The opening begins showing the Monworld Symbol that soon signs and then shows the Title "Mon Colle Knights" and a landscape of one of the realms with the beautiful sea and mountains.

Then a phoenix flies across and soon the scene changes to a 14 year old girl with a beautiful jewel-like bracelet on her left arm. She looks out of her balcony looking at the stars as she reaches out and as she does soon rose petals fell and soon shows Mondo and Rockna her pals as they are at school, but a split screen shows them on separate side as Mondo and Rockna are the Mon Colle Knights, Diamond is on Eccentro's team and both ships go off into Monworld.

Soon it shows six items glow and separate as an image of six warriors stood on their elements as a pair of golden eyes shined and then it shows one of the realms in which is the Earth Realm and Diamond smiles seeing it.

Then shows some strange, yet new possible allies and old friends along with Gabriolis and such and then switches to a group of monsters and their leader and the mysterious elf girl as a shadow is above her.

Then it shows cute monsters and then the mysterious enemy appears before the two teams and Diamond raises up her bracelet and transforms into a knight-type guardian holding a staff that glows into a sword and along with the knights summons a monster.

It shows now Diamond back home looking at the stars with her friends as rose petals fell and soon it shows the sparkling moon and then the cast.


The opening begins showing Monworld and the narrator says, Monworld...a world consisted of six realms: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light/Goodness and Darkness/Evil. Within each realm are various types of monsters relating to it's element and along with that are six magical items for when brought together can bring Monworld and Earth together...thus the search for them begins again for not only our Knights, but for a new hero about to appear...


The opening shows rose petals falling and there is a 14 year old girl with medium-length blonde hair with blue sparkling eyes, wearing a blue beautiful dress and shoes and is 5'4, thin, flatchested and beautiful as she wore a gemstone bracelet as she was surrounded by roses as she looks from afar seeing a figure standing there while the background shows beautiful mountains and a riverside.

Diamond whispered, "It's you..." She started to walk slowly. "Rose Prince...I finally found you." She begins to run towards him.

As she runs to him, slowly he begins to vanish.

"Wait! I have to know who you are Rose Prince!"

She runs through him as he turns to rose petals as the area begins to turn gray and soon turns into darkness and soon she begins to fall.


In reality, Diamond falls out of bed wearing blue pajamas with stars on them.


Diamond gets up. "Oooh man!" She rubbed her head. "Not again, that's the 5th time I fell out of bed this week!"

She holds her pillow. "I was sooo close to figuring out who my prince was..."

Mrs. Hikari calls from downstairs, "Diamond darling! Get up or you'll be late for school!

"S-" Diamond looks at clock. "Ahhhhhhhh! It's 7:23! I gotta get ready!"

She runs to her closet and opens it fast as she throws some clothes out and finds her uniform and rushes to get her clothes on.

Soon Diamond rushes down the stairs in her school uniform with her backpack as her mother is making breakfast.

"I'm going to school mom and I'll be home late going bike riding!" Diamond sad as she quickly grabbed her toast.

"Diamond wait a minut-!" Mrs Hikari said.

Diamond forze. "Yes?"

Mrs. Hikari walks over and hands her two boxes and said, "One strawberry short-cake for you and your friends to share and...two pieces of it for you and your "Prince" when you find him."

Diamond, blushing all over, said "Uhh mom! Come on how do you know I'll find my prince? I mean...sure I had dreams about him and that strange world 100 times, but I don't know if that means I'll meet him soon."

Mrs. Hikari says with a wink, "You'll never know dear. I have a feeling he just might show up sooner or later."

"Yeah...Well see ya!" She takes the boxes and puts them in her backpack and soon rushes out the door.

Outside, Mr. Hikari is going to his car and sees Diamond rush out on her bike.

"Hey dad!" Diamond says.

"Oh, hey Diamond, heading to school?" he asks.

Diamond nods. "Yeah. I gotta head there fast I don't wanna be late again. The last time that happened Ms. Loon had me help her with an ad she was doing for the paper about finding a cute boy."

Mr. Hikari says, "We don't want that to happen again. Oooh yeah, I got something for you." He digs into his pocket and hands it to her.

DIamond looks at it. "Wow! This is the new monster card you made?"

Mr. Hikari says, "Yep, it's known as Solaria the Solar Dragon. I knew you'd like it for your deck."

"Thanks dad! Your the best! Well, catcha later!" Diamond put the card in her pocket and rode off.

She bicycled so fast she made it just as the bell rang. She reached class in time.

"Made it!" she said as she got to her desk. "Phewww...that was close..."

Looking around, she saw Mondo and Rockna. "Hey Mondo, Rockna good morning," she said with a smile.

"Oh, hey Diamond!" Rockna says as she jogs to her desk. "Nice to see you here on time!"

"Ha ha, very funny, Rockna..."

Mondo walked up beside Rockna and said, "Hey Diamond, I don't suppose your dad made up any new monster cards yet?"

"Well, as a matter of fact he did." She dug through her pocket and retrieved the Solaria card. "Here it is. My dad says it's called Solaria the Solar Dragon."

"Wooooooooooow..." Mondo said as he stared at the card in awe. "Can I see it? Can I please see it?"

"Eh...I suppose. Just don't ruin it..." She went to hand Mondo the card.

The door swung open as Mrs Loon entered.

"Alright everyone, take your seats! We've got a lot to get done today and only a limited time in which to do it."

She set her purse on the desk and then sat in her chair, opening a side drawer to pull out a book. She slipped one fourth the way in.

