Last time found our heroes and allies battling their way past the hordes of Lord Darkar and chasing after him and Dark Bloom into Realix. A massive confrontation unfolded, in which Carmen admitted that she is the reincarnation of Lyssa Delgado, the last Grand High Witch of the Magical Dimension. But then things soon turned even worse when Dark Bloom summoned The Ultimate Power. Nothing seemed to be able to stop Darkar, not even the Trix. But then Dark Bloom betrayed Darkar and announced that she was going to use The Ultimate Power to unleash the forces of Hell upon reality. But then Sky confessed his love for Bloom, allowing her to regain control of her body and exorcising the demon, destroying it perminantly. Our heroes and allies then combined their powers to defeat Darkar once and for all, which resulted in the destruction of Shadowhaunt. 'Nuff said, on with the show!

Chapter 10: Wrapping Things Up

A short time later our heroes and allies were all safely back at Alfea, with three unwanted passengers to boot.

"Let's see you escape from this," Musa asked as Faragonda and Griffin secured restraining spells on The Trix that prevented them from using any magic.

"So you've put the whammy on us," said Darcy, "it doesn't matter."

"We'll get out of this," said Stormy, "and when we do, we'll tear you all to pieces!"

"You want me to stitch their mouths shut?" Morgan asked as she summoned a needle and a spool of coarse thread.

"I can probably think of something better to do to them," said Malcolm, "or worse, depending on how you see it."

"What's the matter, Icy?" Carmen asked, "you haven't said a thing since you woke up. Don't you have some vicious threats to throw at us? Aren't you going to swear revenge?"

Sora and the others noticed that Icy had been silent for a while. The frosty witch was currently glaring at Bloom.

"What?" Bloom asked, "is there something on my face?"

"Why?" Icy asked.

"Why what?" Bloom asked.

"If you're just going to mess with us," said Sky, "then you should keep your mouth shut."

"I have a valid question," said an irate Icy, "and I have a right to an answer," she looked at Bloom, "Why? Why did you waste The Ultimate Power like that?"

"Waste it?" Stella asked, "she used it to save our lives."

"And free herself of the demon," said Elise, "although it does point out another valid question. How did you free yourself of Ozezil's control, Bloom?"

"Well," said Bloom hesitantly, blushing slightly, "it wasn't easy. You know that I was fully aware of everything that happened while that thing was in the drivers seat. I could see, hear and feel everything the demon made my body do. I tried everything I could to resist, but Ozezil was too strong and I was completely helpless as it summoned The Ultimate Power.

"But then Sky said that he loved me, and my soul was shouting that I loved him back. I then wished with all of my will and heart that I could tell Sky that I loved him. I'm not completely sure how it happened, but The Ultimate Power heard me and granted my wish. It gave me the power to exorcise the demon, while at the same time it helped me gain full control over my healing magic, which was a good thing because I've been having a lot of trouble with healing spells."

"You should have told me," said Kairi, "I could have helped."

"She really needed help," said Aisha, "but I'm glad she got the knack for healing magic now, we were really in trouble back there."

"Well, that's that," said Bloom, "I made a wish and The Ultimate Power granted it. I exorcised the demon and healed everyone. I even cured Riven's diabetes."

"What?" Musa asked in a shocked tone.

"I have diabetes!?" Riven asked in a horrified tone.

"Well, you don't now," said Bloom.

"Oh, cool," said Riven in a relieved tone, while Musa also sighed with relief.

"But why did you make that kind of wish?" Icy demanded, "when you could have wished for anything you wanted. You could have used it to destroy the demon and Darkar. You could have used it to kill my sisters and I. You could have used it to restore Domino. You could have used it to become queen of the universe, and you wasted it on love."

"Love is all you need," said Bloom, "and I don't think I could have wished for anything else, not just anything that is. Again, I'm not really sure, but I think The Ultimate Power can only grant selfless wishes and never for personal gain. I mean, I asked it to help me tell Sky how I felt, but subconsciously, it knew that what I needed was to get rid of the demon and help my friends. It gave me exactly what I needed to win without actually asking for it.

"And even if I wanted something else, I wouldn't ask for it," she smiled at her friends, "I have everything I could ever want right here."

