Title: Choices
Chapter 10 – Setting things Right

After they had finished their heated sexual romp, Donna literally collapses in Ed's strong grasp, her body limp as it had expelled every ounce of unused adrenaline and bit of strength she had welling inside for the past few days. So she didn't put up much of a fuss, when he gathers her up into his arms and carries her into their bedroom to try to get some real sleep for the night.

"I love you so much Ed," Donna whispers as she curls into his loving embrace, his arms encircling her and kissing the top of her head; it would be a long night ahead and the inner tension wasn't fully spent yet. "I should have believed you from the start."

"Well I do hafta admit that…Derek had a convincing story and I couldn't answer and tell you my side. But when he started spouting off about divorce and you leaving me because you couldn't me to trust you…yeah I started to worry."

"I guess if the situation was reversed and I had to listen to some woman telling me you were gonna leave me because I didn't trust you and I couldn't…I'm sorry Ed…when I got home I was tired and angry and I just wanted…"

"The truth."

"I wanted your side," she confesses in the dimly lit room. "I wanted it that night and now…now that I know what you had to suffer through after all you'd been through…and at Derek's hands no less…I'm angrier, but not at you. Like to take him out back and punch him in the face," she ends with a small sigh, making Ed's arms tighten around her and his lips smile.

"Glad you see things my way now."

"I was just frustrated and after…"

"The surprise and having to decide my fate…which wasn't fair to you and I get that. You were justified in your anger. I just hate arguments."

"I know you do but I'm glad you didn't clam up like you sometimes like to or just stew about it."

"Had too much on the line this time...I know I know...I hafta work on that," Ed confesses with a heavy sigh. "But I knew after all that Derek had been telling you I had to tell you my side. I guess I do owe some small thanks to Derek. Those other two were…it wouldn't have been so bad could I have at least fought back."

"Yeah I'd hate to think of what Felix would have done to you if Derek hadn't got you out. He has done a lot worse to captive cops in the past. I was scared for you Ed…I really was."

"Well as much as I hated the situation, seeing you in action…was pretty amazing," he softly praises, this time it was her turn to plant a kiss on his bare chest in the dark. "But still it was unnerving for me."

"I could tell by the look on your face that you were less than impressed with yourself. Mr. I like to be in control of a hot call hostage sitaution. You ended up as the hostage with no control. And the stuff Felix said…"

"Trust me I didn't care about his words…it was Derek's words that stung the most."

"I still can't believe he said and did all that…but then again maybe I can. He gets off on control."

"You dated him?" Ed slightly smirks.

"Not funny," Donna sighs as she playfully pinches Ed in the side, her hand then snaking back to his bare chest, her fingers pleasurably swirling the soft dark hair.

"And was it really Bill? Your ex partner? The cop I heard them talking about?"

"It was…I'll tell you that whole other long story in the morning," she replies with a long heavy sigh. "Right now I just want you to hold me and let me fall asleep in your arms and wake up with my husband next to me."

"I like the sound of that," Ed whispers as he kisses her once more, utters a soft I love you and hoping she'll be able to fall asleep in his grasp; her slow, rhythmic breathing starting to calm his nerves.

Having his wife back in his arms for the duration of the night, instantly settles his heart but not his mind. The few hours between him having seen her on the news, unmoving in Derek's arms forced his mind to ponder the slim possibility that Derek would have come up with some way to keep her in his presence for longer than wanted. He knew their reunion would be tense and was fully prepared to spend the night in the small spare bedroom but this way was the ideal…everything in the open, no secrets, no underlying truths left to be told – it had all been offered, discussed and then dealt with in the most mature way possible. And they then ended the day in the most satisfying way possible.

But for Donna, however, the night ahead isn't going to be as peaceful as she had hoped after the tension settled down, as this time it's her turn to be victim to her mind's tormented offerings. She hears Derek's snickers and then watches Ed's face display a tormented expression as he hands her a paper with the word DIVORCE written in large red letters. 'You never trusted me,' his miserable voice forces her to wake up with a small gasp; her face flushed and heart racing. For the past hour, she had allowed her mind and heart to replay all Derek's twisted words and then Ed's heartfelt confession, all culminating in her waking up with a tormented sweat, her stomach churning as Felix shoots Ed dead with Derek watching and laughing saying I told you so.

