Chapter 8

We were so many that we had to arrange the sleeping arrangements. Karla and Saul stayed in Victor's bedroom, me and Phoenix took Yves's double and the boys had to share, resulting some staying in Xav's queen bed and the sofas in the living room. Before taking Phee to our room, I went to say goodnight to Zed who was staying in Xav's bedroom. I stood in the door frame silently and looking at Zed. I was observing Zed as he was getting something to get dressed into. I looked Zed up and down and I was thinking how this guy could be mine, how he is mine. Suddenly I heard his soft laughter that I loved so much and he turned around to look at me with a smile from ear to ear.

'You came to say goodnight?' I nodded, smiled and walked towards him. I soon as I got to him, he spun me around, then pulled me close and kissed the tip of my nose. I smiled and we stared at each other's eyes without breaking eye contact.

'I love you Zed.' He smiled.

'I love you too Sky.' I smiled and we stayed silently looking at each other for a few seconds. We crashed our lips passionately, I put my arms around his neck and his hands went up and down my back. He pushed me softly on the bed as we both lay down, him on top and me bellow him. As things were heating up we heard a cough and broke the contact of our lips leaving us both breathless. We looked at the door and Xav was standing there with his arms crossed. I bit my bottom lip and when I looked over at Zed, he was doing the same.

'Dad told me to tell you to go to bed.' He paused for a second. 'Good thing he asked me.' An awkward silence filled the room. Zed slowly got off me and pulled me up to my feet.

'Well,' I started and both boys looked at me. 'Goodnight.' I kissed Zed with a small, soft and gentle kiss on the lips leaving him wanting more and went out of the room and into the kitchen to go and get Phoenix.

When I got to the room, all I wanted to do was to be with Zed, I didn't know if I meant sleeping with Zed in that kind way... The truth was that we had almost been an year together and the only reason we hadn't slept together yet was because I always thought that we were too young; but the truth was that I really wanted to sleep with him but I was scared, I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone that is a virgin, is scared. I tried to shake off the thought out of my head and sleep. Phoenix followed me to the room and I took off my shoes and lay down on the right side of the bed.

'Bliss. I didn't sleep much on the flight. We were all too stirred up about Yve's news.' I did sleep but only for the last 2 hours of the trip because I was too worried about Yves. Yves and all Zed's brothers have become kind of like my brothers and we'll care about each other very much. Phee hovered by the other edge. She looked like she was uncertain of whether sleeping in the bed or in the floor. From her colours she looked like she was wondering if I would mind her sharing the double bed with me.

'What exactly has he told you?' She said and I patted the mattress. Of course I wouldn't mind sharing the bed with her, besides that was the idea.

'There's plenty of room. Why don't you lie down?' I told her, she unlaced her shoes, took them off and stretched out on the other side of the bed. I smiled. 'Yves didn't say much. We know he met you at the conference but you're in some kind of trouble, mixed up with a bad crowd of Savants. He said he needed help getting you out of the country. Saul and Victor are going to work on sorting a passport for you. And he thought that I might be able to understand more about where you're coming from, being British too.' Not to mention that me and Zed are unseperable; we can obviously go a whole school without seeing each other in school but we have to see each other every day. Phoenix's colours changed to doubt, I didn't know why but she doubted something. She was silence for a few moments, so I decided to ask her a question. 'How old are you, Phee? You must be nearly eighteen if you're Yves's soulfinder.'

'I am?' She didn't know?

'His birthday is first of July. You don't know?' I asked and she stared at the ceiling.

'Birthdays don't figure much where I come from. I think I remember my mum making a fuss of me each year in the Summer but she's long gone and I don't recall details, like the day or anything.'

'I didn't know my birthday either. My parents and I had chosen the day of my adoption so it was a bit of a shock to find I was probably younger than I thought.' I felt her sudden interest in the conversation.

'How did that happen?'

'Zed's birthday is fifth of August; because of the link between soulfinders, that makes mine around then too.' I turned so I could look at her. 'But I've kept first of March as my birthday as I like to tease Zed about dating an older woman. And my parents wouldn't understand if I told them about the soulfinder bond and tried to change it.'

'They don't know?'