"Now if you would all turn to page 64 and begin we can begin today's lecture. Rockna, would you please begin reading from the top of the page?

"Yes ma'am," Rockna said and cleared her throat. "Most of the Universe consists of matter and energy. Energy is the capacity to do work. Matter has mass and occupies space. All matter is composed of basic elements that cannot be broken down to substances with different chemical or physical properties. Elements are substances consisting of one type of atom, for example Carbon atoms make up diamond, and also graphite. Pure 24K gold is composed of only one type of atom, gold atoms. Atoms are the smallest particle into which an element can be divided. The ancient Greek philosophers..."

Mondo yawned and thought to himself, "This stuff bores me to tears...I'd much rather be in Mon World. Even if we haven't seen any Monster Items in five years, I still would rather be there, hanging out with all my friends." He sighed. "Too bad I couldn't see Diamond's card before Ms. Loon came in. Solaria would probably be one cool monster to meet."

And thus class dragged on, and afterwards Mondo and Rockna left Diamond to head for Professor Hiragi's lab.

Rockna pushed the door opened and called, "Dad we're home!"

Both she and Mondo walked in, dropping their backpacks onto the living room couch.

Hiragi ran into the living room and accidentally slided past the both of them. After regaining his foot, he proudly stood before and said, "Where have you been?"

"At school Dad, like we are nearly every day," Rockna said.

"Well, while you two were off lazying about in class I've discovered six brand new monster items that have just appeared in Mon World!" Hiragi said.

Mondo and Rockna both said, "What?"

Rockna said, "Are you serious, Dad?"

Mondo said, "We're going back to Mon World?"

Hiragi nodded. "And we're going right now!"

Meanwhile at school Diamond looks around, wondering where Mondo and Rockna were as she was helping with afterschool clean-up for the classroom.

"Those guys sure headed home fast... I wanted to tell them all about my dream ... " she said with a sigh (including sigh bubble from her mouth). "Oh well... hmmm..."

She looked around and yelled into class, "Ms. Loon! I have to go to the Nurse's office! I got a bad stomach ache!"

She then rushed off, grinning. "Hehehehe!"

She ran down the stairs, out of school, grabbed her bike and soon rushed off.

"So THAT MEANS I can head out early. Besides, I wanna get my hands on the new Romance manga that just came out! Luckily the store doesn't close until 11 tonight," she said while pedalling fast. "But first as usual..."

She takes a turn and rides the bike into the woods while pondering about her Rose Prince.

To herself she thinks, "I wonder if I'll ever meet my Prince...I mean, it's not like he's gonna fall out of the sky or anything...or perhaps save me if I got into danger like from a Troll...okay I gotta stop watching Enchanted over and over again..."

As she was daydreaming, her bike suddenly hits a bump.

"Woahhh! May-Day! Mayday!"

Soon she turned and rode down an unsteady path, trying to duck the branches. When she got hit by one anyway, her eyes started to swirl and her hair was full of leaves.

" Owww..."

She opened her eyes just in time to see the cliff.

"Ahhhh! Oooh no!"

She and the bike went over the cliff and fell.


She landed in a lake and quickly rose up, gasping for air.

"Cough cough! Eww eww grosso! Thank goodness I took diving lessons as part of swimming or I might have sunk like a rock."

Then she saw her bike sinking.

"MY BIKE! That took me 4 months of chores, dog walks and soda can disposal to get...sigh...huh?"

Then from the corner of her eye she saw a castle in the middle of the lake.

"A castle?"

She began to swim to it and thought, "Am I dead or am I dreaming? Maybe I'm just hallucinating from the lake water...and I think I swallowed a tiny fish."

Soon she came to the shore and shook off the water, holding her backpack high above her to keep it from getting wet any further.

Diamond looked at the building before her. "It actually is a castle... reminds me of the one I saw on the Internet or perhaps in German class.

She began walking towards it.

"I wonder if there's anyone around?" She decided to yell, " Hello! Is anyone there? Sorry to intrude! I got lost on a bike trail and fell off a cliff. Is there anyone th-Huh?"

Then she saw a gorgeous garden of roses.

"Oooh my ..." she said as she walked to the roses. "Roses, ...they're so beautiful."

She smelled one and smiled. "And they smell so lovely."

Her eyes startled to sparkle. "I've never seen such excellent roses as these before. Whoever grew them must be a kind and caring person, for only roses can blossom as beautiful as this for flowers grow and blossom depending on a person's heart."

Elsewhere, Eccentro walked into the garden oblivious to Diamond's arrival.

"That idiot Tanaka! It's always about his stupid training sessions! Doesn't he realize that I am a prince and have much more important things to do than deal with him?" he said with a sigh, then grinned widely. "Oh well, I did manage to escape yet again and now I will tend to my roses ... hopefully Tanaka won't find me out here and if he does I'll shove him into the thorn patch! Haha I'm so evil! D"

He bent down and began to fertilize the soil of the nearest roses to him.

"Huh?" Diamond said as she heard a voice. She then peeked around a corner. "That sounded like it came from over there."

She began to go straight down, passed a patch of roses and stopped. Peeking out, she saw Eccentro watering his roses.

She gasped as an image of the rose field and the Rose Prince appeared in her mind, who wore a royal outfit just like Eccentro.

"Could it be...My Rose Prince?" she thought while staring at him from behind the bush of roses. "No ... it-it couldn't be ... but the outfit ... the roses ... and a castle ... It is my Rose Prince ... the one from my dreams."

