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city world season 2 normally it would take longer but the first season wasn't long cause i did more on the sentences.

we got to when brother 1 was looking through the door and he saw his younger brother back. then brother 2 then says " i'm finally back bro." then they sit on the couch and then brother 1 then says " where you been brother." then brother 2 then says " will the crazy thing was a met a demon and he show me some cool tricks, then i was helping him and it was fun." then brother 2 then says " watch what i can do." then he makes a weird glowing thing appear and he says " he call it a reaver, but he said i can use it too, which is different from what most people do, i even train with him to be able to do this." then brothe 1 tells brother 2 what happened since he been gone and what happened today, then brother 1 show Ai, and brother 2 hears the story, then he says he will help his brother, and then brother 1 then goes out to do something and while brother 2 is at home he starts playing a video game, and then Ai senses he has powers but its the same as his brothers then Ai talks to brother 2 about it and tells him she reactivated his powers as will now, then when brother 1 then comes back Ai tells him his brother has powers like him but it was the same as him, then brother 1 then thinks interesting. then brother 1 and 2 then talk with Ai and brother 1, and 2 say they think they could possibly get rid of the rightaan government but they would had to help the repels, but right now they are gonna do other things like over there. brother 3 then talks with Ai and says " when i first saw you you surprised me." then Ai says " why?" then brother 1 then says " cause actually your face i saw you earlier, or should i say i saw your clones." then Ai says " will i was captured and cloned about 1000 times, i already know they were use for a war to take over the world or countries, but i do did wonder how many survived." then brother 1 then says " actually i got a file about the clones, they actually all survived apparently they had wounds but they had good medical care. then later brother 1 then is talking with Ai in is room, then brother 1 then is watching Tv, then brother 1 then goes out again and then he stops another problem and then he leaves, then the rightaan government says about brother 1 " this guy is a great shooter, he must be a marksmen, we had to get in to join our group, he even manage to steal and escape our superpowers program soldiers. we should probably get molly to fine him, then they sent a soldier to go talk to molly about finding brother 1. the soldier says to molly while in her white and brown house, in the living with a table in the center, with plenty of green and tan looking fuiniranted they say to molly while having tea " you got to find him, the rightaan government is looking for him, we need you to use your powers to find him." then molly says " why should i help you stop him, hes actually saving people, and stopping the bad guys?" then he says " your the only one who can do it, we need you to find him, we help you get these powers and you owe us." then molly's mom says " my daughter doesn't had to, and you can't arrest us we hadn't done anything wrong." then the soldier says " we can't arrest you, people would start a up riot if we did that, that's why i came to convince her to find the person, we haven't got a name for him but we just going to call him the masked solider vigilante, and we do had a reason to want to captured him." then molly says " why?" then the solider says " will we think he took a girl from us." then molly says " what girl?" then he says " will i'm not supposed to talk about it, its classified." then molly says " i don't had to do it, i'm not part of the program anymore." then the soldiers says "we want a answer when i get back, if you do it for us will get you anything." and then he leaves." then molly then thinks about it to where he is. back at brother 1's place, Ai and brother 1 start talking to each other, and then brother 1 then says to Ai " if you want what clothes do you want me to get you?" then Ai says " i don't know." then brother 1 then thinks to get the same clothes as her clones wear, and he then goes out and gets Ai some clothes. and then brother 1 then hears sandy coming and he tells her to hide, then he sandy says " i come to clean your room again master." then brother 1 then says " not today maybe some other time." then sandy says " ok master." then she leaves, then brother 1 talks to Ai soon he then goes back outside wearing his costume and begins to think of today. he next day, and then brother 1, helps his brother decided what costume hes gonna wear, then brother 2 then just chooses the same costume as his brother, then they start saving people, and then brother 1 and 2 notice more police patrolling the entire city, and brother 1 then sees a sign that says " lost girl call police if seen." then brother 1 then notices its Ai's face, then brother 1, and 2 continued what their doing then they go walking some where and brother 1 then sees a cop and they walk pass him