Chapter One

Dallas. The place where I grew up in a wealthy family and basically had the life of a rich girl. Though there were times where I could have said I wanted out, I didn't because of three people. My Father, J.R., my mama Sue Ellen and younger brother John Ross. I recently graduated from Graduate School at the University of Texas and so I have my degree in Business Administration and Communications. I had gotten the call from my daddy wanting me to come back to Dallas to handle something that he recently found out about his baby boy. I obliged and told him that I would come and find out what he was up to because good ol' JR knew that his baby girl would be trusted and she wouldn't deceive him. So coming back home might do me some good and plus I get to see everyone including my uncle Bobby.

Once I arrived in Dallas, I went straight to the home that daddy was stayin' in. The nurse who took care of him knew who I was and directed me straight to his room. I knocked on the door to make sure that he was in there. I opened the door and walked right on in. I looked up to see him right in his chair facing the window and I smiled.

"Hi daddy."

JR turned his head to see me standing there and his infamous smile appeared right on his sweet, yet deceitful face. "Hi darlin'. I am glad you are here."

"Of course daddy. Anything for you. Now what is going on with Mister John Ross?"

"Well, if he is anything like me, he is trying to take SouthFork from under me and you know I won't let that happen. I need you to find out what the real deal is with him and the woman that he is working with. You know I went to Mexico to get the situation straight about me getting the Ranch after a certain amount of days but when I got there, Carlos was just as confused as I was." He told me.

Of course I sat there not surprised at how John Ross was acting. He was the carbon copy of daddy. Everyone could see that he was truly JR Ewing's first born son. I remembered the promise daddy made to John Ross that he would teach him the business and not do what he is doing now which is basically a con artist.

"Now look I know how close you and John Ross are, but I need you to do this for me sweetheart. I know you love your ol' daddy so get back to me and let me know what John Ross is up to."

I nodded my head and placed a kiss on my daddy's head and I looked back at him. "I will daddy." I told him as a devious smirk came across my thin lips as I looked at my daddy. I stood up and walked out of the room and made my way to South Fork Ranch. I wonder how everyone will react to seeing me back in a very long time.

By the way, sorry for bein' so rude. I am Heather Ewing. JR Ewing's first born baby girl. Nice to meet ya'll. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.