Warnings: Jealousy, yaoi (boyxboy)

Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Kane Chronicles', nor do I own the plot idea. The idea goes to Cookie Monster Ninja! Here's you first request!

Summary:Horus sees Anubis trying to move in on his lover. Ain't gonna happen.

There are many words that can be used to describe Horus Godson. Most of them complimentary and positive. His darker side was less known to the public (as it should be).

But watching this leech flirt up his boyfriend was picking at his patience and the public is about to find out just how jealous he can get. Normally when he felt the common stirrings of his jealousy he would drag Carter elsewhere, but since he did it so often Carter had gotten mad and forced him to stop. Is it his fault that so many people flirted with Carter? No. Is it his fault that Carter was oblivious? Okay, maybe. He liked that oblivious part of his lover.

But at times like these, that obliviousness was a pain in the ass.

The fool talking up his younger lover wasn't bad looking, he had to admit. The kid had dark as night short hair and pale skin. Some what of a toned body, but not as good as Horus. He wore dark clothes and tight skinny jeans, a chain hanging from his back pocket to his front.

Horus didn't know where the brat got the gall to think that he had a chance with Carter. Not only for the fact that he was already dating somebody (Horus), but he was Carter Kane. Enough said.

"Hey, Horus! Come meet Anubis!"

And what kind of name was that?

He walked over to the duo, smoothly stepping between the two. He smirked at the disgruntled huff from Anubis. His eyes snapped into a narrow gaze when Anubis placed a hand on Carter's arm.

That was the final straw.

Ripping the very offending hand off of Carter's arm, he wrapped the both of his around the familiar slim waist and crashed his lips against surprised ones. He pushed his way into Carter's mouth, tasting that addicting flavor and just over all owning Carter's mouth.

When he finally pulled away from Carter's lips, he left the man blushing and panting for air, and glared at Anubis.


After that kiss, Anubis never forgot that Carter belonged to Horus