and then the cop changes to tommy, then Tommy says " to the people in the mic, they are walking on foot, over where i'm at." then brother 1, and 2 get met by a cuple of people from the program, brother 1 then sees clove, and another guy he never seen before, then brother 2 then says " its the guys from the program brother, what do you supposed we do?" then clove pulls a RPG and says " we been order to take you in for questioning, if you come i won't be force to fire on you!" then brother 2 then says " if your gonna shoot why don't you fire." then clove fires and then brother 2 then uses his ability he learn with his time with the demon, and summons a weird straight blade and cuts the rocket and blows up behind him." then clove looks surprised and then she thinks RUN. then she is about to run but the other guy holds her from getting away, and then he says " their just two guys wearing a cuple of military soldier clothing with armor, they can be killed." then brother 1 then pulls a gun out and shoots the guys hand to let go of clove and let her run, then brother 1 then says " dude if the girl wants to run let her." then he goes charging at both brother 1, and 2 then brother 1 and 2 shoot web at him and then brother 1 and 2 punch him in the head a cuple and he becomes knock out, then brother 1 then checks his pockets and takes a cuple of special rightaan grenades, then brother 1 then says " looks like he been given the strong stuff, then brother 1 and 2, then notice a sign that shows brother 1 on the picture and says " wanted for questioning, if seen contact police. then brother 1 then says " must be cause i got Ai out they must want me." then brother 2 then says " probably so, then clove tells the rightaan government that there are two of the people, then the people say " two?" then Clove says " there is apparently another one." then the rightaan government become even more interested. then brother 2 then goes home and then brother 1 then goes around the city, and then he sees molly behind him, then molly asks him " who are you really." then brother 1 then says " i'm your friendly nightwatcher, what are you doing out in a time like this?" then molly says " did you really kidnapped a girl?" then brother 1 then says " no not kidnapped, i saved her, the rightaan government is actually the bad side." then he tells her everything, then he leaves. and waves good bye to molly then later the soldier comes in her house and she refuses the solider's offer. then later brother 1 and 2 make a plan to go find the repels, and then brother 1, and 2 then says to sandy they our going traveling. they then go to possibly a repel base and then when they get there the repels point guns at brother 1 and 2, then they tell the repels they are not there to fight but to help them get rid of the rightaan government, then brother 1 and 2 talk to them the leader roach says " if your really here to help us then if you can go back to the city and get rid the clones of a girl, we find out they are being control with a device, so we need you to kill them. then brother 1 then says " isn't there another way?' then roach says " will there is but you would had to go into a command center and disable the devices so they can't control the clones." then brother 1 and 2 go back to the city, and it starts raining, then brother 1 and 2 go into about 20 command centers and disable the devices controlling the clones, in one of the command centers brother 3 is in a vent crawling then he sees one of the people from the program talking to one of the high officers wearing armor covering him from head to toe, he then hears the person amber talking to the officer and then he then listens to them and then brother 1 then later asks the Ai clones in his costume could they help them get rid of the rightaan government, he says " me and my brother disable the devices controlling you, we could really use your help, the resistance could also use it to." then one of them says " i wouldn't mind helping, then they all agree to help them, brother 1, and 2 help the clones get to the resistance's base, and then Roach looks surprised they were able to get into the command centers and disable the devices controlling the clones. he then says " you guys actually disable them, we could use them since they took over the world, we believe it would be suicide to go in and disable the devices but you actually did it." then he tells them they could steal supplies, and destroy their bases with a cuple of hand explosives to the generators, cause inside the bases use special generators to power their bases, and the rightaan government is spread thin and it would be easier to make a quick attack on their bases, brother 1 and 2 then go back and plan explosives in each bases generator without getting caught, then they do more like plan something like some special explosives that are alike a nuke in some places around the places they think are good places to put them and then they come back, later Roach tells them if they are really to help them invade, they are waiting, brother 1, and 2 tell them they had a plan to make it easier, brother 1 and 2 go to the