Applejack and Electric Bolt finally made it back to Ponyville. On the way, applejack had asked Electric a few questions about where he would like to live. He had told her he wanted to stay on the ground, just outside of town, prefferably in a place with a basement.
Based on the results of this little "Quiz", Applejack had narrowed the search down to five houses. Three of which were two stories, while the other two were one story. She decided to show them in an alternating order. Two-One-Two-One-Two.
They finally arrived at the first house. It was nice, two stories, a gated large-ish gated yard complete with plants already growing and vines going up the right side. Right smack dab in the middle of the yard was a For Sale/Rent sign impaled into the ground.
"How about this one?" Applejack asked, motioning to the house and yard with a hoof.
"Too scenic. I don't like the yard, for one thing, and I don't really need it. Is this it, or is there more?" Electric asked, after looking the house over.
"Don't you want to see inside?"
"Unless it's a portal to a whole new house, no."
And at that, he turned and left. Applejack watched him for a moment before trotting to catch up to him.

After half an hour of silence the pair made it to the second house. It was a one storied house with a smaller yard and no plants at all. It was in a fine shape, but it was a bit old. Instead of grass, there was gravel. It had a tin roof and only three windows and a skylight. Like the other, it had a For Sale/Rent sign impaled into the ground.
"Well? What do ya' think?" Applejack asked.
"...What can I possibly say about this place that isn't degrading? Nothing. In fact, it looks like the kind of house where someone was killed and made into cupcakes in the basement. Next." Electric replied after looking at Applejack increduously. What did she mistake him for? A hobo?
Applejack took a look at the house, and actually agreed with him. It really wasn't that good... at all. Better buck that one off the list completely.

The third house was another two story house, about two hoofball field away from the last two, making for a twenty minute walk. It was tall, dark looking, and had a gothic design to it, almost like a church. There was almost no yard, just a path leading up to it. It looked like nopony had lived there for many years. In fact, nopony had.
Electric considered this for a while, but decided it wasn't his style. "Nope, not this one." He said.
"Well we have two left! You gotta decide sometime, Electric!" Applejack exclaimed, desperate to be done with this.
"Just show me the other houses!" Electric replied.
"You know, we have a few houses in the sky. You ARE a pegasus after all. Why don't you take one of those? They are way nicer than the ones down here! Watch, I'll introduce you to one of my friends who lives up there. Just follow me." Applejack told Electric and started walking towards Ponyville.
Electric was just a bit taken aback by Applejack's reaction. He thought to himself, 'Once I get my bussness up I'll make sure she doesn't get picked for anything.' But he followed her to meet this 'Friend' of hers.

After another half hour the two made it into Ponyville. This time, no pink party pony came out to welcome them, which relieved Electric greatly.
Applejack was looking around the sky for any clouds on which Rainbow Dash would be sleeping, or if she was flyinf around anywhere. It didn't take long for her to recognize the slightly twitching rainbow colored tail falling over the edge of a fluffy white cloud. She looked around for a second and found an apple on the ground. She aimed carefully then lobbed it into the air. It soared across the sky and landed on top of Rainbow Dash, waking her up, flustered.
She raised her head and looked around. She looked down and saw Applejack and Electric below. Applejack was looking away and whistling, while Electric was looking straight at her.
"Applejack!" Rainbow yelled.
Applejack jumped and turned to look at the cyan pegasus. "Oh hey, Rainbow, I didn't see you there." She said.
"Oh yeah? Then who's the one who threw this apple at me?" Rainbow asked. Applejack smiled slightly. "Yeah, thought so. So who's your friend there, with the yellow hair?"
"Oh this? This is Electric Bolt. He's new here in town. I was showing him some houses, but he didn't seem to want any." Applejack explained, putting emphasis on the 'want' and quickly glaring at Electric, who continued to look at Rainbow in disbelief. "So I decided to bring him to you, so you can show him some of the cloud-houses up there. He insists on living on the ground, even though he is a pegasus."
"Well, I think I can handle him... He doesn't look that bad." Rainbow said, looking over Electric.
"Yeah, well looks can be decieving..." Applejack muttered, then added louder, "So yeah, he's in your hands now, Rainbow. See ya' around, Electric."
Once Applejack was gone, Rainbow Dash flew down to the ground in front of Electric. "So... You're Electric Bolt. My name is Rainbow Dash."
"Nice to... meet you, Rainbow Dash. Is there a reason you are a frikin' living rainbow?" Electric asked directly.
"What? All ponies where you from look like you?" Rainbow shot back.
"Actually no." Electric replied simply. "So, you're going to show me the Real Estate of the sky. I'll follow you."
Rainbow hesitated for a moment, before turning around and blasting off into the air, flapping her wings quickly.
"Ah, a speedster. Just the type for testing." Electric said and strethced his wings for a moment before blasting off after her. He was still young and he had done a lot of training when he was just a colt, so he could fly with the best of them if he had too. But even then, Rainbow Dash was still far ahead of him, partly due to the headstart, and partly due to her being faster.

Four minutes after they were at the only other house in the clouds other than Rainbow Dash's. It was in the same style, but without the liquid rainbows. It looked just a little like a castle, but otherwise it was sterling silver, with barely any markings.
"Just right. I'll take it. How much?" Electric asked. It was just his style.
"To buy it, 20,000 bits. To rent, it's 500 bits a month." Rainbow Dash replied. She knew this because it used to belong to someone she knew who was trying to sell it for a while before he died. He was old. "There's a bank down in the town if you need it."
"Alright. Thank you." Electric said.

After a quick trip to the bank and a withdrawal of 30,000 bits, the sky-house was his.
Soon his plans would come into action and Equestria would change for the better!