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I was the moon and I was very powerful. At, first my life was simple. I sat on the moon, day and night, watching the cosmos, the stars and the galaxies go by. I never longed to go and explore. I was just content with watching. The moon was my love and I was its servant. I built my castle there and I rarely left it.

But things change, I suppose. One's life can never be as easy as they want it to be.

I was walking through my castle, when I saw this blue and green planet, the one known as earth. Curiosity filled me like no other. It was so close but yet, I had never been, so I began to visit as often as I could. And there is where I met my one true love, a human. But he was only an earthling, an mortal, who was soon killed in one of those senseless wars that they seemed to always be having.

I was devastated until I realized that I was with child. She alleviated my pain to where sometimes, I could forget about her father and the pain that his passing had brought me. She was my life. I named her Serena, which was close to my name. We were rarely apart.

At Serena's request, I began to allow people from earth to move onto my planet. We begin to forge allies with the princesses from other planets. Soon we became a system known as Solar and I, along with my daughter, found ourselves, appointed rulers over it. It was a happy time for us all.

Technology and science increased considerably and soon, the people, throughout the solar system, were as immortal as the gods. The solar system became prosperous with jewels and money.

My love, the earthling, was almost completely forgotten. My daughter did, however began to grow up, and was beginning to disappear to play with the other princesses on other planets. I was lonely, but I had a system to rule over so sometimes the loneliness was filled with duties.

A century passed and I began to discover more things and with these discoveries ended my naïveté. I begin to learn that there were more people out in those systems that I used to let pass by me and that they were angry and jealous of our prosperity and some wished to claim it as their own. I knew that my powers of the moon could defeat them, but I could not see beyond the far reaches of space, and could only imagine what other great powers lay out there. There could have been many that surpassed my own.

With the advice of some ally gods, I created the sailor scouts. Each princess was intuned with her planet and had special powers that could be used to protect them if needed. It was time to put them to use. Using some of my flesh, I created a small jewel that I called the Silver Crystal, it had the power to grant them the powers to fight outside forces. The only person that I could entrust it to was Serena, but that meant putting my daughter at risk also, but it was not fair to put the other princesses into danger.

It had broken my heart when the Sailor Scouts were formed with Serena as their leader. She could get hurt. She could die. But Serena showed to have a strong heart and an even stronger will to fight for what she believed in. She took the position with gusto.

It had all seemed so simple at first. Five warriors to defend and protect. But soon there were four more planets that wanted permission to join the Solar system. Serenity had first agreed without hesitation, but I, in my last moments before I sent them all to earth, saw the complexity that the Outers had brought with them to the Solar System and history was doomed to repeat itself unless the Inners and Outers didn't make peace with who they were.

As the moon spirit deity, she could not fully be killed. She was just trapped as a spirit on the moon. She watched now as Serena became a strong leader, but she was misguided in what being a queen truly meant. And her granddaughter, the strong-minded Chibiusa, was one to watch. Serena was half human-half god, her powers were vast, but she was fueled by the love whereas Chibiusa was much like Serenity, herself. She was the moon. The moon resonated with her. Responded to her, laughed with her, cried with her.

She was very powerful and now, she was on the loose, trying to find herself, while Neo-Queen Serenity still sat on her thrown, spinning her long web of lies. Neo- Queen Serenity, who could only watch, saw that a civil war was going to rage soon.

The Outers vs. The Inners.

In her heart, she knew that it was always meant to be. But Serenity had always been sure that this war would be the downfall of the new Silver Millennium for it was weak and it still had a lot of enemies.

Beryl sat happily on her new throne on Neptune, humming softly, a smile carved on her face. Her long, thin arms moved slowly around a blue ball that was filled with purple lightning that flashed angrily. With her inner eye, she watched as her plan was set in motion.

Long legs walked awkwardly as if the owner had never walked on its own two legs before, which was true in a way, because the host of the body was usually used to 4 legs.

With a struggle, she made her way up to a short haired pink girl, who sat lonely on a curb on a lonely night in Mercury.

"Small Lady?" It cried out in its new small, musical voice.

Raising her head to her name, cerulean eyes met bright, confused red ones.

"Michiru?!" Chibiusa cried out, alarmed to be standing in the mist of the sea queen. "What are you doing here? What if you get caught?" She looked around alarmed, but the street was empty except for the two.

"It is fine." Michiru whispered softly, placing her hand, assuredly on the moon princess's shoulder. "I was warned in my mirror that you were in need of my help, so I came to find you. Please follow me."

And with that, she turned walking quickly and unsteadily back down the street from which she had come. Filled with uncertainty, Chibiusa looked around once again before following her into the shadows.

Beryl smirked at Masonite, the demon, who was possessing Michiru procured the Small Princess of the Moon.

She laughed out loud, her sinister guffawing echoed through the palace.

This was too easy, she thought. The Moon Kingdom would be hers sooner than she thought.

Soon no one would be able to stop the new queen of the Solar System.

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