It starts in Monworld somewhere in the Earth Realm as a strange and mysterious creature is running through the woods as if she's running from something or someone.

As she bursts from the trees the creature is revealed to be a humanoid monster with a dress made of white petals and long flowing blue hair. Her eyes were of the same shade of blue and in her hair was a single white rose bud. On her forehead was a pale red gem.

She was panting heavily and her running is slowing down due to her exhaustion. A dark purplish lizard like demon emerges from the woods on fours and races after her. He is gaining ground on her easily. With the last of her strength she shouts out for help.

"Someone, anyone, HELP ME!"

Just then she trips on an uprooted tree root and falls to the ground, rolling slightly. As she stops rolling she looks up at the lizard demon, who is towering above her. She screams. Just then the demon is punched by two Shadow Hands. As the demon falls Aria leaps down between the demon and the girl.

Aria says,"Are you okay?"

The girl nods.


The demon is slowly getting to its feet. Aria runs at it and twist kicks it back farther before it has a chance to rise all the way. The demon lifts its head to her and hisses.

"Get back into the Dark Realm, demon! There's no way you can hope to beat me, so you'd best obey!"

Hissing once more the demon slowly slinks back into the trees. Once he is gone Aria returns to the girl.

"So, who are you?"

"My name…is Roselina." She then passes out. Aria catches her head before it hits the ground.

Aria says, "Jeez, it's always me?"

She grabs Roselina's arm and lifts her up. She then situates her so that so that she could carry Roselina on her back. Aria grabs the girl's legs as the girl's arms draped over Aria's shoulders. "Well, I know where I'm taking you."


Meanwhile at Eccentro's castle.

At Eccentro's castle in the garden Emerald is playing her flute as Diamond and Eccentro and the others listen to her music.

Kaju is soothed by Emerald's music. "Ah~Emerald's flute playing is so beautiful...I've never heard such music as this before."

Diamond is soothed as well as she listened to Emerald's flute playing.

Just then Aria jumps down among them with Roselina still passed out on her back."Hi guys, hope I'm not interrupting."

Eccentro says, "Well actually…"

Diamond points to Emerald playing her flute.

Kaju says, "Emerald's playing one of her melodies on her flute...its so beautiful..."

Aria says, "Yeah, well as…wonderful…as that is. Would you mind helping me with this girl on my back? I've been carrying her for my miles and I can't feel my arms anymore." She shifts the girl's weight higher onto her back.

Diamond says, "Huh! Uh of course." She runs to her.

Kaju says, "Here, let me help too."

Diamond and Kaju help the girl up.

Diamond Looks at her and thinks, "I wonder who she is? She doesn't look like any creature or being I've ever seen before..."

In the castle the girl is resting in a bed with a cold towel on her head.

"So who or what is she Aria?" Emerald looks at Aria.

Aria says, "Actually, I'm not exactly sure. I've never seen something like her before." She walks over to the bed side and touches the gem on the girl's head. "But I'm guessing that whatever she is, that gem isn't supposed to be that dull. My guess is that she was in the Dark Realm for so long that it drained her power, or whoever it was that was chasing her drained it."

Diamond says, "That's horrible..."

Kaju says, "W-w-what should we do? Um should we take her to a doctor or try to use a healing spell or something to help her out?" He is a bit panicy on this.

Emerald says, "Maybe we should let her rest. I'm sure that her power might return by tomorrow."

Aria is feeling the girl's forehead. "I have a feeling that it's going to take more than a day's rest for her to fully recover. But for right now, let's stick with that. I'll stay here with her since I found her."

Emerald says, "I'll get some more ice."

Diamond thinks "It's strange...what kind of creature is she?"

The scene changes to back at her house that evening Diamond looks through her dad's card catalog wondering if the girl was a monster, but can't find anything on her or a card on her.

Diamond says, "Weird, she doesn't appear in the card catalog or in the Monworld guidebook. This is strange..."

She thinks, What kind of Monster is she? I've never seen anything like her before... But still I wonder who would want to drain her power?"


Meanwhile in the Dark Realm

"YOU FOOLS! You let her ESCAPE!" A blast of dark fire is thrown from the shadows and hits several of those lizard demons like the one Aria had fought off earlier. A pale red stone glimmers in the darkness as two red eyes open up beneath it to show that this gem was on this foul creature's forehead.

"Don't you understand? I need that girl's power to regain my own. A chance like this will not come again, so this time, we cannot fail!"

The minion demons all hiss and roar as the scene fades back to Eccentro's castle.

It is morning now and birds have begun chirping about the area. The scene cuts to inside the room where Roselina was staying.