Then suddenly a fly flies around her and she tries to swat it away as she whispers: Swhoo! Shoo you stupid fly!:Tries to swat it, but then looses balance: Ahhh! :Falls down onto the ground with swirl eyes abit:

Eccentro turns around after hearing the racket. "Huh? What in the world was that?" He walks over to Diamond after spotting her and looks down at her in confusion. "And just who are you? And why are you in my garden?"

"Uhh..." Diamond gets up fast and bows in respect. "Forgive me if I...I trespassed your highness." She is blushing, seeing how charming he looked. "You see I was bike riding until I went down an unsteady path and fell into the lake and I saw your castle and I was looking if anyone was around to help me. My name is Diamonkar...I mean...Karimond...No no...that isn't it..." She is blushing abit more. "I'm Diamond Hikari, your majesty, but please call me Diamond. It is an honor to meet someone as royal as you. Does thou have a name, Rose Prince?"

Eccentro points to himself, "Rose Prince?" He thinks, then says: "Well, that is a suitable title I must say. Yes, a very good call on your part if I do say so." He clears his throat. "But in any case, you did ask for my name… " He throws back his cape. "…and I am Prince Ludwig Von Monsterstein Eccentro, but you may call me Prince Eccentro."

Diamond is blushing and her eyes sparkle. "Prince Eccentro, that is a charming name for such a Charming Prince. By the way are you the one who grew these roses yourself? She looks at the roses. "They're so lovely. I never seen roses so beautiful as these must take really good care of them." She smiles.

Eccentro looks slightly down towards the floor, eyes closed with a slight smirk on his face. "Well yes…I do grow them myself. I use them to make my cologne which will hopefully reel in the dough once it gains popularity." He looks over to Diamond. "I can't have a good cologne if my roses reek now can I?"

Diamond says, "Right. The roses have to stay fresh and keep their lovely smell otherwise their petals will wilt up and have that weird smell to them..."

To herself, she thinks, "This guy must be my Rose Prince...he's charming, kind, and he loves roses like I do..not to mention he makes a cologne out of them..."

"Umm...oh yes Prince Eccentro. I was wondering if there was a place to change as you can see..." Her clothes are still soaked. " Sorry, I had to swim all the way here when I spotted the castle."

Soon the scene changes inside the castle as Diamond's soaked clothes were wrapped up in a towel in a bag Diamond had in her backpack and soon she changed into a charming royal princess-like outfit that was blue/white with a heart-shaped gemstone that is blue with a cute bow. It was a modern/medieval touch, but it was cute with the white boots and white gloves.

Diamond says, "It was a good thing I had my cosplay outfit. Usually I wear this at conventions and once at my school's Halloween Party. I made it myself. It almost looks like the outfit that Momoko wears in "Fairy Heart" Manga. Thank you for your kind hospitality to let me stay here for awhile."

The scene was now in a living room and she and Eccentro are there with cups of tea.

Eccentro takes a drink then holds his tea cup down in front of him. "So…I've noted that you obviously have an interest in roses. Might I inquire as—"

Batch runs in cutting off Eccentro. "Boss! Boss! Great News! We've—" She stops upon seeing Diamond. "Who the heck are you?"

Diamond turns around, seeing Batch. "I'm Diamond, I'm a guest in your master's castle. You must be one of Eccentro's servants who work at the castle a pleasure to meet you. By the way what's up with your hair? They almost look like their antennae-well...more like beetle horns if you angle em a little."

A look of hate befalls Batch's face. "My Master? A servant of Eccentro? Are you nuts? I'm his partner in crime! The name's Batch, and don't you forget it shrimp!"

Eccentro sips his tea, ignoring the bickering. "So what is it you were so excited about Batch?"

Batch says, "Oh yeah…we have a new Monster Alert! Seems some more Monster Items have finally appeared!"

"Really?" Eccentro jumps up off the sofa. "Well then we're off!"

Batch says, "Alright!"

Diamond has an anime vein on head and thinks, "Shrimp! Why that-AHEM...But I won't lose my cool not in front of my prince."

She looks at Eccentro and asks, "Monster Alert? Monster Items? What are those? What's going on Eccentro? What's this about a Monster alert?"

Both Batch and Eccentro look at her then at each other. Eccentro clears his throat as Batch looks away and crosses her arms

Eccentro says, "Well, it's kind of hard to explain…"

Batch says, "Why bother even trying?' She puts arms up behind head. "She's not going to understand anyway."

Eccentro says, "Hmm…well then why not take her with us?"

"Are you serious, Boss?"

"Well why not? We can always use another ally against the Mon Colle Knights."

A new voice says, "That's one of the smartest things you've said."

Tanaka begins to squeeze out of Eccentro's tea cup.

"Gaaaahhh!" Eccentro tosses tea cup across the room. "Sorry Tanaka but we don't have time for you right now." He grabs Diamond's arm and begins to run. "To the Flying Lion!"

The group exits through the wall as usual

Diamond is blushing as she was suddenly grabbed and running with him and thinks, "Be still my beating heart...":

Soon the scene switches to the Flying Lion taking off as it rises out of the ground and soon goes down the rail and meanwhile in the ship.

Diamond looks left and right, but is blushing as she was sitting next to Eccentro.

"So let me get this straight. You're telling me that there's a place called Monworld and within that world there's six magical items that once found can bring the two worlds together? Almost like those wish-making orbs in one my mangas I once read. But it sounds so exciting. But I'm a little unease about do we get to Monworld I mean if the ship keeps going as it is..."

She is looking by the window side seeing the high point up to the sky. "Won't we just end up...either flying and falling into the water? " She is a little scared.

