AN: Hey everyone, this is the last chapter. Sorry if it seems sudden, I couldn't bear their awkwardness any longer. Please enjoy.

The weekend was horrible as it drudged along at a snail's pace. Usagi hadn't left her room much since she left Mamoru's place. She hadn't been able to talk about it with her parents so she had remained in her room the entire weekend, only leaving it to get food, since she had a bathroom in her room.

Now the weekend was up and she had to face Mamoru in just over an hour. She had woken up and instantly had a stomach ache thinking about seeing Mamoru. She couldn't face him anymore and that killed her. After spending the entire weekend she was sure how she felt which only made seeing him harder.

The truth was, she had realized, that she was in love with Mamoru. That is what she had deduced from her feelings. She loved him with all her heart as her best friend and now the chemistry between them was unbearable. She wanted to be with him so much but she feared that when the sparks died down that their friendship would die with it. And that scared her more than being uncomfortable around him. Still, if she didn't say anything would their friendship hold up anyways, both knowing that they were physically attracted to the other.

Usagi finished up getting ready and left the house to walk to school. Normally Mamoru would pick her up but today she knew that he wasn't coming. She sighed deeply and started making her way to her school.

Mamoru got into his car and began driving over to Usagi's house. His mind was dangerously occupied with thoughts of Usagi and not on the road before him. This weekend he had spent thinking about Usagi. He couldn't get her out of his mind. They needed to get over what had happened quickly or he feared their friendship wouldn't make it. He loved her so much and having all these feelings rushing through him every time he saw her was doing crazy things to his heart. He couldn't bear to be apart from her much longer.

He pulled into her driveway and knocked on the door but she didn't answer. He waited a few minutes and then tried again but still he got no response. Sighing loudly he retreated back to his car dejectedly. She had left without him. Had she really thought that he wouldn't come for her? Driving to the school alone he wondered what it would be like to see Usagi again after two full days of not seeing her.

Usagi walked the school halls as people stared at her and she felt so embarrassed. Apparently people knew who she was now after being caught in such a compromising position with Mamoru. They were whispering and laughing as Usagi went to her locker. She felt tears well up in her eyes but she fought them back, she couldn't cry, she couldn't let them see that their words and actions hurt her.

She was closing her locker when a new stream of whispers sounded causing Usagi to turn around and look at what was the cause of them. Mamoru. He was walking into the school and directly towards her. She lowered her gaze but not completely to the ground as she started walking towards him, hoping he would catch her drift about not wanting to talk, and just let her walk past him.

Not paying attention to where she was walking, someone must have placed their leg in front of her, because she tripped and went flying forwards. It was then that everything happened too fast. She flew forwards but never hit the ground. Solid arms, ones she knew all too well, caught her and held her up against him. Mamoru. She was so close that she could smell his masculine scent and it was intoxicating her senses. She blushed forcing herself to quickly push out of his strong arms.

"Thanks," she whispered softly, her eyes looking up into his. He let her move out of his embrace even though it killed him when she did so. In the past she would have lingered there with no worries. Now everything was so serious.

"You didn't wait for me this morning," he said hurt in his voice.

Usagi's eyes widened. "You came?" she asked surprised.

Mamoru's eyes now shown sadness. "Yes, of course. I always do."

Usagi's eyes wavered and they fell to stare at his lips. "I know… I just thought after this weekend that you wouldn't…"

When Usagi realized what she was staring at she backed up quickly only to feel pain in her ankle causing her to almost fall over again. Mamoru's arms were once again on her shoulders holding her steady. She didn't look at him.

"What's wrong?" he asked and she smiled inwardly at the concern in his voice.

"My ankle," she replied in a huff. "I think I sprained it."

As soon as he heard those words, his instincts shot him into action before his mind could censor them. His arms were around Usagi, one around her back and the other underneath her thighs, picking her up and into his arms. The minute he did so he knew that both of them felt that same passion again because their eyes sliced through the air and were staring at each other.

Usagi quickly shifted, trying to get out of his arms. "It's okay, let me go."

