The episode begins at the castle and Diamond was in the library reading old folklore books as she had a sad look on her face pondering about the adventures she had and of the battles she has faced as well as meeting up with two guardians and Aria thinking about how powerful they are, especially the knights.

Diamond sighs. "What kind of guardian am I? While Noah and Emerald have angels to teach them magic I have to teach myself how to use my magic...sigh...but no matter what...I'm still not strong enough...I mean what good am I to my team?...I gotten them into some tight spots and they almost got hurt because of me..." She lowers her head. "Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a guardian...if I can't use powerful magic or have great skills...sigh..what good am I?..."

Outside the library Eccentro, Batch, Gluko with the Ojama Brothers peek from the door.

Ojama Yellow Boss says, "Has been like this for a few days now."

Ojama Green says, "Yeah. When we asked if she wanted to play with us she walked passed us like ghosts and went to the garden to water the flowers..."

Ojama BLack says, "She isn't herself...it's like a part of her is asleep while leaving a shallow shell..."

Batch says, "Well, there must be something that'll get her back to normal…"

Gluko says, "We could go to Mon World if there was a Monster Alert…"

Suddenly the Monster Signal rings out ."Well that was lucky."

Batch opens the door and yells, "Hey Diamond come on! We've got a Monster Alert to check out!"

Diamond says, "Alright...I'm coming." She closes her book. "I guess the only thing I'm good for around here is helping find monster items...maybe label me as a Monster Item Detector."

She grabs her book and walks out.


The scene changes to Monworld as the portal opens in the Earth Realm.

Diamond says, still in a feeling-down tone, "According to this there's a town where the signal came from called Groove Town known for it's trendy dancing school as well as a place where the people are in tip-top spirits and don't have a care or worry in the world."

Ojama Yellow says, "Come on cheer up. Hey I know what'll turn that frown upside down a joke. Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Ojama Green says, "That's lame it's to get to the other side. I know." He then makes a face and spins his tongue.

Ojama Black hits him on the head. says, "That's not it, you twit!"

Diamond sighs and looks away.

The Ojama brothers sigh sadly, seeing that their attempts to cheer Diamond up failed.

Eccentro puts his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure whatever's got you down won't seem so bad once we get your mind off of it."

Diamond looks at him.

Ojama Yellow says, "And besides, Groove town's a perfect place to get your mind off whatever it is that's ailing ya Diamond."

Ojama Green is dancing in the air. "Yeah! Besides the dancing festival is a great cure for driving away worries and..."

Ojama BLack whispers, "You get to ask your boyfriend to dance."

Diamond glares and then raises a hand that forms water and the bubble floats over the three and pop! They're soaked by the water. "I suppose..."

Soon the Flying Lion lands outside of the town and as they walk into town there were many shops and stores about especially shoe shops for different dancing shoes.

A shoe seller calls, "Dancing shoes! 50% off! Get em while their tapping hot!"

A seamstress calls, "Dancing outfits are on sale over, here get em for the annual Dance festival."

Diamond says, "Everyone seems to be in good spirits...I wish I had their high spirit right now. Maybe if the guardian thing doesn't go well I can always be some elemental dancer performing my magic around." She walks around not knowing she is walking ahead of the group.

Ojama Yellow says, "Hey! Rosella wait!"

Ojama Green says, "Your going too fast!"

Ojama Black says, "Wait for us!"

Eccentro and his team try to catch up, but many dancing residents dance by in a group and trample over Eccentro and Batch as they're on the ground with foot marks while Gluko is unharmed.


Meanwhile the Mon colle knights were in town looking for where the signal came from, but as they did they spotted Rosella at a book shop looking at one of the books and they see the Ojama Brothers with her, but where were Eccentro and the others, they wondered?

Rockna says, "Well that's weird. I wonder what's Rosella's doing all by herself. Shouldn't she be with Eccentro and the others?"

Mondo says, "You're right Rockna. Something must be wrong."

Hiragi says, "That or even Rosella has finally gotten tired of Eccentro and his group of no goods."