Gluko says, "Well we wouldn't fall silly, otherwise our ship would be called the Falling Lion. Isn't that right Boss?"

Eccentro sighs. "Gluko, I think I'll file that under The Somewhat Smart Things Gluco Says Every Once in a While."

"Really? Do you think I could read that Boss?"

"Never mind Gluko…" Eccentro and Batch said.

Eccentro turns to Diamond. "And as for your question, you'll just have to wait and see."

Soon outside as the ship is heading toward the top rail a strange symbol appears in the sky and soon the ship blasts off into the sky and straight into the portal and then vanishes.

Somewhere in the Earth Realm the portal reopens and the Flying Lion passes through.

Diamond's eyes are closed due to the flight scare. "Is it over?"

She then opens her eyes. "Pheww...were alright."

Then she sees she had her arms wrapped around Eccentro's left arm and then moves away blushing embarassed. "I-I'm sorry, please forgive me. When we went through that weird symbol in the sky I got all scared and...well please forgive my actions Prince Eccen-"

She then looks what's in front of them. "Woah...w-where are we?"

Diamond looks at the side window seeing the landscape below with the tall mountains, beautiful forests and the various monsters below especially a Behemoth.

Diamond thinks, "This place...I feel as if I've been here's like something out of my dreams...

" Is this Monworld?" She looks at Eccentro.

Eccentro smirks. "Yes…yes it is. And it's just ripe for the picking."

Batch says, "We're almost to the spot where the alert came from Boss."

Eccentro says, "Good. Set us down as close as you can Batch! We'll have a Monster Item before the day is out!"

Batch and Gluko say, "Yeah!"

Minutes pass and eventually Batch lands the Flying Lion.

Eccentro stands, looks down at Diamond and then offers her his hand.

Eccentro says, "Shall we?"

Diamond is blushing, seeing he has offered his hand and soon reaches out her hand and takes his and nods as she got up.

Outside of the Flying Lion deep in the woods Diamond wore a fancy blue eye mask which went quite well with her outfit and as she walked closed by Eccentro with Batch and Gluko following she couldn't believe what she saw around her. She was actually in a strange, new world full of monsters and beasts, but the best of all that she was with the prince of her dreams.

Diamond thinks, I can't believe it a place like this exists it's so...beautiful. Almost something out of one of my dreams I kept having since I was a kid."

Eccentro says, "So Batch, where did this Monster Alert come from exactly?"

"It should be right through here." Batch points deeper into the forest, a part that is very shadowed over and eerie.

Eccentro sighs. "Of course it would be in there."

Gluko says, "Aw come on Boss, you can't be scared can you?"

Eccentro, through gritted teeth and with a sweat drop on his head, says,"Of course not! I'm just being cautious!"

Diamond thinks, "Ohh Prince he is brave, but I just hope I'll be able to be brave like him. I mean creepy places like that give me the shivers...but it could be my chance to see Prince in action. If a monster would appear..."

A fantasy bubble of a chibi giant ogre trying to attack a Chibi Diamond running from it until a chibi Eccentro jumps out with his sword and slays the ogre and Diamond hugs him.

DIamond is lushing abit and thinks, "I just know he'll protect me like any Prince would do in the stories...sigh..."

Then she looks at the deeper part of the forest and says, "Let's stay close together so we don't get separated. I mean scary parts of the forest like that there's bound to be some unpleasant monsters in there..."

Batch says, "That's what we're hoping for!" She leads the way as the troupe enters the deeper part of the forest.

Diamond is running, following them.

Above the trees in the sky a strange bird-like being watches the group go into the deeper part of the woods.

Helia says, "Well now...what have we here? Looks like it's not only me and my boys after the Item...hmmm but I do sense another group of smelly humans in there tooo...ehehhee. Time to stir up some fear..." She takes out some cards that show different harpie monsters.


Meanwhile in the other part of the deep, dark woods the Mon Colle Knights with Professor Hiragi are in search of the monster item as well.

Mondo says, "Professor, I don't see anything!" He has his hand above his eyes, shading them so he can see farther.

"Well, according to my calculations Mondo, the alert came from just over those hills in the forest." Hiragi says as he types on the cluck-puter.

"Then why didn't you park the Eutopian Eagle over there, Dad?" Rockna says in aggitation.

Hiragi stops suddenly and slowly turns to Rockna. "Uh…because we all could use the exercise...yeah, that's it. Now let's go." He points forward and marches off awkwardly.

Rockna sighs but follows and Mondo falls in step beside of her.


Meanwhile through the dark woods it shows some lights and it shows Eccentro's group having flashlights to see through the darkness.

DIamond says, "It was a good thing I had those flashlights in my backpack. I only bring those along when I go biking at night." She smiles. "At least we can see in front of us now. So if I'm correct the item should be over those hills there." She points. "Just like you said right Antennae Head?"

Batch stops and turns around slowly. "My hair looks nothing like antennae, shrimp…they are braids! Get it right or else I'll feed you to whatever monster it is we find!" She turns back and continues to on in more of a determined and stomping manner.

Gluko giggles and follows behind Batch.

Diamond pops an anime vein and thinks,"If we do run into a monster I hope it eats you first Braid Head."

Suddenly they hear some noises.

Diamond mutters, "Uhh what was that?" She is little scared.

The group stops and soon as the noise gets closer it shows something floating to them and as it got closer it looked like a scary flying bat until Diamond swings her backpack at it.

Diamond shouts, "Take this monster! Hiya-!"