Oh Ed…I'm so sorry, she inwardly laments as she feels her stomach lurch and hurries for the bathroom, Ed finally sensing movement, flipping on the light and seeing Donna rush from the bedroom to the bathroom. He looks over at the clock and frowns, his lips uttering a soft curse as he hears her throw up; his hands quickly pushing him from the bed as he hurries toward the bathroom.

"Hey…" Ed whispers as he gently rubs her back as she hovers over the toilet tossing up watery bile. "When did you eat last?"

"Breakfast," she admits weakly as she wipes her mouth and then turns to the sink, splashing cool water on her face and looking up at Ed with a tormented frown. "I…damn it Ed," she curses as she pushes past and heads for the kitchen, pausing to look at the small bedroom and feeling her heart shatter once more.

"What's going on?" Ed inquires.

"I'm mad…"


"At myself Ed, not you. I was actually torn…torn at listening to…you and Derek's lies and…then seeing Felix kill you and Derek laughing and..." she rattles off in a haste.

"Hey, it's okay," he gently pulls her into his embrace. "He fed you lies and…and you endured hell yesterday."

"I just can't believe that he treated you that way and then made it so callously seem like you were avoiding me on purpose when….when you had also endured hell and I…" her own inner guilt now starting to feed her words.

"You only heard…"

"I spout off about trust and…" she growls as she pushes away from his comforting embrace, turning her back and slumping her shoulders. "I should have trusted that you had a good explanation. You've never broken my trust yet Ed. Never"

"Come here," Ed tenderly urges as he comes up behind her and gently rubs her bare arms, pulling her back against his chest. "You didn't break my trust either."

"Cheat with Derek? Never Ed…I never would. I love you too much but…but it shouldn't have come down to that picture. Damn that picture. After what Felix did and then…you were still suffering and I was angry…that's just not right," she angrily shakes her head as she twists around and looks up at him in remorse. "This really was a new experience for both of us."

"But we survived right?"

"We did," she replies softly as her head rests on his chest.

"Come on," Ed gently invites as he feels her starting to sag into his grasp. "Let's get back to sleep."

"Okay," Donna replies as she wraps her arm around his waist, just happy to feel his strong arm holding her close; the touch comforting and reassuring. She had allowed her guilt to eat away at her for the past few twilight hours after his tormented confession, but it had to pass and now with it all out in the open the guilt could start to subside and their trust actually get stronger.

"You okay?"

"I am now," she whispers as she kisses him on the cheek and the light is turned off; bathing them in darkness once again.


The next morning, Donna awakens first, her mind offering her another tormented vision of Felix shooting Ed and Derek laughing as he said that it was his own destiny. She slowly opens her eyes and gazes at Ed's face, afraid to at first blink in fear of reopening her eyes and watching him disappear. But as she dares to blink, dirty blond lashes bounce against semi-flushed cheeks and then open to reveal her husband still at her side. Her eyes linger on the cut above his eye, the bruising around his eyebrow and bottom lip and feels her stomach start to tighten as it had the night before. She could only imagine the inner anger and agitation he felt at himself when he was captured but then her mind starts to drift toward Derek's actions. Ed had been beat up and restrained and had pertinent, potentially lifesaving or life ending information and instead of being allowed to explain himself, Ed was kept prisoner in his own home, left to ponder Derek's hurtful and lying words, desperate to get to the phone, expecting a call from the person he had hurt most.

Feeling his strong body stirring next to him, Donna's fingers reach out and gently rest on his face, forcing a small smile to Ed's lips but his eyes remaining closed.

"Is that really you?" Ed mumbles with a sleepy tone.

"Afraid to open your eyes?" Donna counters as Ed's eyes morph from slits to wide open pools of sapphire.

