Author's Notes: Oops, my hand slipped again and you guys get more smut in this chapter! Lol. Thanks for all the reviews and encouragement. Now, enjoy ~

Bolin nervously paced around the practice area at the Air Temple, waiting. The children had taken to sitting there and watching him as they ate their lunch. In the next day or so, a ship or two were going to return to dock at Republic City with the general on one of them.

Korra sighed and whispered to Mako, "Your brother sure falls in love pretty hard."

Mako gave an apprehensive look at the currently pacing teen, "I swear if that guy comes back with some woman on his arm, I'm gonna kill him."

Hours passed and the sun started to fade. Bolin ended up sitting on the porch overlooking the bay. Just as everyone was about to head in for the night, a large lumbering ship forged into the bay. It wasn't the same vessel Iroh had left in. It must have been Bumi coming back from his own combat.

Everyone was disappointed and gave Bolin their encouragements before heading off to bed. Mako was the only one left to stay.

"Are you going to spend the night out here?" Mako asked.

Bolin just nodded and returned to looking at the water. Mako left for a moment to fetch a blanket and pillows. Placing the pillows along the wall, he beckoned his brother over to sit next to him. Bolin joined him and put his head on Mako's shoulder as the blanket was wrapped around the both of them.

"I love you, bro," Bolin smiled, closing his eyes.

Mako put his arm around the younger's shoulder, "Love you, too."

Once the sun set, it was impossible to see five feet ahead of one's self let alone the waters. Mako could feel his brother beside him struggling between sleep and staying awake. As the minutes turned into an hour, Bolin's body forced him to sleep. His brother kept awake, wanting to make sure the second Bolin could see Iroh he would.

In the silence he heard the distant surf picking up and he thought a small rain storm might be coming in, but the water's noise grew still again. A boat headed over maybe? Mako slowly got up, without disturbing the sleeping teen, to get a better look. Suddenly, in the distance there was a puff of flames and it continued to steadily grow larger. The gravel noisily sounded as the person got closer.

It had to be him. Mako ran back over to Bolin and slapped his cheek gently.

"Wake up, Bo."

"Hmm?" he muttered, rubbing his eyes.

Mako stood up straight and with a wave of his hand, he lit up several lanterns that hung along the porch. When turning back to his brother, he saw the teen was standing there with a smiling face looking at the bottom of the stairs of the porch. There was Iroh and Bolin's next reaction was true to his happy, normal self- he jumped the man. The general was knocked back onto the ground where he happily kissed the other heartily.

When Bolin started to get handsy, Iroh gave a loud grunt of pain. The earth-bender quickly backed up onto his knees, straddling the man.

"Are you okay?"

Iroh laughed when Bolin looked down and finally registered that one of the man's arms was in a sling.

"Oh, spirits! I'm sorry. I didn't see it in the dark. Is it okay, now? Do you want me to-"

The general sat up and silenced the teen with another kiss.

They parted but stayed ever so close.

"I've missed that voice so much," Iroh sighed.

Bolin grew flustered easily and tried to change the subject.

"Are you sure your arm is okay, though?" he asked, tentatively touching it.

Iroh smiled, brightly, "I think I got some bad luck since I gave you that glove."

The general showed off the injured arm's hand was unclothed compared to the other one.

Bolin was in dismay, "Oh, I'm sorry."

The teen rifled through his pocket to retrieve the said glove. He clumsy tried to shove it back on the naked hand, but Iroh hissed in pain so Bolin stopped.

"Oh, geez. I'm so sorry!"

Iroh took the glove and expertly put it on without moving the hand.

"You're a complete mess, you know that?" Iroh smirked.

Bolin sighed dejectedly, "Yeah, I know."

"I'm just going to have to never leave you again."

The earth-bender thought he was joking, but when he looked into the other's eyes, he could see tears forming.

"The reason I took a little longer coming back was because I was getting permission…to stay here…with you, Bolin."

"But your job-"

"I'm just assigned to this region instead, but I will never leave for that long, ever again...never again."

Bolin couldn't help but cry and hug the general tightly. Despite the pain shooting down his arm, Iroh smiled and held him back as best as he could. After a few more kisses and 'I love you's, they picked themselves off the ground and headed up onto the porch.

Mako was waiting there with a relaxed smile on his face. When the couple stopped to acknowledge him, he swatted them away.

"Go to bed."

Bolin smiled at his brother and lead Iroh to his bedroom.

When the door shut, the teen immediately got an erection. He couldn't help it. The last time they were alone they had made love. It brought back the memory of those calloused hands running along his body and those lips in certain places.

Thankfully, Iroh seemed to have the same reaction as he playfully grabbed the teen's ass and gave it a good squeeze. Bolin let out a moan and hearing his own voice sound like that made him even more turned on. Without bothering about the clothes, Bolin forced the man onto his bed and straddled him. Iroh tried to fight for his dominance but his injured arm gave Bolin the win.

After a while, the general didn't seem to mind one bit. He laid there as the lust filled teen found ease with removing the clothes he could without hurting him. Bolin was in too much of a rush to care about his own clothes at the moment as he began to give Iroh the blowjob of a lifetime. The man was left shivering from pleasure as Bolin moved back to reach over to the nightstand to grab a bottle of lube.

Bolin smirked at him and kissed him before slicking up two fingers and harshly shoving him into the general's hole. He yelped but later started to moan softly when he was fingered lightly. After a minute more of work, Bolin removed the fingers and spent some time on the rest Iroh's body.

He heard the man whimper below him.

"You ready?" Bolin asked, finally showing his nervousness.

Iroh reached up and skimmed his hand along the other's jaw before nodding.

The teen unzipped his pants and pulled out his member. The general jerked back slightly and Bolin looked at him with confusion.

"You're huge," Iroh stated simply.

Bolin became more red than he was before, "Oh,...really?"

The man nodded and spread his legs farther apart. He knew this was going to be painful at first, but gestured for the teen to continue.

Bolin lined himself up and pushed. The head of his cock popped through the first ring of muscles and he had to stop there. It was just so tight and the sensations that were overcoming him were too much. He gave a few breaths before sliding more in.

"Oh, spirits, you're tight as hell," Bolin grunted out as his thighs finally met flush up against his lover's ass.

Iroh groaned loudly, "You are too big for me to last, Bo."

The inexperienced teen was thankful to hear that as he began to move out to slam back in. The couple only lasted for six more thrusts before coming undone.

Bolin let himself fall down onto the man's chest, trying not to hit the arm in the sling.

They both lay there silently until their breaths evened out.

Iroh shifted his hips and gasped as he felt Bolin's limp length slip out of him.

"Mmm?" Bolin asked tiredly.

Iroh smiled sweetly as he looked down at his lover, "You were really good."

"Oh…" the general could see him thinking something over, "I thought I was pretty horrible."

The man frowned as he looked up to the ceiling, "That was the best orgasm I've ever had…so I can't wait to see you on a good day."

This candid observation shut Bolin up. Iroh draped an arm around him.

"Let's go the sleep, Bo."

"…ok. I love you."

Iroh chuckled, "I love you."