Greetings fellow readers and writers! This is the second volume in my Path of the Keyblade Wielder saga and I hope you like it!

Okay, this time Sora and the gang are returning to The Realm of Magix as they get involve in the events of Season 2 of Winx Club. On a personal note, I almost didn't write this story and would have used a plot that I had originally planned for a later volume, which I won't talk about now so as not to spoil things. What went wrong was that the Rai version of Winx season 2, past a certain episode, had been taken off of the web and I just couldn't find another online source and only the 4Kids version was available. In case I haven't said it before, I hate the 4Kids version and will not use it ever. On a side note, I liked the specials that Nickelodeon did for Season 1 and 2 to a point, though in many points I think they were rushed and far too condensed. But I really liked the dub the did for Season 3 and so far, I like what they've done for Season 4 and am anxiously waiting for Season 5.

Back with this story, I finally found the Rai version DVD on eBay, so now I'm happy to bring to you the story as I imagined it in my mind. I'm also tying this story in with an earlier story of mine, my Winx and Doctor Who crossover, 'Remnant of the Cybermen.'

Now for the legal, boring part. I don't own either Kingdom Hearts or Winx Club, so please don't sue me, I'm just trying to tell a good story. I do own the original characters I created for the fic, as well as changed a few aspects of the season 2 plot and dialog to allow Sora and the others to fit in, so again, don't sue me. And now, without further delay, please enjoy…

Kingdom Hearts: Path of the Keyblade Wielder

Volume 2: Concerning Charmix

By AndrewK9000

Chapter 1:Back to Alfea

Disney Castle…

"Glad you guys are all here and well rested," said King Mickey as he stood in front of Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess in the enormous Throne Room. At the side of The King was Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Queen Minnie.

"Glad to be here, Your Majesty," said Sora, while the others nodded in agreement, while inside his heart, Roxas nodded, while Naminé did the same inside Kairi's heart.

"I've good a lot of good news to tell, before we get down to business," said The King, "first of all, I heard from Ansem that he's made enough of Aiden's antidote to vaccinate everyone in The Realms of Light. It'll take a while, but soon everyone on the worlds will be safe from becoming a Wamphyri."

"Glad to know some of the alchemic stuff in my head actually works," said Aiden, "if I can just figure out the rest, there's hundreds of formulas in my mind that I have no idea what they're for."

"I've got a feeling that we'll find out sooner or later," said Riku.

"Speaking of later," said King Mickey, "Leon called. Construction for the new SeeD Garden has begun, while he's officially stated classes, with Quistis and Selphie as teachers."

"They've got it easy," said Tess, "they've only got two students."

"With Titus and Wakka, noting is ever easy," said Kairi.

"Actually," said Queen Minnie, "they have quite a few students by now. After hearing that there would be SeeD classes, over a dozen young men and women on Radiant Garden signed up, with more expected to join later on."

"That's awesome," said Sora.

"And now for the really good part," said King Mickey, "your training to become Keyblade Masters."

"We're ready to start," said Riku, while Sora, Aiden, Kairi and Tess nodded in agreement.

"Alright, then," said The King, "first of all, you guys already know a lot, specifically about Keyblade techniques. You've faced down countless Heartless, Nobodies, demons and all sorts of villains and monsters, so there's no doubting your courage.

"But there's still a lot for you to learn, not just about fighting. You've got to learn exactly what it is to be a Keyblade Master in mind and heart, and for that, you're going to have to go on a bit of a journey."

"What kind of journey?" Aiden asked, "if it means getting lost among the multi-verse again, at least let me back some snacks."

"Getting lost in reality isn't on the itinerary," said The King, "but it does involve a lot of traveling. You're going back to school."

"But it's summer break!" complained Sora, while Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess looked like they wanted to complain as well.

"I mean magic school," said The King, "you're going to learn a lot more about magic than you ever thought possible, while at the same time learning more about who you are as Keyblade Wielders and about yourselves, and before you ask, you're going to have to figure that out for yourselves."

"Lucky us," said Tess.

"So, where are we going to learn about magic?" Kairi asked.

"There's actually a couple of places where you're going to be staying as guest students," said King Mickey, "each school is on a different world. Some you've heard about and there's one that you've actually been to. Your first stop will be one place you've only heard about; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Hogwarts?" Sora asked, "we're going to Hogwarts?"

"That's where Victoire and Teddy went to school," said Riku.

"This is going to be awesome!" said an eager Kairi.

Just then something unexpected happened. A small portal opened up and from it emerged a very fast object that zoomed past our heroes and crashed onto the throne. It turned out to be a small pixy. She had an envelope like shirt, blue shorts, blue wristbands and angel wings anklets. She had a pink clip on her curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and blue lashes. She had bright blue insect-like wings. With her was a piece of parchment folded into a surfboard.

"My goodness!" said Queen Minnie as everyone clustered around the little creature, "are you alright?"

The little pixy shook her disoriented head and looked up at everyone, "I think so, I really ought to work on my portal exits."

"I don't mean to be rude," said Daisy, "but who are you?"

"Oh, sorry, introductions," said the little creature. She stood up brushed herself off and looked up at The King and Queen proudly, "I'm Livy, Pixy of Messages, and I've come all the way from Alfea to deliver a message for the Keyblade Wielders, from Headmistress Faragonda."

"You came all the way from The Realm of Magix?" Kairi asked.

"Isn't that were you fought those psycho witches?" Tess asked.

"Our first real mission together," said Riku.

"And where we met The Winx," said Sora.

"You know Bloom and The Winx?" Livi asked, "oh, before I forget," she then tossed her paper surfboard to Sora, which unfolded into an envelope addressed to Sora, Riku and Kairi, sealed with the emblem of Alfea College for Fairies.

"I've got a feeling that Hogwarts is going to have to wait," said Aiden as Sora opened the letter.

"Is it that obvious?" Tess asked. She then looked at Sora, "well don't keep us in suspense, what's it say?"

"It's from Faragonda," said Kairi as she read the letter over Sora's shoulder, "there's a big problem in Magix and she's asking for our help."

"One involving The Trix," said Sora, "the three psycho witches, but it goes way beyond them."

"I knew those three should have been destroyed," said Riku, "but no, the authorities sent them to magical rehab."

"I would have destroyed them," said Tess.

"Honestly, were they really that bad?" Aiden asked, "I'm only saying because I've seen some really evil stuff but…"

"These three were pretty much on par with Maleficent," said Riku.

"We can still take them," said Tess, "so when do we leave?"

"Hold it," said King Mickey, "you guys are expected at Hogwarts."

"But Faragonda asked us for help," said Kairi as she handed the letter to King Mickey, "she said she wouldn't have asked for our help is it wasn't serious."

The King looked at the letter, "well, it's serious alright," he then looked at our heroes, "and the three schools of Magix are on the list of schools you need to visit, so, okay."

"So we can go?" Sora asked.

"Yep," said King Mickey, "and good luck."

"We're coming too!" said Donald.

"We are?" Goofy asked in a slightly nervous tone, "but those crazy witches are back, and they're creepy too!"

"Ah, we can kick their heads in," said Donald, "we did it before."

"And I know you can do it again," said King Mickey, "but I need you guys. Castle Oblivion is still missing, and with it, Xehanort."

"That bald psychopath still has Ven's body," said Kairi, "you've got to find them so we can reunite Ven with his heart."

"And find some way to bring back Terra," said Riku.

"We'll do it all," said King Mickey, he then looked at Donald and Goofy, "but right now I need the both of you."

"You can count on us, your majesty," said Goofy, while Donald nodded in agreement.

"Okay then," said Sora. He then looked at Livy, "we're ready when you are."

"Then let's get going!" said Livy. The parchment then folded back into a surfboard, which she hopped onto. A larger portal then appeared, "Alfea, here we come!" the little blond pixy then surfed into the portal.

"That was…strange," said Tess.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," said Kairi. She then looked at King Mickey, "we'll be back before you know it."

"Good luck, you guys," said The King.

"We don't need luck, your majesty," said Aiden, "we make it ourselves!" he then pressed his wrists, "alright, lets' do this!" with that he, Riku, Tess, Kairi and Sora, walked into the portal, which closed up after them.

"They'll be alright," said Queen Minnie, "they have the light on their side."

"I know," said King Mickey, "I know."

The next thing Sora and the others knew, they were at a brightly lit, grassy courtyard surrounded by pink and blue buildings, the very air seemed alive with magic.

Alfea…the Realm of Magix…

"This place is awesome," said an amazed Aiden, "and I'm not just talking about the dozens of scantly clad girls walking around here." True enough, there were several teenage girls, students at Alfea, all of them wearing various styles of highly fashionable clothing that were somewhat revealing.

"Don't let the twins hear you say that," said Kairi in a teasing manner.

"Hey, I can still look," said Aiden, "so long as I don't touch."

"If you guys don't mind," said Livy, "I've got other messages that need delivering. But if you need me to get the word out to someone, I'll know and be right there." With that the little blond pixy summoned another parchment surfboard and zoomed over the walls of the school and out of sight.

"I've got a feeling that things are only going to get weirder from here on out," said Aiden.

"And more fantastic," said Kairi.

It was at that moment that a woman with gray hair and wearing a blue and white suit and glasses walked towards Sora and the others. This was Faragonda, headmistress of Alfea.