Then bong! The CluckPuter is hit and flies back and soon bang! Hits Professor Hiragi's head abit and soon it shows Mondo and Rockna rush to him.

Diamond says, "Oh wow...I guess I don't know my own strength sometimes. The power of the backpack can be mightier than any sword...but at least I got the mon-...ster?

She sweatdrops, seeing the strange metal chicken as she shined the flashlight at their direction.

Rockna says, "Are you okay Dad?"

Hiragi moans a littl.* "Yes, I'm fine."

Mondo looks over to Eccentro's group. "Look! It's Eccentro!"

Rockna stands up beside Mondo. "We should have known you'd be here. We wouldn't let you get your hands on any monster items all those years ago and we're not letting you have them now!"

Mondo points at Eccentro and shouts, "Give up before we have to get rough!"

Batch says, "Oh please not you squirts again…"

Gluko says, "Well at least their outfits okay this time."

Eccentro says, "That doesn't matter Gluko!" He swings his cape back behind him. "I don't think you realize what you're up against Mon Colle Knights! Things are going to different this time around!"

Rockna says, "Oh really? From you three I doubt that."

Mondo says, "Hold on Rockna, look." He points nonchalantly at Diamond. "There's four of them now…"

"Huh? Rockna looks in the direction Mondo is pointing. "Wow, you're right!"

Mondo says, "And who is she supposed to be, another one of your lackeys?"

Diamond thinks, "W-who are these kids...wait they look familiar! Mondo! Rockna! And Professor Hiragi! What are they doing here! I-I can't let them know who I am! If they know I'm-well...okay Diamond you took acting classes and watched all those superhero/anime shows time to put on a show!":

"That's right! I am the newest member of Team Eccentro." She then does a stunning pose. "The White rose that represents innocence and puriness and a symbol of honor. I am known as the White Rose Rosella. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Mon Colle Knights."

She thinks, "Ohhh man I know that sounded abit corny, but it was so cool...I just hope I did not make a fool of myself in front of my prince."

"Also forgive me for striking your metal computer I thought from the shadows it was well a monster...forgive me it's my first day as part of the team." She rubs the back of her head with one head with a sweatdrop.

Everyone stares at her a blankly.

Rockna says, "What?"

Mondo says, "She's apologizing?"

Rockna says, "She sure doesn't act like part of Eccentro's team."

Mondo says, "Especially with the whole innocence and purity thing…"

Eccentro shouts, "Shut your mouths you Mon Colle Brats! Rosella's as evil as they come and she's on my side! Together we will rule all the Earth and Mon World!" He laughs evilly.

Diamond thinks, "R-rule the world?...What kind of Prince is Eccentro?"

Then she heard a strange noise and looks up. "Did you guys hear that?"

Suddenly from above were strange harpie monsters.

Harpies: Screeechhh!

Then it shows a card appear.

Diamond yells, "Harpies! They're winged bird-like women whose claws are sharp as nails and if you get snatched up by one of them well let's just say that it won't be pretty afterwords."

The Harpies fly down at them and quickly they duck to the ground as they fly over and heading toward the hills.

Diamond says, "Those Harpies don't seem to be after us! Their after the monster item! She then gets up and begins to run. "Ooh no you don't you feathered Fiends!"

Soon everyone follows.

Up ahead at a shrine it shows a lovely crown and Helia grins. "My my...what a lovely this is one of the items..." She picks it up. "Nice job, Harpies. Now before those humans get here how's about you shred them to ribbons."

Suddenly a yo yo reaches out and wraps around the crown and swings it back.

Helia says, "W-WHAT the?"

Diamond says, "Sorry, but this item belongs to th-:Then as she grabs it suddenly her bracelet begins to glow along with the crown and suddenly in her eyes she felt an incredible energy from the crown and couldn't withstand it and throws it up.

"Ahh! She then sees the glow from the bracelet fade. "Okayyy...that was freaky. What the heck was that? She is looking at her bracelet.

Helia shouts, "You Filthy Human! Look what you did! Harpies, sic the girl!

The Harpies charge at her as the crown was still in the air.

Diamond is running back. "AHhh! Sho shoo! Go eat some bird seed! Why didn't I get the special spy Yo yo I saw on TV that would have been more useful than a grappling yo yo!" She looks at YO Yo as she yells out, "ECCENTRO the item is airborne it should be landing somewhere near you, but we got some Fowl play here!"

Suddenly a Harpie grabs her with her feet and lifts her up into the air.

"Wo-wooahhH! Hey! Let me go!" Diamond yelled.

The crown falls through and hits the ground near the two opposing groups. Each group makes a dive for the crown, the Mon Colle Knights, Eccentro's group and Helia. But before any of them can reach it there is a blur and a new fourth party snatches the crown before it can bounce away. The Mon Colle Knights and Eccentro's team fall into each other in a pile up as Helia swerves up and away, avoiding the collision. Everyone looks up to see an elf girl, perched on a high tree limb, twirling the crown about her fingers in a non-caring manner.

Rockna shoves Batch's arm out of her face and says, "Who is that, Dad?"

Hiragi from an upside down position begins to type on the cluck-puter. "Give me a second … according to the cluck-puter that Monster is known as The Wandering Aria: a rogue forest elf who was ostracized from the Forest Elves of the Wind Realm after she was found at being half demon. Since then she has traveled all the Realms of Mon World, collecting the Blades of the Realms. It also says that it is advised to avoid her if meeting her."

Aria does not even glance at them or even make a notion that she heard them, she just continues to twirl the crown apathetically.

In the sky ...