Rockna says, "DAD!" She hits Hiragi with a mallet. Hiragi lays twitching on the ground as a angry Rockna stands behind him.

Mondo says, "Uh…come on Rockna. Let's go see what's up with Rosella." The two go off, leaving Hiragi.

Hiragi says, "Wait for me you two!" He attempts to get up but is trampled by another pack of dancing citizens.

As Diamond reads a book she looks up, seeing Mondo and Rockna walk over.

Diamond says, "Mondo? Rockna?"

At the water fountain Hiragi, Mondo and Rockna and Rosella with the Ojama Brothers sit as "Rosella" explains her troubles.

Diamond says, "And ever since then I've been asking myself like "Why me? Why was I chosen to be a guardian"? I mean what if the bracelet made a mistake? What if I'm not cut out to be a guardian. I'm not powerful and skilled like Aria or have amazing spells like Emerald does and not to mention fast swimming that Noah has or the fact having powerful monsters...What if I'm not strong enough to protect everyone I cared about-especially Eccentro, Batch, Gluko...or how about that guardians have the realm angels to train them in their element, but the only training I get is some "lame, crazy bad guy training" from Tanaka and to be perfectly honest even his strange training sessions don't help me at all. I have to teach myself how to use magic...I mean what kind of guardian am I if I don't know how to learn more about my element that is light...maybe I'm not cut out to be a guardian..."

Mondo says, "Well, I can definitely see why you're so down."

Rockna nods. "But Rosella, you're special the way you are. You don't need an angel to help you with your powers. The gumption you have to study everything yourself shows how strong willed you are. And it's something that makes you you."

Diamond looks at her. "Rockna..." She smiles a bit.

Emerald says, "You should listen to your green-haired friend. She and spike head know what their talking about." She is holding a bag.

Diamond looks. "Emerald...what are you doing here?"

Emeraldsays, "Oh I was just doing some shopping when I saw you with the Mon Colle Knights. Listen Rosella, I know how you feel. At first I was like you just a plain joe...but I was different in a way. As a kid I had the ability to hear the voices of every living creature Monsters, flowers, plants even the Earth realm itself. I didn't know why I had these powers until the Earth Angel came one day and offered to teach me how to control my powers and so she took me under her wing as her apprentice to become the Guardian of Earth. One of the tests she gave me was to grow a big tree from such a tiny little seed...if I was able to grow the tree way taller than the others before sunrise tomorrow she would teach me the secrets of the Earth realm...and so I tried and tried my best, but the little seed couldn't grow...at first I began to doubt myself about my powers and thought I wouldn't become a guardian, but then I remembered something..."

Diamondsays, "What was it?"

Emerald says, "It was a something, but something close to my heart. For you see I remembered of all the people I wanted to help and if I could help them with my magic even able to grow my own herbs and plants easily I can save lives and cure many illnesses...So I gave it another shot and the next thing I knew the tiny seed grew into a gigantic tree...and I passed the Earth Angel's test...you see as long as I remember what is most precious to me then it gives me a reason on why I became a guardian to begin with." She smiles.

Diamond says, "Something precious to me..." She places a hand on her heart.

Rockna smiles and nods. "Emerald's right Rosella, it's the same with me an Mondo. The desire to protect those precious to us makes us more powerful."

Mondo says, "When you really want to do the best you can, and keep the most important people in your life safe, something inside you stirs up and you become even more powerful than you can imagine."

Rockna says, "And when that time comes, just grasp it. And don't worry about what to do, you'll know the right course of action when it happens."

Mondo says, "It's just like the time when we were able to summon the Golden Dragon. We wanted to protect the Monsters of Mon World enough that we were able to call him to help. We weren't exactly 100 percent sure what we should do, but our desire to defeat Redda was strong and in the end we won."

Diamond looks at them with tears in eyes and wipes them away. "Thank you...I'll take that advice to heart." She smiles.

Ojama Green says, "And we believe in ya too Rosella!"

Ojama Yellow says, "YeaH! Yeah!"

Ojama Black says, "WHEN ya find what your most precious thing is then that'll be the purpose why you became what you are."