"Ah, there you are," said Faragonda as she looked at Sora, Riku and Kairi, "the three brave warriors of light," she then saw Aiden and Tess, "and I do believe your numbers have grown since we last met."

"You could say that, Ms. Faragonda," said Kairi. She then introduced Aiden and Tess to the Alfea headmistress.

"An alchemist," said Faragonda as she shook Aiden's hand, then shook Tess's hand, "and one with the power of invisibility. How fascinating. But there'll be time to get to know you better later. Right now there are grave matters to discuss."

"Your message said that The Magical Dimension was facing a crisis worse than what The Trix did," said Riku.

"What could possibly be worse? Aiden asked, "we've faced some pretty awful stuff recently, so there are options that are worse than The Heartless."

"Is it a group of Nobodies?" Sora asked, "or demons?"

"The Wamphyri?" Tess asked, "We've vanquished a lot of those buggers just now. They're pushovers once you know what to do."

"The Stake, The Sword and The Flame," said Faragonda, "yes, I am familiar with the evil that is The Wamphyri, but this threat is far worse."

"Enlighten us then," said Aiden.

"Very well, Mr. Mackenzie," said Faragonda, "I'll try to keep it simple. I'm sure that you and Ms. Thatcher are aware of what your friends Sora, Riku and Kairi did to help The Realm of Magix defend against the evil of The Trix?"

"The psycho witches," Aiden asked, "yeah, Sora and the others told us about them."

"You guys helped beat them," said Tess, "and then they were taken away rehab for magical nutcases. If it were up to me, I'd have given them the axe."

"There are many whom share your opinion, young lady," said Faragonda as she showed our heroes inside the main building, "but unfortunately for all, The Trix, Icy, Darcy and Stormy, were taken to Light Rock Monastery, to be rehabilitated into normal society. They escaped and are wrecking havoc once again, but I'll get back to them in a bit."

"So they really are on the lose again," said Kairi, "they were insane in more ways than one," she looked at Tess, "you're right, we should have destroyed them when we had the chance."

"Glad to know that," said Tess. She then looked at Faragonda, "you were saying?"

"After Sora and his friends returned to their own realm," said Faragonda, "the process of reconstruction began. Over the summer Alfea was restored to its former glory, as well as the new edition which you've seen upon your arrival. Red Fountain was also rebuilt, now better than before."

"We did see that new tower," said Sora, "it's great."

"Can't wait to see the new Red Fountain," said Riku.

"As for Bloom and her fellow Winx," said Faragonda, "they had a relatively quiet summer vacation, unless you count their brief and horrific encounter with The Cybermen."

"Cybermen?" Kairi asked in a surprised tone, while Sora, Riku, Aiden and Tess looked equally surprised.

"Yes, Cybermen," said Faragonda "Have you met them?"

"No," said Sora, "it's just that…"

"We had our own encounter," said Riku, "with The Daleks."

"Daleks?" Faragonda asked, "tell me, did you happen do come across a big blue box and a certain meddling Time Lord?"

"The Doctor?" Aiden asked, "I had my own adventure with him, while our fight with The Daleks were a separate adventure as well. Wait, have you meet The Doctor?"

"He helped us defeat The Cybermen," said Faragonda, "tell me, how did he look? Las time we saw him, The Doctor had very short hair and spoke in a Northern accent."

"He had somewhat short hair and wore a bowtie," said Aiden, "He thought it was cool, but I just don't like bowties."

"He must have regenerated again," said Faragonda in a thoughtful manner as they reached her office, "well, The Doctor has always been able to take care of himself, more or less, and he always has his companions. But enough about old friends.

"On the first day of the new term, when Alfea opened its gates to new students and welcomed returning ones, a particular fairy, one Aisha, Princess of Andros, stumbled out of the woods and into the arms of Bloom and her friends.

"Aisha is more special than your average fairy because of her affinity with the Pixies. I'm sure you've encountered fae creatures of all shapes and sizes, but Pixies in The Magical Dimension have magic that's similar and different to fairy magic. The two grow stronger once a fairy bonds with a Pixy, both of them learning and becoming better than before."

"Kinda similar to Nessie and Jacob," said Kairi, "it sounds wonderful."

"Yes," said Faragonda, "not every fairy can bond with a Pixy, partly because there aren't that many Pixies at any given time. But when they do bond they form a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

"But now they face the same evil that threatens to bring ruin to all of The Magical Dimension. Not too long ago the entire home of the Pixies, Pixy Village, was hidden away from the realms. Only another Pixy can find their village, and they'll guard the secret with their lives from the evil that wishes to destroy us all.

"No one is really sure where he came from, but there is a being of pure evil whom has existed since the beginning of time and seeks to cover the Magical Dimension and the rest of the universe in darkness. Calling himself Lord Darkar, he commands The Shadow Fire, the polar opposite of Bloom's Dragonfire.

"Darkar holds sway over a vast underground realm that exists miles beneath our very feet; Shadowhaunt. This dark realm's very nature saps a fairy's energy to the point where she can barely do any magic down there. When Bloom and a few of her friends, including Aisha, journeyed to Shadowhaunt to rescue a group of Pixies that were captured by Darkar, they were barely at half strength."

"But they have such incredible magic," said Kairi.

"Their powers are great," said Faragonda, "and getting stronger as they learn, but only Bloom, Stella and Aisha had the stamina to venture into Shadowhaunt with any chance of success. Flora, Musa and Tecna wanted to go with them, but a short visit to a simulated Shadowhaunt proved that they couldn't handle it.

"Regardless of who was stronger, Bloom and her friends infiltrated Shadowhaunt. I won't go into all the details now, I'll leave it to Bloom and her friends to tell you of their underground exploits, but needless to say, when they reached Darkar's fortress, they were nearly overwhelmed.

"Not only were their powers seriously handicapped, they found themselves facing Dakar's Shadow Monsters," she then showed our heroes the image of three distinct monster types; the first was a crimson and indigo canine creature that was all claws and teeth, the second was a gray and blue humanoid that kind of resembled the alien from Alien, and the third was a bat-like creature that was also all fangs and claws.

"Aside from these and other species of Shadow Monsters" said Faragonda, "The Trix were there. Darkar broke them out of rehab and bestowed those insane witches with items of dark magic, Gloomix, that enhanced their already vast dark powers. It would have been the end of Bloom and the others, if it weren't for the timely arrival of an old colleague of mine who forced The Trix to retreat. You'll meet this old colleague of mine soon enough.

"Moving on, Aisha had tried to free her Pixy friends, but the dark barrier keeping them captive was too strong for her. But then they seemed to escape on their own. My fellow professors and I believe that Darkar allowed the Pixies to escape in order to discover the location of their village, which he hasn't yet, but he has tried."

"I'm starting to dislike this Darkar," said Tess as she irately crossed her arms.

"He doesn't sound that tough," said Aiden, "now Maleficent, and Gideon, they were tough."

"Unfortunately he is tough," said Faragonda, "aside from being a master of dark magic and his army of Shadow Monsters, he is also a shape shifter; he can assume any animal form he wishes, but when he transforms, he prefers the form of a phoenix.

"The good news is that we have a general idea of what his overall plan is. Darkar seeks access to the Realm of Realix, a strange world between worlds that no one seems to know much about, except that there is an item, a talisman of such power that it can make whomever wields it a living god."

"Another talisman?" Sora asked, "and I thought getting The Sacred Talisman of Zumakalis was tough."

"This is one talisman we want kept locked away," said Faragonda, "yet Darkar is halfway to obtaining access to Realix. A special key is needed, a Codex, which was divided into four pieces long ago. Three of the pieces were given to the three schools here on Magix; Alfea, Red Fountain and Cloud Tower, while the fourth is safe at Pixy Village."

"But you said that Darkar is halfway to getting the Codex," said Riku, "that means…"

"Darkar has two pieces," said Faragonda, "he sent The Trix to capture the pieces at Red Fountain and Cloud Tower. Both times The Winx and their friends at both schools tried to stop The Trix, and both times have failed. Just recently was the fiasco at Cloud Tower, where Bloom and The Winx were there not only to guard the Codex piece, but also to foster better relations with the witches there.

"Needless to say, things didn't go so well. Only a handful of the student witches warmed to the idea of having fairies there as exchange students, while not that many more were comfortable with the idea of working with them for a common goal.

"Only four witches welcomed Bloom and the others as friends and fully cooperated with them, whom you already know; Carmen Dawson, Cloud Tower student body president, Morgan Rodgers, Elise Caplin and Mirta Gordon, whom as you know is half fairy half witch."

"We met them," said Riku, "they're, as they like to call themselves, awesomely bad."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tess asked.

"It means we can be both naughty and nice at the same time," said a girl's voice from behind them. Sora, Riku and Kairi recognized the limping witch approaching them as Carmen, whom had long black hair with blue highlights, yellowish green eyes behind heavy sunglasses and wearing a black and orange shirt with black jeans and one black high-healed boot on her right foot. The left was incased in a walking cast.

"Carmen!" said Sora.

"Glad to know you remember me, pretty boy," said Carmen as she limped up to our heroes, "we never did find out which of us could kill the most Heartless."

"Well he's been killing a lot more Heartless than you can imagine," said Kairi in a slightly annoyed tone.

"So you're ahead of me," said Carmen, "and judging from the power vibes you guys are generating, you're ahead of me by a lot," she then smiled brightly, "but that doesn't mean that I'm a pushover. I've got plenty of moves in my repertoire," she then frowned, "but none of them did any good against The Trix and their tacky Gloomix."