"So, even if Darkar had The Ultimate Power?" Icy asked, her voice cracking with anger and hate, "it wouldn't have worked for him? Everything we went through this past year would have been for nothing?"

"If you look at it that way," said Bloom, "yes."

At that Icy looked as if she wanted to rush at Bloom and rip her head off. Screaming in rage, the frosty witch tried to attack Bloom but was restrained by Carmen, Elise, Sora and Riku, "you stupid fairy! You stupid, stupid bitch! I'll get you for this!"

"Oh, give it a break, Icy!" said Darcy in an annoyed, defeated tone, "it's over."

"Save your rage for later," said Stormy, "when we return for our revenge."

"You won't get the chance," said Carmen. She then looked at the rest of our heroes and allies, "let's find the nearest tree and hang them."

"I thought we were going to cut their heads off with an axe!" said Tess.

"You can give Stormy and Darcy the axe," said Carmen, "but I want to hang Icy."

"Fair enough," said Tess, "you get some rope and pick out a tree, and I'll get the axe."

"You can't," said King Mickey, "remember, we have to turn them over to the police."

"Oh, right," said Carmen in a deflated tone, but then remembered the dire fate that awaited Icy, Darcy and Stormy, "yeah, that'll suit them just fine."

"Go ahead and throw us to the cops!" said Icy, "we'll escape before we're ever brought to trial!"

"You've already had your trial," said Timmy, "you were tried in absentia and found you incredibly guilty."

"All we have to do is wait for the cops to show up and you get thrown into jail," said Sora.

"Big deal," said Stormy as she crossed her arms.

"So we'll go to prison," said Darcy, "we'll break out in no time!"

"We broke out of Light Rock," said Icy, "we can break out of any prison!"

"You had to have Darkar break you out of Light Rock," said Aisha, "that doesn't give me much confidence in your jail breaking skills."

"You're not going to any old prison," said Carmen as she grinned in anticipation, "you're going to Omega."

At that The Trix were left dumbstruck.

"No," said Darcy finally in a shocked tone, "not Omega."

"That place is so cold, our hearts will freeze," said Stormy fearfully, "you can't send us there! I'd rather go back to Light Rock!"

"Yeah, send us back to Light Rock!" exclaimed Darcy in a desperate tone, "we're crazy, we need to be in rehab!"

"We're sick people!" said Stormy in an equally desperate tone, "we need help, a lot!"

But then Icy began laughing like the insane witch she was.

"What's her excuse?" Riven asked.

Icy then glared at our heroes and allies, "you idiots really think that you've seen the last of us, that we'll never get out of Omega. Well, you've guessed wrong! We'll be back, more powerful than ever, and you all will be begging to submit to us! Darkar thought he could rule the universe, but it is us, The Trix, whom shall rule!"

"Oh shut up!" exclaimed Carmen. She then punched Icy in the face, knocking the frosty witch out cold.

"Boy, that felt good," said Carmen as she rubbed her fist.

A short time later the cops showed up and, after forcing The Trix into straight jackets for good measure, then carted them off.

"All that need's to be done is wait for all the red tape to be processed," said Timmy as our heroes and allies watched the three dark witches ride away in the back of a police wagon, "then they'll be gone for good."

"How much red tape are we talking about?" Kairi asked.

"A lot," said Elise, "it'll be at least a week or so before all the bureaucratic minotaur crap is cleared up, and then they've got to be transported to Omega, one of the most remote places in The Magical Dimension, but once they've been dropped on that iceball hell hole, they're there forever, I hope."

"No one has ever escaped from Omega," said Sky, "but then again, underestimating The Trix has been one of our biggest mistakes."

"All we can do is hope that they're our of our hair for good this time," said Flora.

"But if they do come back somehow," said Bloom, "if they do the impossible and escape, we'll be ready for them."

"Ready to finish them off for good," said Carmen, "because if they ever come back, I won't hold back."

"And in the meantime," said Bloom, "we can talk about the past and what you owe me."

"Oh, that," said Carmen in an uncertain tone, "listen, about that…"

"As far as I'm concerned, we're even," said Bloom, "in fact, I think I owe you one now."

