Soon the scene changes to the skies as it shows the group going after the Titan.

Ruby thinks, "Hold on Aria, we're coming…"

The scene switches to inside the Titan, where Alexander was looking out from the bridge window into the dark, lightning ridden sky. Aria is still trapped inside the orb, attempting to get free. She throws multiple punches with both her normal and Shadow Hand fists, kicked at the walls, and sends blast after blast of what she can muster of Thuya's energy at that which surrounded her. Eventually she stumbles back and fell to the ground, exhausted.

Alexander says, "You should know better than that. You're still too weak from Thuya's injuries and can't do anything."

Aria says, "Watch me!" she got back to her feet to begin again.

Alexander says, "Do what you want, you're just wasting your time." Aria stopped and looked at him before sitting back down on the ground.

Aria thinks says, "He's right, I can't do anything now…"

Thuya in her head says, "But soon we will."

Aria thinks "But…how much longer?"

Thuya in her head says, "Not long child, not long." meanwhile the others were attempting to avoid the lightning and being blown away by the rough weather in order to pinpoint the Titan's location.

Noah says, This lightning doesn't know when to quit!

Kaze says, I got an idea! I'll deal with the lightning and the wind.

Meryl says, How ya gonna do that?

Kaze takes out a card. "I'll deal with the lightning while Govad handles the wind! Come out GOVAD! Time for you to turn this storm around!"

Soon as he tosses the card up Govad appears as Kaze flew up on him and took out his weapon as the lightning flashes and the wind blows.

Kaze says, "Alright Govad! Wind storm the wind to the other direction! I'll deal with the lightning!"

Govad says, "Got it!" He soon raises his wings and flaps them sending powerful wind waves charging at the blowing wind sending it back.

As lightning struck Kaze uses his weapon to draw the lightning to him and then send it up to the air.

Ryuji says, "Alright Kaze! That's using your noggin!"

Noah says, "For once..."

Mondo and Rockna have merged with Ryuji's Vulcan Dragon and are looking around.

Mondo says, "Well that definitely makes things easier to see."

Rockna says, "But the Titan ship is nowhere in sight."

Mondo says, "It's got to be somewhere! We just have to keep looking."

The group flies on and then after a moment Gluko speaks up. "Wow, that little ship looks pretty."

Batch hears her and turns around on the dragon's back. She follows Gluko's gaze to where she was looking and there spots the Titan.

Batch says, "That's not a little ship! That's the Titan!"

Ryuji whistles. "No wonder he calls it the Titan."

Govad says, "Heh using a title as that its unworthy for him. Lets show him what True Titans do."

Diamond says, "Right. But we got to be careful Alexander must have some traps around so we'll need to be cautious."

Noah nods. "True, he isn't a man to let anyone enter his ship."

Ruby says, "Then I suggest we break into the ship by whatever means necessary and then break Aria out. With a ship that size not every single spot will be guarded. And besides, I should be able to make an opening since the ship is made of metal."

Kaze says, "Then be our guest Ruby. Tear it a new one as they say."

Ruby nods. "And then the group heads in the direction of the ship. By chance they managed to approach it from the side that Alexander hadn't been peering towards. Ruby put her hands on the ships side and divided it, making an entry way.

Ruby says, "There."

Rockna says, "That's great Ruby!"

Ryuji says, Alright were in. Now to find that jerk, save Aria and give him a beating he won't forget.

Ruby says, "I concur. Let's go!"

The gang ducks inside and ventures deeper into the ship. Back on the bridge, Aria's ears perk.

Aria thinks "They've finally come. Well, it's about time."

Thuya says, "With their help we should be able to regenerate properly and break free of this prison."

Aria thinks "But will it be enough to take out Deyus?"

Thuya says, "We shall see." Aria glanced over toward Alexander, who was now writing in the book he had shown the others earlier.

Alexander says, "Tell me Thuya…how is it exactly that you are able to reside within a being?"

Thuya through Aria says, "You do not deserve to know."

Alexander says, "Oh? Well, it does not matter. I am curious though. I wonder if Deyus can do the same as you pass on his spirit and power into a host."

Thuya says, "I know what you are thinking. Believe me when I say it cannot be done. Deyus' spirit lacks the ability and control to do so."

