Kaju is standing in front of Roselina as he protects her.

Roselina says, "Kaju…"

She thinks "He's trying so hard to protect me even though he's scared to death…"

Just then Crok bursts out of the door mid leap and comes careening at them. Kaju and Roselina turn to him just as the lizard demons leap at them as well. Kaju pushes Roselina out of the way of the oncoming hoard, leaving himself in harm's wake.

Time seems to slow down as the enemy attacks, but just before they reach Kaju, a blast of warm light knocks the demons away. Kaju turns and sees Roselina, her gem glowing brightly a blood red color and her eyes gone white and glowing as she holds her hand out in front of her. The wind is blowing her hair behind her as well as her petal-esque dress. The rose bud in her hair has blossoms.

Kaju says, "Woahhh...Roselina?" He is amazed at her technique and thinks, "It must be her powers...so her powers do come from her gem! Gasp! Wait a second! Could it be that whoever is sending these demons is after Roselina's powers?"


Meanwhile the group in Mon World has arrived at the fortress.

While the others hide themselves behind a couple of large boulders within the cavern Aria approaches the door. Calmly Aria knocks on it and after a few seconds a small side door opens. Immediately Aria grabs it with a Shadow Hand and tosses it back towards Diamond and the others, where Diamond immediately purifies it…after a small tussle with Kaze and Ruby that is.

Aria says, "Alright, we're in."

The others walk up. "Now remember what I said, you guys, purify the lesser while I find the big guy. You'll have more than enough work on your hands with all of them that are running around in here."

Diamond says, "You can count on us, Aria."

Kaze says, "We'll round up all those lizards and Diamond can use her technique to purify them back to lizards."

Emerald says, "Please be careful Aria."

Aria says, " Psh, I'm always careful."

She runs through the door and then disappears.

Ruby says, "Alright! I say once I lead you all to a good spot, Diamond here shoots up a large beacon of light so we can all see. It'll also blind those lizard demons. Although make sure to let us know before you do so, that way we can shut our eyes so we're not blinded too."

Diamond says, "Way ahead of you, Ryoko."

Soon they walk inside and begin to look around and by one door Diamond peeks seeing a mess hall where the Lizard demons are having their meals.

Diamond says, "Alright, there they are...alright on three I'm gonna shine my Shining Light so cover your eyes."

They nod.

Diamond says, "Alright..One...two...three! Shining Light!"

She raises her hand as a ball of light fires out and explodes in the room lighting the room brighter as she and her friends close their eyes.

The lizards scream out in pain and terror. Ruby lunges in.

Ruby shouts, "Dibs on first shot!"

Kaze shouts, "We'll just see about that!" Soon wind swirls around him. "Time to round up these lizards! Cyclone Catcher!" Soon he sends out a cyclone at a group of demons that are caught inside a cyclone being spun around.

Noah calls, "Emerald!"

Emerald nods and places hands on ground. "Gaia Trapper!"

Soon the ground rises up in a circle style to keep the lizards together.

Noah calls, "Ice Chandelier!" Soon soons out ice that soon freezes on a chandelier.

Kaze says, "Noah, why'd ya call that Ice chandelier if ya froze a chandelier?"

Noah says, "It'd make sense in a way. But anyway we can use it to reflect the Light revival on all the demons so that way it saves us some time."

Ruby says, "For the remaining touch, try this on for size!" She shoots out a fireball that travels along the room, hitting every stray lizard that had managed to escape and knocking them back towards the center. "Now Diamond!"

Diamond calls, "Right! Light Revival!" She soon raises her arms as a ring of light shines and flies out to the chandelier and it reflects over all the lizards and soon they glow and return to being normal lizards."

Emerald shouts, "We did it!"

Diamond says, "Now that's what I call teamwork. Great job, guys."

Kaze says, "Alright, lets go find more of these suckers!"

Meanwhile with Aria ...