"But…I killed your ancestor," said Carmen, "my previous life…I…"

"That was just that…a previous life," said Bloom, "you had nothing to do with what happened between Lyssa and Danielle. They were manipulated by a horrible, evil creature that's dead. The Puppeteer, he is dead, right? Right?"

At that Carmen looked unsure, "I hope he's dead, I mean…Lyssa used The Armageddon Spell that destroyed an entire planet. But then again," she closed her eyes, as if bracing herself against admitting something she didn't want to, "then again, The Puppeteer has existed for thousands of years, always escaping death just when you thought he was finally finished. He hasn't been seen since Lyssa dropped the hammer on him, but…"

"But if he's still alive," said Sora, "we'll find him and shut him down."

"We shut Darkar down," said Kairi, "we can shut down any villain!" At that Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess all nodded in agreement.

"Count me in as well," said Malcolm, "that is…assuming I passed the probation test."

"With flying colors," said Kairi.

"Welcome to the gang," said Sora as he shook hands with Malcolm, whom then shook hands with Kairi and the others.

"Just make sure you take good care of him," said Mirta, "he's my only brother, I'd like to have him back in one piece one day, and so would mom and dad."

"We'll take good care of him," said Tess, "and keep an eye out for The Puppeteer."

"Be sure to look for the mark," said Carmen, "The Puppeteer can control several people at once, but his main host is always identifiable by a distinct black birthmark, it can be either an animal or a random object. That's how he chooses his next host, by casting a spell every hundred years or so that seeks out an unborn child and marks it. When the host matures, that's when the bastard seeks him or her out and transfers his twisted soul into the new host.

"The mark can be anywhere on the body and be any color, but one thing is absolutely certain; the mark always turns black when The Puppeteer is ready to transfer his soul."

"We'll keep our eyes open," said Riku, while the others nodded in agreement.

"And now that that's taken care of," said Elise, "we've got to decide what you're going to do, Carmen."

"And just what are you planning for me to do?" Carmen asked.

"Claim your birthright, of course," said Elise, "you are Lyssa Delgado reborn, and therefore have a legitimate claim to the title of Grand High Witch."

"What?!" exclaimed a horrified Carmen, "I…no! I can't be Grand High Witch, I'm still in school!"

"How is it that being the last Grand High Witch in a previous life gives her the right to be the next one?" Musa asked.

"The title of Grand High Witch had a very complex set of succession laws," said Elise, "the daughter of the standing Grand High Witch could be a candidate for the next one, as could a niece, sister, even an aunt or a cousin. Even a reincarnated Grand High Witch could also be a candidate, so can just about any witch with the knowledge, skills, connections and personality can become Grand High Witch. It all comes down to a grand election, in which every coven in The Magical Dimension comes together and votes on who shall be the next Grand High Witch."

"Politics," said Sky, "it all comes down to politics."

"Which is why I'm not going to do it," said Carmen, "I've got my hands full being Student Body President. There's no way I can handle leading every single coven in the universe, I just can't!"

"But you can," said Sora, "you're one of the most powerful magic users I know."

"You're smart, charismatic," said Morgan, "and you know how to use the color black."

"And there's the fact that you absolutely refuse to run away from anything," said Elise, "you're one stubborn old goat, one who's not afraid to stand up for what's right."

"You're got a lot of guts," said Sky, "and in some cases, that's all that counts."

"And you know how to win an argument," said Musa.

"You convinced us that witches are people too," said Flora.

"I thought I did that," said Mirta.

"Well, Carmen helped," said Aisha.

"What are we? Chopped liver?" Morgan asked.

"We had our part in it too, you know," said Elise.

"You all really think I can do this?" Carmen asked, "be the next Grand High Witch?"

"Without a doubt," said Bloom.

Carmen paused in thought before finally speaking, "Okay, I'll do it; I'll be the next Grand High Witch."

At that Elise blinked in shock, "wait, you want to do it now?"

"Why not start now?" Carmen asked, "the sooner the better I say."

"But you can't do it now!" said Elise, "you're not ready."

