A/N: If I owned the Hunger Games, I would have written a prequel just filled with random hilarious moments between the characters before they entered the doom/gloom/drama of the actual series! :)

It was a hot and muggy 105 degree day toward the end of June in District 4. Eleven year old Annie Cresta and her friends were enjoying a day splashing around in the sea beneath the large sea cliffs that were a favorite diving spot. Annie had executed a perfect dive complete with a mid-air backflip before slicing the water gracefully. Her friends cheered as she swam over. "Hey, ladies!" Annie and her three friends looked up from the water as a very tan and toned thirteen year old boy sauntered up to the cliff edge. "Is it hot out here, or is it just me?" he asked coyly.

"Whatever, Pretty Finny!" One of Annie's friends called. Nearly all the girls eleven years old or older in the district had a crush on or at least heard of Finnick Odair who was the heartthrob of Lighthouse Jr. High. "What the heck happened to your trunks?"

"You mean - my - Speedo trunks?" Finnick Odair asked swinging his hips. He had indeed tied his shorts in a knot at the waist and then rolled up the legs as far as they would go and still cover certain things in a decent manner.

"Ok, Finnick, let's see if you're as good at diving as you think you are at looking pretty!" Annie challenged.

"Ok!" Finnick said enthusiastically, blushing as his voice cracked. "Don't let this-" He wiggled his hips again. "Get distracting!"

Finnick backed up about fifteen feet from the edge of the cliff. He discarded his sandals and ran toward the cliff before jumping as hard as he could off the edge. While in the air, he did an impressive routine including spinning and doing flips in the air. He sliced the water and then did a few barrel rolls under water. Breaking the surface, he did an impressive back-flip before diving back in the water in a nearly straight line. Being so engrossed in his diving routine, he was oblivious to the giggling and later outright laughing done by his audience.

"How was that, ladies?" Finnick asked smugly surfacing and treading water next to the girls.

"Very very impressive - very - revealing." Annie said in her most playfully seductive voice. She swam closer to him.
"Except one thing." She said wagging her finger at him before winking.

"Do tell." Finnick said smirking.

"You forgot these." Annie said holding up his swim trunks which had came untied and fallen into the water while he was still quite high in the air. Finnick let out a very high-pitched scream and covered certain parts of himself even though they were well protected from view by sea-water. "You still looked good, Pretty Finny!"

She tossed the shorts to him before swimming back to her friends. They clutched a long frond of floating sea-weed as a floating device and howled with laughter watching Finnick struggle back into his swimming trunks. The last few minutes were some that Annie and her friends would always remember in vivid detail, and Finnick would never ever be able to live down.