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Mina watched as Serena fairly floated on air as she went from rack to rack. Her usual, slightly clumsy gait was pretty much non-existent. Mina's gaze narrowed in on Serena's protruding belly. That extra weight must have balanced things. That "extra weight" was also her goddaughter and everyone in the world was eagerly awaiting her soon arrival. Mina sighed happily, drawing the expectant mother's attention to herself.

"You've got that goofy, 'I'm-going-to-be-an-aunty' grin on your face." Serena commented as her attention went back to the dresses she'd been looking at. Her face fell as she fingered a particularly fetching number that Mina most definitely approved of. "I used to be able to wear something like this."

"Honey, hush! You will be able to soon, just bring my goddaughter into the world first, ok?" Mina teased. Serena merely stuck out her tongue at Mina's teasing and continued browsing elsewhere, a soft, affectionate smile on her face as she laid a hand on top of her belly.

As inconspicuously as possible, Mina sidled up to the rack that carried the treasure Serena had just been fingering and took it off the rack. It would make a lovely surprise in a couple of months. She beckoned to a sales associate, passing by, and whispered her instructions for the gift. The sales associate looked over at Serena and grinned before returning to the counter.


Serena turned around. "Hmm?"

"How are you feeling? Have we shopped enough? Do you want to go home? Are you hungry?" Mina peppered her with questions, not wanting to exhaust the pregnant woman. Serena's face lit up at the last question and Mina had to stifle a chuckle. It was a look so reminiscent of their teenage days. "Food it is!"

Serena cheered as they exited the store. Mina made sure to catch the sales associate's eye behind Serena's back and the woman nodded back at her. She'd return for the dress a little later.

A mere half an hour later, Mina and Serena were seated in a booth waiting on their orders. The little bistro was well-lit, had a lovely ambiance and according to Serena had wraps that were well worth it. Mina took in the interactions between patrons and the staff, enjoying what she was observing.

"What's wrong?" Serena intruded on Mina's thoughts.

"Hmm?" Mina responded, a bit distractedly.

"Usually, we're talking a mile a minute about everything, or something or nothing at all. You've been so quiet today. I thought that we'd eventually get to it but we haven't, so I'm asking, what's wrong?"

"I just love when you have your unusally perceptive moments. They always come just when I need them to," Mina answered drily. Serena snorted and waved her hand, dismissing the sarcasm. Mina watched as she took a sip of her herbal tea. When she was finished, Serena pushed the mug away from herself and sat up straight, hands primly folded on the table and her big blue eyes focused on Mina.

"Ha! Funny."

Serena cracked a grin. "Is everything all right?"

Mina nodded. "Yeah, everything's fine. It's just-" she trailed off trying to find the words. "When I see you so ready to be a mother, it makes me question my readiness. Or whether I even really want to be a mother."

Mina paused but Serena only looked on encouragingly. "I think I'm more suited to be that crazy aunt that's always fun, you know?"

Serena nodded. "While I do think you will make a fabulous aunt and I know that being a mother isn't for every woman, but you still have time to decide."

"That's just it. Sometimes, it's terrifying thinking that someone will be so dependent on you in such a way."

Serena responded with a wry look. "So, I'm not terrified? I'm not praying that everything will go well with this pregnancy and this child's life? Not to mention what Darien and I will have to learn and become!"

"You know I didn't mean that," Mina soothed.

"I know you didn't. It's just, sweetie, you're not with anyone right now and maybe that's contributing to this. Maybe, when you finally find the one you're meant to be with and you're wearing his ring, it won't be as hard picturing having a child. His child." Serena's eyes softened and once again that hand went to the top of her belly. "I'm not saying whether you should or shouldn't have a child, but perhaps, give it some time, hmm?"

"Perhaps." Mina let the silence sit for a bit before she stood up to lean over the table and pat Serena's belly. "Come out soon, little one. You're making your mama talk a lot of sense."

"Ha. Ha. When is this food going to get here. I am soooo hungry!"

"No comment."

Serena pretended to chuck her fork at Mina who merely smiled and winked at her. Now it was Mina's turn to sit up straight and fold her hands primly on the table.

"Now," Mina announced. "On to important matters. Such as the budding romance between one Ami Anderson and one Zachary Lawrence! As well as what we can do to assist these two bumbling sweethearts!"

"Hear, hear!" Serena exclaimed as she clapped her hands together. "Now we're talking!"

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