Title: Wolf & I
Author: d0ntbleenk
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries x Game of Thrones
Ship: Kol Mikaelson/Faye Salvatore/Robb Stark
Rating: T

Light filled the room, bathing their bodies in the warm glow from the early morning sun. Faye lay in bed with her back to Robb, playing with his fingers gently as his arm still rested lazily across her waist. She had only a blank look on her face - maybe she should have been happy to have finally shared such an intimate experience with the one man she'd loved since she was a child, but she found that she still could not decide.

She didn't know how long she had been lying there, but she knew that Robb was still out cold, locked in a deep, seemingly blissful sleep. However, when she shifted in bed to turn and face him, he began to stir, opening his eyes sleepily with a wide yawn.

"Good morning, my beautiful bride-to-be," Robb murmured, his soft tone and warm, brown eyes making her heart flutter anew and making her forget how subconscious she usually would have been if she were completely naked next to any other guy. But he wasn't just any other guy.

"I'm assuming you slept well?" Faye replied, a soft smile on her lips.

He leaned up to kiss her briefly and softly, shrugging. "I always sleep well when I'm with you."

"And when you're not?" She inquired out of sheer curiosity, but he instantly shut her out again, letting out a heavy sigh and sitting up. Faye rolled her eyes, sitting up with him, clutching the thin sheet to her chest. "Robb, you can't keep hiding things from me. Big or small, I want to know everything about you. We're going to be husband and wife soon, remember?"

"I thought you already knew everything about me," Robb said, barely glancing at her as he stood and began to dress.

Her eyes followed him, the still-lingering bliss from last night's encounter fading quickly. "If I did you wouldn't be so quick to hide things from me. Like now." She shook her head. "I've always been honest with you -"

"Oh, really?"

"Yes!" Faye shot back, before sighing and running her hand through her hair. "Look, it's too early to fight. Just... just please come back to bed -"

"I have to get back to work, Faye," Robb told her resignedly, not meeting her gaze as he pulled on his shirt. "But I'll have time later, I'm sure. We can spend some time then."

She couldn't help the irritated look that appeared on her face then. "Sure, later," she muttered in half-agreement as he walked over to kiss her forehead and then disappeared through the door without another word.

And just like that, the feeling was back. The feeling that she had made a mistake in agreeing to marry her best friend because it had only gone South ever since. The war had changed him, and not for the better. Faye tried her best to stick it out and keep him grounded, but it seemed her best wasn't enough anymore.

With a sigh, she shook the thoughts away again, choosing to ignore them like she always did as she dressed. Usually a walk through the castle sufficed to clear her head, but this was eating away at her mind like some kind of parasite and she couldn't risk running into Kol. Especially after what had happened the last time she'd seen him. Faye brushed her hair back into a simple ponytail, before retrieving her bow and arrows and heading out.

The walk to the forests that formed the very border of King's Landing wasn't long from the castle, but it required a short path through the village to be taken. Faye had never had a much of a problem with the peasants - actually, she'd never really interacted with them at all since she'd arrived, but she figured they weren't that bad. Or at least most of them weren't.

And if she did run into trouble, she was perfectly capable of protecting herself.

"Get down!"

Faye had only looked up for a split second before she was being charged from the side, and tackled into a bale of hay. The horses in the stable next to it neighed in protest, and at least half a dozen people were staring - but they weren't staring at the Lady and her attacker. Before she could scold him, she heard the hooves and saw men astride horses rushing past them down the main pathway. "What -"

"There's been a fire," Faye looked back at the man that had attacked - or, rather, saved - her, and her eyes widened. It was Ser Kol. What were the chances, really?

"A... fire?" For some reason her mind couldn't wrap itself around the concept, but soon he was dragging her back to her feet and looking at her urgently.

"I'll be back," Kol told her. "Stay here."

She frowned at the request - stay here. Why did they always say that? Sure, she was supposed to be a Lady and stay out of harm's way but she really was capable of taking care of herself. It nearly drove her crazy to be patronized in such a way all the time, especially by someone like Kol, who didn't know her at all.

So, of course, she followed him.

Just a minute or two down the road was a small house, the whole thing up in flames and almost half the village surrounding the property. There were men of all sizes helping to put it out, and she could just make out Kol a little ways away talking to a large man with a bald head and a thick mustache. Faye covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve as she made her way through the crowd, the smoke from the fire thick in the hair. It didn't take long for Kol to notice that she was there, but the second he turned to approach her, she heard a scream.


Everyone's eyes went straight for a window on the top floor of the house, but nothing could be seen within. Faye looked from the window to Kol and back - and it was only then that she saw the little girl. She started to move towards the house, but suddenly Kol was in her way.

"You can't go in there -"

"I have to! There's a little girl trapped in there." She shouted back, taking off her bow and sheath of arrows. "We can't just let her die!"

"But Faye -"

She shoved her belongings into his arms, cutting him off with a lethal glare. "I'm going in there."

"Faye!" The brunette heard him shouting after her, but she was already running into the building, holding her sleeve close to her nose and mouth, trying to steady her breathing. The smoke was much thicker inside, and the heat was nearly unbearable. She was coughing only after a few seconds inside, but her mission was more important than her health at the moment.

Faye located the staircase at once, and, dodging a fallen and burning door, headed up to the second floor. She heard the call again, and tried to pinpoint the source of it but the roar of the flames made it difficult. Faye ran into the first open room, and stood in the middle of it, looking around quickly.

"Hello?" She called out, her voice hoarse as she coughed again, squinting through the smoke. For a moment she started to regret having come in there at all - maybe it could have just been a hallucination - but then a second later the little girl she'd seen in the window came crawling out from behind the door. Faye ran over to her and pulled her into her arms, either out of relief or in an attempt to protect her from the flames and smoke or both, before taking her hand. "I'm going to get you out of here."

When they got back outside, they were met with a round of applause. The little girl's parents came running immediately, hugging and kissing their little girl with relief and tears streaming down their faces. She was small - probably no more than six or seven - with her brown hair in a single braid down her back and her dress singed a bit at the hem. But she was okay. They both were.

"Are you out of your mind?" Kol shouted at her when he finally saw her. "That was either the bravest or the stupidest thing I've ever seen a woman do."

"You really have no idea about how you should speak to a Lady, do you?" Faye inquired, raising an eyebrow at him as she took her things back from him. She made a mental note to ask his sister about that.

Kol eyed the bow and arrows. "You don't seem much like a proper Lady to me anyway, so what's the point of being a proper knight around you?" He countered, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly. She pressed her lips together, trying to suppress a smile of her own.

"Fair enough," she replied, before moving past him to continue her journey to the forest.

"Wait, so we're just going to pretend like last night never happened?" Kol called after her, and she stopped almost immediately, her eyes widening and her cheeks burning.

Faye spun around on her heels, eyes narrowing. "I can't talk about that, let alone acknowledge the fact that it even happened," she hissed, stepping up to him. "I'm to marry the King, Ser Kol. I can't just go around kissing whomever I please -"

"And I thought you already did," he pointed out, smirking.

"We're not doing this here," Faye told him, shaking her head as she started to back away. "I have to go."

"Then tonight." Kol insisted, making her roll her eyes. "The courtyard at midnight."

She shook her head, knowing him well enough to know that he wouldn't just let this go if she refused. So she merely shrugged. "Fine. Midnight." Faye reluctantly agreed. "I'll be there."

He smiled, "I'm counting on it."