Alexander says, "Well, there goes Plan A."

Thuya says, "You wished to become Deyus' host?"

Alexander says, "And why not? The ultimate prize and power would be mine if I could host Deyus within me." Thuya/Aria shook their head.

Thuya says, "You are a fool."

Meanwhile the others had finally made it to the bridge. They saw Aria, trapped, and Alexander at his control panel.

Kaze whispers, There's sis! And she's trapped in that orb thing.

Ryuji whispers, "Alright let's bust her out and bust that dude!"

Diamond whispers "Hold on, Ryuji. We can't just jump in quick. Alexander might have something up his sleeve."

Noah whispers "She's right we need to come up with a strategy if we want to save Aria and Thuya."

Rockna says, "That's why we have you Noah."

Mondo says, "Yeah, you're the one who comes up with the plans when Aria's not around."

Ruby says, "And you're the only one we got right now."

Noah nods. "That's right and I got just the plan, but you guys have to trust me."

They look at him.

Noah says, "I'll keep Alexander distracted while you guys find a way to free Aria."

Kaju says, "Be careful, Noah."

Noah nods and soon heads out into the open as Alexander soon sees him.

A sly smile spreads on Alexander's face.

Alexander says, "Well, well, if it isn't he who I deceived. What could possibly bring you here?"

Noah says," I came here to rescue my friend. How can you do this Alexander? I idolized you as my hero...all your stories, your explorations...but now I see what you really are nothing, but a collector who will do anything to get even the most powerful of beasts for your collection. I mean artifacts are a good collection, but not living things."

As Noah was talking to Alexander, Diamond and the others sneak off to the orb Aria is trapped in.

Alexander says, "Heh, but Noah, you do now understand living things are the most fun to collect. They give the greatest challenge."

While Alexander was distracted, the others got to the orb.

Ruby whispering "Aria!" she runs up to the orb's side and puts her hands on it.

Aria whispering "Ruby!" She jumps to the side Ruby approaches from and put her hands on the places Ruby's are.

Ruby says, "How do we get you out?" Aria shook her head.

Aria says, "I don't know. I think I can break it from the inside, but I'm too weak right now. Do you think you guys could give me a boost?"

Diamond says," Sure. Alright guys, lets give Aria a power boost."

Kaze says, "One power boost coming up sis."

They nod. Soon Diamond, Kaze and Emerald place their hands on the orb and concentrate all their power into the orb and into Aria.

Aria closes her eyes and holds her hands in the air out towards them. A blue glowing orb of light forms there and streams of energy flow from the contact that the others were putting on the orb that contained her and Thuya to the small glowing light she now held.

After several seconds, Aria clasps her hands together as though in prayer and the light swarms in her palms for a few moments before diminishing and vanishing. Aria's eyes opened slowly, her eyes now a light blue to match the marking on her shoulder, which was now beginning to glow again. Aria backed up to the middle of her prison and a blue aura surrounded her. Wings that looked like that of Lugia's slowly rose from the aura, and as they burst out to full extension, the orb burst around her like glass.

Alexander looks towards the others as he hears the orb shatter. He sees the aura around Aria take the form of Thuya a beast that was streamline like Lugia, but was thinner with longer legs. Its tail was also much longer and its face was more like that of a dragon than a bird. Aria turned towards Alexander.

Aria/Thuya says, "I think there are several people who have a few choice words for you…Sir Alexander the III." Ryuji cracks his knuckles, Kaze pulls up a shuriken and Ruby forms a fire ball in her hand.

Ryuji says, You're a dead man pal...

Kaze says, "Nobody captures my sister and keeps her in your sick collection...you sicko..."

Ryuji says, "I'm gonna soooo enjoy this. So which part of your body do you want us to break first? The arms? The legs? Or perhaps give that face of yours a make-over you ugly slug..."

Ruby says, "Or how about we just give your whole body a "hot" new look?" her fire flared as she said the word "hot". Alexander shakes his head slowly.

Alexander "You fools don't understand. It's already too late. Now that Thuya's powers have been rekindled, the final battle will begin." suddenly the entire airship shakes and tips, buffeted by a great force.

Rockna says, "W-what's going on?"

Mondo says, "What could cause a ship this size to act this way?"

