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Usagi made her way through the halls not caring who was watching her. Her hair flew behind her as she ran to the washroom. Tears ran unbridled down her soft cheeks. It had happened again. When would it stop?

Usagi had only been attending Juuban High for a few weeks now, but things had still not improved for her at all. From her very first day there, it seemed like every girl in her grade had taken it upon themselves to make her life miserable. They teased and called her names constantly and no one had said a kind word to her yet. She felt so alone and shy in class as if she didn't belong anywhere. No one ever wanted to work with her on projects so she was always working alone. She hated that. The one person in her life that could make her existence here so much better, didn't have any classes with her and only saw her at lunch. She was grateful for that. She couldn't imagine having to eat by herself on top of everything else.

Pushing the bathroom door open, she hurried to the first stall available and locked the door behind her. She was safe here; no one would bother following her all the way here to hurt her. As she gave into loud sobs, she thought about why everyone hated her so much. Perhaps it was because she was an outcast. With her extremely long golden hair and her lack of style, she was the perfect target for bullying. Or maybe it was because they were jealous that someone as unattractive as her would have such a gorgeous guy as her best friend.

Mamoru. They has known each other since they were kids. She had meet him on the day her brother had been born, on the day that Mamoru had realized that his parents were dead and that he was completely alone in the world. She had shown him kindness and eagerness to be friends, and he had latched on gratefully. Ever since they had been each other's everything. Neither had ever dated anyone, not having any void needing to be filled with the other at their side. She loved him more than anyone or anything she had ever known and she knew that he felt the same way.

She hadn't told him about any of this though. No, she didn't want him to worry about her. Also, she was just plainly embarrassed that all this was happening to her. She couldn't find the words to tell him even though she wanted to confide in him so badly. What would he think about her if he knew? She shook her head, she knew better. She knew he wouldn't care and knew that he would stand by her through anything. Still, she didn't know how much more she could take.

She sat on the closed toilet seat as she leaned back and brought her legs up to her chest. She heard the class bell ring and the sounds of scrambling girls hurrying out to their classes. Then there was silence. She sniffed loudly as she hugged herself. She wished she could just disappear all together. After several minutes, she heard the door open and she instantly stopped crying in fear that it was a teacher coming to get her for skipping class. The footsteps sounded louder than a normal girl's would as they increased in sound as they made their way to her. Her breath caught as she saw from beneath the door a pair of shoes.

"Usako?" his sweet voice called in worry, warming her heart. Usagi instantly jumped to her feet, opened the door, and flew into his waiting arms. Her crying recommenced as soon as her head met his warm chest. He held her close, gently rubbing her back. That was the type of relationship they had. While there had never been any romantic parameters tying them together, there was much need and love shared between them.

"What happened?" he asked softly, hands in her hair, gently pulling her face backwards so he could look into her eyes.

Usagi closed them. She was too ashamed. "I… I… don't want to talk about it."

This time though she knew she wouldn't have a way out. He had seen her tears and the hurt on her face and knew that something was bothering her. She knew that he wouldn't stop asking until she told him.

"Want to get out of here?" she asked in a low voice, not sure he would say yes. Being a Class A student, he had never missed a day of school, even when he had been pretty sick with the flu. But to her surprise he nodded. His hands still gently cupping her face, he lowered them to her waist, twirling her body slowly around as he pulled her back against his chest encircling his arms around her.

"Let's go somewhere and talk," he said softly. Usagi let herself be guided out of the bathroom and into the hall. He stopped at her locker and then his to get their stuff and then they left the school, just like that. Usagi's heart was full of conflicting thoughts. She was scared and embarrassed to tell Mamoru the truth as well as still feeling hurt about being in this situation to begin with. She felt guilty about hiding this from him all this time as well as new love and adoration towards Mamoru for leaving school just to be with her when she needed him. He loved her that much!

They walked until they reached their own private spot. It was an unknown rose garden that the world had seemingly forgotten about. Accessible only to those who knew that it was there. The two of them had found it years ago when they were young quite by mistake really. They had been running around in the park and acting childish as kids that age usually do when Usagi had stumbled through some bushes and scrapped her legs. Mamoru, being the protective guy he was, even at that age, had been by her side in seconds tending to her scraps and holding her in his arms as she cried. Ever since, they had been taken with this place and claimed it as they own. Sitting on the patch of grass, he brought Usagi unto his lap.

"Usako," he called her softly, using his loving nickname for her that he had started calling her as a kid and had never stopped.

"What's wrong? Tell me… it's not like you to keep something from me."

Usagi nodded. That was true. All their life there hadn't been anything that they hadn't shared with the other. They were closer than anyone could ever think possible. Still… Usagi felt shy mentioning it. Especially because she felt awkward that this was happening to her and that Mamoru was a great looking guy who chose to spend all his time with her. Why had he chosen her to be his everything? She often felt unbalanced with him, yet never was more balanced than when she was in his arms.

She tilted her head backwards against his chest and looked up into his worried eyes. They shown so much love that it melted her heart and removed all fear, all her insecurities simply vanished. She nodded.

"I'm so sorry that I haven't told you sooner… it's been killing me not being able to find the words to tell you."

Mamoru tenderly caressed her cheek with his fingers. "It's okay, just tell me now."

He was perfect, Usagi thought as she got lost in his eyes for a moment. He wasn't even mad that she'd been hiding something from him. In that moment she felt stupid for keeping all her pain to herself these past weeks when she should have told him right away and maybe they could have come up with a solution together, at the least she would have had his comforting presence throughout all this. Her hand met his on her cheek, lingering there for a moment before pulling their hands down and placing them around her waist, her eyes never leaving his. She nodded. Now was finally the right moment.