"Didn't like waking up alone the past few days," Ed confesses with a small frown.

"Trust me it was torture for me also," Donna informs him as her fingers linger on his rough cheek.

"You feeling okay?"

"I think the nightmares will take a few days to clear. You?"

"Same," he replies with a small yawn. "Tonight should be better though," he tells her, watching her face break into a warm smile.

"You didn't shave yesterday."

"Got busy with the room and then the hospital and…yeah I didn't have time. You like the unshaven look?"

"No I don't," she replies pointedly, making him softly chuckle at her direct remark.

"Okay I'll get rid of the miami vice look shortly," he teases. "So Bill…was it really your ex-partner?" His tone quickly changes to serious once more.

"Yeah. In a way I'm glad it was him," Donna huffs as she looks up at Ed, who had propped himself up on his elbow and was looking down at her, his fingers absently playing with a stray golden lock.


"He saved both of us."


"He was the one that took your phone from Felix. Ed, I know there was pictures of us on there, both in uniform and Bill…damn I still can't believe it was him. Anyways he kept the phone and made sure the pictures weren't seen."

"How'd it go seeing him again?" Ed asks with a small frown; his face mirroring her instant frown.

"Tense as you can imainge. I was surprised..."

"You'd think he'd know better," Ed frowns, drawing a nod in agreement from his wife.

"He said he was the one that was responsible for Miranda's death."


"Not directly as we who were there saw Brock kill her and he did confess to me in the room before the shootout but…"

"Shootout…you ne…" is all Ed manages before Donna's hand snakes behind his head and pulls his mouth to hers and silences him with a warm kiss, pulling back a few seconds later with a small smile.

"Stop interrupting. Once more and I will bring out the tape," she playfully warns, making his smile grow before he kisses her once more and then pulls back with a nod. "Okay good. He was running an op the same time as us and Miranda was on his team. Then there was a location mix-up. Both ours and Bill's. Bill sent in Miranda to what he thought was his op and we…well Brock moved up the timing for ours as he's famous for and…and she died. She died before she could tell us she was working with Bill and then he just up and disappeared. He said that Miranda's death and the botched op under his name was too much," she ends with a huff, Ed looking at her with arched brows, an unseen query to ask a question without fear of her earlier verbal punishment.

"But he didn't disappear did he?" He asks after she nods and smiles.

"Well not in the way we all thought. I honestly thought he went out west but he was here the whole time…just instead of grieving he was trying to get back to Brock. Brock of course doesn't let just anyone into his inner circle and it took Bill a bit longer than he wanted but he…damn Ed he coulda died in some underground bust gone wrong and no one woulda known or cared."

"You woulda cared," Ed mentions as his finger tenderly strokes her warm cheek.

"I didn't know until yesterday what happened to him. I shoulda kept in touch," she groans.

"It was his choice Donna. He didn't want you mixed up with what he was doing until he was ready. He didn't want to put you in harms way. He was led by guilt. I get it, I do."

"Damn his timing," she looks up at Ed with a deeper frown. "Choices…these past few days doesn't seem like any good ones have been made."

"You took down Brock for good right? Will you tell me now what happened during the shootout?"

Ed watches Donna's hand slowly pull back the cover to reveal the bandage that he failed to notice the night before. "Just a scratch."

"What the…" Ed stammers as he looks at her in wonder. "Who shot you?"

"It was Felix. Bill got Brock. I know Derek shot him but Bill took the kill shot. It was redemption and am glad it was him that took it. I know Derek got a piece of him also but Bill needed this," she pauses as his fingers continue to gently probe her injured side. "It was a graze Ed, I'm okay," she insists.

"Why didn't you tell me last night?"

"I was angry and happy and after we worked all that out I just wanted you," she answers honestly. "How is it you didn't feel that?"

"My hands were busy," Ed replies weakly. "Donna…" his tone switches back to serious.

"Ed, I'm okay, really I am, I promise. But I also got Felix for what he did to you."

"You did?"

"I think I broke his jaw before I shot him," she replies as he looks back at her face with a semi-proud expression. "After what he did to you, he had it coming. Plus he lied to me."