superpowers program and take everything, and brother 1 and 2 decided they our going to prevent the people in the program from being killed so, they make a false inter com message saying that the program is going to be disbanded, everyone from the program leaves, and brother 1, and 2 destroy the building with explosives, and later they are told the program wasn't being disbanded but it was a trick, later brother 1 and 2 then put a message in each persons house telling them that the masked vigilante destroy the base and that the truth was what really happened and how they got their powers, they then get surprised and join them with the resistance, Clove then comes and says " i didn't know they were actually but, that explains why you didn't kill me, cause you could of kill me anytime you wanted." then Roach gets surprised that those people from the superpowers program are actually are on their side now. they then launch a attack on the rightaan government, and the rigthaan government get surprised that their bases were getting destroy very quickly and they wonder how they been destroy only to find out it was C4s put on their generators, then some of their high valued target places are destroy and then they get a reported that they been destroy by special nuke like explosives on their important places and they don't damage any civilian places or property they then get destroy in a month, next five months later every country is back to their original owner, the U.S., Russia, north and south Korea, and Canda. then brother 1 talks to Ai at home and Ai says " that she is a bit amazed on how they took the rightaan government down, and how not really many people die. then Ai reaches a hand to brother 1 and he slowly reaches it out and takes it walking with her back home.

i Hope you enjoy the story, they story would of been longer but i kinda put it probably on another chapter back, but it could of been longer like a TV series or movie but that would of been like a lot of chapters,i probably not a guy who would make a lot of chapters cause that would been a long time to finish but you can tell i kinda shorten it, i could do this and that, but you get the picture, i'm still improving but i could do more, i do plan on making a dimension for this series so you could more about this world i thought about or story, the dimension will be longer and probably had more interesting story about some of the characters, and you will learn more about the programs people so you get to know more, that i could of talk about but that would be long. i could make a sequel but i'll think about that. hope you enjoy it, thanks a lot.

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I hope this fall in the guidelines I use knowledge from my English teacher to describe appearance, clothes, how it was, what color and how it looked, for the story, and help with building the story. I had thought of this story and how it would be, there will be 3, or 2 dimensions of the first one, it will sound like a video game, but no, it will be adventure, there will also be a season 2 for this one too. There will be a lot more sentences so it will be more entertaining, and be able to get to parts I like to get to. i got a small problem now recently i having trouble using my things to type so i'm going to use the wed sites typing thing, i say thanks fan fiction creators for leaving this mode so i can still type and make more stories, but i'll had trouble telling if i made a error, so don't blame me if i make a error, if you would be happpy to point it out i would appreciate it. obviously if you read you can tell that these worlds the characters are visiting are from other video games and anime, this one right now is halo and hell girl. you may hear things that don't sound what you heard before cause they ain't any video games and anime. beware i don't own the anime or anything like the video games, but the story isn't real and is supposed be the characters being there and changing the overall story. will actually the main characters are name their future names.

for the record i got the idea cause in code geass a country was taken over and there was a country that isn't real call britiana like in the series, but i thought what if a power hungry country try to attack and conquer the entire world when possibly later they had a great depression which made it easier to take over and even know the U.S. or other countries has nukes they don't get a chance to use them and they get taken over very quickly, and they had nukes of their own. i hope it doesn't offend anyone, i live in the U.S. i like that it is democracy, and that you can become rich, but i think the U.S. will had another great depression cause a lot of the things i seen or heard about make me think that it could happen again, if it does i don't know what i would do. but for the record i hope i don't offend anyone who loves their countries as much as i do. 04/29/14 (i just recently check this and decide to fix more errors to make this more readable. and decide to see if the story have major story errors which i can see i did. so sorry but better late than never as people say.)