Thuya/Aria says, "Is it not obvious? It is as The Visitor said Deyus had come for the final battle."

Emerald says, "The final battle?"

Noah says, "Well this is one battle were not gonna let Deyus win..."

Alexander laughs as he backs up towards the bridge window.

Alexander says, "We shall see…"

The glass of the entire wall shatters and Alexander is swept out. The wind rages within the confines of the ship.

Aria/Thuya says, "We must leave this ship, for it will not stay aloft much longer!"

Ruby says, "No arguments there!"

The scene changes as they all exit the ship via the broken wall. They find themselves in the very heart of a most vicious storm. Lightning zapped all around, winds ripped at their flesh and the darkness in the atmosphere was suffocating. A monstrously large shadowed black being swept over the area, its wings shedding darkness as it flew. The colossal black raven-esque phoenix cawed as it flew through the dreaded atmosphere, its four red eyes glistening.

Kaze says, "Isss that...Deyus..."

Emerald says, "Ohh my.." She is a little scared.

Ryuji says, "It's like raven-like than a phoenix, but raven phoenix-like."

Then they hear a familiar laugh and soon they saw with the dark phoenix was Alexander.

Alexander/Deyus says, "So how does it feel knowing that you were wrong Thuya? It seems as though The Visitor and the great Deyus CAN be as one!"

Aria/Thuya says, "FOOL! You do not understand the link you have forged! You think you are in control of the power of Deyus? You are at his mercy now, and your soul will be swallowed up when he no longer desires your presence!"

Alexander/Deyus says, "We shall see who's soul is swallowed! I now command the atmosphere and the sea that it contains. You can do NOTHING!" the clouds had begun to encircle the group as he spoke and as he finished they shot towards the group like spears. The aura of Thuya that surrounded Aria and kept her aloft shimmered like a sun and deflected the clouds away.

Aria/Thuya says, "We shall see who can do nothing!"

Diamond says, "Alright guys time to help Thuya and Aria out! Time to bring out the big guns!"

Kaze says, "The big guns?" He looks at her

Diamond says, "Our Titan Beasts of course."

Kaze says, "Ohh uahhaa right."

All calls, "GO forth! Solaria/Govad/Calder/Zenki/Leo!"

Soon as their cards glowed it shows the Titans appear before the group.

A ray of light shot forth from Aria and Zhaan ran out with the others.

Zhaan says, "Come now, with me, to Thuya's aid." the others nod and then they become a glowing auras, racing towards Aria. Their aura's encircle her and then connect, exploding with light. As the light cleared, Aria was no longer there, but Thuya in his majesty. His skin was an icy blue and the feathers of his wings as well as the ones that ran down his neck near his head were a brilliant purple. Although he looked rather intimidating, his face was kind.

Thuya/Aria says, "And now, I call out to all living beings in, on and above the earth! Hear my song and resonate with it, echoing back with all of your strength!"

Thuya opens his mouth and a beautiful call coes forth. Its call matches Lugia's, only it was more so harmonic. Aria's voice can also be heard sing through Thuya, and the two sing forth in harmony. The earth itself and its denizens below look to the sky, hearing the call. People begin to bow their heads and clasp their hands in a prayer like manner as they open their mouths and sing forth the melody. Thousands of voices filled the air and Thuya grows more powerful with each one. His body begins to shimmer as though he were made of crystal. As Thuya continues to call out the melody, Aria's voice shifts into the words of ancient elvish, singing a song that no one but her seems to know. As this happens, Alexander/Deyus realizes what is happening.

Alexander/Deyus says, "We cannot allow this to happen! We must silence them, quickly!" Deyus dove at Thuya. But just as he nears the impact, a glistening shield protects him and throws Deyus back. In front of Thuya hover the Guardians, using their Guardian items to put a barrier between Deyus and the rest of them.

Ruby says, "You're not getting through! Not on our watch!"

Kaze says, "Thats right! Were putting forth 100% and beyond to make sure you don't get through!"

Noah says, "Thats right! We'll keep standing strong until the song is complete you FRAUD!"

Alexander/Deyus says, "FRAUD? I am no FRAUD!"