"Is that how you broke your leg?" Riku asked.

"Unfortunately, yes," said Carmen, "we did our best, The Winx, my friends and I, and headmistress Griffin, but none of it mattered. The Trix countered our every move, every spell we used, they either endured or blocked it, they were so strong. Those Gloomix are ugly items but they're powerful magic boosters."

"Just how powerful are they?" Aiden asked.

"I shot one of my best gravity spells at Icy," said Carmen, "I wanted to crush her like a bug, but she snuffed it out like a candle. She then shot one of her freezing curses at me that would have turned me into a meat popsicle if I hadn't jumped in time. I wound up impaled through the leg by a icicle and it broke my shinbone."

"Why didn't you use a healing spell?" Kairi asked, "or better yet, I could heal it."

"You could try," said Carmen, "but I already had a healing spell used on me. It should have healed my leg almost instantly, but it didn't, only speed up the normal healing process, it'll be another day or two before I'm back to 100%."

"Good gods!" said Aiden.

"I know," said Carmen, "there's something about those Gloomix that enriches dark magic to the point where countering it is only a fraction as effective."

"I'm so sorry," said Kairi.

"Don't feel bad about me," said Carmen, "I only got a broken leg. Elise had her arm broken in three places, but she's healing a bit faster than I am so she's alright. Morgan, she got off lucky with just a black eye."

"I still feel sorry for you," said Kairi.

"You want to feel sorry for anyone," said Carmen, "feel sorry for Icy and her bitch sisters. Just before The Trix teleported out with the Cloud Tower piece of the Codex, Morgan threw a rock at them."

"She give one of The Trix a black eye?" Tess asked.

"Better than that," said Carmen as she smiled wickedly, "the rock had a piece of paper tied to it, and on that paper was an explosive glyph, turning the rock into a grenade. It got teleported with all three of them. I don't know exactly what happened, but they sure must have gotten a big surprise when they got back to Shadowhaunt."

"Personal satisfaction aside," said Faragonda, "The Winx and their friends in witchcraft did their best to stop The Trix but they had several factors against them. Aside from the enhanced dark powers of The Trix, Bloom and her friends were sabotaged."

"Sabotaged?" Sora asked.

At that, Carmen looked like she was halfway ready to punch a hole in the wall, "Of all the incompetent, irresponsible and downright unnecessarily cruel jokes," she said in an irate tone, "one of the teachers at Cloud Tower thought it would be funny to put a little spell on the Winx, a discord spell that's seriously put a damper on their friendship."

"What's a discord spell?" Tess asked.

"A dark magic spell that brings out negative emotions in friendships," said Faragonda, "where friends used to get along in harmony, it is replaced by disharmony, leading to arguments, insults and if allowed to carry on for too long, the end of said friendship.

"It's worse for The Winx because the spell is more powerful when cast on larger groups of friends. Ever since they got hit by the spell they keep getting into arguments and shouting matches. Even more worse is that they are now unable to achieve Convergence, which is when two or more fairies combine their powers to create an even more powerful magic, but only of the fairies involved are in perfect harmony with each other."

"They were trying a Convergence spell, all six of them," said Carmen, "and if it worked they would have brought down The Trix before they got their slimy paws on the second Codex piece. But the Convergence backfired because of their disharmony and The Trix got away, not unscathed, but they got away, which is why I'm making it my second vendetta to sue the teacher responsible for this fiasco."

"Can you do that?" Sora asked, "can a student sue a teacher?"

"I can if it's a good enough reason," said Carmen in a vindictive tone, "The Winx visited Cloud Tower not only to protect the Codex piece but also to learn more about witchcraft and what it is to be a witch. They visited our school to help bring fairies and witches closer, to heal the rift of hate that's kept us divided for so long that no one remembers why we hate each other in the first place.

"But what happened to The Winx was nothing more than sheer prejudice-induced stupidity. As soon as my lawyer gets back from holiday, I'm suing. But in the meantime, I can only do what I can to help keep the third Codex piece safe, that's why my friends and I are here at Alfea."

"Well, so are we," said Sora, "we'll show those rotten Trix that they can't walk over everyone."

"And Darkar," said Kairi.

"Him too," said Sora.

"And help The Winx get their mojo back," said Tess.

"That too," said Aiden.

"I'm afraid it will take more than sheer determination to counter a discord spell," said a stern voice. There stood a tall woman in a blue and white suit with shoulder-length brown hair and wearing glasses and a stern look on her face.

"Oh, try to be a bit more optimistic, Griselda," said Faragonda, "Sora and his fellow Keyblade Wielders fully intend to do their best."

"Their best may not be enough this time," said deputy headmistress Griselda, "this isn't like last year when all we had to deal with was just The Trix and a horde of Heartless," she looked at Sora, Riku and Kairi, "I can tell that you three have improved since your last visit to Alfea," she then looked at Aiden and Tess, "and you two are no slouches either, but this time we are dealing with Darkar, the one who created The Ancestress Coven."

"You mean that Darkar made the evil witches who destroyed Domino?" Kairi asked, "the ones who forced Bloom to go into hiding?"

"The very same," said Griselda.

"If he's so powerful," said Aiden, "why hasn't he tried to take the Codex pieces himself? And come to think of it, if the Codex is the key to unlocking this dangerous power, why didn't you destroy one or all of the pieces when you learned that Darkar was after it?"

"We would have if we knew where the pieces were," said Griselda, "but only a handful of people know where in the three schools the pieces were hidden, and as for the one in Pixy Village, they believe that so long as their village remains safe, then their piece is safe too."

"The only ones who know exactly where to find the Codex pieces are four special Pixies," said Faragonda, "the first one, Ninfea, is essentially the mayor of Pixy Village, the others act as special guardians of the three schools. One of them, Concorda, happens to be a very dear and old friend of mine, is Alfea's Guardiant Pixy, while Athena is the Guardian Pixy of Red Fountain and Cloud Tower's Guardian is Discorda. I'm sure you'll meet them in due time.

"To continue, while the Red Fountain and Cloud Tower pieces of the Codex have been taken, the ones at Alfea and Pixy Village are still safe, with Pixy Village still hidden from the rest of the universe and the Alfea piece secure in the school's secret archives, which only myself, Condorda and Bloom know it's location, though Bloom doesn't know that the piece is in the archives."

"But we know now," said Aiden.

"I pretty much figured out that it was in the archives," said Carmen, "just a lucky guess."

"So as long as no one blabs to the enemy about Alfea and Pixy Village," said Riku, "the last two pieces are safe."

"So all we have to worry about right this second," said Kairi, "is helping Bloom and The Winx get their groove back. No problem."

"If only it were that easy," said Faragonda, "but, that's no reason to not try our best. I have the utmost confidence in you Keyblade Wielders."

"And us awesomely bad witches," said Carmen.

"Then let's get to work," said Sora.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess, as well as Carmen, left Faragonda's office and walked through the Alfea hallways. Here and there was a random fairy in training, sometimes there were two of them. They all stared at Sora and the others while giving sharp glances at Carmen. Some of them smiled and giggled at Sora, Riku and Aiden, while a few others blushed.

"Pay no attention to them," said Carmen as she limped along side Sora and the others, "they're mostly freshmen fairies who haven't found a boyfriend at Red Fountain."

"And what about you?" Kairi asked, "have you found a boyfriend yet?"

"Haven't had time," said Carmen.

"Well what have you been doing since we were last here?" Sora asked.

"Well," said Carmen in a thoughtful tone, "aside from the usual curriculum and extracurricular activities associated at Cloud Tower, I've also had to deal with being Student Body President."

"Oh yeah, you did get elected," said Sora, "how's that going for you?"

At that Carmen sighed, "it has it's ups and downs. Yes, my fellow students all look up to me for help with their issues and I have made a few adjustments to the school rules. We're now allowed to have hotplates in our dorms and do our own cooking if we choose."

"You didn't have that before?" Aiden asked.

"All meals were either had at the school cafeteria or at a restaurant in Magix," said Carmen, "or ordered in. Elise, Morgan and I ran up a really high pizza tab our freshman year."

"Is the food that bad at Cloud Tower?" Tess asked.

"It's at best mediocre and bland," said Carmen, "and you don't want to know how worse it can get. One of the first things I convinced Headmistress Griffin and the school board to change was to allow students to do their own cooking. Of course, when The Winx came over for the exchange program, we neglected to tell Bloom and the others they didn't have to eat what was on the cafeteria menu," she smirked, "yeah, that was pretty funny."

"I can see that you witches still delight in tormenting others," said Kairi in an annoyed tone.

"Hey, we're not all about making people miserable," said Carmen, "we witches have our good points."

Before Sora could ask what the good points were, they came across two of The Winx in the hallway ahead of them; They then saw Stella, princess of Solaria, Fairy of The Sun and Moon, arguing with Flora, from Linpheia, Fairy of nature.

Stella had long golden blonde hair, brown eyes and a medium skin tone. She wore an green halter top with a orange skirt and green sandals. Flora was tall with tan skin, jade eyes and long brown hair with blond bangs. She wore a green midriff, off-the-shoulder top with puff sleeves, a fuchsia colored, faux wrap, a short skirt decorated with strawberries, two sets of yellow bangle bracelets on each arm, and fuchsia colored platform sandals.

