Enter the final chapter of this story. (Finished it a lot sooner than I thought I would.) Thanks for letting me tell it and for going through all the craziness that happens when a story is dragged on this long. You've all been swell. :]

PGN News Center, Metropolis…

The news room buzzes with the movement of cameramen, technicians, and the like as they get to their final places before show time. Marcus, the intern in charge of the teleprompter, is doing his fifth spellcheck when someone calls out to him.

"Hey, Marcus." He flinches but relaxes when he sees Jimmy approaching with a pretty girl.

"Hey, Jimmy. How are you? Who's your friend?"

The girl reaches out to him with a smile and says, "I'm Veronica Lake, a friend of Linda's."

"Linda? Oh, you mean Danvers. Yeah, she's awesome. A friend of hers is a friend of mine and all that crap."

"Marcus." He sees the look in Jimmy's eyes and let's go of Veronica's hand.

"I have to get back to work. Maybe after the news we can take the time to know each other better." The smile on his face drops. "I didn't mean for that to come out that way."

Veronica's face relaxes from her look of slight repulsion and nods. "I'm glad."

Jimmy leads her away with a shake of his head. "He's not usually like that. I think the stress of the teleprompter is getting to him."

"I understand. Thanks for showing me around by the way. I appreciate it."

"No problem. Linda gave me explicit instructions if you were to come to Metropolis while she's out of town."

"It's very sweet of her."

"Yeah…" Jimmy says with a smile as he takes a bagel off the Kraft's food table before picking it apart to eat. "I know she wanted me to show you around the Daily Planet but I figured watching a life newscast would be more interesting." Veronica grabs a handful of grapes and pops one in her mouth.

The two look around the room, which is starting to settle, except for a PA (personal assistant) running around. "Has anyone seen Cat? She's not in her dressing room."

"Relax, I'm right here." The blonde whirlwind in heels flies past the girl and makes a beeline for the food table. Jimmy and Veronica take larges steps from it to make room for her. "Hello, James. Who's your friend?"

"Hello, Cat. This is Veronica, a friend of Linda's." Cat throws a glance at Veronica and nods as she drops a straw in a bottle of water.

"You're Linda Lake's kid cousin, aren't you?" Cat rests a hand on her hip and takes a sip of her drink.

"How'd you know?"

The straw falls from her mouth. "She had a picture of you on her desk. The only one." Cat quickly hands her water to the flustered PA. "How does my make-up look?" she asks Veronica.


Cat smiles widely and pulls her shoulders back. "Of course it is." She pulls the paper collar off her jacket and hands it to the PA, who lets out a sigh, looks at Jimmy and Veronica, and then goes off to her dark corner to wait until the broadcast is done.

"My cousin always said Cat Grant was a force to be reckoned with, I just didn't realize how much."

Jimmy smiles and crosses his arms as they watch Cat get situated in her anchor chair. "Don't let her southern belle beauty fool you. Cat is a highly intelligent woman with a nose for news and a backbone of steel."

"That's quite the combo."

"It wasn't easy to get to where she is, she had to convince a lot of people that she's more than gossip and fluff pieces."

Veronica smirks. "My kind of woman." Jimmy raises an eyebrow as he glances over at the young woman. He shakes his head again then reaches over to tap her on the arm.

"Come on, let's find a better place to watch."

They pick a corner near the PA who is now holding a clipboard to her chest as she watches the make-up artists do final touches on the anchors. "Evenin' Olsen. How's it goin'?" Hank Slater, a retired cop who turned "inside man" for The Daily Planet plants himself next to Jimmy. "Heard from Danvers yet?"

The tall ginger shakes his head. "No one but Perry has heard from her since she arrived in Qurac."

"Figured. Probably busy with all that political turmoil. Just wanted to ask. My brother-in-law lives there and told me there was an earthquake that hit the southern tip hard. Alotta people died."

"Linda should be fine then. She's up north near the capital."


The group in the corner watch the countdown until the beginning of the newscast. There are 15 seconds left, then ten, then seven, and then one.