The Ojama Brothers say "And we like you for you!"

Diamond says, " Thank you, everyone..."


Meanwhile screams are heard around as boar noises are heard and soon it shows a gang of bandits on boars and riding the boars are a gang of rogue goblins and their leader leading the pack is Horroc.

Horroc says, "HAHAHAHAH! My my my look at this lively little town and all the goodies and riches it holds. Surely the boss is gonna be pleased once we pillage every nookk and craney from such a down wearing dancing shoes For the Dreadful Goblin Brigade steals from rich and poor and keeps for ourselves hahaha!"

A card shows...

Horric says, "We're The Goblin Brigade, a group of bandits that travel Monworld pillaging villages and kingdoms of gold and treasure alike. And I'm my boss's right hand man Horroc! Hahahaha! Go guys go! Steal as much as you can!"

Soon a montage shows some of the goons snatching shoes, groceries, even ramsacking people for gold and Horroc laughs.

Horroc says, "HAHAHAHAH! Get as much as we can carry guys! Come on now!"

Meanwhile as Eccentro and his team look for Diamond they quickly stand aside as people ran from Horroc and his group as they peek seeing the Goblin brigade.

Batch says, "Well I wonder what all the commotion is about."

Gluko says, "Maybe there's a nice sale on snack foods on the other side of town."

Eccentro begins to walk in the other direction that what the stampede was heading, looking back over his shoulder as he spoke. "Oh Gluko, must you be so dense?" He stops as he bumps into something. As Eccentro looks in front of him, one of the Goblin Brigade turns, and upon seeing Eccentro, smiles evilly. Eccentro gulps. "Well this certainly doesn't look good…"

Blade says, "Heheheh...Hey boss look what we have here?"

Horroc says, "Huh?" He turns around and grins and walks over. "Well well well, what have we here?"

Knife says, "Looks like we got ourselves a rich fella here."

Horroc looks over him up and down. "And quite fashionable clothes-the kind royalty wears or is it just a halloween reject costume?"

Eccentro says, "Now see here you stinking oversized toad! I am Prince Ludwig Von Monsterstein Eccentro and I demand you treat me as the prince I am!"

Suddenly two goblins jump in from behind him, throwing a bag over him and tying it securely.

Dagger says, "A prince ay'? Well then we'll be sure to take a fine stab at that princely fortune of yours."

Hinge says, "Yeah, someone is sure to pay a nice ransom for your return."

The Brigade laughs and then mount their boars, rising off from the city. Batch and Gluko peek out from behind one of the allyways.

Batch says, "Well, this certainly has taken a turn for the worse…"

That evening in a tavern...

Diamond is eating with good manners. "Mmmm this is good. Hhahah ya know I'm feeling a lot better already. This food is fantastic! Especially the parfeit!"

Emerald says, "It's famous for it's BBQ chicken not to mention "Dancing Jumping beans" ahahaha."

The Mon colle knights with Rosella and Emerald have dinner as they stay the night at an tavern.

Diamond then remembers something. "Oooh I just remembered..."

Emerald says, "What is it?"

Diamond says, "I almost forgot about Eccentro and the guys. I wonder where they are?"

Ojama Yellow says, "We lost them in a crowd during your glum-down."

Diamond says, "Ohhh yeah. By now they're probably looking for me wondering where I ran off too...I hope they're okay..."

Emerald says, "I'm sure they realize that it's getting dark and headed here to get some rest. Or turned in at the other inn. But I wonder what all that commotion was we heard as we heading here?"

Diamond says, "Maybe there was a huge sale at a half price music store that had some famous singer's cd in."

Suddenly the door swings open as Batch and Gluko run to Diamond.

Diamond says, "Speak of the demon...Batch, Gluko there you guys are...uh...wait..where's Eccentro?"

Batch says, "Well if you hadn't wandered off you would know! Eccentro's been kidnapped by the Goblin Brigade that came through about three hours ago!"

Diamond's eyes widen. "WHAT?!"