Hovering above the two arguing fairies were two Pixies. The one above Stella had long, dark magenta hair with small roses in a green headband. Her eyes were blue and she wore a light pink puffy-sleeved dress. Her wings were also green. This is Amore, Pixy of Love and was bonded to Stella.

The Pixy above Flora had long, curly bronze-gold pigtails, bangs, and slightly tanned skin with big amber eyes, wearing a green top and skirt and had blue wings. This was Chatta, Pixy of Gossip and was bonded to Flora.

"You know you're wrong, Flora and you know it!" said Stella in an accusatory manner, "take back what you said about my favorite fashion designers!"

"I will not!" said Flora, "your favorite designers illegally built their factory on protected woodlands! You wear the products of murder!"

"I know that you think trees and plants are just like people," said Stella, "but they're just that; trees and plants! And my designers don't have a factory! Everything they make is made with magic."

"Their property was still made on protected land!" said Flora.

"Will both of you please calm down!" said Amore, "you're going to ruin what's left of your friendship!"

"You're stronger than a discord spell," said Chatta, "just take a moment to clear your heads."

"Chatta, you're a very dear friend of mine," said Flora in an annoyed tone, "but will you please stop interrupting? Stella and I are having an argument."

"A baseless argument," said Stella, "I'm right and you're wrong!"

"You're just saying that because you're a princess and I'm not!" said Flora.

"That's not it at all!" said Stella.

"Yes it is!" said Flora, "you always have had your way just because you're the heir of an entire planet. You always have to have everything you want and damn the consequences!"

"You see how bad things have gotten?" Carmen asked Sora and the others, "Flora's usually the calm, quiet, collected one." she then limped forward to the arguing fairies, "if you two ladies would just shut up for a second, you'd realize that some old friends are here."

At that Flora and Stella saw our heroes, "Sora, Riku, Kairi!" said a surprised Stella.

"When did you get here?" Flora asked.

"We just got here," said Sora, "we heard that you and the other Winx were in a jam."

"You could say that again," said Stella.

"Aren't you going to introduce us to your friends?" Chatta asked.

"Oh, sorry," said Flora. She and Stella then introduced the two Pixies to our heroes, while Sora introduced Aiden and Tess.

"What happened to Donald and Goofy?" Stella asked.

"They've got their own mission," said Kairi, "and so do we."

"We're here to help you Winx get your groove back," said Aiden.

"What are you talking about?" Stella asked, "there's nothing wrong with my groove, not now, not ever."

"You're full of it," said Flora, "in more ways than one."

"If I'm so full of it," said Stella in an annoyed tone, "then so are you!"

Before either Flora could make a retort or our heroes could try to calm them down, there came the sound of three girls shouting that was growing louder..

"Now what?" Tess asked.

"That would be three more of The Winx," Carmen sighed in an exasperated tone..

They then saw Musa, from The Harmonic Nebula and Fairy of Misa, Tecna, from Zenith and Fairy of Technology, and the newest member of The Winx, Aisha, princess of Andros and Fairy of Water. The three of them were arguing as they walked down the hallway

Musa was Asian in appearance with blackish blue hair done up in two pigtails and deep blue eyes. She wore red single-shoulder top with baggy blue jeans and red sneakers. Tecna had magenta colored, pixie/boy-cut styled hair, teal eyes, and a pale skin tone. She wore a soft purple and lime green vest top, soft purple flared fitted cropped pants and shoes of the same color. Aisha was a dark-skinned girl with long, wavy dark brown hair and cerulean eyes. She wore a soft purple tank top with a small blue colored wave logo on it, a khaki miniskirt, khaki hiking boots, and soft purple leg warmers.

Above Musa was a Pixy with pale purple hair in curls and a Victorian-style outfit in purple, white, and blue with a blue bow in her hair. She had pink make-up that makes sharp points above her eyes, a fair skin tone and violet eyes. Her wings were purple with a purple glow. This was Tune, Pixy of Etiquette, and bonded to Musa.

Above Tecna was a Pixy with a futuristic appearance, wearing a light blue/dark blue jumpsuit and blue mullet-like hair with a light blue streak down the middle. Her wings were blue with yellow outline. This was Digit, Pixy of Nanotechnology and bonded to Tecna.

In Aisha's arms was a very small Pixy with dark skin and soft light green eyes. She was dressed in a pair of cream-colored striped pajama pants with red piping and a little tank top is rose pink with cream spots. On her head was a darker rose pink puffy nightcap with dark cream spots, a light cream headband and trimming, and a dark maroon ribbon tying it down. Her wings were small and light pink. Her whole appearance painted her as very young. This was Piff, Pixy of Sweet Sleep and bonded to Aisha.

"I don't care what you've seen, Aisha!" snapped Tecna, "you simply can't eat one hundred marshmallows in a single sitting. The body cannot take them!"

"I say differently!" said Aisha, "I saw some of the guards at the Andros Palace make a bet on who can eat the most marshmallows. The winner ate one hundred."

"But it's impossible!" said Tecna, "utterly inconceivable! Not only can't the body process all that sugar, the marshmallows will expand before they're fully digested. You'd burst on the inside before you'd get halfway!"

"I saw what I saw!" said Aisha.

"You know," said Musa, "I once knew someone who ate fifty hard boiled eggs in an hour, so maybe you can eat a hundred marshmallows."

"You both are delusional!" said Tecna, "the human digestive system simply cannot process that much food at a time!"

"Not even half," said Digit.

"And how would you know that?" Musa asked.

"I looked it up," said Digit.

"Of course you did, you know it all," said Musa in an annoyed tone.

"Musa!" said a shocked Tune, "I cannot believe that you would be so uncouth, not only to your friends but to one of mine."

"Well excuse me for having a bad week!" snapped Musa.

At that the little Pixy in Aisha's arms began bawling like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh, now you've done it," said Aisha, "you've upset Piff!"

"So it's my fault that the baby keeps crying?" Musa asked.

"Oh switch off!" said Tecna.

"You switch off!" said Musa.

"You both switch off!" snapped Kairi as she walked over, "Sweet niblets! I thought you all were better than this. I guess I was wrong."

"Kairi?" Musa asked, "what are you doing here?"

"Apparently trying my hand at group therapy," said Kairi.

She, Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden were then introduced to Aisha, as well as Tune, Digit and Piff.

"So, why are you back here at Alfea?" Tecna asked.

"I thought I made it clear," said Kairi.

"We're here to help you fairies work out your friendship issues," said Sora.

"And to show Darkar that he can't work his wickedness without consequences," said Aiden.

"And to put The Trix in jail where they belong," said Tess, "or give them the axe, whichever works best for us."

"I know a store that sells really great axes," said Carmen, "give me an hour and I'll get one on a discount."

"Wait, aren't we missing someone?" Riku asked, "where's Bloom?"

"That's a very good question," said Musa, "she's been acting really strange all day, ever since that last session with Professor Avalon."

"With who?" Riku asked.

"The newest edition to the Alfea staff," said a smiling Tecna, "Professor Avalon, a paladin and teacher of cognitive analysis."

"And he's handsome to boot," said Stella, "not as cute as my darling Brandon, but still handsome."

"That playboy has nearly every girl at Alfea swooning," said Carmen, "I honestly don't see the attraction."

"I'm not surprised," said Musa, "your track record for boys doesn't paint you in a straight light."

At that Carmen glared at Musa, "are you implying what I think you're implying? I'm not that way! I just haven't had time for a boyfriend! I can get any man I want when the mood strikes me. I'm straight, end of discussion!"

"I never said you were otherwise," said Musa.

"Yes you were," said Carmen.

"No I'm not," said Musa, "I was saying that being a witch goes against you."

"Is that a fact!" exclaimed Carmen.

"Hey, stop it, both of you!" shouted Kairi.

"About time someone made them shut up," said Aisha.

"And you too!" said Kairi, "I know we just met, but you're part of the problem as well. All you Winx have a serious problem, well, we're here to fix it, one way or another."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Stella asked.

"It means that you're going to get help," said Riku, "whether you want it or not."

"We're still missing Bloom," said Sora, "does anyone know where she is?"

"I don't know," said Flora. "Ever since she contracted that shadow virus, her mood has been having some pretty serious swings."

"Shadow virus?" Carmen asked in a concerned tone, "this is the first I've heard of it."

"She was with Professor Avalon earlier today," said Stella, "some kind of memory recall exercise, when she picked up some weird, temporarily personality disorder."

"You know that Bloom's normally calm and overall nice and only loses her temper when pushed too far," said Tecna, "well, since this morning, she's been acting like a jerk on and off; insulting her friends and pulling rather mean-spirited pranks."

"And her eyes," said Musa, "whenever she had one of those mood swings, her eyes would change."

"Her eyes changed?" Carmen asked in a serious tone, "what color were they?"

"Yellow," said Aisha, "and they kinda looked like they belong on a snake."

"Son of a banshee," said Carmen in a shocked tone.

"Uh…are you alright?" Sora asked.

"Shadow virus my eye," said Carmen scared yet determined tone, "I've seen this before." She then pulled out a black Mobile and hit a speed dial button, "Elise? Where are you?"

"What's going on?" Aisha asked, "Professor Avalon said it was a shadow virus and it would go away after a while."