"If you're going to be the next Grand High Witch," said Tecna, "you're going to have to persuade the majority of all the covens in The Magical Dimension to elect you, at least 60%."

"And once word gets out of what you're doing," said Timmy, "there's going to be other witches who want to be Grand High Witch."

"And judging from the history of the office of Grand High Witch," said Elise, "some of those elections could get kinda nasty."

"Nasty is part of who I am," said Carmen, "I can handle any dirty political games thrown at me."

"Some candidates would turn up dead," said Elise.

"Wouldn't be the first time someone tried to kill me," said Carmen.

"And what about your homeworld?" Morgan asked, "what about your people on Holicon who are suffering under the evils of Underwood and Inglewood?"

"Oh, right," said Carmen, "well, I'll deal with them when the time comes. And I'll deal with any witch who wants me dead with the time comes."

"You won't have to deal with them alone," said Bloom, "I'll help you save your home world, and help you become Grand High Witch."

"We'll help too," said Sky, while Stella and all the Specialists, Winx and their bonded Pixies nodded in agreement.

"And we'll help too," said Sora, while Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess nodded in agreement.

"Oh, you guys," said Carmen as she smiled brightly.

But then it was time for Sora and the gang to take their leave of The Magical Dimension. Everyone said their goodbyes and expressed well wishes.

But as Sora was saying goodbye to Bloom and Sky, wishing them well on their newly expressed love, he saw that Queen Minnie was looking at King Mickey with irate eyes, while The King was looking rather ashamed of himself.

"What happened with them?" Sora asked.

"He had her stay outside while we went inside," said Sky, "and she's not happy about it."

But then The King looked at the Queen with pleading eyes, begging her for forgiveness. She crossed her arms and turned away. The King then got on his knees, begging again for forgiveness. The Queen then gave a betraying smile, turned around and hugged The King, peppering him with kisses.

"Problem solved," said Sora.

The King and Queen then walked over to talk to Bloom, "we've been meaning to go see you, Bloom," said King Mickey, "but things have been so busy with us."

"You're so much like your mother and father," said Queen Minnie.

"I know," said Bloom, "everyone keeps telling me how much I look like my mother."

"You've received so much more from Miriam than her looks," said Queen Minnie, "you have her wisdom, charisma, whit and grace."

"And you got Oritel's courage and knack for leadership," said King Mickey, "and more than a little of his stubborn streak."

"Yeah, Bloom can be a bit stubborn," said Sky, "but in a good way."

"Oritel was just the same," said The King.

"You really think so?" Bloom asked.

"I know so," said King Mickey, "and if both Oritel and Miriam were here, they'd agree with me fully."

"Your parents were more than our friend," said Queen Minnie, "they were our dearest friends, and we're honored to know their daughter and be her fear friends as well."

"I'd like that," said Bloom. She then looked hopeful, "do you think we'll ever see them again?"

"I hope so," said King Mickey, "your mother and father were too good to let some crummy trio of old hags do them in. I know we'll see them again someday. I haven't given up hope, and neither should you."

"I'll never give up," said Bloom, "as long as there's hope in my heart, I'll never stop looking for my parents."

"That's the spirit!" said The King.

Sora then saw Mirta and Malcolm saying goodbye. The siblings had hugged, then looked at each other, silently promising each other to be safe and be well.

Then came the time for Sora and the others to go. They all boarded The Intrepid Heart, with Sora being the last to walk up the hatch. He paused to wave goodbye to The Winx, bonded pixies, Specialists and good witches, whom all waved back. The hatch then closed up, the ship took off and vanished into a portal.

"I'm gonna miss them," said Aisha, " they were great, all of them."

"They were great," said Sky.

"One of these days," said Bloom, "we might just go with them to their worlds."

"Not me," said Stella, "I'm glad they're leaving. Every time Sora and his friends come, we nearly end up dead."

"Chances are, we could have been killed without The Keyblade Wielders," said Carmen.

"Gee, you really know how to bring someone down, Carmen," said Stella.

"Thanks," said Carmen.

"I know how to cheer you up, Stella," said Musa, "we've got a celebration party to get ready for."

"Hey, that's right!" said Stella in a much perkier tone, "party time!"

"Some things never change," said Sky.

