When an hour came, the other Midshipmen in the berth put up their books and proceeded back onto the deck to get ready for their sailing navigation lesson. Britney gets up from the table, goes back to her dunnage, opens it back up to put her items back inside, closes it back up, and locks it up. She follows Archie and Horatio out of the Midshipman's Berth to the deck to begin their sailing navigation lesson.

The other Midshipmen filed out of the Midshipman's berth to see Captain Keene setting up a chalkboard onto the deck. A man in an officer's uniform starts handing out pieces of chalk and a chalkboard to each Midshipmen as they come up to him one by one. After all the Midshipmen get their pieces of chalk and their chalkboard, then they find a place on deck and sit down.

After everyone is settled on deck, Mr. Bowles picks up the piece of chalk and puts up the problem on the board to test the Midshipmen's navigation skills. After Mr. Bowles has written the problem on the board, he turns to Midshipmen as the captain states "Gentlemen and lady you have 30 minutes to solve the problem you may begin."

Captain Keene starts his stopwatch as they begin to work on the problem. After 30 minutes are up, the Captain calls out "Time gentlemen and lady" as everyone has finish working out the problem. Britney is hoping and praying that she got the problem correct. The Captain starts with Simpson to check his answer. He picks up his chalkboard as his looks over his answer and says to him "now let's see how you fared on the problem set for you by Mr. Bowles."

As the Captain looks over Simpson's answers, Britney is surprised he did not get it right. The Captain continues down the line checking the rest of the Midshipmen's chalkboard and she is surprise none of them got it right except Midshipman Hornblower. As the captain makes his way to her, she picks her chalkboard and hands it to the captain.

She is surprised that she actually got the problem correct along with Hornblower. She and Mr. Hornblower are successfully alone in their career as a Midshipman as well as a sailor and they will go far. It looks like those hours of studying finally paid off. Even the Captain is impressed with her and Hornblower's correct answers. Simpson just leers at her and Hornblower from his place on deck. Simpson is very angry with her for showing him up in front of the Captain. He also very angry with Mr. Hornblower for trying to protect her.

It is finally time for her to learn her place on this ship. After he finishes with her, he will have a little chat with Mr. Hornblower about trying to protect her. After Captain Keene informs Mr. Bowles to make sure Simpson attends to his studies as well as the other men, the captain dismisses the Midshipmen by saying "Good day gentlemen and lady." The Captain returns back to his cabin and Mr. Bowles collects all of the chalkboards from each Midshipmen as they all filed back into the Midshipman's Berth.

Simpson returns to his room to get his whip and removes his jacket and put up his hat, as do the other Midshipmen except Britney and Archie who lay their hats on the table beside them. They all return to the table, settling back down and back to talking and playing cards. Britney sits down next to Archie as he pulls out a book of Shakespeare's plays. Britney has always loved his work, so she peers over Archie's shoulder to read along with him.

Everybody is worried about where Simpson has gone to and wonders if he is about to cause more trouble for the female sailor. Their suspicions come to life when Simpson returns back into the Midshipman's Berth with his whip in hand.

He sits down next to Mr. Hornblower and states, "I've been thinking gentlemen and lady that it's time to revisit the proceedings of the inquisition." "I wonder who I should interrogate this time," he continues looking at Britney.

Finally, Simpson states, "I know just the one, the Captain's new favorite of course". Everyone around the table holds their breath as they look over at him as he states "MacDonald." Britney looks over at Simpson wondering what he is about to do to her. Simpson orders Hether and Cleveland to clear the table and bring Britney onto the table while they hold her down so Simpson can find out her deepest darkest secret.

Before Hether and Cleveland do as Simpson asks, they both try to stop Simpson from harming her as he gets up from the table with whip in hand. Simpson turns to them and yells, "do it unless you want to take her place." Knowing that there is nothing they can do, Hether and Cleveland clear off the table and pull Miss MacDonald onto her stomach holding her down as she protested, "let me go." Simpson whips her on her behind telling her "be quiet."

All the Midshipmen in the Berth just stand back and watch in horror, as Britney becomes yet another victim to Simpson. Hopefully she will forgive them in time for not helping her out. Simpson then tells Hether and Cleveland to turn her over onto her back. Now Britney is terrified, she is afraid that Simpson might rape her or worse. She does not understand what is about to happen and is hurt that none of her friends are trying to stop him.