DIamond shouts, "Okay you stupid Harpie! FOR THE LAST TIME! Let me go!" She bites its leg.

The harpie screeches and releases Diamond.

"Wo-woahhhhhh!" Diamond begins to fall."Maybe that was a bad idea!"

She is soon falling through the trees and then lands on the ground covered in leaves.

"" She gets up. "That hur-Huh?" She then looks up sees Aria and thinks, "W-who is that...huh! Wh-what is that around her?"

Diamond can instantly see a strange and unusual aura around Aria.

Diamond thinks, "It's like some kind of she a monster...a friend? Foe? Or is she with those weird harpies?"

The harpies that were not involved in Diamond's brief capture are still under the orders to get the crown and thus promptly dive at the reclining Aria. As they near Aria looked up, reaches down for the sword hilt attached to her right thigh and attacks just before they reach her. No one is even sure of what had happened until the two black harpies become cards once more.

Aria, standing, places the exotic blue blade back on her leg sheath. "Truly a pathetic display…"

Diamond's eyes widen and she thinks, "Those Harpies...they were someone must of controlled them...was it that weird Harpie that siced them on me...but still that elf girl saved our lives...but that move...she must be a very powerful monster to take out all those harpies on her own."

Diamond gets up and looks at her. "Hey, thanks for saving us from those harpies. They were really kinda of a pain on us when we were getting that monster item you got there..." She points at the crown. "At least I think that's it.

To herself, she thinks "Come to think of it...when I grabbed it my bracelet and that crown glowed like crazy...why did it do that?"

To the elf she says, "So if you could just give it back please we would be happy to..I mean we would appreciate it. I was the one who got it, but it...well...:Sweatdrops more: Got away when those harpies attacked.

Aria turns to Diamond, her stare quite icy.

Aria says, "And why should I give this Monster Item to you? You don't seem to really know what to do with it." She turns to the Mon Colle Knight and Team Eccentro pile. "In fact, none of you seem to really know what to do."

By this point Helia is beginning to get agitated from being ignored and facing the threat of failure.

Helia: Errrrrrrrrrrr! Hey! Listen here you Elf Girl! Nobody does that to my monsters!

Diamond: Hey! It's that Old Hag who tried to feed me to those Harpies!

Helia turns into an anime frozen statue body and then huge flames are behind her. "H-how dare you YOu little brat call me a OLD HAG! Do none of you realize who I AM! I am Helia The most agile, the fastest, and if I must say the most beautiful of all creatures. So you hold thy tongue to who you speak or I'll let my boys have you for lunch. Isn't that right, Basher, Smasher?"

Then behind her are two ogres with clubs on their backs.

Diamond says, "Uhhh where did they come from?"

Helia says, We're part of a group known as Demon Claw and that monster item that little Elf has there is one of the six were looking for..."

Diamond says, "Demon Claw?"

Helia says, "That's right brat and were one not to be messed with."

Diamond says, "And just why do you want the item for anyway?"

Helia says, "That is none of your concern. All I want is that item so if you don't give it back then we'll just have to get serious by bashing you guys around. Maybe start..." She looks at Eccentro and points. "... with pretty boy there."

"Huh!" Diamond has anime shock eyes and looks at Eccentro.

Eccentro says, "What? Why would you smash me? I don't have the Monster Item, she does!" He points to Aria who is snickering at Helia's reaction to being called an Old Hag. "Why don't you smash her instead?"

An evil grin spreads across his face and he thinks, "And maybe during the brawl I'll be able to snatch that Monster Item for myself…"

Helia says, "Hmph! Because she's just a Half-breed...that's why...but what really irritates me more than Half-breeds are filthy humans like you...all your happiness, your woes, your pitiful excuses and your very existance...and so weak and pathetic unlike us we have powers. You don't...but still...maybe I could make you my Harpy K-"

Then bang a rock hits her head

"Owww!ERRRR!" She looks at Diamond.

Diamond, very annoyed, says, "You know I'm really getting sick of your attitude Old Hag! I won't stand for you thinking of us humans like that-making us like the lowest scum of the food chain. If anyone's the scum around you it's you and Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb there! And you should never discrimate people who are different than you are! You think your so better because you got claws and big, fat, stupid goons to do your battles for you you Old Hag! If your looking for a fight the-then you found it!" Diamond stands in a fighting stance. "Besides I still got a bone to pick with ya for trying to feed me to your harpie platoon back there."

She thinks, "I Can't believe I JUSt said that!...Something tells me I bit off more than I chewed..."

Basher stammers, "Bo-boss!"

Smasher yelled, "She called us dumb!"

Helia is annoyed more. "Oooh that's it! I was gonna go easy on ya, but you leave me no choice! SMASHER! Basher! It's dinner time! And that girl is yours!"

Both shout, "Yahhh!"

Diamond is scared as they approach and suddenly as they leaped at her with clubs ready suddenly her bracelet glows again and it blinds the ogres as she held her left arm up.


Smasher screams, "My eyes!"

Diamond is shocked and suddenly within the light she sees a swirling orb with a bright light symbol in it and thinks "Wh-what is this..."

She then reaches out and grabs the orb and suddenly begins to glow.

A transformation sequence appears on screen as Light begins to swirl around Diamond as her mask begins to turn angelic-like and soon her clothes shine as they transform into a knight-like style with shoulder pads and knee pads and the gem in the center of her bow glows creating chest armor with a crystal-like gem in it and soon the light shines and forms to create a thin-like staff that looked pretty beautiful and angelic as she grabs it and behind her spiritual-like angel wings can be seen for a few seconds as she poses.