I was eating in the canteen with Tina and Zoey and we were talking about how Zed had changed so much. They were playing saying that he changed for me because of that day in the parking lot, saving that I scared him and so he changed. Of course that wasn't the reason, Zed changed because he has found his balance, in fact, he didn't change, he just became the real him. I'm his balance and he's mine and we are soulfinders. Zoey waved her hand in front of my eyes and I jumped on my seat which caused me to spill my drink all over the table.

'Bloody hell Zoey!' I jumped up from my seat, then sat back after cleaning the table.

'It's not my fault you keep day dreaming.' Zoey said playfully and Tina joined in.

'About Zed.' I got up and turned around and I bumped into someone's chest. When I looked up, I smiled, it was Zed. He pushed our lips together for a kiss and we got a bit carried away... Tina coughed and Zoey said.

'Huh... Guys.' We stopped the kiss and looked over at them. 'Stop making out in school.' We all laughed.

Dad wants to talk to us. Zed said to me telephantically and I looked at him and he smiled at me.

Okay, let's go. I nodded and smiled.

'Bye girls, I'll see you later.'

'Bye!' They both said at the same time waving at me and Zed. Zed intertwined our hands and when we got out of the canteen, I turned to him while still walking over to his bike.

'What does your dad want to talk to us about?' He smiled at me ressuarily.

'I think they want to talk about to us about your birthday.'

'My birthday?' I asked confused.

'Don't worry. I'm here next to you.' I smiled widely. I mounted on the bike behind him and off we went to his house. When we got there, Saul was already waiting for us outside. We all went inside and sat down in the family room; I sat in the sofa and Zed and Saul sat in front of me in two chairs. It was just us, the others were doing something else.

'Sky, we wanted to ask you if you want to move your birthday?'

'We?' I looked at them both and Zed smiled greatly at me.

'Well, me and Zed.' I still just looked at them. 'Because of your soulfinder link, we could move it to around Zed's.' Soulfinder, that word gave my heart a warm, happy and full feeling. I started thinking about it.

'How would I explain it to my parents?' Saul sighed.

'Well,' he paused. 'I think we should just leave it as it is.' Zed didn't look happy with the decision. I reached for his hand and held.

'What's wrong?' I asked him. He looked a bit embarrassed that he had to explain.

'Well... You're, well, huh... Older than me.' I burst out laughing and Saul joined in while Zed just looked embarrassed. When I stopped laughing I sat on his lap, hugged him and whispered in his ear about how much I loved him and nothing was going to change that and he smiled. Saul looked at us two and smiled. I then looked at his face and giggled as he tickled my waist.

'I think I'll have so much fun teasing you.' Saul started laughing and then me and Zed joined in.

'Well, I think they've picked up that there's something special between Zed and me but I'm not sure how I'd even start to explain to non-Savants. I wasn't exactly overjoyed when Zed filled me in about it all the first time.' I smiled at how stupid I was for rejecting Zed when he first approached me about us being Soulfinders, but I didn't know anything about Savants, I didn't understand.

'What did you do?'

'Thumped him with a shopping bag and told him he was a jerk.'

'Ouch.' I guess, I was kinda mean to Zed, oh, my poor Zed.

'So, how was it for you and Yves? Love at first sight?'

'Hardly. I nicked his stuff and he made it explode.' I raised my eyebrows excitedly.

'Oh my gosh! That sounds exciting. And then?' She wasn't sure she could trust me. So, I made my mind sensing the colours around her.

'What's a lie?' I quickly came back to reality.

'You can see what I'm doing?' I wondered what her powers were. She nodded. 'I can't help it these days. Spending so much time with Savants switches on my antenna for emotion. Do you mind?' It's true, it seems like I'm always curious of people's emotion.

'I see thought-patterns so I suppose I should be the last one to object.' She said and I brushed a strand of my hair off my face.

'Yellow.' I told her.


'A lie. Can you tell one too?' Maybe she could. She looked like she was thinking.

'Not sure. I can see how people are thinking so if they are conscious of the lie then they might give it away by having conflicting images passing through their heads. Your approach is much more straight-forward.'

'Is that the extent of your gift- as far as you know, I mean?'

'No, I... Um... Can freeze your thoughts- it feels like time is suspended for a few minutes.' I thought about it. It seemed like an awesome gift to have.

'Cool.' It was cool. 'You might find you can do even more with Yves. That stuff about soul finders completing each other really is true. I'm finding new strengths when I work with Zed. My telekinesis is getting very good- I sometimes beat him, which he hates, naturally.' I smiled in my mind. I love how much I tease him after I beat him in whatever. He ends up tickling me until I can't breathe and have to beg him to stop; and then we end up kissing and we can't keep our eyes off of each other.

