Spock's parents had taken him to many worlds during their diplomatic trips; admittedly this had to be one of the more interesting voyages. Rather than endless meetings and highly controlled tours this world had only derelict ruins. Spock found the study of ancient civilizations much more fascinating than existing ones, discovering the reasons why the planet or culture had failed its own people showed differences in evolution no textbook could teach. At the moment they were being escorted through the halls in the capital of the extinct culture. It seemed that their architecture and artistic forms had merged at some point in their history, allowing for the strange crystal formations implanted in the wall.

There must be aesthetic quality he did not understand, he hoped the archeologists had files on the topic on why these crystals were held in such high regard. It would be an interesting culture to study while on the planet, though he was much more interested in how the architecture remained standing and how the walls retained their structural integrity without upkeep. He heard his name being called and hurried to catch up to his parents, his curiosity at the architecture had kept him lingering behind.

The ground below his feet disappeared and he fell almost seven meters to the floor below. A small cry came from his throat in surprise, even a Vulcan couldn't see the logic behind the floor deciding to collapse. He remembered his fighting lessons and prepared for the landing. If he was incorrect in his calculations he could break his ankles or legs. Spock felt the impact and rolled with it, covering his head so the falling stone would not harm him. Once Spock was sure nothing else would fall on him and he had not broken any bones, Spock released his hands and looked around the chamber he was now in. Much like the one above it was made out of dark yellow stone with other colored decorations adorning the walls in geometric patterns. He narrowed his eyes to focus on the cave in, it looked like an isolated failure of the buildings support structure and he calculated that his parents would be safe as long as they didn't venture to close to the edge.

"Spock," he heard his mother call as she leaned over the edge, he could see his father trying to pull her back to safety. "Spock!"

"I'm unhurt," Spock called, stepping foreword so that he could be seen. "The cave in appears to be isolated, the rest of the room is stable."

"Is there a doorway?" Sarek asked, not visible to him.

"Yes," Spock replied, "I will try to find a way upstairs, if I am unable I will return here."

"Be careful Spock!" Amanda called, worry still showing through her voice. He quickly made his way over to the stone doorway and shined the emergency light from his pack up the slightly sloping floor.

The color of the walls stayed the same, but the wall paint turned to inlaid crystals that seemed to grow right out of the wall until they became the wall. Spock paused to examine one and saw that they gave out a small glow that couldn't fully illuminate the room. He followed the crystals and found a smaller chamber that was even darker than the previous ones he'd been in, the only light source was a glowing crystal in the far corner of the room. Spock paused and approached it, noticing something different about this specific crystal, it was shaped like a casket.

A feeling settled in the back of Spock's mind as he walked towards it, something telling him to continue walking towards it. It was as if he'd seen the casket somewhere before, and whatever lay inside needed to be discovered. He had to open it.

Spock paused before the crystal casket, the strange gold current running through the ice-like substance making it difficult to see inside. He leaned in close and saw a young girl lying inside, resting on a cloth bed that was also emitting a faint glow. Spock braced his hand on the top to get even closer when suddenly it shifted beneath him, air hissing out before the pressure equalized. When nothing more happened he set his hands on the lid and pushed it fully off the base of the casket. The dense material thudded to the ground and he received his first proper look at the child. She appeared to be of about five or six standard years of age; her skin had a strange golden tint to it and her hair was a distinct blue. She shifted and mewled in the back of her throat, revealing pointed ears under her hair. She sat up suddenly and opened her eyes, which were a clear grey with flecks of amber. She stood in the casket and the dark crimson dress she wore fell to her bare feet so just her toes were sticking out. "Hello," Spock said in basic, hoping she understood since he didn't have a translator on him.

"Dragos! Jus visi gerai!" She said, throwing her arms around him. Spock did not have time to react before she was climbing down and pulling him towards another doorway. "Ateiti. Turime rasti motinos ir tévo."

"Wait," Spock said, catching her before she stepped on shards of crystal. "The floor is covered in shards and you are without foot apparel." The girl's eyes suddenly got very wide as she realized she did not know the man in the room.

"Jūs ne mano brolis," she said, "Kas jūs esate?" Her hand jolted out of his and she dodged towards the door, eyes darting around with a calculating speed.

Spock did not understand her, but she seemed intelligent. "Please, I am here to help." Spock opened his arms in surrender and the girl stepped into them, allowing him to carry her. He did not know how long she had been there, and it would be easier to carry her so he did not have to worry about any damage she might have.

"Turétuméte pasiimti mane i sale," she said, pointing to the door she'd started for. "Mano tevai bus ten." Spock walked towards the door and followed the girl's directions, he noticed the floor sloped upwards and soon he saw light shining ahead. The two appeared in an alcove that had looked like any other wall, but but concealed the passage behind it. The girl looked around with her mouth closed and her eyes wide. Spock could feel horror and surprise through the skin contact he had with her and sent a wave a calm to her small body. He did not know why he did, it was not considered logical by most Vulcans to comfort her emotionally, but he somehow knew that he was to take care of her. With the child in his arms he walked foreword to the group of people surrounding the hole he'd fallen into.

