Author's Notes: Sorry for not updating this in so long. I've been doing a lot of one-shots and if you don't go to open up another tab to read them right now, you're missing out lol I'm so narcissistic, but anyway I'll be wrapping up this story because I can never write really long stories. If you want some oneshots with Bo being pregnant or some of them a few years down the road, review with a prompt. ~

Over the next few days, Bolin had succeeded in convincing his 'new grandpa' that Iroh's different lifestyle could be good for the United Forces' image. A couple of romantic dances at Asami's ball and chatting up the council made everyone realize that, yes, this was a strange event, but it was being dealt with properly.

Currently, there was a get-together at the Air Temple and everyone was enjoying the warm weather. Bolin was sitting on a bench with numerous amounts of pillows, relaxing his now very pregnant form. He watched as Iroh was trying to teach Mako how to dance formally because he had made a fool out of himself at the ball. His brother was failing miserable as he continued to step on Iroh's toes.

At a particularly large misstep, Bolin heard a laugh from next to him. It was Lin, who was sitting on the bench with him.

"And I thought," Lin began, "that Mako would pick it up quicker than you."

Bolin chuckled, "Well, I wasn't learning how to lead," he gave a wistfully sigh, "He's really good at leading."

Iroh finally gave up on the poor kid and Korra took over to help him practice. They laughed happily when only after a small step; they tripped and fell into a pile on the ground.

The general couldn't help but smile at the pair before walking over to his lover. He placed a kiss on top of the teen's head and knelt down next to him.

"How's the baby doing?" he asked, smoothing a hand over the plump stomach.

"Jumping around," Bolin said with a mild irritation, "I shouldn't have had those spicy noodles."

"That's a good way of inducing labor," Pema informed as she said from a few feet away, dancing with Meelo.

"Good," Bolin grunted, "'Cause I want this kid to come out already."

Pema smiled apologetically.

Iroh bent closer to place a kiss on the cloth that covered the earth-bender's belly.

A few days later, Bolin was put on bed rest at Iroh's mansion. Katara and a few younger healers moved in as they kept watch on the eight month pregnant teen. Then, one night Bolin woke to feel a heavy pressure on his lower stomach.

He reached over and shook his lover awake, "Iroh?"


The general rubbed his eyes and rolled over, expecting to give Bolin another massage to soothe him back to sleep, but his eyes widened when he saw the look of pain in the teen's eyes.

"I think the baby's ready," Bolin breathed.

Iroh picked himself up and started to head to the door to get Katara before he paused and leaned back to kiss Bolin sweetly. The healers came into the room quickly to assess the teen.

Katara smiled, "Looks like you're ready."

Bolin swallowed and pulled Iroh closer, "Ok…"

After a good hour, the healers pulled out the child through the incision in the teen's stomach. The baby cried wildly as it was plopped onto a towel and given to Bolin.

"It's a boy," Katara announced.

"Oh…Wow," Bolin smiled as tears welled in his eyes.

Iroh pulled the two of them into his arms, kissing the both of them. The small child reached up at them as it cried softly now.

"What do you want to call him?"

"Iroh the third?" Bolin giggled.

The general chuckled, "I'm sure my grandfather would appreciate that."