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Ryukoushi sat on a decorated wooden throne in a castle he and the ones reborn from the glasses of time had seized. There were many bloody bodies everywhere and the stench started to stink. Urasue and mistress centipede walked in and knelt before him

"Master Ryukoushi, we are still unable to find them!" said Urasue.

"Nonsense! They have to be around here somewhere!" ryukoushi shouted in an impatient rage.

"Sir, we have scoured the area! we have not picked up their scent or their energy! it is as if they have fallen off the face of the earth!" said mistress centipede.


"Yes sir." Urasue and mistress centipede said.

"oh and let me remind you of who it was that so graciously brought you back from your graves just for this occasion. if you fail, I will be sure to send you back from whence you came!" ryukoushi threatened.

"Yes sir." the two demon women said. and with that, they disappeared from the room.

"Damn it. Where could that little bastard be?!" ryukoushi mumbled.

"You look agitated, lord ryukoushi." said a familiar,sinister voice.

"Oh pardon me, Im not too good at hiding my emotions well , naraku." ryukoushi said sarcastically.

"My apologies. Perhaps I could lend you a few pointers…" naraku suggested.

"Like I need help from the likes of you: a fake demon who gave his mortal body to become one with a legion of demons so that he could possess the sacred jewel. Unlike you, naraku, I do not need the aid of a sacred jewel to possess ultimate power. I already have it within me."

"yes, your power is awe inspiring I will give you that…but that power will go to no use when your greatest enemy is out there and the one who knows him most is standing right in front of you…" said naraku.


"Chasing a dog will do no good. You must lure him out with bait. And I know a trick that will work every single time…" naraku said.

"Tell me more…" ryukoushi urged, with an interested look on his face.

"Over 69 years ago, Inuyasha also sought the sacred jewel to become full demon. but he fell in love with the priestess who was a keeper of the jewel. Under unfortunate circumstances, they were forced to kill each other. While the priestess died, Inuyasha was put under the bondage of the spell for 50 years."

"Hmmm…is that so? So what you are saying is that you are going to disguise yourself as that priestess?" ryukoushi guessed. naraku ripped off his right hand that transformed into kikyo.

"Exactly. This has brought Inuyasha to his knees every time, leaving him vulnerable and putting everything else he loves in danger." naraku said.

"Hmmm…I like your idea. if you are certain that this will flush out Inuyasha and his friends." ryukoushi said. naraku turned to leave.

"Oh naraku…" ryukoushi called.


"The unfortunate circumstance that fell between Inuyasha and the priestess…you wouldn't happen to have had a hand in that would you?" ryukoush asked.

"Perhaps I prompted a thing or two…but they did most of the work." naraku said coyly.

"heheh. What a dastardly thing to do…pitting lover against lover. Makes me wonder if I can trust you naraku…" ryukoushi grinned.

"Have no fear. You will have Inuyasha's head by sundown." naraku promised.

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