"Trust me," said Carmen, "it's no shadow virus…yes, Elise…you're in town…look, we've got a Code D. I need you to pop over to our dorm and get The Book…yes, the one I keep in a dimensional pocket under my mattress for safe keeping…I can't get it myself, you know that I can't teleport while my leg is still healing, it's a side effect of Icy's spell, you know that…I don't care if your arm is broken, you have a higher immunity than I do and a better healing factor, you can still teleport…I don't know where Morgan is and she always leaves her phone in the charger…look, just do it and I'll do your share of the chores for a month…until the end of the term? Are you crazy…for crying out loud! We don't have time to negotiate…alright, I'll do it until the end of the term, now go get the freaking book already!" with that the irately hung up her phone.

"Unbelievable," said Carmen as she pocketed her phone, "you ask a friend for a favor and she tries to turn it into a deal brokering session."

"You didn't tell us that your magic was out of sorts because you got hurt," said Flora.

"You didn't ask," said Carmen, "look, I'm just having trouble teleporting. Everything else I can do is alright. Now, everyone, just find Bloom and hope to the gods that she hasn't gone completely psycho."

Before anyone could ask what Carmen was talking about, they saw a Pixy flying towards them like a bat out of hell. The Pixy had short, pink hair held in place with a green flower pin and slightly tanned skin tone, green eyes and purple lashes. She wore a pink lace dress with a keyhole and green lace up boots. This was Lockette, Pixy of Portals and bonded to Bloom.

"Lockette," said Tune in a concerned tone, "what's gotten you all upset?"

"It's Bloom!" shouted Lockette in a frantic tone, "she's completely lost it!"

"We're too late," said Carmen in a distant tone, "it's taken over," she looked at Sora, Stella and the others and spoke with dead seriousness, "okay, new plan. When you find Bloom, just tie her down. Try not to hurt her, but do what you have to do to restrain her so she doesn't hurt you or anyone else. I'll be back as soon as I can with Elise and, hopefully, Morgan." With that she hobbled down the hallway.

"There goes a very strange person," said Tess.

"Never mind that," said Lockette, "Bloom needs help, now!"

"Just calm down and tell us what happened," said Flora.

"Well," said Lockette, "I was with Bloom, and all of a sudden she started acting mean, like she has been all day. I thought it was just the shadow virus, but this is something else, like she was a completely different person. She completely ignored me as she headed to a specific spot in the school, some place that I never knew was there before. It turned out to be the Alfea Secret Archives. Bloom walked in and started ransacking the room."

"Faragonda said that the Secret Archives was where the third Codex piece was," said Kairi.

"And now Bloom is looking for it," said Aiden.

"But Faragonda said that Bloom didn't know it was there," said Sora, "what's going on here?"

"Let's go find out," said Flora.

"Show us where Bloom went, Lockette," said Stella, "whatever's messing with her now, we'll deal with it."

"Like we dealt with The Trix at Cloud Tower?" Musa asked in a depressed tone. At that Stella also looked depressed.

"Oh don't start on that again!" said Aisha.

"Don't you start harping on her!" said Tecna.

"All of you stop it!" snapped Tess, "your friend is in trouble! If you can't get around this irrational need to argue all the time, then you're definitely not Bloom's friends."

"We are Bloom's friends!" said Flora.

"And we'll prove it," said Stella. "come on, everyone! Magix Winx!"

In a flash of colored lights, the five Winx had transformed into their Fairy outfits.

Stella wore a sparkling orange one-shoulder top and mini-shorts, with knee-high boots of the same color. She wore her hair in two pigtails with orange tube ties. She also had light blue cuff wrist bands and a headband of the same color. Her wings were three leaflets with the color of powder blue with teal tips.

Flora's outfit was primarily fuchsia and orchid in color, and consisted of a sparkling one piece, bare shouldered top that concealed a pair of mini shorts and ankle-high boots that were also the same color. A green choker with a pink colored four petal flower adorned her neck, and she had wrist length fingerless gloves covering her arms. Her wings were lime green.

Musa wore a sparkling red top with translucent pink fabric at the middle, a red mini skirt, and knee-high wedge red boots. She also wore purple headphones atop her head and purple ribbons around her forearms with the one on her left arm has loose ends hanging from it. Her wings were translucent bright blue with purple bands in the middle. She had magenta shorts on under her skirt

Tecna's outfit was unarguably the most distinctive of all The Winx, as it covered most of her. The outfit was mainly a full body suit of a sparkling lavender color covering the torso and legs. She had powder blue sleeves which covered her hands and blue knee-high boots. Adorning her head was a lavender helmet which had a lime green tear-shaped brooch on it, similar to the one on her chest. Her wings were green bars which can form small squares on her back, in the shape of a glider. These wings help her fly supported by digital energy considering they cannot flutter.

As for Aisha, her outfit was a sparkly green shoulder top, a sparkly green mini skirt atop green mini shorts, and green boots. She also wore a green sash connecting her top and skirt, and several silver rings around her outfit and on her arms. Aisha's wings were sky blue with mauve tips.

"Whoa," said both Aiden and Tess.

"I know we've seen it before," said Kairi, "but it's still impressive."

"Less talk, more friend saving," said Stella. With that she, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha took flight, as well as the other Pixies, with Lockette leading the way, while Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess.

"Am I the only one who's noticed that we do a lot of running?" Aiden asked.

"It's good exercise," said Kairi.

"Good point," said Sora.

They soon came to an apparent dead end in the hallway. The wall ahead had a portrait of an infinite corridor that was in fact a secret door, which happened to be ajar. Outside the doorway was a Pixy with dark blue eyes behind tiny glasses and blond hair curled into buns at her ears. She wore light and dark blue robes and a pointed blue hat. This was Condorda, Guardian Pixy of Alfea.

"Ms. Condorda!" said Lockette as she and everyone else reached the ajar hidden door.

"When you said you were going for help, young Lockette," said Condorda as she saw The Winx and Keyblade Wielders, "I didn't expect you to return with an army, not that their help isn't appreciated."

"Is Bloom still in there?" Musa asked.

"Yes," said a worried Condorda, "and still making a horrific mess. Honestly, I trust the girl to keep the Secret Archives a secret and she ends up going on a rampage."

"Then let's stop her before she makes things worse," said Riku. With that they all walked into the hidden room.

Sora heard all of The Winx gasp in surprise as the sheer size and majesty of the archives, "what a place!" said Tecna, "I never thought there could be anything like this at our school."

"Stay focused, Winx," said Musa in an annoyed tone, "this isn't summer camp." She then looked and pointed up, "and judging by the look on Bloom's face, she's no happy camper, either."

They then all heard a vicious laugh coming from above. There hovered Bloom in her fairy outfit, a sparkly light blue top decorated with a gold jewel at the center of her chest, a matching light blue miniskirt with matching color shorts under her skirt and light blue ankle boots. She also had light blue gloves around her arms from elbow to wrist. Nestled in her long red and orange hair was a small golden tiara with rounded points at the top of her head. Her wings were cyan with teal tips.

Yet there was something wrong about her. Bloom's normally cyan eyes had become yellow and snakelike, while her normally pale skin had a sinister aura about it.

"Are you okay, Bloom?" Flora asked in a worried tone.

"Never better, Flora," said Bloom in a tone that dripped with mocked kindness. She then looked down at Sora and the others, "hey, I remember you guys. Sora, Riku and Kairi," she looked at Aiden and Tess, "you two, I don't know, but all in all, you all are pathetic."

"Pathetic!" exclaimed Sora, "I helped save your life, remember?"

"As if I needed the help of any loser," said Bloom.

"You're sick, Bloom!" said Kairi, "in more ways than one!"

"More to the point, Bloom," said Tecna as she scanned said fairy with a pair of computerized goggles, "is that you're holding Alfea's piece of the Codex."

"Yes," said Concorda, "and unless you can convince her to give it back, Alfea and all of Magix will be in terrible danger."

"Well, if you're talking about Darkar," said Aisha, "say no more. We're on it!" she then waved to her fellow Winx, "Come on, let's go!" She then began charging up a bright fuchsia spell, but Musa stopped her.

"Wait!" said Musa as she placed her hand on Aisha's shoulder.

"Let me talk to her," said Flora as she gave her friends a reassuring smile. She then stepped forward and looked up, "Bloom! Try to see reason! We're you're best friends!"

"And I couldn't care less, Flora!" said Bloom in a vicious tone, "I'm sick and tired of all the fake cheeriness and sunshine, and all those cute heart-shaped notes you pass to your nitwit boyfriends. You're pathetic!"

At that Stella and the others, sans Aisha, looked shocked and angered, while Flora looked deeply ashamed.

Lockette tried to comfort her, "Flora, don't listen to her, that's not Bloom talking!"

"Bingo!" shouted Bloom as she sent a sphere of Dragonfire down at everyone. Sora and the others all dodged it.

"I'll she's being controlled by Darkar's evil magic," said Flora's bonded Pixy, Chatta.

"She's right!" said Musa.

"Well," said Stella, "if Bloom's under a shadow spell, then a dose of sunshine therapy will restore the mental balance of our friend!" she then unleashed a massive burst of sunlight that briefly blinded Sora and the others.

But when the light-spell faded, Bloom was still hovering in the air, her eyes still yellow and snakelike, "nice try, Stella," she said with a vicious smile, "but not good enough?"

"What?" Stella asked, "it didn't even phase her? I can't believe my eyes!"