"You said it," remarked Bloom.

…Castle Oblivion…

"So, once again Sora and his cabal defied all odds and came out victorious," said Sephiroth as he, Dio Brando, Insano and Xehanort watched on the Interocitor as our heroes leave The Magical Dimension in The Intrepid Heart.

"And they're all still alive," said Dio Brando, "so much for murdering Kairi."

"So much for your plan of killing Sora's companions one by one," said Insano.

"Their fortune shall change in due time," said Xehanort, "as will ours. Speaking of which, when will you begin your experiment on young Gaston?"

"As soon as I finish setting up my laboratory," said Insano. He then glared at Xehanort through his spiral goggles, "which won't happen until you provide me with the equipment I requested!"

"Patience, my dear doctor," said Xehanort, "the equipment you need is coming."

"As is our financial expert," said Dio Brando, "seriously, the guy isn't coming!"

Just then a rather unpleasant character, a duck wearing a tartan bonnet, vest and kilt, thick glasses with a gray goatee beard and carrying a large wooden walking stick, walked into the room, "forgive my lateness, gentlemen," said the duck in a thick Scottish accent, "I was securing the financial assets that this group would be needing."

"Of which we are all grateful for," said Xehanort as he stood up and walked over to the Scottish duck. He then looked at Sephiroth, Dio Brando and Doctor Insano, "permit me to introduce our financial advisor, Flintheart Glomgold."

"Your servant," said Flintheart Glomgold as he gave a short nod of acknowledgement to the three villains, "now, if you'll all excuse me, I have business to attend to." With that he walked out of the room.

"I'm not sure I like him or not," said Dio Brando.

"He's not here to be liked," said Xehanort, "our friend Glomgold is here to help us get what we want, for which in return, I shall help him get what he wants."

"And what does that overly rich duck wants?" Sephiroth asked, "I've heard of Flintheart Glungold, who's heart is as hard as flint itself. He has billions and owns dozens of businesses and real-estate properties. He has everything he could want, so what can you, Xehanort, give a duck like Glomgold?"

"Revenge," said Xehanort, "revenge on the one duck who's thwarted him time and time again; Scrooge McDuck. Glomgold helps us with our plans, I help him bring financial ruin and unparallel humiliation to McDuck."

"Sounds fair to me," said Insano, "now," he stood up, "if you'll excuse me, I have my own work to attend to."

"Don't kill Gaston yet," said Dio Brando, "I want to see him suffer before he dies from your twisted experiments."

"Who said anything about killing the man?" Insano asked, "I promised him revenge on Belle and The Beast; I intend to deliver!" at that he laughed like the lunatic he was and walked out of the room.

"That man is either going to help us win or destroy us," said Sephiroth.

"Do you doubt the validity of this arrangement we all have?" Xehanort asked.

"I have my moments," said Sephiroth, "one of them came when you told me to retreat from The Keyblade Wielders just now."

"It was part of the plan," said Xehanort.

"I know," said Sephiroth, "and I do not hold it against you. But it will cost you."

"I see," said Xehanort, "well then, name your price."

"When the time comes," said Sephiroth, "when Sora's friends all lie dead and he on the verge of the darkness, I shall be the one to destroy him and bring to you the heart of Ventus, I and I alone!"

"Is that all?" Xehanort asked, "I thought you were already hung up on Cloud Strife. Very well then, when the time cones, Sora shall be yours to destroy, but I want Ven's heart brought to me, intact."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," said Xehanort.

With that Sephiroth left the room, followed by Dio Brando, who left without saying anything, leaving the dark master to his own ruminations.

"A minor setback," said Xehanort as he took out a data crystal from his pocket, "and yet, not without its rewards," he then walked over to the Interocitor and plugged the crystal into a data port on the side. He then pressed the button on the remote. The intensifier disk rotated eighteen degrees to the left and the data that Xehanort stole from Shadowhaunt was displayed on the triangular screen. The dark master sat down and began studying the data, "not without its rewards," he said again.

…Maleficent's Cavern…

"So this is where you've kept your own copy of Hecate's book," said Regina as she looked at the dark tome on its pedestal, "to think, every dark spell in existence is in this book."