While running and leaping through corridors and the upper parts of hallways to remain out of sight…

Aria thinks "So he's after Roselina's gem, that much is certain. He trapped her in darkness for an extended period, thoroughly depleting the gem of its power. He must not be able to take it if it's at its full strength. The gem gains strength, it seems, not only by the sun, but by being around people who act in a kind manner toward its bearer. Maybe it thrives off of good intentions? Or maybe something similar…but I still don't know exactly what kind of power is in that gem of hers or why this guy wants it so badly.

Nor do I know what Roselina is or where she came from. It's likely that this guy wants the power of Roselina's gem for himself, but I can't know for sure. Huh, perhaps I should have Mind Delved her? Nah, that wouldn't have been very friend-like of me now would it?"

She stops on a ledge in one of the halls, peering down a pitch black corridor that was lined with guards.

She thinks, "Well, I must be heading in the right direction. Though, why so many guards if it's so unlikely that this base will ever be found? Unless…maybe he felt the destruction of Gelick's gemstone? That would explain the extra precaution. Which also means that he may be expecting us or, even worse, he knows we would come or that we're already here. Jeez, this means that he probably expects SOMEONE to come into his room to confront him. Which also means that he's fully prepared for a strike, so it's going to be difficult to spring a surprise attack on him. Man…sometimes I wonder if I overanalyze things."

She leaps along the corridor wall, remaining out of sight until she reaches a large door at the end and crouches along the doorframe. Just then a lizard comes scurrying down the hall. He growls to the guards nearest the door to which they step aside and allow the doors to open.

Aria takes her chance and slips through the door so that she was now crouched on the doorframe on the other side. She watches as the lizard crawls along until it stops a quarter of the way into the room. There, it hisses to get someone's attention. In response, a large bulky shadowed figure moves and then turns, revealing two red eyes and a dull glowing red gem between them.

Gorlin says, "What is it now?"

The lizard emits a series of low growls and hisses.

"Ah, so they have finally come, the ones who defeated Gelick. Heh heh, I've been waiting for them. Release the Snappers, I don't want any of them to be left alive."

The lizard lowers its head and then retreats from the room.

Aria thinks, "Hm, I told those guys they were going to have a handful. Hopefully they're ready for whatever these Snappers are."

Gorlin shifts around in the darkness. "The gem on my head reveals to me all that I wish to know. I know you are there, demon half-breed."

Aria gives a slight start.

"Why don't you show yourself?"

Aria thinks. "Show myself? So he doesn't know where I'm at, just that I'm here."

She makes a series of hand gestures and three shadows of herself appear. They each jump off in a different direction and scatter around the room.

Aria 2 says, "So tell me, why is it you're after the girl Roselina's gem so much anyway?"

Gorlin shifts in the darkness toward the Aria clone's voice.

Gorlin says, "Is that answer not obvious to you?"

Aria 4 says, "Well, it's obviously for some sort of power, I just don't know what exact power lies within it."

Gorlin shifts towards the new voice.

Gorlin says, "The power of the Celestials is what lies within it."

Aria 3 says, "So then, answer me this what, or rather who, are the Celestials?"

Gorlin shifting once again towards the new voice. "One of the most, if not the most, advanced species of Mon World monsters. They also are ranked as one of the most powerful."

Aria 2 says, "You're so willing to give information, why is this?"

Gorlin says, "I have no reason to withhold information to those who will die, thus taking the information with them to their grave."

Aria 3 says, "You seem quite sure of yourself."

Gorlin says, "Of course. Even thought my energy has been depleted, I am still more than powerful enough to defeat any and all who would oppose me."

Aria 4 says, "So you DO want to take Roselina's gem to restore your own power."

Gorlin says, "Of course."

Aria 3 says, "Well then, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're not going to get that gem."

Gorlin says, "Oh ho! And do think you can stop me?"

Aria 2 says, "Of course."

Gorlin says, "Well then, I have some bad news to give you in return."

Suddenly large vines as thick as tree trunks shoot out and attack the clones, destroying them on impact.

