"Yes Miria?"
"Where were we going again?"
"I….don't know Miria!"

There we had it. This devious duo! Though they weren't very devious…they were just there. It was a normal day in the 1930's, right after the events of the Flying Pussyfoot incident. Isaac and Miria were making their way through town as if nothing had happened and if everything was as dandy and gay as the world would let them be. Their main concern was trying to make others happy. I mean they always did that even unintentionally. Either way these two thieves were still pecking at the town as if they were bees trying to get all the pollen off a flower. They still had a lot to see in New York, and a lot to steal.

"Well Miria, it seems we've found ourselves lost in the deep parts of this city," Isaac said to Miria, suddenly giving her a serious look.

"What do we do now Isaac?" Miria gave him a questioning look in return. Suddenly Isaac threw his arms in the air, jumping up and down.

"I say Miria, we shop like no duo has shopped before!"

"That sounds like a great idea," Though she gave a gloom look in less than a second, "But wait Isaac, we don't have any money!"

Isaac suddenly became confused, "No money?" He paused, thinking to himself trying to figure out the reason. He thought they had plenty of money when they started their walking trip around New York. "What do you mean we have no money?"

"Remember Isaac?" Miria questioned. "We spent it all on lunch!" They didhave a big lunch. It was at a Chinese restaurant; Plates, and plates of chicken, and won ton soup. They were in food heaven! They kept ordering meal after meal. It became a buffet to them! Though what would Ennis and Firo say when they return and say, 'We spent all our money on food'! They didn't want their friends to be disappointed with them, nor upset. They thought about it for a while and decided a plan.

"Why don't we steal from the Mafia," Miria throwing the idea at Isaac.

"Well Miria, didn't we already try that?"

Miria shrugged her shoulders, "I don't remember."

There was a long silence between the two until Isaac blurted out, "I don't remember either, Miria!"

They jumped up and down and ran off to go steal from some random punks or a random duo from a Mafia family. They honestly didn't care, nor did they know who was who. The day was spent with them running from gangs, and shopping for disguises. By the end of the day they already made their way back to where Ennis, and Firo, and Maiza were.

"Wow that's a lot of stuff," Firo said to them as they came running with bags of money under Isaacs's arms, and bags of clothes and disguises in Miria's arms. "What did you guys even do?"

The duo looked at each other and then looked back at the 3, who seemed pretty confused. They stood up straight and became completely serious, though it's pretty hard to take them seriously.

"We played some games."
"We played some games," Miria repeated after Isaac.

"Well," Maiza started, "Why don't we go out for Chinese food tonight, my treat." The duo jumped up and down dropping all of their things on the ground.

"Chinese food! Chinese food!" The duo hugged each other and jumped up and down.
Though they didn't even remember that was the thing that made them broke in the first place.