Now that the couple had become public it was easier to be near one another. Bolin would follow around the general and everyone had dubbed him as Iroh's lost little puppy.

Currently the pair was sitting at the dock, dangling their legs over the water as they shared some warm dumplings. It really couldn't get any romantic, but then Bolin was still wondering about taking their relationship further. He was sure Iroh, despite his politeness, wanted to, at some point, get into his pants. And when the teen caught the general, from his peripheral, licking his lips when Bolin sucked a finger clean, it brought the subject up again in his mind.

"Ummm, Iroh?"


Bolin nervously kicked his legs, "Well, I don't know how to say this, but I mean, I…"

"Just spit it out, Bo," the general worried.

"I was just wondering…" he took a deep breath, "when are we gonna have sex?"

The earth-bender immediately turned away with a red face.

Iroh laughed, "I was waiting for you to finally ask about that. Do you want to go to my quarters now?"

With wide eyes, Bolin looked at him, "Wait, what? Right now?"

Iroh shrugged, "I have the rest of the day off, Bo. I never wanted to rush you into something so important, but if you're ready…"

"Oh…ok, let's go."

Iroh smiled brightly as he got up and then held out a hand to help up Bolin. The teen took the hand and didn't let go as they walked on the large ship to the general's room.

Once alone they began to kiss and Bolin much more expertly took off the general's jacket this time. Their bodies slid together when all their clothes were discarded. Iroh roughly gripped at the teen's ass as Bolin's moans grew louder from the abundance of physical contact. He used the leverage to pick Bolin up and carry him to the bed.

Iroh couldn't believe his luck to have such an amazing person here with him and he stared up and down Bolin's flushed figure as it shuddered with every heavy breath. The general moved onto the bed and straddled his soon-to-be lover. Said lover jerked up his hips and grinded Iroh slightly before falling back down on the bed.

Iroh smirked as he brought to fingers up to the teen's lips. Bolin looked at the hand stupidly, so the man gently prodded at the mouth until his fingers were allowed to slip in. The younger bashfully licked and sucked as he decided that it was the correct thing to do. After a minute or two, Iroh's erection was becoming too painful from the delicious sight of Bolin doing naughty things to his fingers.

Bolin knew what he was doing and continued even as the general repositioned himself between the teen's legs. Both of them were disappointed when Iroh finally moved his hand, but Iroh knew that there was even more pleasure to be experienced.

The earth-bender jerked as a moist finger slid against his hole. He had heard about how men had sex. There were many rumors about how the one taking it would only feel horrible pain. He squeezed his eyes closed as he prepared himself. Even if he would feel this pain, it would satisfy Iroh. Bolin could deal with pain for the man he loved.

"Look at me," Iroh whispered.

He slowly opened an eye, "What?"

The general frowned, "It's going to hurt-"

"Duh, it's not like my body was made for that. Don't worry about me, though."

Iroh was confused, "Don't worry about you? I always will and I will try to make this as pleasurable for you as I can."

This made Bolin less nervous and the man leaned down for a kiss as he pressed his finger into his love.

"Ow," Bolin chirped against the general's lips.

Iroh pulled back from the kiss, "Try to bear down a bit, like you're going to the bathroom. It helps."

Doing as he was told, Bolin felt a great deal of pain disappear when he invited the intrusion. Iroh then began to move the finger in and out. It wasn't completely a turn-on for the teen, but the pain slowly left the equation and it surprised him. After Iroh got harder with the thrusts, he added another finger. Bolin seized up for a moment but then relaxed his body. He had to admit this was extremely intimate, but how would the general made him feel pleasure from this?

Then suddenly it became apparent when Iroh began to curve his fingers within him. It hit a spot within him that made him feel like he would almost orgasm.

The man smirked above him, "Good?"

"Hell, yeah," Bolin said with lust filled eyes as he tried to get the spot hit again by wiggling stupidly on the bed.

Unfortunately, Iroh removed the fingers and Bolin whined.

"Don't you want something even bigger pounding into you there?" the general purred into his ear.

Bolin shivered and nodded furiously, "Please, please, please…"

Iroh crawled further up on top of his love and propped up the teen to a better position in front of the general's red, throbbing member.

"Can you suck it for me?" he asked sweetly.

Bolin seemed a little weary but shoved as much of the cock he could fit into his mouth. Iroh groaned at the enthusiasm. The teen sucked on the length similar to the way he did the fingers and he couldn't help but imagine what this big cock would feel inside of him and, of course, hitting that wonderful spot inside him.