Ruby says, "But you are as GOOD as GONE!" In front of Thuya's opened mouth a pulsating orb of a shining blue sun formed. It continued to grow in size until it was three quarters of Thuya's body height in diameter. Thuya reared back his head.

Thuya/Aria says, "ANCIENT POWER OF NATURE! SHINE LIKE THE SUN!" Thuya fires off the orb along with a beam that follows, it that looked like Lugia's Aero Blast. With amazing speed the orb races at Deyus, who attempts to flee. But he is struck by both orb and beam. His body is torn asunder and with a devastating cry from both Deyus and Alexander, the great phoenix's body disperses into shadow.

A single shimmering crystal falls from the place where Deyus had been and disappeared unto the earth below. Thuya rears back his head and sung triumphantly. His voice and Aria's mixes again into a beautiful melody that causes the clouds to glisten and calm, becoming once more the radiant spectacle that those below know best.

"It is…done." Thuya's body began to shimmer a radiant blue, and his form dispersed into water droplets of light. In his stead was Aria, returned to her normal self. She was unconscious, thus Ruby flew to her and caught her before she fell. She noticed that a small blue dragon creature now slept on Aria's chest, nestled securely under her hand.

The scene changes back to the hotel. The Guardian's waited patiently out in the main room for Aria to wake up. As time slipped on, eventually the door knob to the room Ruby and Aria shared turned. Aria, still a bit weak, walked out, the little blue dragon creature atop her head. She smiled and waved a friendly gesture.

Kaze says, "Sooo whats with the blue dragon? Is that...Thuya?" He is looking at it.

Emerald says, "Oooh it's so cute!"

Blossom walks over and looks at the little blue dragon with a smile on her face. "Rooarr?"

Aria says, "Yeah, it's Thuya."

Ruby says, "Why is he…so…small?"

Thuya says, "After being inside a host, it is necessary that I be reborn and begin life anew. If I were not reborn, I would either have to remain inside of the host's body or destroy the host to escape."

Ruby says, "Oh…" she directs her gaze from Thuya to Aria and smirks. "Guess that makes you a mommy now." Aria's ears perk up and she blushes.

Aria says, "T-that's not what he…it's not…" Ruby laughs.

Ruby says, "Flustered much Aria?" she grits her teeth and blushes more.

Blossom Rooar..rooar..To Thuya as if talking to him with a smile on her face and tail wagging

Thuya says, "Erm…you want to… play?"

Blossom says, "Rooar!" She nods.

They laugh a bit.

"Pero Perr...perr.." Jumping up and down agreeing with Blossom with Mia and Impy and Chomp by his side.

Thuya has a sweatdrop. "But…I haven't " played" in over 300 years…" Aria reaches up and removes Thuya from her head.

Aria says, "It isn't hard. Just chase them around." She put him on the ground.

Thuya says, "Uh…" Blossom and the others dart off in random directions. Thuya takes off after them as Ryoki walks up and sits by Aria's side. Ryoki could no longer take part in such events being that she was so much bigger than they all were now. But Ryoki had also matured into an adult Cabbit, so she was okay with it. Aria stroked Ryoki as Thuya attempted to capture the others.

Ruby says, "So how's it feel to have a son Aria?"

Aria says, "Ruby, I will knock you senseless if you keep that up." Ruby laughs to herself.

Diamond says, "Well at least Blossom sees Thuya as her little brother. Hahaha I remember how small Blossom was when I first met abit She was oh so cute and still is."

Ryuji says, " Yeah and I remember how much she loved sweets and strawberries."

Diamond says, "Yep though I do keep her teeth clean, but I had to keep buying new tooth brushes when she learned to breath fire."

Aria looking out the window. "Well, the week of the Sea in the Sky is halfway over…"

Ruby says, "And you STILL haven't hung out with me…" Aria turns to her.

Aria says, "We can hang out for the rest of the week. I don't plan on getting into another epic battle for a while."

Ruby says, "Good."

Aria says, "But I'm taking Thuya along. He'll be with me until it is time for him to leave."

Kaze says, "Still I'm glad all that is over...I'm gonna go get some sleep. And when I wake up get something to eat." He walks off to his bed.

Ryuji says, "I know...saving the world takes a lot of you man."

Aria says, "Ryuji, you didn't even do anything."