"That's a dangerous choice for anyone," Ed remarks with a small sigh. "I'm just glad this is all over. It is right?"

"It is. Figured we'd just take the day and…what?"

"I took the day off yesterday."

"Oh trust me I think you'll be allowed today...what you actually wanna go in?"

"I know Jerome is waiting to talk to me and…"

"Right and..." Donna urges.

"And I owe Derek something."


"Oh after all that you are going to tell me he's gonna leave here peacefully?"

"Oh no…he'll be leaving with a few souvenirs. But they should come from me."

"I will talk to him also," Ed replies firmly.

"Okay fine then I guess I hafta go in too…but not just yet. I think we have a few minutes to spare."


"Don't make me use a few of my own restraints."

"Now I wouldn't mind being your prisoner," Ed replies with a husky tone as he leans in closer, his arms encircling around her and pulling her lips to his; his mind now mindful of where her wound was in relation to his grasp. Her lips emit a small giggle as Ed rolls her around so that she's on top, the two of them eager to use up the energy they had regained the night before.


As they near the barn, Ed's stomach automatically tightens, it was time to face Derek one last time, possibly Bill and first and foremost, Donna's ex boss Jerome Isakson.

"Time to face the firing squad," Ed states heavily as he brings their car to a stop in the underground parking lot.

"I texted Jerome while you were in the shower and gave him a heads up."


"He understood but still wants to read you the Jerome Isakson riot act," Donna informs him with a small sympathetic expression.

"Should I go in armed?" Ed inquires tongue in cheek.

"He just wants you to acknowledge you screwed up but that it worked out – this time and only this time. Hey at least it won't go on your file."

"I guess I owe you my life again," Ed states as he gives her hand a small squeeze; the two of them heading for the elevator to go up.

"Not keeping track but, I'll tell you what, you can make it up to me by making me dinner tonight."

"Making? Not buying?"

"Nope. Making," Donna restates firmly. "But trust me, even if it were beans in a can, the fact that it's my first supper at home in days means it'll be awesome. See you tonight."

"Love you," Ed whispers just before the elevator doors open and both of them step out, giving each other a nod and then heading in separate directions; Donna in search of Tom and then Derek and Ed in search of Jerome and then Derek.

"Constable Lane…come in," Jerome gestures with a firm tone, Greg watching with a small but knowing frown. Both Jerome and Donna had told him what happened; Jerome's assurance that it wouldn't go on Ed's file but that Ed wouldn't escape without a verbal tongue lashing; something Greg didn't like but had to comply with. Sorry Eddie…protocol...Greg's mind trails off as he turns and heads for the team one meeting room.

"Welcome back," Tom greets Donna with a warm hug. "Where's Ed?"

"Facing the firing squad. Jerome wants to read him the don't mess with another one of my ops without being personally invited riot acts."

"Poor guy. Have you seen Derek?"

"Is he here?"

"Surprised you haven't seen him yet," Tom shrugs.

"I wanted to avoid him until I saw you first and found out how the team fared."

"We did okay. How did you two fare last night?"

"It was tense at first but um…but we did okay. Ed and I don't argue unless it's about work; but this…this was real life and work combined and it was tense."

"But you are okay right?"

"I was afraid Ed would clam up like he sometimes likes to but yeah...we are. We talked it all out and I think we'll be stronger than we have been up until now."

"Yeah would hate to see anyone come between you two again."

"Would be murder for sure," Donna smirks. "Okay now tell me about the past few days and then where I can find Derek."


"Okay so maybe I can't say I told you so," Wordy comments as Ed enters the quiet locker room with a small scowl on his face. "Donna?"

"No, her ex boss. I just got my ass raked over the coals for that stunt. Donna had called and told him I overheard about Bill and said that it was Derek's fault that I couldn't come to the phone but he was still mad. I get it I do...but just saying. At least it won't go on my file."

"Good thing. Did Derek get in trouble?"