Aria has fallen asleep sitting in a chair laying her arms on the foot of the bed and her head resting on them. Roselina stirred slightly and then slowly blinks awake. She is confused at first, but notices quickly the cool rag on her forehead. She removes it as she sits up. She leans over and places the rag on the nearby nightstand. Her movements cause Aria to awaken. Aria stretches her arms and back, cracking her spine as she did so.

Aria says, "So Roselina, you're awake." She stands to stretch out her legs. "I'm glad to see that you're better."

Roselina says, "Why yes. I feel much better. Though I fear I am not at my full strength."

Aria says, "I figured as much." She walks over beside Roselina and pokes her gem. "You're gem looks like it's been depleted."

Roselina's eyes widen and she gasps slightly.

Roselina says, "H-how do you know about my-"

Aria says, "I guessed. And from your reactions, I'd say I guessed right." Aria steps back. "Are you well enough to walk?"

Roselina says, "Huh? Oh, y-yes. I believe so."

Aria says, "Well then, why don't you come down and get something to eat?" Roselina stands.

Roselina says, "Um, you are a type of animal are you not?"

Aria says, "Animal?"

Roselina says, "I mean, to get nutrients, you have to eat meat and plants and things right?"

Aria says, "Yeeeeaaah…"

Roselina says, "Well, then I shall join you. But if it isn't too much trouble could we go outside soon after?"

Aria says, "Uh, sure. I don't see why not."

Roselina says, "Splendid!" She walks over to Aria's side. "By the way, thank you so much for saving me."

Aria smiles. "You're welcome." She opens the door the two walk out of the room and down to the dining hall where Emerald was setting up breakfast.

Emerald says, " Well, look who's up." She smiles. "We're so glad you're alright. By the way my name is Emerald Hanami, but you can call me Emerald. What's your name?" She is looking at Roselina.

Roselina says, "My name is Roselina, Roselina Celestia. I'm very grateful to you all for taking care of me whilst I was unconscious." She bows respectfully.

"It was no problem at all." Emerald smiles. "Breakfast's all ready. I'm gonna go get big brother. I saw him outside with Diamond. Oh and breakfast is already on the table so feel free to eat." She runs off.

Outside meanwhile in the garden Diamond, Eccentro and Kaju were sitting in a gazebo.

Diamond says, "I looked through everyone one of those card catalogs and nothing came up on her. Not even her element. It's strange we've never encountered a creature like her before."

Kaju says, "I've never seen anything like her either."

Eccentro says, "Hmm, do you suppose that she is a rare type of monster? One that is hardly ever seen or heard of?"

DIamond says, "Maybe, but if she is a rare type of monster I wonder where she came from."

Emerald runs outside and says, "Oh there you are Big bro. Hey Diamond, Kaju. Good news Roselina is awake and well. She's in the dining hall with Aria. By the way Breakfast is ready."

Diamond says, "That's great to hear that she's alright."

Inside Aria and Roselina were eating. Aria who was eating normally, was a little…uncomfortable…while dining beside Roselina, who was eating little in comparison.

Aria says, "So, if you don't eat meat and plants and things, what do you eat?"

Roselina says, "Well we do eat things like you do, but not as much. My people usually derive most of the nutrients and energy we need from the sun."

Aria says, "So you're a plant?"

Roselina says, "We've been called as much."

Just then Diamond and the others walk in.

Diamond says, "Hey Aria." She looks seeing Roselina. "Hi there." She sits down in a chair. "We're so glad you're alright, Roselina. Don't worry you're in good hands. My name is Diamond Hikari, but you can call me Diamond."

Kaju says, " I'm Kaju a pleasure to meet you." He bows in respect.

Diamond says, "And this is Prince Ludwig Von Monsterstein Eccentro aka Prince Eccentro for short. He's the Prince of this castle."

Eccentro says, "It's a pleasure." He bows gracefully.

Roselina chuckles.

Roselina pointing to each one as she says their names "So we have Emerald, Diamond, Eccentro and Kaju. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She looks to Aria. "And your name's Aria?"

Aria says, "Uh yeah, guess I forgot to tell you."

Roselina says, "I know I've already thanked you once, but I must thank you again for saving me from those demons from the Dark Realm and also for watching over me all night."

Aria says, "It was nothing really, I just felt like it was the right thing to do." Roselina smiles and then turns to the others.

Roselina says, "And thank you all for your kind hospitality."

Diamond says, "So tell us, Roselina, from what Aria told about what happen can you tell us why demons would be after you?"

Roselina's face turned downcast.

Roselina says, "They…they were after my crystal. They want to take the power from my crystal and use it for their own purposes. I don't know what for exactly, but it's not going to be anything good."

