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We jumped happily and did a little victory dance. It had been almost a year that I had found my soulfinder Zed. Both our parents agreed that we could now go on vacation together. That's why Zed and me were jumping. My parents don't know about savants and soulfinders, so they weren't so straight forward about my relationship with Zed and us going alone on a vacation.

'But…' It was too good to be true. 'As long as me and Sally go with you two.' Simon said and Zed and I almost moaned.

Oh god! We're fuc…

Don't say that! It might be fun… I cut him off before he could finish.

Yeah… In a million years! He paused. I wanted to spend time alone with you. That was the whole idea of this trip!

I know Zed… I signed in my head because I wanted that time alone with Zed too! But now there was nothing we could do….

Just think it has a great way for you to get to know them better.

Okay but haven't I been doing that for almost a year?

Yeah but you know…. Besides it's not like we were planning on doing something they won't like. We can still have our time alone.

You never know. We might…..

Now, now! Behave you two. Saul's voice came through to interrupt Zed. He sounded calm, almost as if he trusted us too much. I had an idea of what Zed was going to say, not what most people were thinking. He was actually talking about the night life in the small town. It's amazing, Zed says. Not that we were planning on getting really drunk ending up in the same bed, naked… We just wanted to have a look and we weren't even allowed to drink. We have been together for almost a year but we both think that we are too young and prefer to wait until we're older. The gossip on my relationship with Zed in Wrinkebridge was now one of the favorite topics to talk about. The people in Wrinkebridge were suprised that me and Zed are still dating. Now that our first anniversary together for a year was close, there was even more gossip. Tina couldn't believe it and Zoe is shocked that I'm still with him now that I'm 'well known' in Wrinkebridge. I have developed my powers much more thanks to Zed. My telekinesis is getting really good.


'Sky, that's not how you do it.' Zed told me gently. So I had another go but it didn't go too well either. 'No, gently.' Zed reached in my mind.

Calmly, you can do it. I know you can. I concentrated looking at the table with all the plates and candles on top. The Benedicts and me were all at the 'Savant Net Training Base'. Zed promised that I was going to get better at my telekinesis, so even if I didn't want to this Savant training, I had to because Zed insisted on me doing it, he also said being able to use my powers better, I would be much more safe. The task was that I had to lift the table with all the plates and candles and without dropping on the water, I had to move it on the other side of the pool using telekinesis. To me it didn't sound that hard until I tried. It's harder then it looks. With the lemons I can lift them and move them but only for a short time and that's why I couldn't do this one.

I took a big breath and looked at the table again. Zed had his arm looped around my waist and was holding my hand and stroking it gently. Making me relax and concentrate. I could hear Yves, Will and Uriel behind me talking silently; all watching to see me fail again and that made me a little nervous. Karla and Saul were just sitting quietly which was surprisely supportive. Trace and Victor were shouting 'you can do it Sky!' And Xav... Well, he was just being Xav, waiting for the right moment to crack up a joke.

'I talked to my parents.' Zed told me.

'What did you talk to them about?'

'Well... Let's just say that if you can do it this time, they agreed to let us go on holiday together.' I smiled sweetly. 'Without them, just the two of us.' Zed said and I smiled again. The thought of us being alone gave me much pleasure. I closed my eyes, relaxed and concentrated. I reached on the white line and imagined it being moved to the other side of the pool. I was concentrating so that much that only the cheering from Zed and the other Benedicts stopped my concentration. Zed hugged me tightly and kissed my hair.

'Well done baby! I knew you could do it.' We stayed in silence for a few seconds. 'We're going on holiday!' We both jumped and he high five me. Then he kissed my lips regardless that his family were watching or not.

That was when we filled our heads with fantasies of going on holiday on our own. We had no other choice…. My parents had to come with us! We decided not to fight and just accepted the fact that they had to go with us or we couldn't go on our vacation. So, we just forgot about it and slept the whole car trip.

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