'I've never tried. You think I might be able to do other things? At the Community...' She seemed to consider this because she stopped looking a bit worried.

'Go on. Think of me as a friend.' Her expression looked blank and I sighed. 'That means I won't tell anyone, not even Yves, what you say to me.' She was silent for three seconds but then she continued her story.

'Where I come from , we concentrate on developing our main skill. Even telepathy isn't used much. The Seer-'

'Who's the Seer?' I twirled a curl on my finger.

'Our leader. He uses it most- to give us our instructions. I wouldn't want anyone else in my head. I think we all feel the same.' I remember when Zed first spoke to me in my mind, I thought I was crazy and in the beginning when Zed used telephaty to speak to me, I didn't like it either.

'Doesn't sound as if you want him in your mind either.'

'Yeah, true.' She looked a bit worried and stressed.

'You know he's abusing you, don't you? You have every right to your own privacy. Shoving his voice into your head is just as bad as keeping someone imprisoned against their will or beating them up.' She gave a gulp of laughter.

'There's plenty of that too.' I knew what getting beaten felt, even though I couldn't remember it before. I reached for her hand and touched the back of it.

'I do know what it is like, you know.'

'How can you?' She whispered like she couldn't believe it. 'I'm not what you think, you know. I was abandoned as a child at a service station after years of abuse- broken bones, bruises, the full works. I couldn't speak for many years and even forgot my name.'

'What...? How?' Yup, she couldn't believe it. I saw in her emotions that she had a feeling that I was a fairylike creature but I wasn't that. I was just a normal girl and Zed's soulfinder.

'It's true. My parents saved me first, then Zed finished the job, with his family's help. I thought. I had it rough but now I see that I had more luck than you. How long have you been alone?' Tears started to fall her cheeks.

'It seems like for ever. Mum tried, but she was under the Seer's control, much like I am. I don't know any other kind of life, Sky. I'm really worried I'm all wrong for Yves- I'm gonna mess him up. I'm toxic.' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She's a strong, independent, beautiful woman. Yves's very lucky to have her and she's very lucky to have him. They are prefect for each other! I shook her shoulder gently.

'Rubbish. There's nothing wrong with you. It's a miracle you still care as much about others as you do.'

But Yves...' She started but is stopped her.

'Don't worry about him. He's a strong person, quite capable of looking after himself despite what his brothers say about him. Don't let that studious outside fool you; he's got fire within.'

'I think I've seen it.' I did not know what she meant by that.

'Trust him. He deserves this change to make things right. And you can reply on the rest of the family too.' She smiled and snuggled down into the pillow.

'He's gorgeous, isn't he?' I laughed.

'They all are- Zed most, of course.' Of course I thought Zed was the most attractive, he will always be, my Zed; and of course she thought Yves was the most attractive. Her emotions were swaying all over the place. 'It's quite exhausting if you're the jealous type.' She bit her lip. She wanted to smile but she was surprised how she wanted to smile even though she had been crying just now.

'Yves attracts older women- they all flirt with him.' WHAT?! Haha, that is just too funny. I giggled.

'Oh my, I never knew that. I can't tell Zed- he'd tease him unmercifully. How does he handle it?'

'Gets all embarrassed. It's so cute.' I know I didn't have to worry about that.

'Yes, all my friends think he's... Well, you probably don't want too her that. But they've told me- the lucky ones that have dated him- that he's the perfect gentleman.'

'So does Zed attract the cougar-women too- the older ones?' I burst out laughing. There was no way!

'No, they all cross the road when they see him coming. He can project this quite scary aura when he's not thinking. Funny really, as his powers are nowhere near as lethal as Yves's.'

'It's the quite ones you have to watch.' She said mocking a warning.

'Yes, so it seems.' I yawned. I was so tired. 'Ready to have a sleep?' She nodded.


'Wake me up at four if you get up before me. I promised to ring my parents and let them know we arrived safely.' I told her. Her emotions changed and told me that she envied her the people that care about me.

'Don't,' I told her reassuringly. 'We care. You aren't on your own now.' We then both fell asleep. I had a feeling that me and Phoenix were going to be good friends, really good friends.