"You're not going to live long enough to stop me." He smiles but then catches a glimmer of light out of the corner of his eye. He turns and looks, seeing Aria shrouded with the aura of a wolf as she stands already in her highest form.

"Well well it seems I underestimated you. Using clones of yourself to speak while you yourself kept quiet in order to leave your whereabouts a secret. No matter, I'll destroy you anyway."

Aria says, "I think not, for you see, I swore to protect Roselina and to make sure that whoever was after her would be able to no longer. And no one makes a liar out of me."

Gorlin says, "Such strong talk from someone who stands alone against me."

Aria says, "I'm all that there needs to be."

Gorlin laughs. "You really think that a pathetic elf half-breed will be able to defeat me? Me? The Great Gorlin?"

The aura around Aria flares. "You know, there is one thing that you will come to understand, Gorlin, and that is to NEVER tick me off…"

Meanwhile back with Diamond and the others, they had managed to round up another batch of demons.

Diamond calls, "Light Revival!"

Soon the ring shines on the lizards returning them to normal.

Kaze says, "Yahoo! I think we got the last batch! Now for operation rescue!"" He runs to the front room and running fast inside showing a water-like setting.

As the group enters Noah stops and places hand on the water.

Noah says, "Kaze! Wait! Stay on that stone!"

Kaze freezes quick and looks at him. "Why! What's wrong?"

Noah says, "It seems we got some unexpected company here. And it seems they want to dine on us."

Kaze says, "Ha! Just by touching the water you can sense someone in there!"

From behind Kaze a large Snapper rises up and lowers head down and then CHOMP!

"Yeoooww!" Kaze is bit in the butt by a Snapper and takes out a shuriken and throws it at his nose.

The snapper releases him and Kaze jumps back to his friends rubbing his butt.

Kaze says, "That Snapper just bit me in the behind!"

The Snapper jumps toward the group. It walks on fours like a dog but is as agile as a cat. Its body is dark green scaled with front paws of lizard claws and back feet like horse hooves. Its head seemed to stem from its body as if it has no neck and the only feature on its faceis a large mouth that resembled a Venus Flytrap which was full of needle thin sharp teeth. There isnothing else, no eyes, nose or ears, just the mouth as it needed nothing else in order to live in the shadows and darkness. The Snapper bends down and snarled. More Snappers begin to emerge, surrounding the group.

Ruby says, "Well, I will say that Aria was right in saying we would have our hands full…"

Kaze says, "Ehhh...oooh man those things are freaky!"

Ryuji says, "Dude! They remind me of those Lickers in Resident Evil 2! But they clinged to walls and had long tongues these guys are more of the Water-swimming Lickers."

Diamond says, "Ryuji! Now isn't the time for your Horrorpedia. If were gonna get through it's time for these guys to be BBQed."

Kaze says, "Yeahh, I mean these guys aren't what you call the purest...they're pure dark so That means Slicing and Dicing time!"

Diamond says, "And a little burnt! Fire Spirit Awaken!"

A quick transformation shows her turn into her Level 2 Fire style outfit.

Diamond calls, "Fire Style Level 2!"

Ryuji says, "Ha! Been awhile since we've seen your styles."

Diamond says, " I guess I'm kinda getting used to the Light guardian form and besides I don't want any of my styles feeling left out now." She is holding Chakram. "Now then, time to cut these guys down to size."

Mondo says, "Agreed! Don't know of any monsters that would enjoy being summoned down into a place like this, but we can do enough damage on our own."

Rockna says, "You said it! Rockna Ribbon!" She flips her wrist forward and her baton releases the ribbon at the Snappers, knocking several into the air to which Mondo plows his fist weapon into them, knocking them back and dazing them.

Ruby says, "Nice going! Now it's my turn to heat things up! Meteor Shower!" She holds out her hands as a shower of fireballs fall around the area. The Snappers dodge around in order to escape as best they could from the attack, but there was no way to escape them all. The ground around the area was scorched black as were the scales of several Snappers. Some were worse off than others.

