess I have to introduce myself again, my name is Kushinada Mikumo, and it's a pleasure to meet you, Roronoa Zoro."

"Kushinada Mikumo? Doesn't ring a bell…more importantly, why did you invite me here? And why alone? Why there are only women in this place? What's with all this hospitality?" A frown appeared on Zoro's face as he bombarded her with questions.

"You sure are observant, that's to be expected from great Demon Cutter Roronoa Zoro." She turned her eyes to the woman from before "Leave us alone, your job is done."

"Yes mistress" she left and closed the door behind her leaving only Zoro and Mikumo in the room.

Few moments passed in silence, were finally broken by Mikumo "As men rely heavily on their strength, women do not possess as much physical strength as men, so they have to gain skills enough to rival their strength, in order to compete with men, us women have to develop skills and speed, enough that can help us survive against them." Walking forward slowly she passed Zoro so that now both were facing each other's backs, he was still looking at her over his shoulder, stopping a step ahead of him she turned her eyes back "…and to dominate them…" her eyes were dark and cold, after few moments of staring showdown she turned her eyes back and Zoro did the same "you can say, in this fortress every single woman holds same point of view, and none of us have any sympathy for men."

"Your actions and words do not mix up, if you hate men so much than what's with this generosity towards me?" Zoro said while smirking.

"Well! There are always exceptions, besides…" she placed her katana beside a chair and turned around, placing her left hand on Zoro's right shoulder and her right one on his right upper-arm, getting closer she whispered in his ear "…instead of just a man, I see you as a 'demon', a demon who will annihilate anything standing in its path, maybe you have forgotten it, but I'll never, four years ago in east blue, you annihilated a whole crew of pirates right before my eyes…" leaving his arm and shoulder she took some steps ahead of Zoro facing her back to him "…I was recruiting some skilled, talented warriors for my group that time, we had just a chance meeting, but that craziness, the way you annihilated them, that coldness which I felt from you, the fear, I was struck down by something similar to lightening, I couldn't think properly, I didn't know what was happening to me, all this time I've been trying to meet you Roronoa Zoro…" she turned towards Zoro once again wearing a strange smile "…and we finally meet again, indeed you were not as strong that time, but that time the presence you had, the craziness that took over you while you were protecting those two friends of yours, I haven't witnessed it anywhere else, not even Mihawk, not even Whitebeard had that demonic presence, Roronoa Zoro…" she started taking slow steps towards Zoro "…that was indeed, love on first sight, even though it was love with your demonic side."

"the hell are you babbling?" getting close enough she wrapped her arms around Zoro's shoulders which Zoro didn't object for the moment even though he was feeling like cutting her to pieces right now "what do you want from me?"

A sinister grin appeared on her lips "join me, Roronoa Zoro, as we conquer this world, I'll be queen and you'll be…my King" Zoro narrowed his eye as he stared coldly at her face which was still wearing that cold sinister grin.

traveling a bit back in time on Thousand Sunny…

Franky, Chopper and Robin returned to Sunny with whatever provisions they got from the town. Everyone looked around in ship but found no one.

"where's Zoro? he left Sunny unguarded" Franky said in an angry tone.

"I hope he wouldn't get lost" Chopper seemed worried for him instead.

"don't worry Chopper! He can come back using Kenbonshoku" Robin was calm as ever, helping Franky to move the stuff with her extra limbs.

Sun started to go down, even though every member was back on Sunny Zoro was still missing, since he was able to use kenbunshoku, everyone knew he will be back. They were staying on this island for a weak, so it's fine even if he decided to stay somewhere outside for one night.

More time passed everyone went to bed except Robin. This was her normal activity, she would stay awake till late night enjoying some of her books before going to sleep. Since Zoro wasn't there to guard the ship this time, she was outside on deck enjoying the full-moon view and cool breeze holding a book in her hand when she heard someone landing on the wooden railing of Suuny behind her, as she turned around she saw Zoro standing there staring at her with his usual tough-guy expression.

"so you're finally back, you should have at least waited until we returned, Franky was quite angry…" she said with a smile moving strands of her hair behind ear.

A strange kind of smirk appeared on Zoro's face "so you're the one I get to meet? I'm lucky, at least you won't make a scene" Zoro suddenly threw something towards her, surprised she was but sprouting an extra hand she grabbed the object, it was a tone dial.

"what is this?" she asked Zoro, first that statement she heard from him and now a tone dial, she was confused, Zoro didn't answer and turned around, turning his eye from over his shoulder to Robin who was staring at him struck by surprise he said in a low tone which barely reached Robin's ears "farewell…" he jumped off the ship, Robin quickly ran to other side and watched him jumping from building to building finally disappearing within just few seconds.

Robin was just staring at the direction where he disappeared, a thought of following him crossed her mind but she was too shocked to respond at right moment, besides even if she tried to fly after him there was no way she could match his speed, bracing herself again she turned her attention to the thing she was holding and replayed the words she last heard from him "farewell'…what does he…mean by that?"

well...please tell me this isn't another of my retarded ideas...anyway...