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All Because of a Mana Potion

The sun light the town of Carderock Pass. The air gave a warm feeling as warriors, archers, sorceresses, tinkers, and clerics wandered around the busy town.

A young blonde warrior was sitting at the base of the fountain and he looked at the sky. Then a large ship began to descend by the hill side of the town. Slowly it touched down and stopped at the top of the hill. The blonde quickly sat up and raced towards the hill. He stops to catch his breath but he soon looked up, towards the flying ship to see someone he was waiting for a long time.

The figure walking out of the ship had blue hair that hide the right side of his face. He had blue eyes and when the other male spotted the blonde he smiled and ran down the platform and hugged the blonde.

"Wei! I'm glad to see you again!" the bluenette said as he hugged his long time friend. Wei smiled and hugged his long time friend.

"It has Leo." Wei said as he gave Leo a smile. Leo smiled back and looks around his surroundings.

"It's good to take a break once in awhile." Leo said as he laid his luggage down in favor of stretching his arms and legs. Wei smiled and took Leo's luggage much to the cleric's protests.

"Hey! I can take care of my own luggage Wei!" Leo shouted as he tried but vainly wasn't able to so he had to sit back and watch Wei take his stuff to where he was staying.

"You're the guest Leo. It's only proper that a host does anything he or she can for their guest." Wei pointed out as he opened the door to his little cottage in the small town. Leo pouted as he followed Wei into the nice small cottage.

"Oh fine, but you owe me a trip to one of the dungeons later." Leo said as he flopped down at a chair to stare at the flowers that Wei grew. He laced his fingers onto a red rose and retreated his hand from the beautiful plant when he heard footsteps. He looks up to see Wei in his battle gear with his axe and gauntlet on.

"I thought we were going to go later?" Leo asked as he looked up to his mercenary friend. Wei smiled and jerked his hand to the clock in the room. It said on the clock it was 6:00 pm. He sighs and reaches in his trunk to get his wand and shield.

"Alright, alright. Let me get some mana potions and I will be good to go." Leo said as he made his way to May, the girl in charge of the general store in Carderock Pass.

May's eyes gleamed in excitement at the thought of making some more money.

"What can I get you Leo?" May asked as Leo looked at her with a stern face.

"Can I have some mana potions? 5 would do for me." Leo said as May quickly ran to the back of the shop. She came back with 5 potions that were blue with a green tint to it. Leo stared at it and then looked up to May.

"Are you sure these are mana potions? They look kind of green…" Leo said but May instantly frowned at Leo.

"What! How dare you question my merchandise! I know which potions are mana potions and I like to say I'm the best there is to that." May proclaimed as she quickly grabbed her sliver and shooed Leo away so she can close for the day.

Leo looked at the potions and sighed before slipping them into his bag and following Wei towards the gate to Crystal Stream.

When they arrived at the Stream they looked at the areas and quickly went into the Valley of Mourning to clear out the monsters that were gathering around.

For some reason there were more monsters then usually and it quickly began to eat at then two boys as their reserves slowly were spent. Leo panted as he used the last of his mana to heal Wei. He looked in his bag and grabbed one of the potions and drank it to replenish his mana.

As Leo swallowed the last drop his body began to glow. He felt a burning sensation in his whole body and gave out a small cry in pain.

'What 's going on?' Leo thought as he falls to his knees and held his hands around his stomach. Wei gasped and ran to Leo as monsters surrounded them. Wei growled and spun his axe and wiped out the rest of the monsters in the valley that were foolish enough to face him. Wei turned towards Leo only to gasp at the sight in front of him.

A girl with long blue hair that reached towards her lower was where Leo was once was. The girl looked up to Wei and Wei could tell the girl was uncomfortable when the clothes she wore looked like they were two sizes too large. She had a wand by her side and a shield that looked exactly like Leo's weapons.

Wei ran to the girl and crouched down to her eye level. He stared at the blue eyed beauty before him.

"Who are you?" Wei asked the girl. The girl's eyes widen then narrowed. She raised her fist and bonked Wei on the head.

"Ow! What was that for!" Wei asked as he nursed the bump on his head. The girl's eyes narrowed and she frowned.

"It's me Leo!" yelled the girl and silence stole the air around them. Wei looked at the girl with wide eyes.

"No way! You can't be Leo. Leo's a boy." Wei said as he gripped the girl's shoulder. The girl frowned even more.

"Fine, prove it then." Wei declared as he stared at the girl. The girl thought about it for a bit.

"You came from a rich family but you didn't like that life so you left and changed your name and hair color so you can be avoided." The girl, no, female Leo said as she looked at Wei in the eye. Wei's jaw flew down.

'It's no thought about it. That's Leo. But why is he a girl?' Wei thought as he took Leo's hand and pulled her up to her feet. Leo gave a small smile and stared at the last part of their journey. When he began to walk there he tripped and fell in his now oversized clothes.

"Aw. This is going to be hard." Leo said as she got up again but only to be hosted up in Wei's arms. Leo blushed at the action.

"Let me down! I can walk!" Leo cried out but only received a snicker from the mercenary carrying him.

"Really? Then I guess you will get there by tripping through the night? I think it's faster this way." Wei said as he ran with Leo in his arms.

A roar signaled the arrival of the huge ogre that used to serve the dark elf that wanted to kill the people in Carderock Pass. Wei charged in and hack at it with his axe. Leo lifted her wand and summoned a lighting relic to aid Wei in his attack.

"Out of my Way! Yelled Wei as he turned a bit and slashed, causing the large ogre to drop to the ground, knocked out for the time being. Wei quickly ran to Leo who was now blushing a red as a tomato. He looked at Leo and then noticed the clothes were literally slipping off Leo's now small figure. Wei blushed and reached in his bag to grab a spare shirt. He gave it to Leo.

"Here. Use this to cover yourself up." Wei said as his cheeks burned. He turned away to give Leo some privacy.

"Okay, I'm decent." Leo said and Wei turned back to Leo. Wei then picked Leo up in bridle style, much to the priest's protests.

"Calm down. It's till we get you clothes that actually fit you." Wei said as he raced back to Carderock Pass.

'May is so going to get it from me.' Thought Leo as Wei carried both of them back to Carderock Pass.

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