It was midday, about, when he came. In past Sweet Apple Acres, straight past Fluttershy's Cottage, and into the middle of Ponyville Town Square.

He was an unusual looking pegasus, especially his Cutie Mark. To the ponies of Ponyville, that was the most peculiar part of his appearance, and it was the talk of rumour for weeks afterwards. His mane and tail were short and electric yellow, matching his eyes and his personality. He was one solid color, grey. If it weren't for his hair color, his eyes, his endless personality, and his Cutie Mark, he would not have stuck out all that much. Standing in the middle of Ponyville, it was surprising no pony approached him immediatly.

Of course, when he was approached by somepony it was none other than the self-made town greeter, Pinkamena Diane Pie, better known as Pinkie Pie.

"Well hello! You must be new here!" She exclaimed as she bounced up to him. This was greeted by a small glare. Pinkie, without seeming to notice the glare, continued, "I know you're new because I've never seen you around here before! My name is Pinkie Pie and I'm here to be your first friend."

"Listen...Listen, kid! I'm not here to make friends, you know! That has no scientific value and is irrevelant to my research here in this town of multicolorful hyperactive Equestrians like you!" The grey pegasus replied.

"Oh you like science, that's cool! So does Twilight, but I don't know if you like it as much as her! I know science stuff too, but not as much as her! You said 'Equestrians'! So you aren't from around here! You must be from another country all together!" Pinkie exclaimed, not missing a beat. She gasped at the end of her last sentence and continued before the pegasus could object again. "That means you're an alien! Well, not an alien, alien, but a foreigner! Oh! Did you go through Customs? Because you have to go through Customs to get passed the borders! At least the Griffins do!"

"Oh for the love of all that is explainable, will you just shut-up!" The pegasus interupted. Pinkie's mouth slammed closed at this and she didn't speak. The pegasus waited a moment to make sure she wouldn't start up again. "Thank you! My name is Electric Bolt which, where I lived, translated into something like Cave Johnson. I don't want to make friends with you at the moment, I just want to set up my lab. Now if you would kindly just point me to the nearest place I can get somewhere to live, I will be on my way." The pegasus finished and smiled at the pink greeter.

"Oh... well... So you need a place to live..." Pinkie said, just a bit crestfallen, a small frown making it's way onto her face. "I guess... you could ask Applejack about that."

"Thank you kindly. Where do I find this... Applejack?" Electric asked, raising an eyebrow at the pink pony's sudden change in attitude.

"It's just outside town, called Sweet Apple Acres. Can't miss it. I guess it was nice to meet you, Electric Bolt." Pinkie said and turned around, then trotted off, downfallen.

"Alright..." Electric muttered and went off the way he came. He remembered passing the same place Pinkie had told him and he was going to get there and get a place to set up.

Soon he would change this town. For Better, or For Worse.