Ryuji says, "HH-HU? What do you mean!Anime vein I mean I totally almost whooped that guy back there when he got away kidnapping Aria and besides-Then hmphs I'm just saying today was a pretty rough day. The world is saved and everything is back to normal can we leave it like that?"

In the other guest room Noah tosses a book of Alexander's documents on the bed and looks at it and soon the scene switches to the evening as fireworks went off and on the balcony of the hotel it shows a big table full of different food as everyone is having a good time watching the fireworks.


In the next scene it shows a montage of the days that followed. Aria and Ruby hung out as they planned they visited the amusement park, ran around the waterfalls of Aero City, and did whatever else they felt like doing. Mondo and Rockna rode bikes together, sailed remote controlled boats in lake and other things. The couples hung out with each other and sometimes the group would hang out as a whole. But at the end of the week, the group had gathered for a campout in the woods. Ruby was sticking marshmallows on her claws and then lighting them ablaze before eating them. Aria was making Ruby give her some marshmallows for s'mores, to which she was sharing them with Thuya who sat on her lap.

Ryuji says, "Hahaha you know this brings back memories of when we went camping."

Kaze says, "Huh? Camping?"

Diamond says, Thats right Kaze you, Ruby and Noah weren't with us when we went camping back when our group was small.

Kaze says, "Oooh so this is camping Putting up tents, catching fish in the river and making a bonfire and making smores?"

Emerald nods.

Ryuji says, "Not only that, but also telling ghost stories too. Heh you know I still remember that eventful camping trip. You can say it was an eventful one to remember."

Noah says, "What do you mean, eventful?"

Ryuji says, "Wellll you see I'll tell ya something, Kaze."

Diamond says, "Oooh was it when I told Aria that your middle name was Ru Ru or the Castillo event where Eccentro was mistaken for Castillo's rival and I got kidnapped and a sword battle took place?"

Everyone laughs.

"HAHAHAHAHHAHA! RRURU? What kind of name is Ru-Ru! " Kaze has anime tears of laughter bursting out. "I never heard that before."

"ERRRRRR!" Ryuji has an anime vein. "And if you must know that name came from back when I was a kid I went to the zoo with my parents and I loved the Kangaroo exhibit! I loved Kangaroos alrigh! Their known to be the boxing-type of animals that punch back and I got the name Ru Ru from when I hopped like a kangaroo and punched which my mom nicknamed me Ru Ru."

Diamond is holding back laughter and then bursts out laughing more.

Thuya says, "Well, I must say that I have indeed enjoyed the week with you. But, as the event draws to a close, I must be leaving along with it."

He flies up out of Aria's lap. "I thank you, Aria, for allowing me to reside within your being whilst I was in recovery."

Aria says, "You're welcome. But, I do want to know one thing why did you choose me to be The Vessel?"

Thuya says, "The answer is simple I needed someone who would believe so that I could not only reside within them, but also establish the link needed to recover and share energy. You had a very powerful and true belief, which made our empowered our link. Not only that, but I needed a voice to assist my own upon summoning the Aria of Seas and the Ballad of Gale. And your voice not only assisted in the song, but you spoke the old elvish most fluently."

Aria says, "I'm not called the Wandering Song for nothing."

Thuya says, "Indeed." He flew up above the trees. " Perhaps next year we shall meet again."

Ruby says, "We're holding you to that!"

Thuya gives a nod and then flies away, back up into the clouded sea.

Aria says, "The Calming will begin soon."

They look up at the sky as Thuya leaves.

Meryl says, "You think we'll se Thuya again?"

Diamond says, "Of course we will, Meryl."

Ryuji has an anime vein. "HEY THUYA! You better not tell anyone about the nickname I have, got it! Or next year me and you are gonna rumble mono-monster to mono-monster."

They have a sweatdrop.

Kaze says, "I'll never forget the name Ruru...ehehheeh." He is holding back a laugh.

As they continued to look up into the sky, the clouds began to withdraw and disappear as sparkling mist, revealing the clear night sky and full moon that hid behind it.

Ruby says, "Ahhh…truly the best event of the year."

Aria says, "As well as the one with the best memories." She and Ruby look at each other with a smile. The scene fades out from a freeze frame of the group as they peer up into the night sky.