There is a silence in the room. Clearly this subject was not meant to be discussed at the table.

Aria stands up suddenly. "Well, I think it's time we head outside. That's where you wanted to go right Roselina?"

Roselina says, "Oh! Yes, of course." She stands up and then bows to the group. "Thank you for the meal."

Aria begins to walk and then she flips her hand in a sort of half wave.

Aria says, "Yeah Emerald, thanks. It was great." As she continues Roselina jogs to catch up to her, where upon reaching Aria, Roselina grabs her arm. Aria is confused, but says nothing. As they get outside into the garden Roselina releases Aria and begins to wander about the roses.

Roselina says, "Wow! I don't remember seeing any place like this in Mon World!"

Aria says, "That's because you're not in Mon World."

Roselina says, "What?"

Aria says, "This is Earth."

Roselina says, "Oh! You mean the place where the Mon Colle Knights are from!"

Aria is a little shocked. "Uh, yeah."

Roselina says, "This is amazing, not only do I get to see Mon World up close, but I get to see Earth as well!"

She spins in the place and then looks up at the sun. She inhales deeply as she closes her eyes. Aria says nothing, but she makes a mental note that Roselina's gem began to glow brighter ever so slightly.

The others peek by the doorway, seeing Roselina's eyes closed as her gem is glowing.

Diamond says, "Woww...look at that. So I'm guessing the Sun is how she recharges. Ha it's the power of solar energy."

Kaju is blushing a bit as a sparkling background and sunlight is behind Roselina and thinks "Ya know she does look beautiful standing in the sunlight there."

Eccentro says, "What is this? Does Kaju have a crush on Roselina?"

Diamond says, "Huh?" She looks at Kaju as he blushes a bit. "Kaju, are you okay?"

"HUh!" Kaju then shakes it off. "I-I'm fine! I'm gonna go um..." He backs up and trips and falls down, but gets up quickly. "I gotta work on some of my gadgets now!" He dashes off fast.

Diamond has a sweatdrop.

Just then Roselina turns back to Aria and grabs her arm.

Roselina says, "Oh Aria! Will you show me around on earth if only a little? I know I can never see it all in just one day, but I'd like to see as much as I can of both Earth and Mon World."

Aria has sweatdrop. "Uh sure. But I'm more of a Mon World expert than an Earth one. You should probably talk to Diamond if you want to see stuff around Earth."

Roselina says, "But…I want to go with you. You're the first friend I've made since…" She stops.

Aria says, "Since what?"

Roselina says, "Since nothing. Please Aria?"

Aria sighs. "I suppose I can take you around if Diamond can't. And if Diamond agrees to show you around…I'll…tag along…for your sake."

Roselina says, "Thank you, Aria!"

"I'd be happy to show Roselina around Aria." Diamond smiles. "Besides, we can introduce her to the others and show her what Earth is like."

Emerald nods. " I was like you too when I first came here Roselina, but believe me Earth has so much beautiful wonders to behold. Especially the "Arcades" and "Flower shops" even "Amusement Parks".

Roselina says, "Can we really see them all?"

Diamond nods. "Yep." She smiles. "Even my mom's bakery. Famous for it's strawberry shortcake."

Emerald says, "Lets get Noah and the others first we can make a day out of it to show Roselina around."

Diamond says, "Right."


Meanwhile in the castle Kaju listens to them outside, but keeps his mind busy on making gadgets, but he couldn't quite help, but think about Roselina. Just as he was hammering something he accidentally hits his thumb.

"Yeoooww!" Kaju looks at thumb as it bumps up and down. "What's the matter with me? Why do I feel so air-headed all of a sudden?" He ruffles his hair agitated. "Why is it that when I first saw her my heart skips a beat! And I feel this weird feeling in my heart as if I ate a pound of strawberries...rotten or healthy..." He puts his hands on his stomach. "Am I getting sick."

"My weird friend your not ill at all! Those are the symptoms of love!"

"Huh! Kaju looks around. "Mr. Tanaka sir? Where are you?"

Tanaka's head pops out of Kaju's nearby cup. "My boy, you have fallen victim of Cupid's Arrow. You can't stop thinking about her no matter what you do and you feel sick when you are around her. You are crushing, and very hard by the sound of things."

"Ehh!" Kaju falls out of his chair and onto the floor. "Ow!"

He looks up. "Next time warn me when you pop out of something. But still how do I cure this "Love sickness" I got? I mean what should I do Mr. Tanaka? I'm a Demon and she's like an angel from heaven abo-Great now I'm acting like shakespeare I mean were like Romeo and Juliet our love can never be were two different creatures. She's like an angel, I'm a demon. What am I supposed to do?"

