Title: Being Submissive

Couple: ItachixSasuke (ItaSasu)

Rating: K


"Yes?" came the reply from the long-haired raven, his ear flicking ever so slightly at the sudden voice.

"Why am I different from the other boys?" Sasuke questioned with a tap of his tail. Itachi and Sasuke had ventured off to the market in search of something simple to eat for dinner. Sasuke's long black tail was twitching nervously as others stared at him openly. The broad eyes of strangers with their tails wagging and ear pricked straight kind of frighten Sasuke. All the other boys in his grade were dogs, too. So why was he a cat? "Aren't girls supposed to be cats?" he questioned before his brother could answer the first. He eyed his older brother, noting his floppy ears and fur-covered tail that were nothing like his own feline features.

"Most generally, you're just different, otouto," Itachi smirked down at his brother. It was true, only once in a great while would male have the features of a cat. And even then it was a strange thing. What Sasuke didn't seem to understand, though, was that dogs chased cats, and that lot of the time, the cat gets captured. That the cat in a relationship is the submissive one.

"Aniki! I don't wanna be just different!" Sasuke whined while tugging on Itachi's hand, which was intertwined with his own. His short black ears were pressed back into his head and tears were coming to his eyes. "I wanna know why!"

Sighing, Itachi picked his brother up, setting him carefully on his hip and holding him up by the waist, earning a small squeal in return. Pecking his brother softly on the cheek, he watched as the adorable face flushed deep red and a purr sounded silently.

Chuckling darkly, Itachi muttered in Sasuke's ear, "I'll tell you when you're older."