Rachel turned in her silvers at the age of twenty-five.

She drove down the stretch of road that led to the station, fingering the pentagram that rested nicely against her black shirt. She was afraid she had lost it once when she was ten and that wolf yanked it off. But Kurt was the one who had placed it back into her hands a couple days later and she felt safe all over again.

Kurt turned the volume knob of the radio so the news report could be heard louder. Mr. Chang had just finished giving a speech at Findlay city hall that any wolf of the resistance would be taken under custody or killed on the spot were they to disobey orders.

"Turn that off," Rachel muttered and Kurt hurried to switch them into silence with only the air conditioner providing a gentle hum.

She rolled Finn's old truck up to the station. It had been expanded on again for more office space and more security. Rachel had been there when a contractor laid out the blueprints to remodel the cells and add more onto them. Cars filled the parking lot now. Official hunter cars along with the few police cars decorated officially marked parking places. Like the one marked deputy that Sugar had earned for herself.

"Want me to come with you?" Kurt asked, undoing his belt.

She shook her head, and climbed out. "Keep the car running," she told him. "Get in the driver's seat,"

After this, they'd have to peel out of there and go zero to ninety to pick up Blaine who was hidden along the outskirts of town. It was no longer just a risk to bring werewolves into Allen County. It was near impossible. She felt bad for begging Kurt to come with her and leave Blaine, but he had been understanding about it and kissed his boyfriend good luck.

The station door swung open and shut without a single creak. Rachel pushed up her sunglasses and dragged a hand across her damp forehead. Jesse looked up at her with a gentle smile. It didn't touch his eyes. It never had when he smiled at her ever since he put that bullet through Brittany.

Rachel looked away from him before her memories caught up with her. That was three years ago. She was past it. There was nothing that could've been done. It needed to happen. Yet, she never fully believed that.

Jesse watched her walk into the station, past Sugar who now wore black and leather and who had her own desk in the room across the way with Finn. Finn who would never step out of the boundaries of Sue because he didn't want to see his family turn up in a grave. Rachel wasn't bitter about it. His family was everything to him and he and Jesse were about the only two who still had one to run back to.

He waved at her while Sugar kept her eyes on the blinking light on her phone. Rachel stopped when she got in front of the door marked Sylvester.

She didn't even knock as she opened the door to Sue's office. She turned up to look at her, finger in the air telling Rachel to wait as she continued to speak into the phone.

Ignoring her, Rachel reached up to yank her silver necklace off and threw it onto the desk.

"Hold on a minute, Chang," Sue said. She put the phone down and pressed the hold button. Her cold eyes turned up to Rachel, hands folded beneath her chin. "You know once you hand these over to me, I'll have to kill you?"

Rachel didn't react. She had thought Sue was going to do it during that full moon and she let Quinn, Santana, and Sam get away. Sue knew. Sue had to know it was her. But for some reason she didn't kick Rachel off and Rachel never saw the barrel of Jesse's rifle on top of the station pointed to her as she walked out.

Maybe it was because Sue thought that forcing her to stay a part of the clan working under her with the death of Brittany and her nonexistent mother looming over her everyday. It was likely, it was very likely, and quite frankly Rachel was sick of it.

Rachel was sick of it and had never had a reason to get out. Until now. Until Mercedes called her up from some restricted number and told her that Quinn was safe. That Quinn had contacted her from someplace southwest and was still running.

That was all Rachel needed to phone Kurt to help her and send her packing and right on out of Lima and Allen County and Ohio.

"I do hate to waste good talent," Sue sighed.

She picked up the necklace and Rachel almost went to snatch it away. It had been a gift from her fathers. But it was also a reminder of how she spent her life for twenty years. She'd always have her dads in memories and pictures and things that silver could never hold.

"Did you think that when you asked Jesse to kill Brittany?"

Eyebrows rose up and Sue laughed mockingly. "This is about your dead mutt? My, Berry, I thought you'd come in here and leave for some grandiose reason. You're already used goods,"

"Am I?" she said, slinging up her gun, and before Sue had the chance to yell out, Rachel pulled the trigger.

She waited in the silence, watching the shock on Sue's face as blood stained the front of her blouse at the center of her chest. It was only there a moment before body slumped forward.

"That was for my mother," Rachel muttered, replacing her gun and left the office.

Heads poked out of doors and the yelling from the cells had ceased. Finn stood at the door of his office jaw dropped and face beat red. She made it into the lobby where Jesse was staring at her with jaw dropped and eyes wide.

She felt the night of the hunt come back to her. Of her aching limbs and her pulsating heart. She had felt so empty that night. So empty and cold and numb as she tried to push the fact Shelby was gone out of her mind and focus on their assignment. But seeing Brittany's body break and that bullet sing through her shattered Rachel even more and the retreating back of Quinn took all she had left away.

"Rachel?" Jesse's head tilted as he looked up at her from his desk. The station was quiet as Rachel's fingers tingled as they brushed the metal of the gun on her side.

"Rachel, what did you-" She didn't allow Finn to finish asking. She pulled the trigger again, walking past Jesse. His classical music played on after the ring of the gunshot faded.

"That was for Brittany," Rachel choked, staring at Jesse's wide open eyes that were staring at the smoking barrel of her gun. A drop of blood slid down his temple from where the bullet grazed his skin and made purchase through a newspaper hanging on a cork board behind his head.

Tucking the gun away, Rachel shoved the front door opened and kicked into a sprint. Kurt pushed the passenger door open for her and she crawled in just as the station lot started to flood with hunting officers.

"Go," she ordered, brushing a stray tear off her cheek. The wheels screeched as Kurt hit the gas and they peeled off.

"You okay?" He asked, glancing over at her shaking hands.

"Yeah," she said, folding them together to lie in her lap. She glanced up to the rearview mirror to see Finn standing at the door of the lot, face white as paper. "I'll be alright,"

She would be all right once they were out of Lima.

She would be all right like she had been when she had gotten that call.

She would be all right when she finally fell into those arms and golden eyes brought her back to life.