OMG I AM SO SORRY. SO SORRY. I honestly did NOT mean to leave you guys hanging for seven months. HONESTLY. So uh… Here's chapter 3.

Donovan scrambled over to Sherlock. The detective had his arms wrapped tightly around himself, trying to keep warm. Obviously, that was failing.

"Sherlock?" Donovan laid her hand on his arm, and he tried pulling away. To her dismay, Sherlock seemed to be burning up.

She slipped Sherlock's coat off her shoulders, sitting down on the floor. She pulled Sherlock closer to herself, wrapping the coat around the detective. Sherlock opened his eyes, and looked up at Donovan.

"Y-you're going to get cold," Sherlock tried to protest, starting to shrug off his coat, his breathing slow and shallow.

"It doesn't matter at this point," Donovan retorted. Sherlock rolled his eyes, before closing them again, Donovan pushed her hair behind her ears, watching the detective that lay shivering in her arms. "It's going to be okay, Sherlock. Just you see. John and Lestrade will find us."

"I-I know t-that."

"Oh hush you," Sally murmured, looking up at the wall, where the faint outline of the door could be seen.

Ten Hours

Donovan started awake, to find Sherlock lying in the other corner. The first thing she noticed was that he was no longer wearing the coat, and had covered Donovan with it. Swearing under her breath, she stood, walking over to the detective. She bent down, and pressed her fingers against his neck. She was alarmed to find his pulse was rather weak, and his breathing was scarily slow.

"Sherlock, c'mon. Wake up!" Donovan quickly shed the coat – yet again – and covered Sherlock with it and dropped to the ground, pulling him close to her. Sherlock didn't even stir. She held him tightly, hoping their friends would get to them in time, if they found them at all.

Five Hours

Donovan was freezing now, but not nearly as the still unconscious Sherlock. She thought she heard some noise, possibly from outside the room, but she was unsure. She glanced at the door hopefully, as though it would fly open. It almost seemed as though it were harder to breathe.

A few moments passed. There was a faint tapping noise audible. The tapping became louder, and Donovan's head snapped up, in the direction of the door. Gently, Sally laid Sherlock down on the ground, and dashed to the wall, pressing her ear against it. She could hear the faint sound of voices. She pounded on the wall with her fists.

"HELP! WE'RE IN HERE," She shouted repeatedly. The opening of the room remained sealed. Suddenly, Donovan could hear pounding, on the other side of the wall. She smiled widely, and went back to Sherlock.

"They're here, Sherlock." she said with a worried look. She ran her fingers through his hair. "Just hold on…"

Four Hours

Donovan knew now, that it was both John and Lestrade who was trying to get inside the room. The two men were making progress on getting inside the room, and had been able to talk through the thinner wall. She was sitting with Sherlock again, his head resting in her lap. He didn't seem to be getting any worse… or better for that matter. However, Donovan was starting to have a more difficult time breathing, and knew they were running out of air.

The way Sherlock was breathing, Sally knew, wasn't helping, with the lack of air. Sherlock turned his head slightly, but remained unconscious.

A muffled, "Sally!" came from the wall, suddenly, and she dashed to the other side of the room.


"We're almost through; how's Sherlock?" It was John.

"Not good, he's not breathing right, and he most definitely has hypothermia… I think…"

John swore, then said something to Lestrade that was lost to Donovan. "Donovan? Stand back, now."

Donovan moved backwards a couple feet, just as part of the wall shattered, revealing a dust-covered John, who was holding a hammer in his hand. Donovan eagerly sucked in the fresh air that seemed to gush in instantly, grateful to be breathing fresher air. And almost instantly, the temperature seemed to rise, even if slightly.

John and Lestrade broke a bigger hole in the wall, and John clambered inside, quick as he could.

"We need to get him to a hospital," John said to Lestrade who had followed the doctor inside. John checked Sherlock's pulse, pressing his fingers to the detective's neck, as Sally had done earlier. Sally now stood over John, watching him. "Lestrade, call an ambulance. NOW."

Lestrade hurried to do so, and John turned back to Sherlock.

"I just hope we found you two in time," he said, looking up at the hovering Donovan.

"Me too…"
If John was surprised, he didn't show it.