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Mina Harris dabbed at her eyes, careful not to smudge her makeup. Simone looked gorgeous standing next to Henry, the love of her life. They were glowing with happiness and as Mina looked around at the people who'd come to celebrate their joining, their happiness was infectious.

She didn't regret introducing Simone to Henry's younger brother, Mark. She caught sight of Mark standing as Henry's Best Man, clapping for his brother and new sister-in-law. Ultimately, she'd been the catalyst that brought Simone and Henry together, right? Mina snorted to herself, ignoring the wary glances she was receiving from the other guests on either side of her.

Ok, so Simone and Mark had been a bust. That was only because Mark couldn't understand the concept of one woman and one love at a time.

Simone and Henry's love story (or at least what she knew of it) began the day Mina headed over to Mark's home to give him a piece of her mind after comforting a teary Simone, yet again. Before she could do anything, she stumbled upon Henry yelling at Mark about his treatment of Simone. She'd left without saying a word to Mark that day, though she would admit to later "firmly" insisting that Simone let Mark go, after apologizing for introducing them in the first place.

A self-proclaimed matchmaker, with a less than stellar record of success, Mina decided to back off that day. So, she backed off and observed.

She observed the way Henry's eyes always followed Simone when she came into a room. The way he'd drop everything to be there for her when she needed Mark's support – and the fool wasn't there. She watched the way he'd given Simone her space after her break-up with Mark. Mina watched as Simone had begun to notice, appreciate and blossom with his attention. Now, here they were happily wedded! Mina sighed. She wanted that. While she didn't begrudge her friends that had already found their happiness, she couldn't help thinking about when it would be her turn.

Simone and Henry made their way back up the aisle to form their greeting line in the church's foyer. The guests began piling out and Mina saw an opportunity to make her escape. As the wedding planner, she really should have already been at the reception site making sure all was well. Mina just couldn't resist the urge to be a part of Simone's special day in more than one way.

Once she got out of the pew and onto an aisle, Mina tried to book it towards her car. It took her a few minutes to weave through the sheer amount of people in the aisle alone, let alone the foyer. By the time she made it to her car, her frustration was probably at a low simmer. It didn't help that parking had been ridiculous at the church. Though she'd gotten there early, people had gotten creative with their parking and her coupe was now sandwiched between a convertible and a truck.

Mina squared her shoulders and got into her car. She could do this. She'd done things more difficult than squeeze out of a ridiculously small parking space. She'd faced down controlling mothers of the bride! Mina turned on the ignition and put the coupe into reverse.


She turned the ignition off, closed her eyes and groaned before leaning her head on the steering wheel. Mina had backed right into the convertible behind her, thanks to an overly exuberant tap on the accelerator. She jumped after hearing a knock on her window. It was probably the owner of the convertible.

"Hello? Miss?"

He had a nice voice at least. Mina resigned herself to her fate and looked up and out the window. She gasped a little when she realized who it was. Mina recognized who he was from Henry's family photos and Simone's description. Mr. Warner, super rich great-uncle and the benefactor for the couple's honeymoon. Mina got out of the car, closed the door and straightened out her clothes. She never knew when looking professional could mean another client. She clasped her hands to her chest and fixed her big baby blues on the man.

"I apologize sir. I assumed I could make it out of the spot without damaging your car. I have all of my information here, if you'd just give me a moment -" Mina trailed off as Mr. Warner stuck his hand up in front of her. He stepped forward into her space and took both of her hands in his after looking her over.

"I saw the whole thing. Are you all right? Do you feel any pain anywhere? Are you feeling dizzy?"

Mina stared at him dumbfounded. She'd just dented his ridiculously expensive convertible and he was more worried about her well-being? Why couldn't there be more men like him in the world? Except, maybe, like forty or so years younger, of course. Mina opened her mouth to give him a reply when his attention went to something over her shoulder. Mr. Warner gently released her hands and waved at someone behind her. She spun around and came face to face with a very, very gorgeous man who didn't seem too impressed with what was going on in front of him.

He didn't say anything. He merely took in the accident and then ran his eyes over her briefly. He then dismissed her by turning his attention towards Mr. Warner. Mina almost pursed her lips at him. Didn't he know what she'd just been through?

"What happened?" he inquired slowly, almost deliberately. Mina felt a shudder go down her spine at the sound of his voice. It was low, slightly gravelly and oh, so nice! Mr. Warner mistook her shudder for fear and placed a comforting hand at her back.

"This lovely young lady had an accident. With your car, my dear nephew. Nothing to worry about."

Mina choked. No wonder he'd been so dismissing about the car! The car wasn't even his! She sheepishly met the stranger's gaze.

"It's all really no fuss," Mr. Warner continued before turning to Mina. "You take that car to my man, young lady. He'll get that dent right out. Anyway, never mind the cars." Here he paused and beckoned the man, Kai, over. "Don't pout, Kai. I'll take care of your car as well."

Mina glanced over at Kai quickly. If that was a pout he had on, the worried frown she was sporting was a megawatt smile. Something struck her as funny in that thought and a giggle escaped. Mina immediately clapped a hand over her mouth. Finally, Kai's expression changed. He raised an eyebrow at her behaviour.

"I don't mean to laugh, this isn't funny. I apologize." Mina wrung her hands in front of her.

"Oh, but this is perfectly delightful, don't you see? This meeting was meant to be."

Mina and Kai both swung their heads towards Mr. Warner incredulously.

"Mark my words. Within a year, we'll be hearing more wedding bells from you two. I don't mean to brag, but I did bring Simone and Henry together and now look at them! I have a knack for these things!" Mr. Warner crowed, clapping his hands delightedly. Mina gulped and wondered just what strange universe she'd stumbled into. She looked to Kai for support, but she was beginning to think only had one mode: Seriously Unaffected.

That was, until he winked at her.

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