It shows the opening title of Mon Colle Knights and soon it shows in the Wind Realm as it shows in the Forest Elf Village. It shows some cute forest elf warriors training with their bow and arrows as Ryuji peeks over from behind a tree and grins.

Kaze says, "Ryuji, you sure this stuff will work?" He is looking at the cologne. "I mean, where'd ya get this stuff?"

Ryuji says, "Prince lendt it to me. He told me that the Moscow-or uhh Moscit #6 is a sheer winner to wear to smell wonderful and attracts a member of the Opposite Sex-She couldn't resist me." He imitates the same heart pop motion as Eccentro did in "To see your smile again".

Kaze says, " I think from what I heard it's called Mean Man Musk #6 or something..." He shows a sweatdrop as he sprays some on and sniffs it.

"Cough! Cough! smells decent. I mean PRINCE Did make this cologne, so lets hope it works." He sprays a little more on.

Ryuji grabs it. "Give it! Don't want you hogging it all!" He soon sprays it all over himself as he hums and soon it shows anime wabbly smell lines from him. "There! Once I approach those Forest Elf warriors they'll crawl allll over me." He grins as he walks over.

"Hello Ladies! Need someone to spare with? Because I'm free."

Soon as he approaches them suddenly they smell the cologne from him and soon covered their nose as if grossed out or due to too much cologne they dash away.

Ryuji says, "UH! Hey wait! Where ya going!" He is running after them as they took to the trees.

Through the woods Ryuji chases after them.

Ryuji says, "Okay, so the cologne was way too much, but come on if you get passed the cologne smell there's more to me than-"

He suddenly bumps into something big and as he looked up it shows a giant Water beetle look down at him.

"EHh!" He backs up.

The beetle leans down using its antennae to smell and soon hearts appear in its eyes and soon other insects come out of nowhere as they too smelled his cologne as Ryuji's face soon turned panicy and freaked out.

Ryuji says, "EHhh! AHHH!" He soon begins to run as a horde of insects chase after him.

Kaze is walking to find Ryuji, but sees him run past him.

Ryuji shouts, "RUN FOR IT!"

Kaze turns around. "Run fro-" He soon looks ahead and gets a panicked look on his face, seeing the insects coming and soon he begins running with Ryuji. "W-w-w-why are the insects chasing us!"

Ryuji shouts, "ITS THE STUPID COLOGNE! We're like a scent candle to those Insects that got attracted to it! Still, whatever you do dude, don't stop running!"

As Ryuji and Kaze are chased above the trees in Sonnet's home Diamond and the others are having tea as they watch on.

Aria says, "Those two never learn do they?"

Ruby says, "Nope..."

Eccentro says, "I tried to tell him about it being just an Insect attractor, but he dashed off before I got to finish. " He is sipping some tea.

Diamond says, "I guess it'll have to be called Insect Cologne or an attractor to lure out insects."

Kaju says, "How long do you suppose the cologne will wear off?"

Noah says, "I say about 4 hours?"

Meryl says, "Well, they're gonna tire themselves out and their gonna cause a ruckus-OH! I know!"

It shows later Kaze and Ryuji are tied upside down on a tall tree as Insects crowd around.


Kaze screams, "THIS IS A CRUEL AND UNUSUAL Punishment! Now we're like A Scent Bulb to them! I swear Aria has a weird sense of humor-but nothing like this!"

Noah screams, "WHATEVER YOU two do if they start to swarm on your face-keep your mouths shut!"

Meryl yells up, "Unless you two love to eat buggies."

"WHAT? Ahhh!" Both are seeing the bugs crawl on their bodies. "HELP US! HELPPP! Ahhh! You guys will pay for this!"

As the two cried on it shows the others having a nice campfire in the village as they enjoy their meal.