Just then Bloom was surrounded by a dark purple aura, "ready for it! Here it comes!" she then sent out more spheres of Dragonfire at our heroes. Sora and the others dodged them, while Stella and her fellow Winx were distracted from the spells they were trying to cast, "if you want it another way," said Bloom as she sent out more Dragonfire spheres, "I won't hold it against you."

"You asked for it!' said an irate Stella, "Take this!" she then sent out a pillar of light at bloom that took the corrupted fairy by surprise, hitting her.

"Bull's-eye!" said Stella. But then she was shocked to see that her spell had no effect on Bloom, whom then started laughing wickedly.

"What's wrong, Winx? You don't honestly think you can keep me in check, do you?" she charged up an even more powerful sphere of Dragonfire, "let's see you try and I'll destroy you all!"

At that Stella and her friends were shocked into paralysis. But then Lockette flew up and abruptly kissed Bloom on the cheek, "we're still your friends, Bloom," said the tiny pixy, "all of us, whether you like it or not."

"How dare you!" spat Bloom in a disgusted tone. She then closed her eyes in pain, her voice groaning.

"That's Lockette's special gift," said Aisha, "it's the only thing that can help Bloom find herself again."

Just then Bloom's eyes returned to their normal cyan blue, "Lockette," she said, "that…that really helped," she looked down, "Stella, everyone," she then saw Sora and the others, "Sora, Kairi, Riku, you're here too."

"You're back, Bloom!" said Flora.

"Now just fly down here, Bloom," said Stella, "and give us the Codex piece back. You really don't want it, do you?"

But then Bloom's eyes turned yellow again, "you mean this?" she asked as she held up the Codex piece, "I don't want it, but Master Darkar wants it!" she then shouted in rage and shot a fireball up at the glass ceiling and shattered one of the panels.

Then with a flash of dark magic, Bloom's whole appearance had changed. Her fairy outfit, normally a sparkly light blue was now dark blue, her nails were colored black and her whole body had an insidious aura about it.

"Lockette," she said as she glared at said pixy, "you tried to trick me, and I thought we were partners."

"No, I really was trying to help!" exclaimed the terrified Lockette.

Bloom then raised her hand to swat Lockette out of the air, but then she cried out in pain and clutched her head. She closed her eyes and opened them, said eyes now blue again, "everyone!" she shouted, "you…you've got to stop me!"

"We will, Bloom!" shouted Techna, "I'm searching for a means to counter the shadow virus!"

"No!" shouted Bloom in a pained tone, "it's not…a shadow…virus! It's…it's!" she then cried out in pain and her eyes turned yellow again, "it's just me, the real me!" she laughed cruelly.

"I think I have an idea of what's really going on," said Riku.

"Tell us later," said Musa, "we've got to act now."

"We've got to get that Codex piece away from her," said Tecna.

"Without hurting her if possible," said Kairi.

"Leave that to me," said Flora as she cast a spell on a nearby flower, causing it to grow to immense size, becoming a tendril that wrapped itself around Bloom.

"Now what?" Bloom asked as the vine-like flower ensnared her, "flowers? For me? I really hate flowers.!" she then burned the vine off of her, "especially now, they clash with my new look," she glared down at Stella, "you were right, a makeover was just what I needed."

"Me and my big mouth," said Stella.

"What now?" Flora asked.

"Well," said Musa as she charged up her spell, "time to make her listen to reason!" she then sent her music-based spell at Bloom, a pulse of sound that shook several books off their shelves and tumbling at Bloom, whom had to duck and cover her head

"Oh dear!" said Concorda, "this is a librarian's worse nightmare!"

As if in retaliation, Bloom sent a dark fireball at the fallen books, burning them to ashes, "Pathetic, Musa," said Bloom, "weak and pathetic."

"Keep talking, Bloom," said Aisha as she charged up a spell, "it'll only make things worse for you! Take this!" she then shot a sphere of her Morphix at Bloom, whom caught it with her bare hand and dispersed it.

"A pink bubble?" Bloom asked, "I'd like to say 'hit me with your best shot,' but it looks like you already have!"

"Then how about my best shot!' shouted Riku as he shot his Dark Aura at Bloom, who easily dodged it.

"And mine!" said Sora as he sent a Thunder spell up at Bloom, whom also dodged it.

"And here I thought The Winx were pathetic," sneered Bloom. She then shot two fireballs down at Sora and Riku, who both barely got out of the way.

"Just you wait till I get up there!" shouted Tess. She then ran to the nearest bookcase and jumped to a shelf several feet off the ground. She then jumped to another shelf, then another and another, getting higher and higher, until she was almost at Bloom's height.

"As if I'll give you a chance," said Bloom as she shot a stream of dark fire at Tess. Tess got her Keyblade up in time to deflect the fire, but lost her balance and fell from the bookshelf and onto Riku and Aiden, sending all three sprawling to the ground.

"You have to stop this, Bloom!' shouted Kairi.

"I'm just getting warmed up!" laughed Bloom as she sent several spheres of dark fire down at Kairi, whom barely managed to dodged them.

"Great," said Stella, "now she's making puns."

"Her power's right off the scale," said Tecna as she continued to scan Bloom, "I honestly don't know what to do to stop her."

"But still," said Stella as Riku, Kairi, Tess and Aiden regrouped, "little miss dragon girl is totally irrational." Her face set with determination, she took flight, "I won't hold back this time!"

Stella then sent a massive blast of pure sunlight at Bloom, causing the corrupted fairy to shield her eyes from the intense illumination. But then Bloom's face twisted with rage, "you asked for it, Winx, and Keyblade brats! Fight fire with fire!"

Around Bloom appeared a flaming spiral of magic that then exploded with force, knocking Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Aisha, Riku, Aiden and Tess to the ground. Only Sora and Kairi were able to endure the massive attack and were still standing.

"What happened?" Stella asked as she sat up and looked around in confusion, "where's Bloom? I didn't disintegrated her, did I?"

"Does that look like she's disintegrated? Riku asked as he pointed up, seeing Bloom flying towards the hole she made in the roof.

"Look!" shouted Flora as she pointed to a small black, bat-like creature that had appeared in the hole and was now approaching Bloom, whom had the Codex piece held up. "That creature works for Darkar!"

"There you are, little one," said Bloom, a smile of vicious glee on her face as she cast a hovering spell on the oval crystal, "take this to the master!"

The creature grabbed the Codex piece in its claws and took flight.

"Oh no you don't!" shouted Aiden as he aimed his Keyblade at the bat creature and fired a bolt of alchemic energy, intending to transmute the air around the creature into acid. The creature dodged the blast, which went off into the air.

"Destroy the crystal!" shouted Riku as he fired bolt after bolt of Dark Aura at the creature, while Sora also shot several fireballs.

"Not this year!" shouted Bloom as she cast a shield of fire, blocking Sora's and Riku's attacks. She then looked at the bat creature, "Go! Deliver the piece to Darkar!"

At that the bat creature flew off into the air and vanished.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Flora.

"Oh yes!" shouted Bloom, "and now to finish you pathetic losers off!"

Just then Morgan, a witch with shoulder length brown hair with blue highlights, one eye green and the other blue, wearing blue skirt and orange shoes, a green and black t-shirt, while her right hand had a fingerless glove on and with nails were painted red and orange alternately, ran into the archives.

"Here you guys all are," said Morgan as she saw The Winx, "I've been looking all over for you." She then looked up and saw Bloom, "holy crap! Who made you switch sides all of a sudden? I can sense your inner darkness from all the way down here."

"She's not herself," said Sora, "but we're not sure exactly what's messing with her."

"I've got a pretty good idea what the problem is," said Morgan as she looked at Sora, Riku and Kairi, "nice to see you again, by the way." She then took flight, stopping right in front of Bloom, "I know you can hear me, Bloom, the real you, I know you're still in there. I'm here to help fix things."

"I'm perfectly fine," said Bloom as she charged up another sphere of dark fire, "and you have a reservation in the burn ward!" she then shot the fireball at Morgan, whom vanished before the dark flames hit her.

"What?" Bloom asked as she looked around in confusion, "what is this? Where are you, you pathetic trickster?"

Morgan then reappeared behind Bloom and grabbed her with a bear hug that not only restrained the corrupted fairy's arms, but also her wings. Gravity then took over and sent the two of them plummeting to the ground.

Aisha then cast a spell that created a cushion of her Morphix that caught Bloom and Morgan before they were hurt on impact. The cushion vanished and the two were on the ground. Immediately, Bloom struggled to free herself from Morgan.

"Let go of me, you witch!" spat Bloom, "I'll fry you up like a chicken!"

"Oh now that's just cruel," said Morgan, "I happen to like friend chicken," she then looked at Sora, Stella and the others, "don't just stand here like idiots! Help me! Grab her before she gets lose and cooks everyone!"

"Oh, right!" said Sora. He, Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess rushed over and helped Morgan. They managed to get Bloom onto her back, with Sora and Kairi holding Bloom's left arm still, Riku and Tess holding the right arm, while Aiden and Morgan held Bloom's legs still.

"Just you wait till I get free!" spat Bloom, "I'll burn this whole school to ashes!"

"You're not burning anything," said Kairi, "now stop struggling before you hurt yourself!"

"I'll hurt you!" spat Bloom.

"You'd think she'd come up with better comebacks," said Musa.

"At least they've got her before she did hurt any of us," said Flora.

"But what do we do to help her? Stella asked.