"Good Evening," starts the male anchor, "I'm Harold Hanes."

"And I'm Cat Grant. On tonight's news…"

Katherine Kane's book store, Gotham City...

Bette Kane leans against the counter and watches the news as her cousin works to take care of her customers. "Bette, as much as I appreciate your moral support, it doesn't help me with this crowd."

"Not my fault, you're the one who wanted a sale during 'Gotham Day'."

"I know that, but you're the one who said she would help me if I did this. And you're not."

Bette lets out an exaggerated sigh. "Fine." She kisses her cousin's head before she practically dances around the counter. "I'll go see what I can do."

"Thank you."

"Excuse me. This just in…" The change in pace on the TV screen stops the blonde Kane woman in her tracks. Despite the noise of irritation from Kate, she runs up to the television to turn the volume up.

"Bette, turn that down. I'm-"

"Shh." Bette watches Cat listen to whatever is being said in her earpiece then smiles when Cat does the same. "News has just come in from our JLA correspondents. Fighting on Themyscira has ended!" Katherine's shop breaks out in cheering. Even the red-head herself can't help but smile. When Cat begins to speak again, Bette yells for everyone to shut-up. "The being called Darkseid has left and so has his army. However…" The smile on her face falls away and she freezes on the screen. Her fellow anchor flicks his eyes over to her as he struggles to keep his smile up.

The silence on-screen seeps into the store as everyone stops to see what has rattled the unflappable Cat Grant. Throughout the city and wherever PGN news is being broadcasted, audiences are pressing pause on what they're doing to watch the television.

"Um…there's…" Cat takes in a breath and shakes out of her shock, which it seems the reporter is experiencing.

"What's she doing?" asks a patron.

"Beats me, but whatever is being spoken to her upset her," says another. "I've never seen her like this before."

"Like I said, Darkseid is gone. However…" Cat clears her throat, "no battle is without loss. I have also been informed that three members of the JLA were killed in action." Murmurs sound through the store. "Blue Beetle was killed while defending a group of marines. No details on how he died have been released."

"I liked him." Bette turns to see a man in a military uniform.

"The second person is The Flash. Details of his death have not been released." An even louder murmur cuts through the store accompanied with gasps and a few cries. When Cat folds her hands and straightens her back the crowd grows silent again. "The final hero to fall," Cat's voice cracks on 'hero' so she clears it, "is Supergirl." Kate feels her heart drop. The air in the room, once filled with chatting customers, grows still. She grips the edge of the counter and leans heavily on it. Bette notices and rests a hand on her cousin's shoulder.

A woman at the counter leans on it too and rests her head on folded hands. "Please God. Please let this not be true."

Cat continues. "According to our sources, she died saving the life of a fellow JLA member. No other details were released." From there, the other anchor takes over, though his plastered smile is no longer on his face.

"Can we turn the television off?" Bette looks at the teary-eyed child in her mother's arms and nods at her request. When she does so, a silence hangs in the room. Bette has never been in a room this quiet before, not since September 11th.

"Do you think…?" A number of people jump at the break in silence, even Kate. "I know we got quite a shock from what we heard, but is it okay if we have a moment of silence for the fallen?" The military man is the one to speak. A handful of nods are enough for him to bow his head, which is followed by others. Some people even hold hands.

Bette looks over at Kate to see her staring into the distance with a blank expression.

She reaches out for the red-head's hand and holds on tight. Though Kate doesn't show any reaction, she does return the grip. It would be enough…for now.

Coming Soon…

Red, White, and Blonde

Supergirl is dead. The world is in mourning. The lives of all who loved her have been changed forever.

This series follows Katherine Kane (Batwoman), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Barbara Gordon (Oracle), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), and other characters known to the DC Universe and close to Supergirl.

Follow them as they mourn the loss of someone they loved and how they begin to face the challenges ahead of them. Watch as Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) and her secrets are exposed. See why the death of Supergirl was not only an important event for this universe but for every universe that has a Supergirl.

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