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I guess that I should have felt grateful for what I was given in my new life. In my past life, I just sat on this cold blue planet, looking at the prosperity that happened beyond me. The inners had each other and more. They had the love of their subjects and the love of their significant others while I was up to my knees in demons, they were over there celebrating, oblivious to the fortunes that they had. The difference back then was I didn't feel it. It confused me on how calm I was about it. I was in love with the guardian of Uranus, who I rarely saw. I felt an ache in my heart when I realized that Haruka was as lonely as I was. Yet, I could not feel anger for the queen. I just could not. It angered me that I could not be mad. And to be truthful, I was angry at how dutiful Haruka and Setsuna were. Was I the only one who felt this doubt in my heart? Did they not see how unfair it was?

I watched though my mirror as the young princess fell in love. I watched as she drove her lover's sword through her heart, horrified at the way the crimson stained the beautiful dress. My mirror began to vibrate and before I knew it, I was standing on the planet of the underworld, Pluto. I felt the quiet screams of the queen as she died and I felt my energy leave me as Saturn led the world to its end. I was dying, but I got to hold Haruka's hand and it reminded me off what I could have had. I felt a lot of complex feelings as I died and I knew that this was not the end.

I awoke when I was in the 8th grade. It was electrifying and terrifying at the same time. At first, I fought tiny youma, beings who just wanted to cause chaos. It wasn't until I was in the 9th grade that I came up against an enemy bigger than I could take.

Jumping, Neptune pointed her hands at the youma and shouted, "Deep Submerge!"

She cursed as the youma dodged her attack yet again. Dropping down behind some crates, she tried her best to catch her breath. How could she beat this thing? It was bigger than anything that she had ever faced. Behind her, she could hear the demon rummage around for her. A few steps away from him lay some girls from her class. They were bleeding copiously and if Neptune didn't defeat him soon, they could die. She, herself, was bleeding from three claw marks across her back and her vision was already starting to blur.

A growl behind her alerted her to the fact that the demon had found her. Rolling away from it, she barely dodged the monster's claws. Landing ungraciously, she grunted as she felt her ankle twist beneath her. With the monster charging at her, she moved out the way and begin running towards a dock.

This is idiotic, she thought. I can't handle this.

She could feel the youma coming up behind her fast. Finally, her blood loss got the best of her and she fell. Struggling to drag herself towards the dock, she screamed as she felt the monsters claws dig into her a second time.

As she blacked out, she heard a yell.

"Death Scream!"

She woke up in the hospital, with a mysterious green woman at her bedside. She could barely move.

"Who are you?" Michiru forced out.

"I am no one that you should be concerned about now. But I do know you and I must warn you, even though, it is hard now, things will get better for you. Things will get better for us. I must leave you now."

It was the first time I had ever met Setsuna and I begin to see her more after that. Every single time, I saw her it was either to give me assistance against youma. I was thankful for the help but every time I met those garnet eyes, I knew that she knew that my flames of my anger had begun anew.

Was I being selfish? I had gotten to be with Haruka in this life. I got to love her openly and let her know that I loved her. And she loved me. At the moment, I didn't want anything to change. I had violin and I had my love. It wasn't until we had to fight against the death busters that things begin to change. The princess incarnate got involved and so did her soldiers, and it seemed as if everything was fine. We fought alongside each other and defeated the death busters, even saving Hotaru's life. After carrying those old memories around of being lonely, my soul rang out in joy. I looked into the future with promise. But we were betrayed and banished to our planets again. And so, when Beryl walked into the castle, I heard her out.

"What a lovely castle you have." Her long hair cascaded down her back in luscious curls; she looked as if she had not aged a day. "I must ask you are you happy here."

I was so tired of being over looked. I gave my life, my soul and my energy to the queens, both of them and I wanted more. I deserved more. Haruka deserved more and even, Setsuna did. She had spent centuries by herself and then be reborn, just to be banished back to the time gate. So when she asked me that question, I hesitated. And for that, I may have single handedly ruined the Silver Millennium.