While Simpson is leaning over her, she can feel his hot breathe on her and is disgusted. "What do you want Simpson, haven't you cause me enough trouble for one day?"

"Until you learned who runs this mess and this ship, who is also senior officer of the mess as well." "This is where I learned your deepest darkest secret." He leers at her as he says to her "You think your pretty smart showing me up in front of the Captain Keene, huh?"

"It's not my fault that you didn't study your mathematics." She tells him pointedly. "If you spend less time playing around and making people's life hell, you might actually become an excellent sailor in His Majesty's Navy."

"Oh really, Miss MacDonald." "I could care less about being a sailor in His Majesty's Navy."

"If you don't want to be here, then I suggest you leave, sir." "No sense in making the rest of us miserable."

"Quiet now, this is my show." Simpson orders. "As I was saying before I was interrupted, you will follow my rules or face the consequence."

While Britney is lying on the table, Simpson sees her necklace around her neck, tares it off as Britney watches him spin it around, and says, "Is your secret that you are fancier of others girls or it is that your mother made her living on her back." This makes Britney really angry and she suddenly begins to feel stronger and says to Simpson" You bastard" before she head butts him causing Hether and Cleveland to let go of her arms as she slides down the table.

Before Simpson can get a hit on her, she ducks out of his visual eye site. Simpson gets up from his place where he landed on the floor where she head butted him to see where she went. "Where are you, you little coward, show yourself." Simpson asks when Britney comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.

He turns around to see Britney as she brings her fist up and hits him in the face causing him to fall back down. All the Midshipmen in the Berth are quite shock at what she did. Everyone in the berth is silent as they wait for Simpson's next move. Britney takes a fighting stance, waiting for Simpson as well.

Simpson gets back up and advances on her, taking her down. Britney and Simpson duel it out on the floor. They continue to fight as Simpson slams her head onto the table several times knocking her out as Hether and Cleveland try in vain to get Simpson away from her. Simpson lays Britney's limp form on the floor and kicks her in the shins several times. After Simpson backs off a little, Britney awakes feeling like her head is exploding on the inside. Hether and Cleveland try in vain to warn her to stay down before she gets hurt further. "Stay down if you know what's good for you."

Ignoring their words Britney looks up to see Simpson standing up above her as she grabs him leg and pulls it causing him to lose him balance and falls back onto the floor as she beats him up. When Simpson finally gets the upper hand on her proving to be stronger then she is because of her head, Simpson whips her again and again until Clayton comes up behind him with gun in hand as he hold it up to Simpson's head stating " Stay back Jack or by God I'll trim the walls with your brains." Before Simpson takes a step back, he says "Clayton by bold friend, I have no quarrel with you."

When Jack finally steps back from beating Britney to a pulp, Clayton orders Hether and Cleveland to take Miss MacDonald to Dr. Hepplewhite. Hether and Cleveland picks up Britney's form and carry her to the Sick Berth with Archie and Horatio trailing behind them. After they have gone Simpson, then corners Clayton, throwing the gun out of his hand stating that he thinks he is pretty brave but known for coward he really is as Simpson starts beating up Clayton for stopping his beating on Britney.

After Simpson finishes with Clayton, he takes his leave and goes back to his room to put his whip up leaving Clayton alone with the other Midshipmen and his drink. Clayton finally gets up from the floor after Simpson leaves, taking his place back into his seat and starting drinking to forget what Simpson has put him through and Britney.

Back in the Sick Berth, Hether and Cleveland have drop off Britney into one of the available hammocks explaining to Doctor Hepplewhite what happen as they take their leave, leaving her alone with the Doctor to clean her up while Horatio and Archie stay to make sure their friend is okay. They feel terrible about what happen to her. If they both were stronger and braver, they could have stood up to Simpson and this would not have happened to her.

"You think she'll be okay, Horatio?" Archie asks him quietly as they both looked over at their friend. "I'm sure she will be fine, Archie." While Britney is watching the Doctor clean her up, she begins to think why this had happened to her. What did she do to deserve this? She remembers his words about being senior officer of this ship and mess. Now she knows why everyone is the way they are when he is around.

Britney looks around the sick berth to see Horatio and Archie standing by. After Doctor Hepplewhite has finish cleaning her, he goes back to his table to write down her incident and goes back to his drinking as Britney watches him thinking why is the Doctor drinking on duty. While he was patching her up, she could smell the liquid on his breath.

