Title: I'm a Fanboy

Couple: NaruSasu

Rating: K+ I suppose

There were too many of them surrounding Sasuke. The constant screams to see the Uchiha were starting to really bug Naruto. He had come to the park to read a new book he had purchased earlier. Or that's what it seemed like to the normal passer-by. Naruto had actually been invited to hang out with Sasuke.

The two boys had been secretly dating for the past three days. And so far, Naruto was pissed off.

As hard as the raven tried to detach himself from the young fangirls that were clinging to him, he just couldn't. There had been an excessive amount of fangirls this summer. Word had gotten around that Sasuke was staying home for the summer. His older brother, Itachi, had to cancel the traditional get together because he had to work overtime this year. Naruto had been hoping to spend the summer with Sasuke. And that's exactly what he was going to get. Even if that meant telling all of Konoha that they were dating.

Getting up from the bench and closing his book, he started walking towards the crowd. Pushing a few girls—who looked about eight—aside, he came face-to-face with his boyfriend of three days.

"Hey, Naruto. What brings you here?" Sasuke said with a smirk of thanks on his lips. And yes, by now, Naruto could tell what each smirk meant. It was all in the curve.

Naruto shrugged. "Oh, I couldn't resist. You see, I'm secretly a fanboy of yours." He winked at the raven.

Said boy lifted his eyebrow. "Really? Did you hear that ladies? I have a fanboy. How interesting." Sasuke walked up to Naruto. If Naruto looked close enough he would be able to detect that blush that was creeping to the cheeks of Sasuke. "Why don't we talk about this in private?"

Naruto grinned wide, showing all his teeth. "Certainly; I am at your command," Naruto said with a serious sounding voice. The fangirls were too stunned to say anything and let the two smiling boys walk through the mass.

Sasuke lead Naruto behind a building where no one would spot them.

Before Sasuke could say anything, Naruto pressed his lips softly to his. Sasuke reacted instantly to the kiss. The taste of Sasuke was intoxicating and Naruto needed more. Flicking his tongue out, he gently brushed it against Sasuke's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Sasuke went weak and moaned. Oh, how he was a sucker for Naruto's taste.

Naruto kindly shoved Sasuke up against the building and put his hands into the raven's black hair. His tongue was exploring and Naruto for once was the dominant.

Sasuke didn't mind either. Because he, too, was a fanboy. Of this loud-mouth, blonde boy that was all his.