"He will but Jerome didn't say much about it and I doubt it'll amount to more than a slap on the wrist. Donna showed him the picture but she said Derek would probably tell him he took it as a joke and then let me go right away. Either way, I'm just glad it's over," Ed admits in truth as he opens his locker and stands before it before looking over at Wordy with a heavy frown. "Tough lesson to learn."

"And last night? Can I say I told you so to that?" Wordy presses.

"Aren't you going to anyways?" Ed counters with a small smile.

"So she came home and it was all wine and roses."

"I told her the truth. She was pissed at first as I expected but um…but we talked through it and…damn Wordy when I got home and she was there and I saw the look of disappointment on her face…yeah that was tough to take. She didn't believe me at first about Derek which is why I needed that picture. I'm glad you took it but…Wordy she didn't believe me at first."

"And did you talk to her about that?"

"Yeah…we did," Ed sighs heavily.


"And we worked through it. I think it was tougher than facing Felix and his fists of fury."

"Yeah letting down our wives is a dangerous job indeed; I hear ya about the look of disapointment. But I'm glad you two worked through it though."

"Me too. I never want to face that again."

"Doubt she does either. And then you had hot make up sex?"

"Whoa who had hot make up sex?" Sam smiles broadly as he walks into the locker room. "Seriously you guys gotta start including me in the hot sex talk."

"There is no hot sex talk," Ed groans as Wordy chuckles and slaps his best friend on the back. He looks down at the wedding ring on his finger and smiles as he looks back up. "I owe you thanks."

"Believe it or not, Derek's in the minority in wanting your marriage to break up. The rest of us will do what we can to help it succeed."

"Speaking of Derek...I gotta go see him."


"Wordy, after all that I owe him a tongue lashing."

"Just make sure nothing goes on your file for that."

"Copy that."

Ed smiles at Wordy's comment and then excuses himself and goes in search of Derek, heading for the women's locker room as per Tom's direction. He hears Derek and Donna talking and pauses in the doorway, waiting for the auspicious moment to enter; wanting a few moments - alone.

"Why did you leave the hospital so fast last night?"

"I wanted to get home to Ed; I needed to hear his side of the story."

"And what did he tell you?"

"The truth Derek, which is what you should have let him tell you."

"Oh that he was there to spy on you."

"That he overheard Felix and Carl talking about Bill."

"Bastard who got my sister killed," Derek grits his teeth.

"And for that Bill said he was sorry…we're all sorry Derek, but it's over. Miranda can now rest in peace. Brock is dead and we'll never have to worry about him resurfacing," Donna explains as she lifts her hand and tucks a golden blond strand behind her ear; her actions drawing Derek's instant gaze. "What? You thought I would leave my ring at home just to appease you?"

"Figured you'd come to your senses and had gotten tired of the iron fist you seem to be under."

Donna utters a small laugh as she shakes her head at Derek. "Wow you are really something you know that? I mean you are so far off your mark about Ed, it's not funny."

"Is that so?"

"Here you are spouting off the past few days talking about trust and telling me nothing but lies."

"I care for you...that isn't a lie."

"You lied to me Derek!"

"That's not true."

"Oh really? You kept telling me to get away from a man that wanted to control me when you were doing the exact same things you accused Ed of doing. I work late…I have late calls…sometimes I hafta help a friend with something and you know were my husband is? If he's not helping me at my own request, he's at home, he's at Wordy's or he's at work, but he's not following me around! Your baseless lies…were just that – lies. And the one thing I hate as much as someone disloyal is a liar."

"Oh really? Well then what was Ed's initial reason for being there? Surely if he was more than a day old rookie, he'd have called Jerome with that pertinent information and not let you be ambushed – twice right?"

"He was there because he cares about me Derek; that's what loving husbands do and I know if the situation was reversed I'd have done the same."

"You hate old fashioned concern."

"I guess Ed's good habits are wearing me down," Donna replies with a firm smile.

"After all that?"

