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Love Letters- Chapter 1, Letter 1


Writing this after only three hours of being apart, I miss you already. Business trip aren't the same without you here to 'keep me company'. I miss my Kaggie-kinz. I love you. I'm being mushy; exactly what you like me to be sometimes. We need to have our special moments when I return to you. Your bright smile, amazing laugh…Gods has it only been three hours? Every second is too long, without you, and with you too short. I love you and good night, baby. I'll call you when I can.

I love you,


Sesshomaru folded up his letter and put it in an envelope. He sealed it and sent it off, hoping it would get to her soon. This particular business trip was for a month and a half, the longest in a while. It was all the way across the country, in New York. His girlfriend of two years, Kagome Higurashi, couldn't go with him this time. She was independent, and had an art gallery opening to prepare for. He was proud of her, she was a beautiful artist, and she's been drawing as long as he's known her. They grew up together, in California, although she is a year younger than him, his half brother's age. He missed her, and he knew his business needed to get finished as soon as possible, and his surprise needed to be set in place.

Sesshomaru walked over to his father's hotel room, located scarily close to his, and knocked. His father, Ken Tashio, opened it quickly and pulled him inside.

"Son! You can't let Izayoi see you! We need to figure out what I'm doing for our anniversary! HELP!" Ken yelled, shaking his son.

"Father, you must calm down. I will help you with your dilemma if you help me with mine."

"What's yours?" Ken asked excitedly, "Has it something to do with Kagome?"

Sesshomaru nodded.

"Oh I just love Kagome! Are you planning on marrying her son?"

"If she will have me." Sesshomaru said, surprised at how in tune his father was with what he wanted.

Ken was over the moon with excitement. He acted as if her were a child, jumping around excitedly at the news.

"Father. I need to ask her in a special way. She is special, she deserves special in her life."

"We have so much to plan!" Ken said, his eyes sparkling.

Sesshomaru sighed; this was going to be a long afternoon.

Ken sat his son out on the couch and brought out a pen and paper. He stared listing ideas for Sesshomaru's proposal and ideas for his anniversary. They planned and schemed all afternoon, Sesshomaru developing a headache during the process. But he knew it was necessary, his father had good ideas and he wanted this moment to be special.

*Angelino Heights, California*

"Kagome! A letter came for you." Kikyo said, walking into the studio.

"Oh it's from Sesshomaru! He must've known I'd be staying later for a couple of days." Kagome said, taking the letter from her friend. She read it quickly then broke out into a huge smile.

"What is it?" Kikyo asked, confused.

"He misses me already." Kagome said, blushing at her actions.

"Well write him back!" Kikyo said, handing Kagome a piece of paper and a gold pen.

Kagome sat down at her drawing table and started to write.


Oh baby! How romantic you are! Oh, how I miss you! We need to talk on the phone when I write your letters. When I'm in the bubble bath…..or lying in bed… anyway let's not make you rush to the phone to call me. I know you want to talk to me, love me, hold me…..hear your sex name. That only happens when….well you know. Oh babe, you're so amazing honey, I love you! And I miss you so much! Has it only been hours since you left me? Okay, my sexy beast, I pretty much got you bothered, huh? I loveeeee my Sesshy-Bear, Maru- Chan! You really make me happy. Know that and don't let Inu tell you different.

Loves and hugs baby doll,

Your Kaggie-kinz

There was a messenger waiting at the door to take her letter. Jaken took it and left for New York to deliver it. Kagome was thankful for the little green imp; he was really helping her out while Sesshomaru was away.

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