"Sa-mekh, Ko-mekh," Spock greeted. Amanda turned quickly and ran towards her teenage son.

"Spock!" She said, moving towards him quickly. She surprised the girl in his arms and she squeaked, hiding her face in Spock's neck and clutching close to him, small body trembling. Amanda noticed the small girl and slowed her steps, Sarek by her side in a moment.

"I found her downstairs," Spock said, running his hand over her hair in a comforting manner, "She does not speak Standard. I am unsure, but she seems to know her way around the ruins." Sarek turned to ask the guide with them if any other family were touring the ruins that day. "Sa-mekh. However improbable, it seems that she is a native of this city. Her knowledge of accessing these passages suggests a familiarity that does not come with a mere overview of the facilities."

"What facts support your theory?" Sarek asked, both hands locked behind his back.

"The child lead me from where I found her back to this location without my instruction," Spock began.

"We'll have to check with the archeologists main hub and see if there were any other touring diplomats," Amanda interjected. "Her parents are probably scared to death."

"As I said, mother, she knew her way back here even though the passages we travelled through were untouched. Our guide mentioned nothing of the concealed passages such as the one I just travelled from. Lastly, she was in a type of synthetic stasis chamber in one of the subbasements. Despite the fact the surrounding areas do not seem to mirror the advances in technology required for such a feat the area shows no sign of previous excavation or any type of disturbance."

Sarek's eyebrows shot to his hair. "Show me," Sarek commanded. Spock took him back down to the chamber where he had found the girl, who was still clinging to his neck, and told him about the event. Sarek tried to remove a shard of the strange crystal for analysis, but was unable to. She asked him a few questions in her native language, and seemed to deflate every time she discovered another alien individual. Spock was unable to respond other than to touch her skin and send her waves of calm and safety, he couldn't communicate with her any other way. Shortly after the group returned upstairs.

"Spock," Amanda commanded, "Take her to the receiving area, I'll have someone bring some food and we'll figure out what how to find her parents." Spock nodded and carried the girl, who still hadn't detached from his neck, and returned to the main hall where seats and tables had been provided for their visit. When he sat the girl finally squirmed out of his grasp and stood on the table next to him so they could look eye to eye. After a moment of considering something she stood tall and squared her shoulders to the teenager.

Gently she touched her forehead and chest, moving her hand in a circle to signify, what Spock inferred, was some type of formal greeting or thanks. "Mano protas ir mano širdis jums sveikinimai ir padėkos." She smiled at him and Spock mimicked the gesture. "Koks tavo vardas?" Spock raised an eyebrow. The girl sighed and pursed her lips in thought. She grasped a stand of blue hair and jiggled it a little. "Plaukai," she said. When Spock didn't reply she reached out and touched his head, gently patting his hair. "Plaukai."

"Isachya," Spock replied, "Hair."

"Isachya," she repeated, "Hair. Plaukai." She nodded happily and tugged her own ear, which was pointed. "Ausis."

"Kaluk," Spock translated. "Ear." The game began. She would point to a body part or object and say her own word for it, and Spock would translate into Vulcan and Standard. Every few terms he would quiz her and she would answer with the translations she'd learned. She was remarkably intelligent, Spock could repeat any word they had gone over and she could repeat it back in the other two languages while pointing to the meaning. Soon she knew most readily available body parts and furniture pieces in all three languages. Spock was running out of things to teach her while his parents talked, so he began to go over common greetings. He was not aware at the time, but as he was teacher her his own language, she was teaching him hers, correcting his pronunciation and diction as he corrected hers.

Across the room the two older parties were discussing the youngest. One advocating to keep the child, the other to turn her over to authorities to be taken care of. "She has no one else," Amanda argued as she watched the young creature interact with her son; hurrying away and then slowly walking up while saying a greeting in her language that Spock would translate. "We are the only people she seems familiar with so far, we should take her with us until we can find out where she belongs."

"I do now know if that is wise," Sarek said, "She may not be comfortable in Vulcan culture."

"I think she'll do fine," Amanda said, turning her gaze towards the young girl babbling with Spock. If it was her own language she was speaking it quite well, but she was already showing unprecedented understanding of Vulcan and Standard, speaking both languages well for a young child. "She seems smart enough to keep Spock occupied."

"She does seem remarkably adaptable," Sarek acknowledged. "A human education system might not challenge her readily enough. She seems to understand the theory of multiple languages."

"Human children are often enough bilingual Sarek," Amanda said, "But even I will admit that the speed she's learning is unheard of. From the looks of it she is learning both simultaneously, and from what I heard of her core language they do not share many similarities. I've never seen a child do that, not even a Vulcan one."

"I will contact the Diplomatic Corps and inform them of the situation," Sarek replied, "Until they contact me we could invite her to stay with us." Amanda nodded and hid her own smile, looking at the girl who had charmed her son. She thought that, perhaps, a little ray of light like that little girl may do Spock some good.

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