"You never got that did you? You never could separate love and trust from control; that's why we didn't and never would work! Derek I love my husband and you coming back into my life and not only expecting me to just up and get back to where you wanted to get back to but think I'd just leave Ed on basically a whim…because let's face it…it would have been a whim is lame and controlling. You're the one trying to control me! So if you thought that I would leave Ed for no real good reason then you were in the wrong."

"Us Donna…for a future with us."

"Boy you really hate to lose don't you?"

"You are making a mistake."

"Leaving Ed would be a mistake and that's one choice I'm not gonna make. But I hafta say…what you did to him…Derek after all he had been through that night was unacceptable."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"I saw what you did to him," Donna starts, Derek narrowing his eyes in anger. "Yeah I saw an actual picture. Figured it would be your word against his? Even with no picture, you'd still lose. But that's not the issue here. You left him bound and gagged in his own home you bastard! After all Felix had done and after he knew that he unknowingly came into…"

"Unknowingly? He was there on purpose! Served him right to endure a real time out after nearly getting you killed," Derek hisses. "It was my op remember? He had no right to stick his unwanted nose in my op!"

"I do remember that it was your op, but you had no right to treat him like that," Donna growls in return.

"Aww big man couldn't handle being not so big for a spell?" Derek looks down at her with a small insincere smirk. "Trust me after all that, he got what he deserved. I don't feel sorry for him or what I did."

"Ah so you're a big fan of people getting what they deserve right?"

"I am," Derek utters in haste.

"Good. How about a taste of your own bad medicine."


However, a few seconds later, his comes to really regret his actions as Donna gives him a hard knee to the groin and sending him back yelping in pain, and then a hard slap to the face.

"Bloody hell," Derek groans in pain as he leans back on the lockers, watching her turn on her heel and heading for the door. "Donna...wait..."

"It's Mrs. Lane to you Detective Martin. Goodbye Derek, don't ever come back in here - ever."

Donna heads for the other locker room entrance, Ed ducking out of sight just in case and then heading into the ladies locker room, just as Derek was straitening up and about to head out; his hand still rubbing his stinging cheek. Derek looks at Ed and locks his jaw but holds his ground.

"Well well well…the rebound is here to restake his claim?" Derek taunts as Ed takes a step closer. "What the hell do you want?"

"Unfinished business," Ed replies curtly.

"Is that so big man? You gonna take me out back and challenge me to a school yard fight?"

"No. It's over Derek; time to pack up and leave – for good."

"Worried if I stay that you might lose our wife to her first love?" Derek goads with a small sneer. "Worried she might come to see that her choice was wrong, come to her senses, leave your sorry ass behind and make the right one?"

"No," Ed replies firmly, remaining in place before taking a step closer, Derek stepping back a bit at Ed's daunting presence. "I'd never have to worry about losing her to someone like you. Our marriage is solid," Ed utters in honestly, wiping Derek's smirk from his face. "I win."

"Well no matter what you delude yourself into thinking…you'll never be more than second bes…" is all Derek manages before Ed's fist balls and lands on Derek's chest, Derek's body slamming backward into the closest locker and Ed quickly pushing him back up; mimicking the same move that Derek used on him a few nights earlier. He slams Derek upright into the locker, his arm resting on his throat a few seconds before he punches him in the nose and pulls back with an angry glare.

"You might think I'm second best, but I'm first to the only person that matters. You are not welcomed back in the SRU. Ever." And with that Ed turns and leaves the locker room, Derek's angry fist, slamming into the locker behind him before he heads for the sink, washes up and then heads outside, heading for Jerome to gather this things and then head back to CSIS; never to resurface again at the SRU. There would be no point; he had lost everything and for good. A second round of defeat wasn't something he would relish.


"Eddie…good to have you back," Greg greets his team lead with a small smile. "Everything okay?"

Ed feels the band of gold adding a comforting weight onto the fourth finger on his left hand and then looks up to see Donna talking with Tom in the hallway, team three gearing up to head out, smiles and then gets back to her conversation. He looks back at Greg and nods just as Wordy enters with a contented expression just as Ed nods that everything is okay.

"Yeah boss…everything is perfect."