Helia shouts, "No...i-it can't be!" She thinks, "This brat! She's a-a GuardiaN!"

Diamond is holding her staff as she held it ready while looking at herself and thinks "W-what's happened to me? My clothes, my mask...they transformed! I mean I transformed! How did I do that?"

Aria says, "How indeed…this is getting interesting." She leans back on the tree to watch.

Now realizing that they were still mixed up with each other, the Mon Colle Knights and Eccentro's Team finally separate, running to more suitable defensive positions, preparing for an oncoming attack.

Smasher says, "Uhhh, hey boss, what do we do?"

Helia shouts, "Smash and Bash her you fools! COME ON! SHOW SOME FANGS AND turn her to dust!"

Both says, "Yes ma'm! Roarr!" And they charge.

"Ehh! Diamond shows a nervous sweatdrop and points the staff. "GET BACK!"

Suddenly from her staff as she slashes it as if to strike light waves come out and hit the ogres.

"Ahhh! Ow ow! oWie!" both whine.

Basher yelled, "It hurts!"

Diamond thinks, "Woah...that came out of my staff? So that means I can use magic...alright. So when slashing like that waves of light come it. Alright, Diamond, come on this is your fight magical fight you have to show these punks whose boss! Ok lets seee...umm...Oh! I know!"

"If you think that was painful try this on for size!" She concentrates as a ball of light comes out of her hand.

"Light Orb!" She throws it and as it is thrown it heads at the ogres and boom.

"Ahhh!" Both hit the ground with swirl eyes and covered in soot. "Sorry Boss..."

Helia shouts, "Oooh! Do I have to do everything myself!" She takes out a card. "I summon Thunderbird!" She throws the card up.

As the card is thrown up suddenly a giant electrical bird appears and roars.

DIamond's eyes widen and she thinks, "Ohh man now it's a monster battle...even as of what I can do now is not enough against a giant Electrical bird!...what do I do?"

Suddenly from her deck in a angelic-like purse side a card shines and suddenly Diamond hears a voice calling her.


"Huh? "Diamond looks in her side purse and opens it and then takes out card and thinks, "Solaria?...gasp...I can hear her...gasp "Don't Give Up"...Solaria...The card my dad made...he told me something before I left.":

A flashback shows her dad.

"That card is very special, Diamond, and I think it would suit your deck. I think it represents your personality...sunny, strong and determined like Solaria. This card will be the trump card of your deck. Your major powerhouse," Mr. Hikari said.

The flashback ends.

With tears in her eyes, Diamond thought, "Dad ... He's right! Solaria is my card and like it I am determined, strong and have a up-beat personality and I am not one to lose to a thunderbird or that old lady!"

"Heheheh you look scared...are you gonna give up?" Helia said with a smirk.

"Not a chance!" Diamond called, holding the card. " Like I'd lose to an old hag like you! Now prepare yourself and feast your eyes on my monster! I summon Solaria The Solar Dragon!"

She throws the card up as it glows.

Suddenly as the card glows a bright light shines showing a splendid dragon that had white and red and solar-like skin and it had angelic-wings almost and had blue eyes and was a beautiful dragon indeed with it's shining scales.

Helia's eyes widened. "So-S-solaria! But how can that be! She's one of-"

"Helia, you and your oversized goons are gonna pay for trying to steal a sacred item and trying to harm both my friends and my friends' rivals and that I cannot stand! Solaria! Teach them a lesson! Solar FLARE!" Diamond called.

"Roarrr!" Solaria opens her mouth as it blazes up with light/fire and fires a powerful blast at the Thunderbird.

"Noo! THunderbird quick try to-GASPP!" Helia called.

The Thunderbird is struck and engulfed in the flames as it transforms back into a card and then the flare hits Helia and her goons sending them flying.

"Oooh no!" Smashed screamed.

"We've got Flambeed!" Basher screamed

"Errrrrrrrr! I won't forget this Guardian, I shall not! Mark my words, you and your companions haven't seen the last of us yet!"

Soon they are out of sight.

Solaria growls softly.

"I ... I can't believe I did It ... I summoned a real monster and Solaria is ... real ..." Diamond thinks as she looks at Solaria.

Diamond soon glows as she returns to normal as her mask and clothes returned to normal with her.

Solaria glows and turns back into a card and slips back into her purse and returns to the deck.

Diamond falls to the ground very tired out and sighed.

"The Mon Colle Knights and Eccentro's Team come out of their hiding places, unsure of what just happened or how to react to it.

"Uh…what just happened?" Eccentro said.

"You can summon monsters too?" Rockna asked.

"But I've never seen a monster like that before…" Mondo said.

Their conversation is cut short as the sound of clapping breaks the mood.

"I must say that I'm very impressed" Aria says as she stops clapping. "I haven't seen anything that entertaining for years and I never would have expected anything like that to come from you. Now I'm kinda curious about this whole "Guardian" thing that bat Helia mentioned…"

Diamond looks up at Aria as she got up slowly and then onto her feet.

"B-but I didn't know how I did just came to me all of a sudden...I mean, well, the only thing I was thinking was to protect everyone even Eccentro...and when those ogres were about to smash me up...I felt this weird feeling inside was like a burning flame...a light shining brighter than a candle and then well I transformed somehow and even summoned that monster," Diamond says, still tired out. "I mean I don't know what a "Guardian" is. But still I'm just glad that everyone is safe...besides it was my fault to begin with. If I didn't agitate Helia or lost the item when the bracelet and the crown glowed and I threw it up due to it's power and I guess that kind of led her to everyone, but If I didn't do that then all of this mess wouldn't have happened...I mean I was more worried about everyone than just that monster item...I don't think I deserve it anyway." She lowers her head. "I feel such an idiot..."