Emeraldsays, " Oooh dear the Goblin Brigade, I heard about them. They're a group of bandits that wandered the realms stealing from town and village...but what makes them known is their leader Kanju, leader of the Goblin Brigade...he's very strong and anyone that faced him lost everything especially their clothes leaving them in their undees..."

Diamond gets up and rushes off.

The mon colle knights get up as she runs out of the tavern and begin running out of town.

Emerald calls, "ROSELLA! WAIT! Where are you going!? It's dangerous out there!"

Ojama Yellow says, "Who knows what kind of monsters or that lurk out there!"

Ojama Green says, "Or if those bandits are nearby!"

Ojama Black says, "You'll get caught too!"

"I don't care!" Diamond is yelling out. "I'm going to save Eccentro so stay there until I get back!"

Emerald says, "Rosella..."

In the woods Diamond had tears in eyes as she was heading off in search of the bandits.

Diamond thinks, "Eccentro! Please be alright!"

In a cave in a giant tavern it shows a giant goblin called Kanju who was either 15-20 feet tall lifts up a big handful of gold grinning as he saw Horroc and his crew return.

Horroc says, "Hey boss we're back!"

Knife says, "And we stole lots of goodies from Groove Town!"

Blade says, "Not only that we also brought home a hostage-a royal one."

Eccentro was tied up and he struggled as he was held by a bandit by the rope.

Kanju says, "A royal one huh? Looks like a Halloween reject to me."

Eccentro begins to flail wildly. "Why you blubbering oaf! How dare you call me that! I'll teach you to-"

Suddenly Blade stuffs a gag in Eccentro's mouth, leaving him to flail about but silencing him.

Kanju says, "So we have a rich snobbish prince to auction off. Well, well, it seems like you managed to actually prove your worth this time Horroc. Impressive."

Kanju turns and walks deeper into tavern, out of sight, leaving the rest of the Goblin Brigade to split up the spoils and put them away.

Meanwhile Diamond is wandering around, completely lost having lost the trail of the Goblin Brigade once they left the road. Luckily for her, someone is watching. Aria, who was passing by through the treetops, manages to spot Diamond as she scrambles over the rocks and roots of the forest. Interested as to why Diamond was wandering the woods alone, Aria jumps down behind her.

Aria says, "Fancy seeing you out here in the middle of the forest all alone. It's definitely not something I expected from you."

Diamond says, "Aria I don't have time to stop and chat. Eccentro's in danger and I have to save him. So listen, stay out of this one alright. If I was there to protect him then none of this would have happened. While I was busy moping around pondering about why I became a guardian Eccentro gets shanghaied by some goblins and now I have to save him!" She turns around looking at her. "Eccentro he's..."

She looks down and memories flash of the good times she had with Eccentro and the others, even back at the castle through training, happy times and hanging out even in town when Diamond and Eccentro went to the festival together. "He's very precious to me...not just him, Batch, Gluko, Mondo, Rockna, almost everyone I've met their very precious to me and as long as I have something that precious close to my heart it gives me meaning to be a guardian..." Tears are forming in her eyes. "As a guardian I vow to protect those close to me and I'll do my best to train hard so I can...I can...protect them."

Aria smiles and walks over to her and puts her hand on top of Diamond's head. Diamond looks up at her, tears still in her eyes.

Aria says, "You're finally beginning to understand."

A look of confusion passed over Diamond's face. Aria chuckled slightly. "Diamond, being a Guardian is much more than controlling your powers, learning new spells and fighting off enemies. You cannot simply "be" a Guardian, for it is not something that's possible to become. The only way to be a Guardian is if you "are" one. You must constantly live as a Guardian, for living your life is what makes someone a Guardian, not the amount of magic you learn. This includes the effort you put forth to make yourself better. And always know that one of those features that defines the life of a Guardian is having the courage to protect the ones you love."

She removed her hand from Diamond's head and began to walk away. "As you wish, I will leave this battle to you."

She stops and looks back over her shoulder. "But if you need me, all you have to do is trust that I'll come." Aria then leaps up into the treetops, disappearing from Diamond's sight.

