My Little Girl.

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Piper watches as Jason holds their daughter, Jessabella's, arms and looms over her. The little nine month old keeps falling onto her knees and Jason suppresses a small grin before helping her up and starting over again.

Jason laughs as Jessabella falls again and stumbles to stand up. He turns to look at at his wife at the steps of the porch, who gives him a stern look and points to Jessie, who once again, has fallen on her knees and is crawling towards the green bushes by the house.

Rolling his eyes, he picks his daughter up as she is trying to walk again by the arms lifts her up until aquamarine eyes meet electric blue and Jessie giggles. "Hey, pumpkin," he greets, tickling his daughter's stomach that makes her laugh. Jason can't help but smile at how close the resemblance is with Jessabella and her mother. Jessie might have his blue eyes and the blonde hair but looking closer she has her mother's beautiful face, ears and her slim pianist hands as opposed to his slim, scarred and long fingers.

Jason sets Jessabella down and she stumbles, falling into crawling position then starts to stand up in attempt to walk. "Daddy!" she says excitedly as she takes another step forward. She walks about another step and Jason can hear the camera clicking from the front porch when Jessie falls again.

With a small grin, Jason leans down and supports her by holding her under the arms. Jessabella shrieks in joy as she makes it farther that she did before. He glances at Piper, who motions her arms that clearly says, Let go, dumbass.

He is about to, when he watches as Jessie giggles and keeps on walking with Jason following close behind. He watches as night starts to seep through the clouds, constellations starting gleam, silvery light washing over the wavy dirty - blonde locks on the back of his daughter's hair.

Jason doesn't even see notice Jessie heading towards the huge pine tree on their front lawn until a searing pain shoots through his forehead.

"Dumbass," Piper mutters under her breath as she reaches into the freezer and pulls out a small, cold packet and presses it against blood - matted blonde hair as her husband winces. "I told you to let go." She slams Jason's hand down on the table in frustration as he tries to hold the ice pack himself. "Why didn't you let her walk on her own? She was doing fine."

"I was afraid she was going to run into something," he says quietly and winces again as Piper pins his hand harder down on the kitchen counter.

Piper scoffs. "'I was afraid she was going to run into something,'" she mocks in an imitation of Jason's voice. "Whatever. But tell me, who's the who actually ran into something." She looks at him with that look that Jason always thought could cut through ice, but as he looks closer into those ever-changing eyes he can see small specks of amusement in them.

Jason sighs and takes the hand that is pinning his down and holds it in his. "Honey, I'm sorry. It's just..." His voice trails off as he sees Jessabella in the far corner of the living room, gnawing on her little pink toys and occasionally ripping the hair off her dolly's heads.

"It's just..." Piper prompts.

"I never got to have a childhood like Jess did," he says quietly, meeting her eyes. "And walking leads to riding bikes and scooters and skateboards, and that leads to driving and..." He hopes that his voice trailing off would be enough for Piper to understand.

Thank the gods she does. "Jason..." she whispers softly. "You're going to have to let her grow up sometime..she can't be a little girl forever. I made that clear with dad..but she doesn't have to grow up like we did, Sparky. She has us. But as I said, she's gonna grow up and we have to accept that."

Jason stares at her daughter wistfully, wishing more than anything for his wish to come true, but all he says is: "I know."

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