Diamond leaps up. "Here comes Wanyudo BLAZE!" She throws Charams as they spin at an alarming rate blazing on fire and soon striking a few Snappers as they blaze on fire.

Kaze yells, "Tanto BOOMERANG!" He throws Tanto at a few Snappers.

Noah yells, "Glacier Strike!" He slams his staff down as a icy wave charges at some Snappers freezing them and strikes staff breaking them to pieces.

Emerald yells, "Terra Spikes!"

Soon the ground quakes as spikes from the ground rise up piercing through a few Snappers. Meanwhile Ryuji and Eccentro fight off some of the Snappers with their swords.

Ryuji says, "Take this!" He lashes one in half. "Ha! Take that you Creepy reptile venus-fly-trap face...man I gotta work on my slang there when insulting a weird demon like this one."

Eccentro cuts down two attacking Snappers. "Ryuji, if there's one thing I've learned from being around you it's that your range in vocabulary and comebacks are not very impressive."

Ruby says, "Oh, you just got BURNED!" She pounces on a few Snappers with hands ablaze.

Ryuji says, "Watch it kitten, or I'll give you a haircut you won't forget!" He sees a Snapper charge at him and uses sword to block his chomping mouth with one sword and then takes out card. "Alright! Draco! GO!"

The card shines as Draco charges out tackling the Snapper down and slashing it in half as it turned to dark dust.

Ryuji says, " Ooh yeah Prince then explain how I'm doing well on those English tests huh?"

Kaze says, "Can we not talk about school work in a place like this!" He is trying to pull his Tanto out of a Snapper's mouth. "Come on you stupid snapper! Give me back my Tanto!"

Another Snapper leaps onto Kaze from behind, knocking him to the ground. Ruby points her hand in his direction and knocks the Snapper off of him with a blast of fire.

Ruby calls, "You owe me one Kaze!"

Kaze calls, "Sure! How about some Catnip!"

Diamond calls, "Kaze!"

Kaze says, "Okay fine I do owe ya one, but I'm still getting ya catnip!"

DIamond looks seeing a few left. "Just a few more!" She spins Chakrams. "Alright! PHOENIX Chakrams!"

She throws the Chakrams together as they spin fast almost to the wings as she breathes fire out to make them look like a phoenix as they struck the last Snappers and soon they turn to ash and blow away with the wind as the Chakrams return.

Kaze whistles. "Wooooahh! That was totally wicked!"

Diamond returns to normal. "Just a little trick I was practicing. Ya know it was the first time I used it...that was one powerful attack to burn those Snappers to a crisp."

Just then everyone stops as a low rumbling was heard. It started to get louder and then suddenly smashing through the wall came Gorlin, his body finally revealed to be a large plant bud covered in vines and torn roots. Extending from the bud was a single thick stem and atop that was Gorlin's real body, attached at the waist to this plant growth. Everyone noticed that Gorlin's real body very much so resembled the same species as Roselina.

Aria comes bursting through the hole, her body surrounding in the wolf aura but her hands blazing a white like fire. She punches Gorlin's plant form and sends it into the far wall. Upon landing though, she begins to stumble. Having been in darkness for so long coming so suddenly into the light is greatly affecting her.

In fact it is causing her a great deal of pain.

Aria says, "Ahh, crap…I can't…this light…"

She is unable to keep her eyes open so she is rendered blind. Disoriented, confused and a sheering pain shooting through her head every time she tries to open her eyes, she is left vulnerable to attack.

Gorlin sees this as he is not using his eyes to see but his gem as the light was affecting him as well. Every one of his vines shoots at her, their points sharp. But just before they hit there is a flash of light and they are stopped. As Aria's eyes finally begiun to adjust, she looks to see Roselina standing before her with Kaju at her side and a barrier of light held between she a Gorlin.

Roselina, her voice more mature, says, "Aria, are you okay?"

