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Everyone ran around in panic. It was overheating on one side of the hemisphere and freezing on the other. Lakes were drying up. There was no water. There was no food. People were dying. It was sheer panic. Scientist predicted that once the heat wave cooled down, the rest of the world would be begin to freeze over as most of the Southern Hemisphere had. They predicted that the world would be frozen over within a month. During panic, the world leaders tried to ban together and with that union, an evil plan sprung forth.

The United States had a bunker under the permafrost of Antarctica that could hold almost three thousand. They would take important people like scientists, philanthropists, and other politician leaders under the bunker and when this Second Ice Age had passed, they would start anew. They were willing to let the millions of people die to keep world order.

"This is a highly confidential plan, Chiba-san. Tomorrow, you and your wife will meet at this location. If you tell anyone, you and your wife will be executed or worse, left behind. This is a high honor, Chiba-san. Take advantage."

Darien was a young starting politician and a very damn good one. If it had not been for this position, the Sailor Senshi would never have been alerted to this devious plan. At the age of 22, Usagi raised her crystal to the air and the silver millennium began.

The silhouette of a woman passed through the halls of the white marbled castle, passing slowly and quietly. Her movement suggested that she knew the palace well. Stopping near an unnoticeable crease in the wall, the woman pressed her hand against the wall. The wall gave way sliding back like a door and the shadow flew threw, unnoticed.

Neo-Queen Serenity sighed as she stepped through the walls of the castle. Long ago, when she restored the castle, she added a network of catacombs in the palace. If you followed the maze right, you would be led to a high sitting room, that overlooked the city of Crystal Tokyo. Serenity could not sleep as she usually could not. So she had slipped from the bed that she shared with Endymion and she had retreated to a haven that had been hers for over a thousand years. Sitting on the window seat, Serenity looked out to the city and let her thoughts give way.

It had taken months for the Senshi to calm down the chaos that had been caused once Usagi had calmed the raging Ice Age. Not only had the crystal stopped Earth from ending, but people were beginning to get their memories back. People who had thought that they were merely earthlings and nothing else where finding that they were Martians, or Jovian, and even Uranian. It did not have the desired effect that the Senshi had hoped. To the senshi's surprise, some wanted to start their homes on where they had once originated and others begin to stage upheaval and rebellion.

Religious leaders begin to condemn the 'unnatural' lies of the odango princess. They scorned at the new found immortality that had been given to them. There were many attempts on the then pregnant Usagi's life. Many politicians and world leaders demanded to have the crystal looked at and analyzed to see its true power. It was not until a long six month battle that the rebel leaders were defeated and the rebellion disbanded. The kingdoms were established, the senshi begin to rule their respective planets and Neo-Queen Serenity gave birth peacefully to her only heir.

After the past Nemesis crisis, when Chibiusa was reawakened as the new protector Sailor Moon and sent to train with the first Sailor Moon did things begin to calm in Crystal Tokyo. Confined in her palace and missing her only child, Serenity busied herself with business pertaining to other planets. Life went on outside the palace, as a new generation of life thrived. And now her daughter had returned and it was time for her to step down.

Flying through the perimeters of Space, Michiru floated gracefully as if she was merely swimming through her private pool at her palace. Looking down, she could see the outline of her moon, Triton. In full senshi garb, Michiru was on full patrol as she scouted for monsters around her planet and her 13 moons.

'Why am I the one with 13 moons?' she mused as she continued to float through space.

A cut on her thigh and a rip in her uniform was proof that she had already been in a fight with some random space monster. And like every other night on patrol, there were sure to be more to come. Soaring to a height were she was able to see Uranus, Michiru felt a stab of bitterness in her chest. Michiru had fought alongside her teammates faithfully when the time came for Usagi to take control of the Earth. But despite her and her lover's efforts, the Inner Senshi still voted to have the Outers banned from Crystal Tokyo and to always patrol for threats outside the Solar System. The Inners had never been able to fully trust Haruka and Michiru after their stint with Galaxia and they feared Saturn because of her destructive powers.

Michiru had hoped that there would be a better life for her and her lover once Crystal Tokyo was established and she had hoped that she would be able to be with Haruka and her adoptive daughter, Hotaru, but she had not seen them since she had taken the throne to Neptune almost 900 years ago. She had not been able to touch her lover in so long and she could not ignore the feeling of contempt that had built up for her queen. She had been promised a future of opportunity and she had yet been able to say that she was truly happy with the way things were.