As if to answer, Lockette flew in with, whom Sora assumed, was Professor Avalon., a tall man with long blue and black hair and wearing a white and gold suit.

"She's in here, professor!" said Lockette, "hurry!"

"I came as fast as I could," said Avalon, "what is going on?" he then saw the commotion on the floor, "and what has happened to Bloom?"

"That shadow virus you told us about," said Musa, "it's gotten worse, a lot worse."

"You're just in time, Pofessor Avalon," said Bloom in a vicious tone, "you'll be the first to taste my wrath, as soon as these ingrate perverts get their filthy hands off of me!" she struggled even harder, "let me go!"

Sora then lost his grip on Bloom's arm and the corrupt fair raised her hand to shoot a fireball at Avalon, but Sora grabbed the arm and forced it back down before she could complete her spell.

"You have to hold her tighter," said Morgan, "break her arms if you have to! We can always heal them later!"

"Don't hurt her!" said Aisha, "she's sick, that's all."

"And I have fond the cure," said Avalon as he held up an indigo-colored crystal wand, "this will alleviate the poor girl of her suffering," he then aimed the wand at Bloom and chanted a three-word spell that Sora couldn't understand.

A bolt of magic shot from the wand and hit Bloom without affecting Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden, Tess or Morgan. But apparently Bloom was unaffected either.

"Nice try, Prof," said Bloom as she smiled viciously, "but not good enough!" She then renewed her struggling, but Sora and the others weren't letting go.

Bloom then leaned her head towards Sora and bit him on the arm hard enough to draw blood. He shouted in pain and nearly let go of Bloom, but then Musa rushed over and grabbed Bloom's head and pulled her away and held Bloom's head still.

"She bit me!" exclaimed Sora in a shocked tone, "I helped saved her life last year, and she bit me!"

"Break her teeth!" said Morgan.

"That won't be necessary," said Aisha. She then cast a spell that blocked Blooms' mouth with a gag of Morphix, leaving her nose free for breathing.

"I don't understand," said Avalon as he looked at the crystal wand, "I'm sure I used the right spell for countering a shadow virus. Why didn't it work?"

"It's because it's not a shadow virus," said Carmen as she limped into the archives on another witch's shoulder, her free hand carrying a book bound with black leather.

The other witch had shoulder-length spiky black hair with blue highlights and dark brown, almost black eyes that sometimes had an intense glare in them. She wore blue-jeans and gray sneakers, a white shirt that had the sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Her fingernails were painted blue and green alternately. Her left arm was in a cast and a sling. This was Elise Caplin.

"What we have here," said Elise, "is nothing less than a genuine case of demonic possession."

"Demonic possession?" Sora asked, "you mean there's a demon controlling her like a puppet?"

"How can a demon fit inside Bloom?" Aiden asked, "we've fought some pretty big ones."

"You're thinking of corporeal demons," said Elise, "demons that have physical form and can be killed. The ones that possess people have no physical form and can't be killed without a highly complex ritual. On the other hand they can be banished back to the hellish dimension from whence they came."

"Which is what we're going to do now," said Carmen as she held up the black-bound book, "perform an exorcism."

"You know how to perform an exorcism?" Aisha asked.

"I witnessed over a dozen back home," said Carmen, "and partook in three, but those were on ordinary people, not someone as powerful as Bloom."

"I've only researched the rituals," said Elise, "but we're confident that we can expunge the foul creature without harming our friend here." She then pulled out an orange crystal, held it to her right eye and chanted a short spell. The crystal then flashed and glowed bright orange.

"What's that do?" Tess asked.

"This gives me for a short time," said Elise, "the vision of a Shinigami, a god of death. They have the power to see the true names of all living creatures; human, animal, plant and demonic. This is important because knowing the true name of a demon gives you power over it. With its name, we can exorcise it without it hurting Bloom, or worse, killing her before the exorcism is complete," she took the crystal away from her eye and glared at Bloom, "isn't that right, Ozezil? Yes, that is your name, creature! I name thee Ozezil!"

At that Bloom, or rather, the thing controlling her, began thrashing about more franticly in order to escape, but Sora and the others weren't letting go.

"When we tell you, Aisha," said Carmen, "free Bloom's mouth. You'll know why afterwards."

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Kairi asked.

"Um…roughly 98% sure," said Carmen, "but it's the best chance we've got."

"Unless you have a better plan," said Elise.

"Well, I've got nothing," said Stella.

"I'm not surprised," said Elise. She then looked at Aisha, "be ready to remove the gag when we've completed the ritual."

"Right," said Aisha.

"You guys," said Carmen to Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden, Tess, Morgan and Musa, "hold her tight and don't let go. The demon, Ozezil, will use all of his power over Bloom to get away from us, so no matter what, don't let Bloom go until I say so, okay?"

"Okay," said Sora, while the others holding Bloom nodded in agreement.

"Just help her," said Flora, while Tecna and Stella nodded.

"Then there's only one more thing to do," said Elise. She then looked at Carmen, "I'm ready when you are."

Carmen nodded, then closed her eyes in concentration, while Elise said the same.

"Contact," said Carmen,

"Check," said Elise.

"What are they doing?" Sora asked as he suddenly felt a surge of energy form between Carmen and Elise.

"They're creating a Link," said Morgan, "it's something we witches can do to enhance our powers, sort of what fairies do with convergence."

"I thought Headmistress Griffin said that witches worked alone and would betray each other at the first chance," said Musa.

"True," said Morgan, "but if the witches in question are true friends, such as myself, Elise and Carmen, then we can unite our powers in harmony."

Just then Carmen and Elise opened their eyes.

"Now they're in perfect synchronicity," said Morgan, "this is when things get interesting."

"As if they were boring before," said Musa.

It was then that Carmen and Elise began chanting in unison, the two of them speaking as one…

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus

omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursioinfernalis adversarii, omnis legio,omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.

"Ergo draco maledicteet omnis legio diabolica adjuramus te,

cessa decipere humanas creaturas,eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare."

Upon hearing the words, Bloom began thrashing about harder than before, her face twisted with rage and fear. Yet Sora and the others weren't about to release her.

"I think it's working," said Aisha.

"They've only just started," said Tecna.

"Vade, Satana, inventor et magisteromnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis.

"Humiliare sub potenti manu dei,contremisce et effuge, invocato anobis sancto et terribili nomine,quem inferi tremunt.

"Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine."

Just then Bloom's whole body became red hot as Bloom charged up her Dragonfire aura. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden, Tess, Musa and Morgan cried out in pain as their hands were burned from the sudden flare of Dragonfire, but they weren't letting go.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritusomnis satanica potestas, omnis incursioinfernalis adversarii,omnis legio,omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.

"Ergo draco maledicteet omnis legio diabolicaadjuramus te."

"Is it over yet?" shouted Sora as his hands began to blister.

"Don't let go!" shouted Morgan, "it'll be over when it's over!"

"Cessa decipere humanas creaturas,eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare.

Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servirete rogamus, audi nos!"

All of a sudden the heat stopped radiating from Bloom's body and she held completely still.

"Is it over?" Aiden asked cautiously.

But then Bloom's whole body began vibrating rapidly.

"It's done!" shouted Carmen, " Aisha, uncork her!"

"Right!" said Aisha as she removed the Morphix gag on Bloom's mouth. An instant later an enormous cloud of black smoke erupted out of Bloom's mouth that went on for over ten seconds. When the black smoke was all out of her, it hovered in the air for a second, then spiraled into a small red portal and vanished, leaving the stench of sulfur in the air.

"Now it's over," said Elise, while Carmen confidently closed her book, "the demon has been exorcised and forced back to the pit from whence it came."

Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden, Tess, Morgan and Musa stepped away from Bloom. As Kairi used her healing powers on everyone's burned hands, Sora and everyone watched in amazement as Bloom's appearance reverted to her normal attire of blue and yellow midriff shirt, blue jeans and yellow wedge sandals.

"You alright, Bloom?" Kairi asked.

"Well," said Bloom as she sat up, "considering that I just vomited up a demon that forced me to act like a complete jerk, made me attack and try to hurt you all, damage school property and just now handed the third piece of The Codex to Darkar, I'm pretty mad."

"But how did the demon get into her?" Stella asked.

"I believe I'm to blame," said Avalon, "during a private session with Bloom earlier, I instructed her in a form of internal journey, in which Bloom attempted to get more in touch with the source of her powers. During this time, Bloom's spiritual defenses were weakened, and Darkar sent a demon he must have summoned to possess her and use her to obtain the third Codex piece."

"But what if the demon comes back?" Bloom asked in a worried tone, "what if it tries to possess me again?"

"That particular demon is back in hell where it belongs," said Elise, "it can't return to the living realms for a hundred years or so."

"And I'll make sure that you're spiritual defenses are never weakened again," said Avalon, "I just wish I had the foresight to have prevented this fiasco from happening in the first place."

"Don't blame yourself," said Condorda as she landed on Avalon's shoulder, "you did all that you could under the circumstances."

"If anyone's to blame," said Bloom in a depressed tone, "it's me. I remember everything that horrible thing made say and do. I should have fought harder against that demon, I'm sorry everyone."

At that Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha all started talking at once, telling Bloom that it wasn't her fault and that she had nothing to apologize for.

"If anyone's to blame," said Kairi, "it's that bastard, Darkar."

"Darkar," said Bloom, "he has the third piece of the Codex now, and I gave it to him. I have to get it back, no matter what it takes!" she tried to stand up, but then she nearly passed out and fell into Musa's arms.

