1. Arrow

A/N: So this is my first avenger fic and it's a bit of an experiment. Can't say for certain it will be any good, but I'm trying.

When Loki appears injured on a security feed of the streets around Stark Tower, Clint knows that whatever it is Thor did wasn't good enough, because somehow the Liesmith is back, and Thor is not. He doesn't report the god's location. If he did they might try to stop him. He just slips away quietly and alone, because he has a score to settle, and if nobody knows the encounter ever happened he won't need to have mercy. He doesn't think Loki deserves mercy. So when Clint Barton disappears from Stark Tower, nobody realizes he's gone.

The god doesn't notice him until its too late, and in his current state he can't dodge the arrow, so he doesn't take long to drop. Barton uses a poison that he knows will hurt like bloody hell, and Loki doesn't even try to protect himself until he realizes the arrow is lodged in his gut. His eyes widen in shock and he pulls the arrow out of his side, grimacing in pain. He doesn't know the damage is already done. Or maybe he does, because there's one thing Barton didn't count on.

Loki drags himself to a pay phone and dials a number before blacking out on the pavement, and minutes later when he hears the ambulance coming, Barton decides that putting a supervillain in a civilian hospital is even worse then revealing his activities to SHIELD and allowing for the possibility of the god's survival. He curses and spirits away the dying Asgardian. Loki will pay, but he won't do it where he can hurt more people.


Fury is not thrilled by the news that Loki is injured in a medical bay instead of bound and gagged up in Asgard with Thor. Bruce will agree with the man at this point. He would much rather be doing experiments then trying to heal an enemy, especially when the process of healing said enemy requires time consuming research. The god seems to be in almost constant pain, and is usually asleep though he has awoken briefly twice. He hasn't been very coherent either time. There seems to be something in his blood that Is causing him harm, but seeing as Bruce doesn't know what god blood is supposed to be composed of in the first place, he is having hard time identifying the cause.

Clint shows up on the third week and gives Bruce an antidote for Loki. He admits to his actions and now that Loki is in no danger of dying there's very little point in letting the poison remain. Bruce agrees not to tell Fury, after all he has a hard time disagreeing with Clint's decision to attempt to kill the god.

After the antidote is found, Loki begins to heal faster. In two days he wakes again briefly, but after that he sleeps for almost a week before waking again, for real this time.

Loki awakes to a bemused Tony Stark and a distracted Bruce Banner talking nearby. He shuts his eyes tightly, trying to block out the sounds. His entire body feels utterly drained of both energy and magic, and it's not a pleasant thing. He takes a deep breath and tries to sit up before falling back onto the bed, gritting his teeth to keep himself from crying out in pain. It feels like his side is on fire, and he lightly touches the area with his hand, feeling the rough bandages.

It seems Loki won't be moving anytime soon, so he takes stock of his surroundings. There is a thin tube in his arm, connected to a stand with a bag of liquid that looks about half full. The room is lit with very white lights and feels very sterile. The voices of the two scientists can be heard from somewhere to his left, but aren't loud enough for him to make out the words from here. He stares at the ceiling for a while listening to their voices. Eventually he drifts into a deep sleep.


When Loki awakes again it's dark. So dark he doesn't notice the presence of another man until the words begin to pierce his consciousness. The voice is quiet, icy, and slow, and the words drip like poison from the man's tongue.
"Good. You're awake." It takes the god of mischief a moment to place the voice. When he does, it takes a considerable amount of effort to make his laugh one of dark amusement instead of fear.
"Barton. Good to see you again," he says smoothly, smiling slightly.
"I can't say I agree." The spy's footsteps can be heard now, slow and echoing as they approach his bed. Now Loki can see the shadow standing over him. "I'm here to tell you don't try anything," Clint says, his words becoming slower, more deliberate, "because I would be more then happy to put an arrow in your eye."
Loki's smile widens momentarily. "Enjoying it aren't you? Your power over me."
Clint glances to the side for a moment and strokes his chin in mock thought. "Uh, yes."
"You want me to listen. To obey." Clint nods slightly as Loki speaks, glaring. The smile plastered on Loki's face turns downright evil. "To kneel."
The agent freezes, then recoils as if struck. He doesn't try to defend himself or contradict the god, in fact he is completely silent for what feels like a full minute though its more like a few seconds in truth. Then his face hardens again.

"We're more similar then you thought, aren't we," Loki comments as Barton slowly backs out of the room. "Funny how reversed roles can show that." At this, Barton stops and turns back toward the doorway.
"Have I tried to get into your head and control you?"
"If you had the power, you'd do it in a heartbeat."

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