Iroh ruined his dreaming when he took away the member in his mouth and backed up to return between Bolin's legs. The general wasn't even touching him yet, but Bolin was withering beneath the man's gaze. The older watched as Bolin's cock would bounce in anticipation and he reached over to it, giving it a few pumps to which the teen hissed at.

"Please, hurry," Bolin pleaded.

Iroh smiled, "I love you."

Before Bolin could return the words, he was entered. Once Iroh was completely sheathed, he stayed still and admired the younger's body as he waited for the pain he was suffering from to dissipate. It was gone quickly due to the general's proper preparation and he didn't wait much longer to move when Bolin gave him the go ahead.

The teen's ass was tight, and warm and slick and it was making Iroh go crazy with full-blown lust. His thrusts were deep and hard and Bolin was not in the least complaining. The earth-bender was unsurprisingly vocal during the entire act. The screams were very loud, but so obviously sexual that Iroh didn't fear anyone would bother them.

As the thrusts grew even faster, Bolin held on tightly to his new lover and began to cry from the absolute sheer happiness and sexual gratification he was getting that he never thought he would ever have.

It wasn't long until Bolin found it too much and orgasm gripped his body. Iroh followed, watching the beautiful teen below him feeling his love.

As they settled down on the mattress next to one another, their breath finally began to slow down. When Bolin looked over to his new lover, he gave an airy laugh.

"I never thought it could be that good…I love you," Bolin said, wistfully.

Iroh smiled as he turned onto his side, "I love you, too, but I never thought you could be any louder."

"Hey!" Bolin pouted with a blush.

The general chuckled and placed a kiss on the angry earth-bender's forehead.

"…And I never thought you could get any more beautiful."

Bolin grew silent and couldn't help but smile at the man.

"I really can't get mad at you," Bolin abruptly pouted.

Iroh laughed again and pulled his lover into his arms. Bolin nuzzled his head under the man's chin and sighed happily. It was soon followed by soft snores and Iroh held him even tighter.

After the both of them had been asleep for an hour or so, Bolin woke with a start. He had had the strangest dream. It wasn't a nightmare, but it was still shook him a bit. But in a good way, if that made sense.

He had been under deep water, but he wasn't drowning. The currents had sweep around him and then carried him up to land. It wasn't a beach though or rocky cliffs. It was instead a never ending field of the most beautiful flowers. As he walked through them, animals scattered around him identical to the feeling of the water's current before, leading him. When he started to wonder why he was here, he looked up to see Iroh. He was sitting, surrounded by the flowers. Bolin ran to him and fell into his arms.

The general's lips started to move, but nothing came out of them. It felt like he was trying to say something important.

"What is it?" Bolin asked.

As the dream world started to fade to black, Iroh finally spoke.

"You'll find out soon."

Then, Bolin was left back here in the bed. He tilted his head to look at the general. The man looked so relaxed and it was probably a sin to wake him, but Bolin felt the need to.

After shaking his shoulder, Iroh became alert.

"Is something wrong, Bo?"

"I had this dream…" he started lamely.

Iroh sat up, "A nightmare? You want to talk?"

Bolin shook his head, "It wasn't a nightmare, but it was really…strange."

Stretching his legs, the general gave him a questioning look.

"There was this water and then flowers and animals…I think Pabu was there…but then you were there, too. You were trying to tell me something."

Iroh scratched his chin, "I'm not hiding anything from you, if that's what your subconscious is feeling."

Bolin fell back onto the bed, "You said, in my dream, that I would find out what it is eventually."

Joining him, the general held him, "I'm sure it will be fine."

"Yeah," Bolin smiled, "It didn't seem foreboding or anything. It felt like a …happy secret."

Iroh quirked an eyebrow as he smiled back but it turned to a frown when the teen suddenly jumped.

"What?" the general asked.

Bolin looked down and touched his stomach.

"It just felt weird for a second."

He shrugged not feeling bothered by it, now.

"Let's go to sleep. Sorry for waking you."

The general continued to stare at Bolin's stomach as he said good night. He had a wild hunch but snorted quietly at himself for even thinking it.

Author's Notes: omg I did not expect to actually write the whole sex scene. ( my first full one by the way) O_O If it's not obvious where this is going, yeaaaaahhh….sorry if you people don't like mpreg. oops.