"She's exhausted," said Stella.

"That's understandable," said Carmen, "an exorcism can be very trying, for all parties," she then nearly fell over, but Morgan caught her, then caught Elise whom was also on the verge of passing out.

"We will get it back, Bloom," said Stella, "all of us, together."

"I know," said Bloom. She then looked at Lockette, "and you, my dear little friend, you were incredibly brave back there. You helped me find my way back. I'm so proud of you."

At that Lockette giggled with joy and flew into Bloom's arms.

"Well this is one crisis we averted," said Aiden.

"But it's not over," said Sora, "we've only just started."

"Yeah," said Riku as he eyed Avalon suspiciously.

"Excuse me, everyone," said Condorda, "now that the secret archives are no longer a secret, there is absolutely no reason why we can't all help clean up this mess."

Sora then realized that the room was a mess, with books strewn all over the floor and burn marks marring the bookcases. Upon seeing the mess, Bloom and her fellow Winx groaned in annoyance.

"Oh gee," said Morgan as she looked at her watch, "is that the time?"

"My, it has been a long day," said Carmen.

"I think I left a potion on the fire," said Elise, "later, all!" with that the three awesomely bad witches teleported out, with Elise helping Carmen teleport.

"Typical," said an annoyed Musa.

"Don't worry," said Kairi, "we'll help patch things up here."

"We will?" Aiden and Tess both asked.

"Yes, we will," said Kairi in a stern tone.

"Well, of course we will," said Sora.

Tess suddenly tensed from something she sensed, "we're being watched," she said, "by something very powerful and very dark."

"Darkar," said Bloom, "it has to be him."

"But how can you tell that we're being watched?" Tecna asked Tess.

"Ever had the feeling that you're being watched?" Tess asked, "I'm getting it right now. I agree with Bloom, it's Darkar, he's watching us."

"Good," said Sora, "if he's watching us, then he knows that we're here and we mean business."

Deep beneath the surface of Magix lay a vast gray cavern full of enormous rust-colored stalactites that hung like inverted towers of a sinister castle with waterfalls flowing from the sides. Within the tallest of these inverted towers was a long room on which a creature most foul sat on a throne carved from stone. The creature was humanoid, his skeletal body glowing red and completely covered with armor. He also had torn, red glowing fabric on the back of him that served as a cloak but was actually part of his physical body. This was Darkar, lord of Shadowhaunt.

Near Darkar stood the three witches who had been such a pain in the overall body to Bloom and her friends. Icy had long white hair pulled back into a ponytail and pale blue eyes enhanced with dark blue eyeshadow. She wore a dull navy blue one-piece suit and a royal blue cape, with boots that were a darker shade of blue. Down the front of the suit was a white stripe that formed a thin belt with the letter "I" over the stomach. She also had blue fingerless gloves. Around her neck was a crystalline necklace that had a light blue glow.

Darcy had long brown hair that reaches down her ankles, and bangs that reach to her waist that are a lighter shade of brown and yellow eyes enhanced with purple eyeshadow. She wore an indigo bodysuit with no sleeves, and capri-style pants. She also wore a light purple glove on her right hand, ankle boots that were the same color as her witch outfit, and a choker that forms a "D" at her belt. On her left hand was a a swirling crystal arm piece with a diamond on the end that glowed light purple.

Stormy had dark blue frizzy hair shaped like a cloud with whitish purple curls that went past her shoulders. Her emerald eyes were enhanced by maroon eye shadow. She wore a maroon dress with the letter "S" embossed at the middle of her outfit with a matching maroon fingerless glove on her left hand that went to her elbow and high-heeled boots. On her right hand was a swirling crystal piece with a diamond on the end that glowed red.

"So," said Darkar as he viewed Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess through a projection that came from his tattered organic cloak, "those are the Keyblade Wielders," he leaned back in his dark throne with his chin placed on one hand, "I am not impressed."

"Believe us, Lord Darkar," said Icy, "those brats aren't to be taken lightly."

"We would have had all of Magix under our thumbs last year," said Stormy, "if those meddling brats hadn't shown up. We would still have had The Dragonfire and all those pathetic loser fairies, specialists and traitor witches would either be our slaves or dead," she smiled viciously, "yes, Musa will make an exceptionally good slave, after I take away her precious voice."

"You can dream of revenge later, Stormy," said Darcy, "but right now we've got to deal with Sora and his meddling friends. Last time around there were only three and they were a pain in the ass."

"Now there's five," said Icy as she glared at the projection, focusing on Aiden and Tess, "those two, what are they all about?"

"That boy is an alchemist," said Darcy, "but the girl, there's something…weird about her."

"What kind of weird?" Stormy asked.

"I don't know," said Darcy, "it's probably nothing. I'm more concerned as to how Carmen and Elise were able to perform that exorcism so effectively, and how did Elise get her grimy hands on that crystal that allowed her to learn the demon's name?"

"I'll bet she stole it," said Stormy, "and Morgan was no help to us either."

"They'll pay," said Icy as she took off her left glove and looked the back of her hand, glaring at a nearly healed burn, "they'll all pay when the time comes, especially Carmen."

"That exploding rune she threw at us was one close call I'll never forget," said Darcy as she touched a recently healed burn on her right arm, while Stormy touched a healed burn on her let arm, "oh yeah, she and the others will pay

"And their time will come, my dear witches," said Darkar, "once I have all four pieces of The Codex in my possession, the realm of Realix shall be open to us, and together, we shall claim the ultimate power."

Just then the bat creature flew into the room and deposited the oval crystal in Darkar's hand.

"Ah, faithful Kerbog," said Darkar to the bat creature, "well done, my pet." He stood up and held up the oval crystal, "The third Codex piece is mine! All that remains is to locate Pixy Village and claim the fourth piece."

"Easier said than done," said Darcy, "everything we've tried to find Pixy Village has ended badly. What makes you think that what you try next will work?"

"Because, my dear Darcy," said Darkar as he held the newly acquired oval crystal, while two identical crystals hovered nearby, "I am a patient man. I've waited a very long time to obtain The Codex and the power it unlocks, and I can wait as long as it takes to. And I do have ideas for how to obtain the final piece. Yes, I have ideas."

…Castle Oblivion…

Unknown to anyone in The Realm of Magix, Xehanort sat in an ornately decorated office at the highest tower in the castle, observing the events at Alfea and in Shadohaunt via an Interocitor, a device with a triangular view screen that could be configured to do just about anything. Right now Xehanort had the machine programmed as a multi-dimensional telecommunications unit set on 'observe' mode, meaning he could see and hear what was going on just about anywhere in time and space.

Xehanort picked up a remote and pressed a button. On the Interocitor, a multi-colored 'Intensifier Disk' turned 18 degrees counterclockwise. The image screen hummed as rippled appeared on the screen, emanating from the three corners of the triangle. The image soon cleared and was now focused on the three Codex pieces.

"So it's finally happened," said Xehanort, "sooner than I expected." He then pressed another button on the remote and the Intensifier Disk rotated another 18 degrees. The image of Shadowhaunt vanished and was replaced by an image of Sephiroth, who was practicing in one of the many rooms of the thirteen-leveled castle.

"Sephiroth," said Xehanort, "I wish to speak with you in person."

The one winged angel stopped his sword practice, sheathed Masamume, his elongated nodachi sword and vanished, appearing in the office in a blink of an eye.

"What is it?" Sephiroth asked.

Xehanort pressed another button on the remote and the Interocitor again showed the image of Darkar with the three Codex pieces, "the key to the Realm of Realix is nearly reassembled," said the dark master, "just one more to piece go, but I refuse to allow it to happen!"

"Why bother?" Sephiroth asked nonchalantly, "Darkar may see himself as a dark overlord, but he is a fool. Even if he obtains the final Codex piece, he still won't be able to use it, not alone that is."

"He will need someone to help him," said Xehanort, "and by that, he will force someone to help him open the door to Realix and obtain the great and terrible power that lies sealed in that realm beyond the realms. But that fool shall not have that power!

"I would have sought it out myself when I was younger, but I was otherwise detained, for reasons I shall not divulge. Least to say, even if I had the chance to seek out the pieces, I would never have found them before being stopped by their defenders. I was but one person."

"Whereas now, Darkar has the wickedly fascinating Trix," said Sephiroth. He took the remote from Xehanort and pressed a button. The image then focused on Icy, Darcy and Stormy, "the last living descendents of the coven who destroyed Domino."

"Those three brats also see themselves as overlords," said Xehanort, "or overladies in this case. But their hubris and overall insanity lead to their downfall last year."

"What of them?" Sephiroth asked.

"I have a task for you, Sephiroth," said Xehanort, "I wish for you to go to The Realm of Magix and observe events up close as they unfold. When the time is right, you shall insinuate yourself into the affairs of The Trix. Get close to them and use them to infiltrate Shadowhaunt. There you shall act as my personal agent and introduce me to Lord Darkar. Once I have arrived there and gotten into his good graces, then things shall truly become interesting."

"If that is what you wish of me, then it shall be done," said Sephiroth. He then summoned a travel gate, "but I shall do it because it pleases me to do so."

"That is your prerogative," said Xehanort as Sephiroth walked through the gate, which vanished after him. He then sat back at his desk, contemplating dark thoughts only known to him.

The end of chapter 1.

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