"You still look a little rough."

"Trust me…I'm okay," Ed assures his boss and friend just as the rest of team one enters, the Spike and Jules wanting to know what happened to Ed the day before and the rest of the team just talking about some of the details Ed was allowed to share.


"Feels like I never left," Donna lightly groans as her team enters the barn several tiring hours later, wanting to just get home and get changed and then spend some quality time with her husband. If this time with Derek and the whole memories about Miranda resurfacing and hearing Bill's tormented choice about avenging a fallen friend had shown her something it was that time was so precious and wasting it not spending as much time with those she loved – most importantly her husband, was a futile endeavor.

Despite the fact she told Ed he was making dinner, after hearing the tense call with a kill shot that team one had to deal with, she stops at the store to pick up a few things to help him out. After she gets home, she quickly changes and then heads into the spare bedroom to see what few things she could put away so that it would make it lighter for the weekend and maybe they could actually do something fun together - just the two of them. Her mind starts to drift toward her tense meeting with Derek, but as soon as she hears Ed's voice calling out to her that he was home, the tension is immediately gone and her happiness surges.

Donna rounds the corner to see Ed standing in the doorway with a dozen roses in one hand and a warm smile adorning his handsome face; her smile widening in an instant.

"Missed you," she whispers as she happily accepts his hug and passionate kiss. "Ed these are beautiful."

"I'm sorry that I haven…" he starts, only to be silenced once more with a kiss. "You like doing that don't you?" He smirks.

"I do," she playfully counters as he looks at her with a small frown. "What?"

"I love you," Ed utters seriously as she pulls him in for another warm kiss.

"I love you too," Donna replies as she takes the flowers and heads into the kitchen, Ed taking off his jacket and then heading after her. "How was the call?"

"Sam's turn with SIU today," Ed mentions as he reaches for a glass of cold water. "It was tense. And how about the hostage taking at the bakery?"

"Richard saved the little boy just in time…it was a good call. No deaths."

"And that's always a good thing," Ed replies as he takes a gulp of water. "And uh…Derek? I saw him follow you into the locker room…what happened?"

"I made it pretty clear that he wasn't wanted, anywhere. Why? He say anything to you on his way out?"

"A few things before he left the locker room actually."

"What? Ed you talked to him in there?"

"I said a few things," Ed replies with a small shrug. "But I basically told him don't come back or else."

"Or else?" Donna arches her brows. "Ed you threatened him?"

"You didn't?"

"No, I kicked him in the groin," she states proudly.

"Ouch…you really did?" Ed smirks, having her Derek's curse but not knowing exactly where Donna had hit him; he had only figured the chest.

"I did. Am kinda surprised you didn't take him out back."

"Said all I had to in the locker room."



"What? What did you do? What if he tells Jerome or…"

"Trust me, I doubt he's gonna say anything about what he and I talked about. It's over."

"You never fail to surprise me," she says with a small shake of her head. "Well I'm glad he's gone."

"I'm glad he's gone too. And Bill? What happens to him now?"

"I got a message from him earlier. He's gone out west to visit his sister for a few weeks and then he says he'll be back with a new mission. Redemption."

"I'm glad. Unlike Derek, I do hope the best for him."

"Not Derek?" She goads.

"I hope he falls off the CN Tower?"

"Ohh a little vindictive aren't you Mr. Lane?" She teases with a small pinch to his side before he grabs her hand and then pulls her into his strong arms and silences her soft giggle with a searing kiss.

"Nope just protecting what's mine," Ed whispers in her ear. "Too old fashioned?"

"Just makes me love you more," she replies with a tender expression.

"No doubts?"

"I made the right choice Ed…the only one for me," she admits in truth. "And you?"

"Never another," he answers honestly as they linger in another kiss for a few seconds longer before pulling apart and getting started on supper; Donna talking about working on the spare bedroom in bits after work during the week and then doing something special on the weekend; wanting to spend as much quality time together cementing their marital bond and growing the cords of love; strengthening them to endure and ultimately win whatever battle lay ahead.


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