Diamond wipes tears away. "Thanks Aria..."

She turns around and looks at the path and then nods and runs fast down the road and thinks, "I'm coming Eccentro! I'm coming to save you!"

Diamond relies on her instincts to track down the goblins and soon she comes across a cave and she sensed many auras in the cave.

Diamond says, "THat has to be where the bandits took Eccentro." She runs into the cave.


Meanwhile the bandits are having a big fire and it shows a bonfire as they clash their glasses together to celebrate another fine pillaging they did and there are different dishes of food out and Kanju had a large mug and some mutton with a medium-sized bowl and meanwhile from one of the cavern paths Diamond peeks seeing the main large cavern seeing the goblins.

Diamond says, "There they are..."

She looks down and thinks, "And so is Eccentro..."

Soon she hears them talking.

Horroc is eating some food. "Say boss I've been wondering. That Prince doesn't look like he comes from any of the kingdoms of Monworld."

Knife says, "Yeah I mean what person wears clothes that are so Medieval." He pulls off some mutton off the bone chewing it as he belches rudely.

Blade says, "I say from the 12th century."

Horroc looks at Kanju. "Yeah, what if nobody comes to claim for his ransom?"

A big grin appears on Kanju's face. "Then we will have no use for him, and then he will decide his fate either become our slave or be killed and eaten."

The entirety of the Goblin Brigade burst out laughing and then began to discuss what kind of side dishes to serve him with and what kind of sauces would bring out Eccentro's flavor. Meanwhile Eccentro was remaining motionless in the corner of the room, multiple sweat bubbles on his head, unsure of how to get out of this current predicament.

Diamond'syes widen and huge anime vein pops up. "Errr! No one makes My Rose Prince into a banquet!" She hakes her fist. "But how am I gonna get him out of there?"

She walks down the path thinking, "If only I can stir up some stir to cause a panic and during the panic save Eccentro from being the main course! But how?"

She is thinking and soon hears oink noises and looks down a path and sees the boars in their pins. "Hehehehe..." She think, "That's right, in Gurren Lagann Episode 1 when Kamina and Simon wanted to go to the surface they rode boars to try to burst through." She gets an idea and grins and walks over. "Hey there big guys..."

She takes out some bags of potato chips "Hungry?"

The boars nod.

Diamond says, "Alright...but first you gotta help me out."

Meanwhile in the cavern...

Blade says, "No way! I think he's be a good stew with carrots,celery, potatoes and my secret sauce." He grins.

Horroc says, "Too old fashion!"

Suddenly boar noises are heard.

Knife says, "Huh!?"

It shows the boars bust in running around.

Blade shouts, "WHO LET THE BOARS OUT!?"


As the bandits round up the boars behind Eccentro someone lands behind him and he looks behind hi mas his eyes sparkled.

Diamond says, "Somebody order a rescue?" She smiles as she begins to untie Eccentro and take the gag cloth off him as she is soon tackled down in a hug by him. "WoahhH! Hhaha."

Eccentro says, "I don't think I've ever been happier to see you! Now let's get out of here, quickly if you please."

Diamond nods. "Of course, your majesty. But first let's get up before the-"

Horroc says, "Oooh no you don't!"

Diamond says, " He spotted us trying to escape..." She has a nervous sweatdrop.

Suddenly the bandits surround them with weapons out and soon Kanju approaches standing before DIamond and Eccentro with a huge grin on his face and bends down looking at Diamond.

Diamond stands in front of Eccentro as they got up.

Kanju says, "Well, well, well. It seems as though a snack has walked in of its own free will. Now we'll be able to have a proper meal, with a little dessert afterwards. Tie 'em up and get a fire going. Looks like we'll be the ones to feast like kings tonight."

Horroc, Knife, Blade, Dagger and Hinge begin to approach Eccentro and Diamond.

Diamond says, "Sorry, but dinner's cancelled!"

Soon a very strong and burst of aura surrounds her as she raises her left arm. "Light SOUL AWAKEN!"