"Nearly every dark spell," said Maleficent, "I copied as much as I could before the original was noticed missing. But it is extensive. Even I, the mistress of all evil, have yet to learn all the secrets in this grimoire."

"Fascinating," said the evil queen as she eyed the book with increasing envy and desire.

"Yes, fascinating," said Maleficent. Regina then reached out to touch the book, but then Maleficent placed a barrier around it, "and you can fantasize about it all you wish, for that is all you shall do about it."

At that the evil queen glared at Maleficent with murder in her eyes, but then relented, "of course. I am a guest in your house and it was rude of me to try to touch your property."

Just then Lady Tremaine stormed into the room, the former wicked stepmother of Cinderella looking like she was ready to kill someone, "they refused me! My own daughters! They refused me!"

"What are you talking about?" Regina asked.

"My daughters!" said Lady Tremaine, "Anastasia and Drizella, I spoke with them just now. I told them that Maleficent offered to heal their old wounds and restore their beauty, that she would make them great and powerful ladies and we would all have our revenge on Cinderella."

She then looked ready to kill her own daughters, "and then they had the nerve to say no to me! They said that they were happy with their lives and had no desire for fame, beauty, glory, power or revenge, then they told me to go away. Of all the nerve! I'm their mother, and they told me to go away!"

"Clearly they're mentally disturbed," said Regina in a sarcastic tone.

"I should have them beaten to an inch of their lives!" said Lady Tremaine as she irately paced back and forth, "of all the nerve! How dare they refuse me!? I gave them everything they could have wanted and now they turn their back on me! Those ungrateful twits! I should skin them alive!"

"Compose yourself, dear lady!" said Maleficent, "you're going to give yourself a cardiac arrest!"

"Yes, the last thing we would want is for you to have a heart attack," said the evil queen.

At that Lady Tremaine seemed to calm down somewhat, "I…I suppose not. But they still had no right to refuse me! I'm their mother!"

"If they have no desire for revenge then they are of no use to us," said Maleficent, "it matters not," she then showed the two villainesses the glowing protomass that was the offspring of Xorat and Kiraxi. In the months since it was created, the protomass had tripled in size and was pulsating with the insidious life growing inside it.

"My new lieutenants," said Maleficent as she walked up to the protomass, "within a few months, they shall be ready to carry out my will across the universe."

"And what of our will?" the former evil queen asked, "we still have an agreement."

"Our help in exchange for youth, health, beauty and power," said Lady Tremaine.

"And you shall have it all in abundance," said Maleficent. She then walked up to a summoned mirror and looked into it, the possessed body of Penny Dubois gazing back at her, "yes, soon we shall all have what we desire."

"All that we desire," said Regina as she an Lady Tremaine stood next to Maleficent and looked into the mirror as well, "now, if we can track down my old magic mirror, we'd be in decent shape."

"And force my irresponsible daughters into shape," said Lady Tremaine.

"All in good time, my sisters in darkness," said Maleficent, "all in good time

…Disney Castle…

"Well, your majesty," said Sora once everyone was back at the castle and were settled in the library, "I'm sorry that things got sidetracked."

"If you weren't called to The Magical Dimension," said King Mickey, "then chances are, things would have turned out a lot worse."

"Not only did you restore the friendship of the Winx," said Queen Minnie, "and helped a few of them find true love, and saved Bloom's soul twice, you also helped another find her destiny."

"Carmen," said Kairi, "you really think she has what it takes to be the Grand High Witch of the entire Magical Dimension?"

"I hope so," said Riku, "she's got the feel of being the right person for the job."

"I also hope so," said Tess, "I also hope she saves her world. Can you imagine, two evil organizations tearing a world apart to fuel their insane desires. It's just sick."

"There's been worse things in the Magical Dimension," said Malcolm, "there's been villains there who could blow up a planet with one spell."

"The Armageddon Spell," said Kairi. "Let's hope our enemies never learn that one," she then knocked on a nearby wooden bookshelf.

"We can only hope that things in The Magical Dimension stay quiet for a while," said King Mickey. He then looked at Malcolm, "now, I'm sure you've got a tone of questions."