Aria shifts her weight onto her right leg, "Well, I can't argue with you there, but I'd say more of a ditz than an idiot…" The crown lands in front of Diamond and Aria continues, "but I'm interested to see how this plays out."

She begins to turn away but then turns back and added, "Oh, by the way, that crown is called the Diamond Circlet and houses the power of the Holy Realm. Try not to lose it." She turns her back to them: "And if you try to do anything, shall we say, unacceptable with the item, I'll take it back." She glances over her shoulder, "Since I doubt even a "Guardian" like you could really stop me." She throws her hand up in a half wave: "See ya'."

Aria leaps off into the forest out of sight.

Diamond picks it up and thinks, "The Diamond Circlet...the Holy Realm...I wonder did it glow because my name was Diamond or because of this power?...but I know you can't hear this...but thank you Aria...I promise not to misuse the power of this item..."

Soon it shows outside of the forest. It shows the sunset and Diamond is holding the crown and is starring at the knights and Hiragi. She wants to tell them something before she had to return to the Flying Lion.

Diamond says, "Sorry if this time Team Eccentro got this item, but let me assure you I will keep Aria's word and not misuse this item. I will keep it safe and secure..." She smiles. "But you know...after all that's happened today I feel so more alive...I mean, I've never had this much adventure before. And Mon Colle Knights...when I learn to control my power to summon monsters you think we battle sometime? Even a friendly competition would be nice when it's not over a Monster Item. And also...sorry again about earlier, sir. "She turns to Hiragi. "For hitting your Cluck-puter in the woods and then it hit you." She rubs the back of her head.

Hiragi puts his hand on the back of his head and says, "Don't worry about it. A knock from the cluck-puter won't do me any harm…" He laughs in a strange manner.

Mondo says, "It sure feels weird that we're letting Eccentro have the item this time…"

Rockna says, "But for some reason it doesn't really feel wrong at all."

Mondo smiles at Rockna and says, "You're right Rockna. It actually feels like everything's going to be okay."

There's a pause and then Mondo, Rockna and Hiragi turn to leave.

"Well, we'll see you around Rosella," Rockna says.

They begin to walk off.

Mondo looks back over his shoulder and shouts, "And we'll definitely take you up on that Monster Battle offer some time!"

Diamond stands there and thinks "Guys ... " She smiles and waves, shouting, "You bet! And when there's a Monster item I expect much from you Mon Colle Knights! See ya!"

She is laughing as she runs back to the Flying Lion. "Hahaha!"

"Today didn't turn out bad at all! I find my prince, I go to another world, I discover I have magical powers and I got a cool monster item! This is so cool! I'll never forget this day!" she thinks.

Meanwhile, above a tree is a strange figure.

"Ah, so that madamoiselle went toe to toe with Helia and won ... hmmm, so she is one of the legendary Guardians...The Guardian of Light." He smiles. "Let us meet soon Guardian." He soon takes flight.


That evening at the castle on Earth, it shows Diamond in chibi form holding plates of cake slices.

Diamond says, "I think this calls for a celebration for our first monster item caught. And nothing says a victory like Strawberry shortcake. Famous around my hometown." She smiles.

It shows normal Diamond now as she had a plate and Eccentro and Gluko had one with a nice slice as Batch had a plate with a smaller slice of strawberry shortcake.

Batch mutters to herself, "Stupid shrimp, give me a smaller piece, will ya'? Well I'm not going to let it bother me. I'll show her." She takes a bite of the cake.

Eccentro stands and says, "I propose a toast to commemorate our new member of Team Eccentro and for the Monster Item we were able to obtain today. We are now one step closer to our goal for domination!"

Gluko and Batch raise their glasses of soda. "You said it boss!"

Tanaka says, "For once I actually agree."

Eccentro says, "Gaahh! Tanaka! When did you get here?"

Tanaka says, "What are you talking about you lazy ninny? I've always been here." He drinks from his cup. "And I have something very important to say." He takes another drink.

Eccentro says, "Well…what is it?"

Tanaka puts down his cup and says, "Since we have a new teammate who seems to be better equipped for battling the Mon Colle Knights than you three, I've decided to put you all through a new training routine that'll put you all in top Guardian shape."

Diamond's eyes widen and a sweatdrop appears. "Uhhh...almost like Knight training like they did in the Medieval days? Uh really sir that's very kind of you, but ummm...well..." Another nervous sweatdrop appears. "What kind of training routine are you talking about exactly?"

Tanaka lowers his gaze and smiles somewhat evilly. A glint shines off his glasses, hiding his eyes. "Oh, you shall see."

Batch says, "Uh oh, we know that look."

Eccentro grabs Diamond's arm in his left hand and his cheesecake in his right. "Sorry Tanaka but we've got more important things to do, like eating cheesecake." He runs off with Batch and Gluko in tow.

The view changes to outside of the castle.

Tanaka's head is in a speech bubble coming out of the castle. "Now wait a minute you slithering cowards, where do think you're going? Get back here!"

Eccentro's head is in a speech bubble coming from the other side of the castle. "You'll never make us cuz you'll never catch us!" Laughing comes from everyone in the castle except Tanaka as he continues yelling at them.

The image fades out.


End of episode 1.


Trigger Warning : starting next chapter, this story will depict a romantisized adult x child pairing.