It shows her glow, but this time Diamond glows brighter than before as her armor becomes more celestial-like and cooler as her outfit turns beautiful as she took on a cool knight appearance and on her back tiny angel wings appeared and as her staff appeared she grabbed it and soon it shines transforming into a sword and swings it.

Diamond shouts, "LIGHT STYLE! Level 2!"

Then a burst of light sends the goblins back.

Diamond is standing her ground holding her sword.

Knife says, " hAHhhh-a-bb-b-b-OSS! SHE's a-"

Horroc says, "No way! It can't be! Is she a-"

Diamond says, "That's right! I'm A Guardian! ROSELLA THe Guardian of Light!" She grins. "You took something that was very precious and important to me and I came to get it back...I want to thank you personally for being "dear hosts" to my prince here." Fire is blazing in her eyes.

Horroc says, "ERR! YOu don't scare us!" He charges with a club.

Diamond blocks his club with sword and kicks him.

"AhhH!" Horroc hits the ground hard.

DIamond shouts, "Celestial Strike!"

Then her sword blazes with light and sends out a powerful wave of light that sends the goblins hitting the wall.

Kanju, who was the only one left with Horroc who stands up.

Kanju says, "So, you think you're a force to be reckoned with just because you were able to sprout a pair of tiny wings on your back? Ha, you are sorely mistaken. Toxic Shroud!"

He is opening the palm of his hand toward Diamond and Eccentro a thick purple mist emerges and engulfs the cavern. Diamond and Eccentro were not only blind to their surroundings now, but breathing was becoming more and more difficult as the cavern continued to fill with the smog. Just then Horroc leaps from the cloud and managed to get a blow off on Diamond, knocking her back into Eccentro and then into the cavern wall.

"Ahh!" Diamond hits the wall.

Horroc says, "Hahahah! What's the matter Guardian? Feeling a little...breathless?"

Diamond covers her mouth and thinks, "I gotta find a way to deal with this smog...if we breath in more we might...wait a minute! I got an idea!" She raises a hand. "WIND CYCLONE!"

Suddenly wind comes out of her hand and soon a cyclone stirs away the smog through the cavern and out of the cave and meanwhile in town.

Emerald looks up. "Look! There's smog coming from there!"

Ojama Green says, "It must be where Diamond is!"

Ojama Yellow says, "Let's go!"

Emerald says, "Wait she said to-ooh nevermind wait for me!"

Emerald, the Knights and Batch and Gluko follow the Ojama Brothers and meanwhile in the cavern ...

Diamond says, "That takes care of the smog."

Horroc says, "Hold it right there Guardian!"

Kanju has Eccentro in his right hand gripping him tight.

Diamond looks up. "ECCENTRO! LET HIM GO!"

Kanju says, "Oh I'll let him go alright. I'll let him go "Pop" unless you surrender to us "Guardian of Light"."

Horroc says, "Hehehhe yeah so what's it gonna be? Let your dear prince fall or you can surrender and be our dinner...hmmm?"

Diamond then strikes sword down on the ground and gets on her knees. "Alright...I surrender...but I wouldn't look behind you if I was you." One hand is behind her back as it glows.

"Huh?" Horrow turns around and his eyes widen.

It shows two Diamonds in different forms from Water and Wind.

Wind and Water Style Diamonds place their hands together. "Icy Blizzard!"

Suddenly as wind and water mixes it forms ice and soon hit Kanju and Horroc freezing them half way, but frozen and as Kanju shivers he loosens his grip on his Eccentro and he begins to fall until Diamond catches him.

DIamond says, "Gotcha!" She smiles "You know it's funny usually it's the Prince that saves the damsels in distress, but I guess this time it's the guardian saving the Prince in distress."

Then the two copies vanish and soon later the bandits are tied up and everyone from town came into the cave and saw them tied up and their belongings as they ran over.

The Mayor says, " Remarkable! Young lady! Not only did you stop the bandits, but you got back all our possessions that were stolen. How can we ever repay you?"

Diamond says, "It's nothing really. Just doing what any guardian would do." She smiles.