Aria says, "I'm fine other than being halfway blind."

Roselina says, "Well, at least you're safe." She turns to Gorlin, who retracted his vines.

Gorlin says, "Well if it isn't Roselina, Princess of the Celestials. Finally returning to the darkness eh?"

Diamond says, "Wait a minute-!"

Kaze says, "DID HE just say!"

Noah says, "Roselina's a..."

Emerald says in shock, " She's a princess OF the Celestials..."

Kaju , by the others side says, "Hey guys!"

Diamond says, "Kaju!"

Kaju says, " It was-I don't know! We were surrounded by some lizard demons and this Crocodile one and then Roselina began to glow and boom! She took out those monsters and she teleported us here when she sensed that you guys were in a pinch, especially sensing Aria was in danger!"

Aria says, "Well, I'm glad to see that you're back to full power Roselina." Roselina smiles.

Gorlin says, "So are you prepared to give up your royal heirloom to me?"

Roselina says, "I will never give you the power of my crystal!"

Gorlin says, "Oh, I beg to differ. You have not yet learned to live amongst the darkness, you will not last down here."

Aria says, "Don't be a fool Gorlin, light is not the only thing that the gem draws power from."

Roselina looks at Aria. "You…?"

Aria says, "I figured it out."

Gorlin says, "Oh really."

Roselina says, "It's true. Our gems thrive on the positive energy of those who surround us, you were always so filled with jealousy and rage that you were unable to grasp this concept."

Gorlin says, "Ha, positive energy. Only a fool lives on that."

Diamond glares at him. The others glare as well.

Kaju says, "So at least positive energy is better than negative energy! Now I see you were the one who tried to harm Roselina! You were the one who kidnapped her when she came down to Monworld! All she ever wanted was to see this and our worlds! To see the wonders and beauty of it! Roselina is our friend and as such we won't let some Creepy, demented weed to take away her power! I won't allow it!"

Diamond says, "Kaju.."

Gorlin says, "Idiot Kitsune, you don't know half as much as you think you do. That crystal will be mine. It will restore my power and allow me to take my rightful place among the Celestials as their TRUE ruler!"

He begins to laugh but is cut short as beam of light shoots through his shoulder. Gorlin grips it in pain and then looks to Roselina.

Roselina says, "You will never again enter the walls of Celestia, Gorlin. Your banishment is absolute. And I promise you this, as heir to the throne of Celestia, I will do all that I can to protect my land and my people."

She spreads her arms and the petals that made up her dress transformed into a more elegant style laden with multiple designs that proved her royal status. She turns to the others. "Now, do I have your aid?"

Diamond nods. "You got our aid 100%, Roselina!"

Noah says, "Let us punish this evil doer together!"

Emerald says, "So he doesn't bring harm to your kind again!"

Kaze says, "And beat him to a pulp!"

Soon it shows a burst of aura around the guardians as above their titans are shown in spirit.

Ruby says, "Face it, Gorlin, with this attack, you're dead."

Aria walks up beside Roselina. "Just as I promised, I won't let him hurt you again." She lifts her hand.

Around the arms of each guardian a summoning rune symbol appears, each with three levels of symbols to them and all of them different in design. Each one was the appropriate color of the user. A mist of the same color begins to spin into the center of their runes as a light of their color builds up there.

All shouts, "TITAN'S TEMPEST!"

The light burst forth from each Guardian and as it travels the light shift into the shape of each Guardian's appropriate Titan, each one running or flying at the enemy.

As the Titan blasts near one another they begin to circle until the merge as one, becoming a beam of white light with a flame of prismatic colors around its edges. It also leeaves a sparkling rainbow-esque tail that makes the blast look like a comet. By this point Gorlin has rooted himself into the ground and thus was unable to move. The blast strikes home, enveloping both Gorlin's plant and human body. Roselina then begins to glow as the sun. She holds out her hands in front of her where a small orb that resembles the sun itself has formed.

Roselina calls, "SOLAR RAY!"