Tanaka says, "Who says that because you're a demon a love between you and Roselina cannot be? Your being a fool, boy. I say go for her and try to make her yours. The only way to cure this lovesickness of yours is to either win her heart or break your own." He disappears back into the cup and vanishes with a small puff of smoke. "Go her after her!"

Kaju has a nervous sweatdrop and looks out the window. "I don't know how to break my heart, but I could try to win her heart."

Then a idea lightbulb appears above his head. "I know!"

He grabs one of his gadgets and places it in his bag. "I'll come along and impress her with my talents!"

He runs off. "HEY GUYS WAIT FOR ME!"


Meanwhile at the Gaijin house Ruby and Kaze are fighting over the remote.

Kaze Presses remote. "No way! Ninja Warrior!"

Ruby says, "No way! I'm watching Animal Planet! It's more educational anyway!" She pulls the remote away and changes it.

Kaze Ninja says, "Warrior!" He pulls the remote away and changes it. "It has people doing ninja stuff! I could sign myself up for a show like that!"

Ruby says, "That wouldn't be fair to the people in this world and you know it!" She yanks the remote away and changes the channel. "Animal Planet!" She tosses the remote to her tail so it's out of Kaze's reach.

Kaze says, "NINJA WARRIOR!" She tries to get the remote back from Ruby. "Come on Ruby! Give it!"

Suddenly the remote is taken from Ruby's tail as Noah changes the channel to a Geographic channel about the Ocean life.

Noah says, "Since you two can't agree were watching the documentary on Ocean Life."

Both go, "Awwwww!"

The doorbell rings.

Kaze says, "I'll get it!"

Kaze zips to the door and he opens it.

Diamond says, "Hey Kaze."

Kaze says, "Hi Diamond, guys. New girl I haven't seen before..." Then looks at her. "New girl? Say, who's she?" He points to Roselina.

Diamond says, "This is Roselina. Roselina, this is Kaze and those two inside are Ruby and Noah."

Roselina clings to Aria's arm. "Uh, hi everyone."

Ruby gets up and walks over.

Ruby says, "Aria, what's going on? You have a NEW best friend?"

Aria says, "Don't be so dramatic Ruby. I'm the one who saved her and now she won't let go of my arm."

Kaze says, "Why is she so clinging? She's like a spider monkey who clings to a tree or a sloth."

Diamond says, "Kaze, be nice."

Noah walks over to them. "Well now, hello there."

Inside the house Noah is writing down information.

Noah says, "So tell us Roselina what kind of diet or food supplements fo you eat? From what DIamond and Aria tell me you restore your energy by sun power." He is writing down some things.

Kaze looks at watch and tapping a foot.

Roselina says, "My race usually eats the same things you do fruits, vegetables, grains and things like that. Those types of food keep use our bodies going, but the sunlight is what we use to regain our magical ability and to keep ourselves healthy."

Noah says, "I see. Just like plants that need the sun to grow and stay well." He keeps writing.

Kaze says, "Are we done yet, Noah? Come on...Akihabara is having a big sale on video games and there's this new Ninja game coming out soon."

Noah says, "I'm almost done, Kaze, keep your shuriken on. So tell me Roselina, what kind of demon was it that tried to attack you?"

Kaze says, "Was it giant size? Umm goblin-like or um the Ogre and Troll kind?"

Roselina says, "No they were about…um."

She clung closer to Aria.

Aria says, "It was about as big as a horse, only it crawled on fours like a lizard. It also had a lizard-like tail as well and its skin was a dark purple. I've never seen demons like them before. They must live far below the surface of the Dark Realm."

Roselina says, "They do, that's why I was so weak when you found me. I hadn't seen the sun in so long. And I was held prisoner by their leader…"

Aria says, "Who's their leader?"

Roselina says, "I don't know, I never saw his face."

Emerald says, "That's horrible...being held prisoner in such a dark place!"

Diamond says, "I would have felt drained too if I was held in a place like that."

Noah says, "Well, you don't have to worry about a thing, Roselina. We, the Element Knights aka Monworld Guardians shall protect you if these fiends ever show up again. You have our word that you will be kept safe."

Diamond says, "That's right." She puts her thumbs up.

Kaze nods.

Roselina says, "Thank you all so much!" The gem on her forehead glimmers slightly.

Aria looks at her slightly, being that she is the only one who noticed, but she doesn't say anything.

Ruby says, "So what are we supposed to do now?"

Diamond says, "Well, we're going to show her around the town as a group. Come on, we still have to get Mondo and Rockna."

Emerald says, "And Ryuji too. I wonder what craziness he's up to?"