Horroc has tears in his eyes. "I can't believe we got defeated by one itty bitty guardian."

Diamond glares at Kanju, Horroc and the gang and points. "Now listen I let you off the hook this time, but stealing from people and taking hostages is bad! I went a little easy on ya because...you're just regular creatures...I mean if I went all out then I wouldn't be better than you..."

Horroc says, "Huh? So your not...gonna.."

Diamond shakes her head. "A guardian knows her bounds and gives others that have went down the wrong path to turn over a new leaf...I mean why go around stealing? You're all strong goblins with such potential and skills even in your battle skills."

Horroc says, "But...all we do is steal, what do you want us to do?"

Diamond says, "Well to start with you will take all what you stole back to their rightful owners and apologize to them. If I ever-AND I MEAN EVER SEE YOU Kidnap anymore innocent people and try to turn them into food or steal again I will be back and I won't go easy on you!A scary look on her face as her teeth are sharp and eyes red starring at them DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!? "

Kanju, Horroc and the Goblin Brigade flinch and shiver.


Diamond has her hands on her hips. "Hmph! I thought so."

THe Mon Colle Knights with Emerald, Batch, Gluko and the Ojama Brothers rush over.

Emerald says, "Rosella! I CAN'T believe you did it! You beat the Goblin Brigade."

Diamond says, "Yeah..." She looks at them as they were untied and soon began to help take the possessions back. "Seems like they won't be causing anymore trouble for anyone."

Ojama Yellow flies to her back seeing her tiny wings. "Rosella you got tiny wings on your back."

Ojama Black says, "Tiny little angel wings." He is looking at them too.

Ojama Green says, "Yeah you didn't had that on your style outfit before."

Diamond looks behind her back. "I got wings? Huh I didn't notice."

Everyone in the group begins to laugh at Diamond's lack of observation. In the tree tops outside of the cave, out of sight, stands Aria with a smile on her face.

Aria says, "Good work Diamond, but this story has just begun, and I'm waiting to see how it plays out." She turns and disappears deeper into the forest.

Mondo says, "So Rosella, tell us about the battle!"

Rockna says, "Yeah we missed the whole thing and want to know what happened! Especially why you have wings now!"

Diamond says, "Hahahah well...alright."

In town later ...

Diamond says, "So there I was as I leaped in to save Eccentro we were surrounded by about either 10-15 bandits with their big honcho and then I said "Sorry, but dinner's cancelled" and then I transformed, but as I did I felt something...like my heart was blazing on fire...more brighter than it ever did before and all of a sudden my armor evolved with my clothes and my wings appears."

Emerald says, "Hmmm how interesting. I heard about it from the Earth Angel. It's a type of Evolution in which a guardian's armor and clothes evolve into something new."

Diamond says, "Evolve?"

Emerald says, "Yes you see...the only way it can evolve is by the person's heart. As the person's heart grows more stronger so does the person and so will the armor and clothes as they evolve due to that person's strong heart...it was courage that awakened that evolution within you Rosella."

Diamondsays, "So those wings are a sign of me evolving?"

Emerald says, "Let's say it's part of the GUardian growth thing."Smiles

Diamond says, "Hahah yeah, but you know I finally understand what it means to be a guardian. It doesn't matter what powers you possess or the skills. A guardian is someone who has the courage to protect those close to their hearts." She smiles at Eccentro.

Eccentro blushes and Batch proceeds to poke him with her chop sticks in a mocking manner, a big sly smile on her face. Gluko giggled beside of her.

Mondo swallows a large piece of teriyaki. "Well, I'm glad you were able to get out of that depressed slump you were in earlier.

Rockna says, "Yeah. And you also figured out what being a Guardian is all about. I'm proud of you for not giving up on finding an answer."

Diamond says, " I couldn't have done it without you If it wasn't for your advice I wouldn't have found the answer."

Emerald Smiles and think "Diamond...you really are amazing...I hope one day you'll show your friends what's behind the mask to reveal the real you...but that time might come sooner or later."

Soon music plays and everyone was dancing at the festival and having a good time and a freeze frame shows them dancing.