A large beam of solar power followed the path of the Guardians blast and added to the powerful aura it had created.

Gorlin yelled out in pain and then his body burned in the light, leaving nothing behind except a dull red gem that clattered to the floor where Gorlin once stood. Roselina stumbled slightly and Aria caught her before she fell.

"Thank you, my friend."

Aria smiles. "That's what friends are for."

Kaju calls, "Roselina...!"

Everyone runs to them.

Emerald says, "We did it." She smiles.

Soon the scene changes to the Holy Realm and Roselina is resting peacefully as Diamond healing everyone's wounds.

Kaze says, "Heeeyyy Diamond...you think you ca-"

Diamond says, "Kaze, I think the antibiotics and herbal medicine will do just fine."

Kaze has nime tear-eyes. "B-but I want the pain to go away."

Ryuji says, "Suck it up you big baby."

Kaju smiles as she was by Roselina's bedside and thinks, "I'm glad in the end we were able to defeat Gorlin and saved Roselina, but Roselina also saved us..."

He soon reaches into his pocket and takes out the music box and winds it up as it begins to play a lovely melody.

Hearing the music a faint smile crossed Roselina's face and she blinks awake.

Roselina whispers, "Kaju…"

Kaju smiles. "Roselina...how are you feeling?" He is looking at her relief that she's alright.

She sits up and looks around.

Roselina says, "I feel fine. Where am I?"

Ruby says, "The Holy Realm, we thought it best for you to recover here since it's so bright here."

Aria walks over to Roselina's bedside and then sits by her. "Maybe it's time for you to explain everything."

Roselina looks down, but then inhales and looks toward the group.

Roselina "Okay, I guess I do owe you that much. My full name is Roselina Hanami Celestia and I am the heir to the throne of Celestia. Almost no one knows of Celestia as it is a place kept separate from the rest of Mon World as has been ever since our ancestors left Mon World's surface to build a city of their own. You see, back in those dark times my people were hunted by demons so that they could obtain the crystals we bore and take our power.

Our crystals allow us to use all elements of magic no matter what element they were. As you can guess, the ability to mix elements is a very powerful tactic and advantage for whoever has the ability. When the demons would kill one of our people they would take the gems and use their power. But the gems could not survive in the environment the demons lived as there was no positive energy to feed the crystals. Once the crystal's power was depleted the demon's who had stolen th em didn't know how to restore their power and instead went to get a new one.

It didn't take long for the final decision to leave the surface of Mon World to be agreed upon and the elders of our city were able to conjure up enough power to tear up a piece of land and take it to the heavens. To keep the city afloat, groups were sent to retrieve the crystals of those who had been killed by the demons. Those crystals were then placed in the center of the city where their power could be replenished and used to keep our city aloft. The city was named Celestia the City of Celestials. We adopted the name Celestials as many stories about our species showed up among the denizens of Mon World calling us as such. Before then we were simply known as Mystics a plant humanoid species with expertise in the elemental arts."

Shee pauses and then continues again.

"When my people separated from Mon World new rules were established among us in hopes to protect us from being slaughtered again. These rules hold true today, but many wrestle with them much as I have. One such rule was to never go down to the surface. In obedience to this rule all I could do was watch the goings on of Mon World from afar. I grew restless after so many years and finally just came on my own. Alas, the very reason why we were to never go to the surface found me to avoid capture and death by demon. Another rule that was established was to keep the true power of our gemstones a secret to everyone. That's why I didn't tell you when you asked Kaju, I had already gotten myself into trouble by breaking one rule already that I didn't want to risk doing so again."

Kaju nods.