Horatio and Archie both walk up to her not knowing what to say to her about why they didn't try to help her. She senses their hesitation about what to say to her. She turns to them the best way she can while laying in her hammock and tries to smile at them despite the pain she in.

"I understand why you're all afraid of Simpson and why you couldn't help me."

"Were sorry you have to go through this, Britney."

She nods and smiles a little and says, "I know." Britney closes her eyes and begins to rest to allow her body to heal as Horatio and Archie make their way back to the Midshipman's Berth with no sign of Simpson there.

After everyone is settled into the berth, they all hope and pray Britney comes out of this alive and continues to serve with them. They know she has a wonderful future ahead of her and they wouldn't want her to leave because of Simpson. He certainly wasn't worth throwing away one's career over. While Britney is sleeping, Simpson comes inside the sick berth to see Doctor Hepplewhite to clean up the bruises Miss MacDonald inflected upon his face. Doctor Hepplewhite turns to Simpson asking, "What may I help you with Mr. Simpson?" Before answering the Doctor, Simpson walks over to the hammock Britney's laying in as she watches her sleeping.

Doctor Hepplewhite walks over to where Simpson is standing saying "You beat Miss MacDonald up pretty good Simpson, I don't think your have anymore problems out of her." "The little whore deserved it." When Doctor Hepplewhite looks at Simpson's face he noticing some bruises on his face. "What happen to your face?" "The little whore hit me." "Can you believe that?" "I will make her pay for hitting me."

"Come tomorrow morning Lieutenant Eccleston will want to know what happen and I'll tell them Miss MacDonald hit me for no good reason." "The Captain will surely punish her." "That's right, but how you going to explain the bruises on her face." "You know Miss MacDonald is going to tell him what you did." "If you she knows what's good for her, she will keep quiet beside she will lay up for a couple of days or weeks even." "I won't let her win." "I always win."

Doctor Hepplewhite nods. "If you will have a sit Mr. Simpson, I'll get you clean up." Simpson nods as he lays down in the next empty hammock while the Doctor gets his supplies ready and makes his way to the hammock Simpson's laying in.

While Doctor Hepplewhite is cleaning Simpson's bruises, Britney is planning on taking Simpson's down. Simpson is unaware that Britney has over heard the entire conversation going on between them. She won't let Simpson win either. If she gets in trouble for beating him up, she will make sure that Simpson goes down with her. She will make him pay for beating her up. With her plan set in motion, Britney falls back asleep with a small smile on her face, dreaming of finally taking down Simpson for good.

After Doctor Hepplewhite finishes with Simpson, he places his supplies back onto the table. Simpson gets out the hammock and looks over at Britney seeing a smile of her face wondering what she is planning. Decided to do some planning of his own just in case Miss MacDonald decides to tell the Lieutenant Eccleston or the Captain about what really happen, he turns to Doctor Hepplewhite saying "Keep a eye on her and let me know what she is planning."

"Of course Mr. Simpson." He nods to Doctor Hepplewhite and makes his way back to his room. When he arrives at his room, he opens the door and checks him reflection.

She really did a number on him, but so did I. "I just have to wait until Miss MacDonald is release from the sick berth to find out what happens next." "If Lieutenant Eccleston asks me what happen, I just tell him Miss MacDonald hit me and she will be in so much trouble." "She'll spend most of her day out of the sick berth in the rigging." Simpson laughs at the thought come into his mind. "Britney MacDonald, you will regret joining the navy." Simpson continues to laugh at Miss MacDonald's fate.

After an hour of laughing, Mr. Simpson decides this would be a good time to have chat with Mr. Hornblower about protecting that little whore. Mr. Simpson leaving his room making his way to Midshipman's Berth. All the Midshipmen in the berth look up at the sound of footsteps as they see Simpson come in and sit down beside Mr. Hornblower.

"Evening gentlemen." Simpson greets them. "Mr. Hornblower." Horatio turns to face Simpson wondering what he wants now. "Yes Mr. Simpson." "If you know what's good for you, you'll stop trying to protect Miss MacDonald or I'll just give you another beating." "Is this in anyway unclear, Mr. Hornblower?" "No sir." Horatio replies nervously. "Good." Seeing that Mr. Hornblower has been worn about protecting her from him, he leaves the Midshipman's Berth and makes his way back to his room. Simpson finally has everyone on this ship including Miss MacDonald doing what he says. This life couldn't get any better.