You are a burning rush of power


Too mighty to fall

Awestruck, I bow for the first time

For once in my life I am not the strongest

For once in my life I submit

To you

My leader

The object of my idolatry

On your altar I give my heart

And all the strength in my hands

Under your control I am molten glass

Forged in the fires of your command

Sculpt me as you will

You are change, a valiant, violent whirlwind

Ripping the world out by its roots

And starting over



The way it should have always been

I am proud to lead your armies into battle

And when the earth is laid bare

You will lay the foundations of a brave new world

Shape the future as you have shaped me

The glass is set in its mold





You are chaos, sweet, sweet chaos

The exhilaration of someone else's pain

The triumph of stepping away from a vanquished enemy's body

Blood on my hands

And the roaring tide of a berserker's war-lust

In the midst of destruction

In the wake of death

I am alive

Burning with your fire

Channeled through my body

Our fire

Our cause

Our war

Oh yes, I am alive

And God help anyone who stands in my way

Glass is fragile to begin with

It doesn't take much pressure to crack it

When it begins to break

The fractures look like spider webs

You are my savior

My rescue

My salvation

I knew you would come for me

I always told myself


You would come

Even when I thought I would spend eternity in darkness

No way out

Except you

And it was for you that I was there in the first place

Because I looked for you when you left us

Because I would follow you to the end of the world

If you only took me

But when you vanished

I was left behind

And so I waited



Such a long time

Labyrinth of madness

Running into myself around every corner

Over and over


Breaking free

In my mind

Monsters in the dark

Screaming and screaming but they didn't come out

But you saved me

Opened the bars of my cage

And let me out

To dance in shattered glass and hellfire