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Piper McLean sits on the edge of the lake, a notebook in her lap, a small brochure sticking out of the side of it. She sighs and twirls her pencil around her fingers, waiting for an idea to come to her.

She flinches when a voice yells, "Hey, Pipes!" She turns, watching as Jason jumps into the lake, splashing water all over her.

"Jason!" She grabs the towel next to her and wipes her face. "What the hell are you doing? That's Poseidon's territory!"

Jason, who has already surfaced and is standing in the lake water like nothing is wrong, says, "That's like telling Percy not to jump, Pipes." He wades to the edge, still dripping wet, and splashes more water onto the daughter of Aphrodite.

"Here," she says, handing him a towel once he sits down beside her. "You need this."

Jason grabs it with a smirk and dries himself off, once in a while shaking his head like a wet dog just to get Piper wet while she writes in her notebook.

"Are you done?" she asks, annoyance written all over her face as she dabs carefully at the water droplets on the page.

Jason puts his hand to his chin and strokes an imaginary beard. "I don't know. Do you want me to be done?"


He chuckles. "Alright," he says. "I'll be done, right after this!"

Piper can't even say 'What?' before Jason tackles her in a hug, the icy water clashing with her already freezing body.

"Seriously?" she asks when he lets go. "You killed my notebook."

He looks over her shoulder at the soggy notebook. "Let me see." Jason takes the notebook and pencil out of Piper's hands and writes his signature on a page. "No it's not." He shows her the page he wrote on. "See? Works fine."

"Mm," she hums as she takes her writing utensils back. "So what are you doing here, other than to pummel me with water?"

Jason shrugs and looks down at his watch. "Leo let me have a fifteen minute break, so here I am."

Piper jots a few more notes down in her notepad. "You couldn't have gone to your cabin and taken a shower or something? Honestly, you reek."

He scoffs. "Feeling the love." Jason looks at her, watching as she scribbles notes furiously on her pad. "Are you writing notes or finishing a novel?"

She looks up from her notes and glares at him. "These are notes Annabeth and Leo wanted me to finish up for the Argo II. You know, the ship that's going to your camp." She whacks him in the arm with her journal. "The one to save our asses." She whacks him in the head. "And the one to save Percy." She finishes by whacking him again.

Jason looks up and pouts at his best friend, rubbing his sore shoulder. "What was the last one for? I'm not Percy!"

"No. But you are the exchange."

She looks at him and he stares at her. Their eyes lock for a minute, until she turns away and continues her notes. He blinks a few times to try to comprehend what has happened.

"So," he starts, sitting up straighter. "Did it hurt?"

Piper looks at him skeptically. "What did?"

"When you fell from heaven," he states, a sly smile forming on his lips.

Putting down her pencil, she scoffs. "No, but you're going to get hurt after my fist meets your face."

Jason pretends to be hurt while she grins. Then, they're both laughing like nothing is wrong, like there is no war to fight, just a casual day with each other. But his smile immediately fades when he sees the brochure sticking out of the corner of her notebook. "What is that?" he asks warily, pointing a finger at the brochure.

Piper looks to where he is pointing and takes out the small brochure labeled: 'ATLANTIC COAST ACADEMY. One of the finest boarding schools in the U.S.' "This," she sighs, "is an offering from my Dad. He talked to me a few days ago and said he found this really good boarding school for me in Florida, close to the place he was filming his new movie. He asked if I would give this a shot because this was the first school he had ever chosen for me. And..." she pauses and looks at him intently, "I didn't know because I'm only gonna be a junior when he starts filming this and I was wondering...What about senior year? I want to graduate, you know? But I can't tell my Dad there was a chance that I won't even make it to then…"

Breaking from her gaze, Jason reaches for the brochure and flips through it. Once to the last page, he says, "Piper, if you really want to go to this school, go for it. Nobody here's gonna stop you. Don't worry about the war. Percy survived it, didn't he? I survived it. And so did Annabeth. There's nothing to worry about."

"But what about camp?" she protests, turning around and staring at all the cabins. "This is the first place I've ever felt like it was home in. Leo's here, Annabeth's here, you're..." Her voice falters and he turns away. "Right. Camp Jupiter."

They sit there in uncomfortable silence for a while, neither finding anything to say to each other. "You can still go to camp here during winter, right? And summer?" he asks, avoiding the topic of him leaving.

She nods. "So I guess it's not a lose-lose situation after all." Piper smiles. "I guess I better call my Dad back then." She stands up and squeezes the water out of her choppy brown hair in her ponytail. After making sure all the water is out she reaches her hand out to Jason. "You coming? It's almost fifteen minutes...I think."

He smiles, takes her hand, and she pulls him up. "I'm probably going to miss you the most when I get back to my camp," he says.

Piper heaves a sigh and looks at the afternoon sun on the west. "I'll miss you too, Jason. I hope you'll never forget me."

"Is that even possible?" he asks.

Her lips crack into a smile but she nods. "It's possible, Jason. For all I know, there might be a girl waiting for you at your camp."

He nods. "We'll just have to wait and see."

"And wait we will." Piper looks down at her hand, still entwined with Jason's. She quickly lets go. "Sorry."

"It's cool." He gives her a smile and she grins.

She turns around and looks at the cabins again. "I have to go," she tells him. "We'll talk later, 'kay?"

"Cool." Jason smiles and she's off.

He watches as she greets some of the other campers, all laughs and smiles like nothing is wrong.

He watches her until she disappears in the distance, then he trudges back to the Argo II.

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