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There was, she periodically assured herself, a method to her madness. She was a warrior now and as such, had to take precautions that were sure to set tongues wagging, especially in her mother's court. Mina left her mother's private rooms after giving her greetings and made her way to her own rooms. She immediately dismissed the servant girls she'd been assigned, ignoring their gasps of dismay and set about unpacking her own things.

It didn't take long for Mina to realize that everything she had brought back with her bore the mark of the Crescent Moon reign. She looked down at the travelling clothes she'd worn to come home. It was a fashion popular on the moon, but alien to the climate and tastes of her Venusian people. Being her mother's daughter, she always dressed with purpose and intention but this particular dress was chosen for comfort and practicality. Mina fingered the sleeves on this lightweight, comfortable dress. When she wore this, she was at home with her girls, happily settled around some activity or another after a hard day of training, official duties and strategy sessions.


Yes, the moon had indeed become a home to Mina. Another home. Another part of her identity. Mina sighed. She loved her princess, her girls, her abilities but she loved her mother and her planet as well. When had service to the Crown become so all-encompassing? When did she begin to separate her life on the Moon from her life on Venus? She could hear her mother's voice in her mind, speaking the words she'd first sent Mina off with, when she first went to begin training on the moon.

"There will come a time when your duty will weigh more than your ties to this planet, to me and perhaps to yourself. That is up to you, my sweet. Remember, there is no other who can fill the space of your existence, besides you."

Mina came to herself and called for the servant girls to prepare a bath for her, she was getting tired and need rest for her busy schedule during her stay on Venus. Her home visits were few and far between, so she made the most of them whenever she returned. Mina watched as the servant girls fluttered about the room and then began fluttering about her. She gave in to their attentions, gratefully.

She was still a princess, after all.

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