"As for Gorlin, he was my uncle, banished from Celestia after trying to overthrow my father, his brother, for rights to the throne. Gorlin had always been full of jealousy and rage because of my father's birthright, and these feelings led to his gem to dull and weaken. This only enraged him more. After his banishment he managed to set up a friendship with our enemies as they had no use for a dull Celestial gem. However, as the years passed, Gorlin's gem began to feed off of negative energy instead of positive and thus he grew in power. This power though, changed him both inwardly and outwardly for the worse. And because he knew me and my natural longing to see the surface of Mon World, he laid in wait for me in hopes to take my royal crystal and gain the power he needed in order to return to Celestia and succeed in his overthrow."

Kaze says, " It was weird how your uncle had a slight resemblance to Roselina. Almost...but her uncle was more demon-like or dark in a way."

Noah says, "Negative energy and negative feelings can change a person for the worse almost like a flower left in the darkness neglected from the world and feeds off the dark to survive, but started to wither away."

Emerald says, "Roselina, do you know where your home is?"

Diamond says, "Yeah I can summon Solaria to take us to your home so that way you can return safely to your kingdom."

Roselina says, "I'm afraid that you cannot follow me when I return. The gates of Celestia are barred to everyone except Celestials. I can only return on my own."

Diamond says, "Oooh."

Emerald says, "So once you're feeling much better you plan to go home to Celestia..."

Kaze asks, "When will that be?"

Roselina stands. "As soon as possible. I must return to report what I have been through."

Emerald says, "We're really gonna miss you, Roselina."

Kaze says, "Yeah...sorry if we didn't show you all of Monworld."

Noah says, "Or the Great wonders it held..."

Kaju says, "Roselina..."

He looks at the music box and then hands it to her. "Here. Take this."

Roselina holds it and as she does so it begins to play softly. Tears weld up in Roselina's eyes.

"Kaju…" She lunges for him and embraces him. Dumb struck at first, Kaju eventually reaches around her and hugs her back. As she pulls away, she places something in Kaju's hand. He looks and sees the white rose that had been in her hair that had bloomed when he had sacrificed himself to save her from Crok and his minions.

She smiles and then walks over to Aria, whom she hugs briefly. She then walks a few more feet beyond the group. She turns to face them.

"I thank you all for everything you've done for me and I promise that I will see you all again someday. I still have to take that tour of Mon World you promised we'd go on." She giggles slightly. "And don't worry, I've made it a personal goal of mine to change the laws and open the boarders of our city so that Celestials may be a thriving part of Mon World once again."

Aria says, "I'm holding you to that. You'd better come back."

Roselina nods. "I will, my friend."

The gem on her forehead begins to glow white and her body is then surrounded in a thin white aura. "Goodbye everyone."

She pauses and then turns to Kaju. "Goodbye…Kaju."

Then in a flash of light she disappears, leaving behind only a few sparkling shimmers of light that slowly descend towards the ground before disappearing.

Kaju has tears in eyes as he held the flower. "Go-good bye Roselina...I'll never forget you."

Soon he lowers head down almost as if he was ready to cry. Then a hand is on his shoulder and as he looked up he saw

Diamond has tears in her eyes. "Don't worry Kaju, we'll see Roselina again. Remember, even if friends are far apart we'll always remember them in our hearts. Roselina will always be in our hearts. I know how much you cared about her and you showed great courage today. Your starting to rank up as a knight-to-be." She smiles.

Kaju wipes tears away. "It's the first time I ever felt feelings like love before...usually demons tell me that love was an awful thing, but they're wrong...it's a beautiful and splendid thing that not even science can figure out how it's caused...it's caused by emotions and by the heart. Do-do you think Roselina will think about me back home?"

Diamond says, "Of course she will, Kaju. She'll always think about us and remember the good times we had. And she even has souvenirs from our world to bring back home. Especially that Music box you gave her."

Everyone begins to walk toward the door to leave. Aria pushes it open.

Aria says, "All we have to do is make sure we don't forget."

She looks up into the sky as the others do the same.

The scene moves upwards to the sky and in fades a scene of Roselina, the camera behind her as she stands at a golden windowsill looking out. The music box is sitting next to her hand as a slight breeze blows her hair back. Softly and slowly the music from the box plays as the scene fades to black.