The words pierced Mamoru's heart. Did she really not want to be in his arms? He shook his head and held her tightly against him despite her quiet protests and squirming. People were staring but he didn't care. They couldn't go on like this if she wasn't ever able to let him help her when she was hurt.

"Usagi, you need to let me help you," he said in a huff as he walked them through the hall and towards the nurse's office. He let go of her only once they were there, gently lowering her unto the nurse's bed.

The unspoken words flying through the air as the nurse came and Mamoru stepped away were too much to handle. Never before would he have left her side when she was hurt regardless of what the nurse said was appropriate or not. But now he knew his place and that was leaving her alone. His heart ached as he stepped away from the room and went to class.

At lunch Mamoru was waiting at Usagi's locker when she got there to put her books away. He was smiling at her so sweetly even though he looked quite nervous. He reached out and grabbed her books much to her surprise. It getting her attention, she looked up into his eyes.

"Can we go talk outside?" he asked softly.

Usagi felt so defeated. She was so tired from her morning of having to walk favouring her left ankle that she felt she had no strength left to fight off Mamoru. She nodded. Why was he being so pushy with their friendship anyways? Did he want them to be only friends or did he feel the same way as she did but just was too scared to say it? He opened her locker for her and grabbed her lunch, putting her books inside. The gesture was so sweet that Usagi melted. She'd forgotten since that night how sweet and considerate he was.

"Here," he said once he had closed her locker. He positioned himself beside her and placed his arm around her back. "Lean into me," he said softly. Her heart began to race. He was being so sweet like as if nothing had ever happened. She gulped and did as he said and then the two of them walked outside.

Once outside they sat at their usual spot, this sparking old times and making them both feel a little more comfortable. Mamoru was smart like that, Usagi thought to herself. Still, they weren't sitting at their usual closeness but things were at least a bit better. Mamoru looked over at her; neither had started their lunch yet.

"Usagi, you know the school dance is at the end of the week… I was wondering if you would like to go with me. I mean, as friends, I just feel like we have to talk… I know we did and said that we would try and forget the things that happened but… I just feel like things are still too awkward. Can we go together and then break off from the dance and go talk?"

Usagi didn't know what to say. Wait a whole week before they could talk, like really talk? Things, she agreed, had been so awkward as of late and it had only been three days. How could she wait a whole other week? She shook her head.

"I don't think that's a good idea," she said softly, his eyes met hers and hurt shown in them again. She was doing a lot of that lately wasn't she? Not on purpose but she was. That had to change; she couldn't bear seeing him like that.

She smiled and his expression changed to confusion. "I can't wait until the dance to talk with you. This is killing me! We apparently can't go back to the way things used to be… and… I don't want to…"

Mamoru's heart leapt at her gentle words. "What are you saying?" his voice held excitement and she blushed.

Usagi moved closer to Mamoru and grabbed his hand. "I want to tell you how I feel. I need to. I don't want to hide things anymore. I think we love each other enough as friends that we owe each other that. I can't go back to just being your friend when every time you touch me or are kind to me my heart now races like mad. I know you're nervous about changing our relationship, like am I, but I think our love can handle this…"

Mamoru reached over and touched her face. "I feel the exact same way! I can't not want to hold you every time I see you, not to pull you into my arms and kiss you. I love you so much. I always have loved you and only you but now that love has changed. I can't help but see you in a totally different light. I no longer want to just be your best friend. I want to be your boyfriend."

Usagi smiled. "I want you to be my boyfriend."

Mamoru reached over and pulled her carefully into his arms and then hugged her tight. It was such a sweet gesture that Usagi knew she had made the right choice in sharing her feelings. She loved him so much too. It wasn't all about attraction now, as she had been afraid of, he was still the same sweet and sensitive guy he had been before that night.

"I love you, Mamo-chan," she whispered as she stared longingly at his lips.

"I love you too, my Usako. I always will," with those sweet words he lowered his head and kissed her lips. It was different this time. The kiss wasn't full of passion and heat but was tender and sweet.

"And yes Mamo-chan," she said after they had pulled apart. "I will go to the dance with you."