"And how," said Malcolm as he scratched the back of his head, "this is all so new to me. Everything on this world is so…bright and cheerful and…and happy."

"Yep, that's this world for you," said The King, "welcome to the realms of light." he then looked at Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess, "and you guys are overdue at another school."

"Hogwarts," said Riku, "well…"

"You're not going just yet," said the King, "I know, you're all eager to go there, but you just got back from saving an entire universe. You're in no shape to go to magic school."

"Especially when we just got back from one," said Kairi as she took out her note pad.

"We took a lot of notes there," said Sora as he and Riku also took out their notepads.

"You'd better let us read those," said Aiden, while Tess nodded in agreement.

"You'll have all the time you needed to go over them," said King Mickey, "while you were on Magic, I made arrangements with Hogwarts to postpone your visit there a few weeks, so you've got plenty of time to go over your notes, and to deal with any major crises that come up."

"Being Keyblade Wielders," said The Queen, "trouble is always close at hand."

"I won't argue with that," said Sora, while Riku, Kairi, Aiden and Tess nodded in agreement.

"It'll also give us the time for our newest friend to get used to us," said Kairi.

"And for us to whip him into shape," said Riku, "you're good, Malcolm, but you can do better."

"You've trained yourself so far," said Aiden as he eagerly pressed his wrists, "now it's our turn."

"Bring it," said Malcolm in a confident tone, "I can handle anything you throw at me."

"Famous last words," said Tess.

By the next day our heroes had returned to their homes on their Earth, with Malcolm sleeping in the guest room at Riku's house. They all met at the pier on the island.

"So now that we're all here," said Sora, "let's get started."

"On what?" Aiden asked as he rubbed the back of his neck, "and is it going to be a lot of hard work? I slept funny last night and my neck is killing me."

"The only thing you'll be doing is reading," said Riku as he handed Aiden his notes.

"What notes?" Aiden asked after looking at the papers, "all I see is chicken scratches."

"You do have pretty bad hand righting, Riku," said Kairi.

"Really?" Riku asked as he took the notepad back and looked at what he wrote, "I can read it just fine."

"So can I," said Tess as she looked at the notepad.

"I think I can make it out," said Malcolm as he looked at the notes, "barely."

"So I write like a doctor," said Riku, "so what? Sora and Kairi took the same notes that I did."

"I can barely read my own handwriting sometimes," said Sora.

"I'm only average," said Kairi.

At that Malcolm sighed, "okay, if you'll just tell me what you wrote down, I'll transcribe it all for you."

"You'd do that?" Sora asked.

"I have excellent penmanship," said Malcolm.

"Well, that's good to know," said Aiden, "what else can you do that's excellent?"

"A lot," said Malcolm.

Just then an orange and yellow portal opened up at the end of the dock, and from it emerged a tall, wiry man wearing a blue and white messenger's uniform. He walked up to our heroes, "excuse me," said the messenger, "but is there a Tess Thatcher among you?"

"Uh, yeah," said Tess as she stepped forward, "that's me."

The messenger then pulled out a parchment scroll that was tied with a gold and white ribbon and sealed with red wax, "permit me the honor, Lady Teresa Angelina Francesca d'Avrnoy, of delivering this letter to you."

"Who?" Tess asked.

"Lady Teresa Angelina Francesca d'Avrnoy," said the messenger, "of Valkasia. That's you." He then handed the parchment scroll to Tess, "I'm sure you have many questions about who you really are. Please, these will answer them."

Hesitantly, Tess took the scroll, broke the seal and unrolled it. Her eyes widened in shock as she read the message, "oh my! It says that I'm the heir to the duchy of Avrony on Valkasia."

"No way!" exclaimed Sora, Riku and Kairi.

"Does this sort of thing happen often?" Malcolm asked.

"With us, you learn to expect the unexpected," said Aiden.

The end of Volume 2.

And that's that for volume 2. But don't worry, fellow readers and writers, the drama is far from over, for unknown to our heroes, they're soon to encounter three awesomely awesome teams of heroes.

Coming soon:

Path of the Keyblade Wielder Volume 3: Keyblade Wielders vs. Super Sentai!

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